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Superresolution live imaging of plant cells using structured illumination microscopy

Nature Protocols 10, 1248 (2015). doi:10.1038/nprot.2015.083 Authors: George Komis, Martin Mistrik, Olga Šamajová, Miroslav Ovečka, Jiri Bartek & Jozef Šamaj Although superresolution (SR) approaches have been routinely used for fixed or living material from other organism ... mehr

Mighty linkers

Nature Materials 14, 745 (2015). doi:10.1038/nmat4385 The versatility of DNA linkers as selective binders is accelerating the rational design of the assembly of nanoparticle crystals with unprecedented structural complexity. mehr

Quantification of nascent transcription by bromouridine immunocapture nuclear run-on RT-qPCR

Nature Protocols 10, 1198 (2015). doi:10.1038/nprot.2015.076 Authors: Thomas C Roberts, Jonathan R Hart, Minna U Kaikkonen, Marc S Weinberg, Peter K Vogt & Kevin V Morris Nuclear run-on (NRO) is a method that measures transcriptional activity via the quantification of bio ... mehr

High-throughput microfluidics to control and measure signaling dynamics in single yeast cells

Nature Protocols 10, 1181 (2015). doi:10.1038/nprot.2015.079 Authors: Anders S Hansen, Nan Hao & Erin K O'Shea Microfluidics coupled to quantitative time-lapse fluorescence microscopy is transforming our ability to control, measure and understand signaling dynamics in sin ... mehr

An assay to probe Plasmodium falciparum growth, transmission stage formation and early gametocyte development

Nature Protocols 10, 1131 (2015). doi:10.1038/nprot.2015.072 Authors: Nicolas M B Brancucci, Ilana Goldowitz, Kathrin Buchholz, Kristine Werling & Matthias Marti Conversion from asexual proliferation to sexual differentiation initiates the production of the gametocyte, wh ... mehr

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Study on aerosol characteristics and fractionation effects of organic standard materials for bioimaging by means of LA-ICP-MS

A 213nm Nd:YAG laser ablation system (LA) coupled to a quadrupole ICP-MS was used to ablate thin slices of gelatin and Technovit, both commonly used as standard materials for bioimaging applications. Particle sizes and their distribution within the ablated aerosols were investigated using a ... mehr

Bubble sorting in pinched microchannels for ultrasound contrast agent enrichment

Ultrasound contrast agent (UCA) suspensions contain encapsulated microbubbles with a wide size distribution, with radii between 1 and 10 m. Medical transducers generally operate at a narrow frequency bandwidth, severely limiting the fraction of bubbles that resonates to the driving ultrasou ... mehr

The effect of hydride formation on instrumental mass discrimination in MC-ICP-MS: A case study of Mercury (Hg) and Thallium (Tl) isotopes

Here we report evidence for enhanced hydride formation for Hg isotopes when using high sensitivity X skimmer cones and the Neptune MC-ICP-MS. The effect on the instrumental mass discrimination and the robustness of the Tl external mass-bias correction was investigated. A series of experimen ... mehr

Microfluidic desalination techniques and their potential applications

In this review we discuss recent developments in the emerging research field of miniaturized desalination. Traditionally desalination is performed to convert salt water into potable water and research is focused on improving performance of large-scale desalination plants. Microfluidic desal ... mehr

Mercury-induced fragmentation of n-decane and n-undecane in positive mode ion mobility spectrometry

Ion mobility spectrometry is a well known technique for trace gas analysis. Using soft ionization techniques, fragmentation of analytes is normally not observed, with the consequence that analyte spectra of single substances are quite simple, i.e. showing in general only one peak. If the co ... mehr

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Mighty linkers

Nature Materials 14, 745 (2015). doi:10.1038/nmat4385 The versatility of DNA linkers as selective binders is accelerating the rational design of the assembly of nanoparticle crystals with unprecedented structural complexity. mehr

Surfactant Chemistry for Fluorescence Imaging of Latent Fingerprints Using Conjugated Polyelectrolyte Nanoparticles

When aqueous conjugated-polyelectrolyte colloidal solutions containing an adequate amount of surfactant with an appropriate hydrophile–lipophile balance were sprayed onto latent fingerprints (LFPs), the polymer nanoparticles were readily transferred to the LFPs to reveal highly distinguisha ... mehr

Meso-phenyltetrabenzotriazaporphyrin based double-decker lanthanide(III) complexes: synthesis, structure, spectral properties and electrochemistry

A series of half-sandwich and sandwich-type lanthanide(III) complexes have been prepared for tetrabenzotriazaporphyrin ligands. Reaction of 27-phenyl-29H,31H-tetrabenzo[b,g,l,q][5,10,15]-triazaporphyrin (PhTBTAPH2, 1) with salts [LnX3]?nH2O (Ln = Eu (a), Lu (b); X = OAc, acac) afforded sing ... mehr

Thermal diffusivity measured with a single plasmonic nanoparticle

A method to measure the thermal diffusivity around a single heated gold nanoparticle is presented. It is based on photothermal single particle microscopy and employs the phase delay of a temperature modulation due to the finite thermal diffusivity. The phase delay is detected optically aver ... mehr

Experimental approach to the fundamental limit on the extinction coefficients of the ultra-smooth and highly spherical gold nanoparticles

The theoretical extinction coefficients of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) have been mainly verified by analytical solving Maxwell equation for an ideal sphere, which was firstly founded by Mie (generally referred to as Mie theory). However, in principle, it has not been directly feasible with t ... mehr

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Inside the USCAP Journals

Inside the USCAP Journals Laboratory Investigation 95, 700 (July 2015). doi:10.1038/labinvest.2015.75 mehr

Clinical significance of the integrin |[alpha]|6|[beta]|4 in human malignancies

Clinical significance of the integrin α6β4 in human malignancies Laboratory Investigation advance online publication, June 29 2015. doi:10.1038/labinvest.2015.82 Authors: Rachel L Stewart & Kathleen L O'Connor mehr

Overexpression of SULT2B1b is an independent prognostic indicator and promotes cell growth and invasion in colorectal carcinoma

Overexpression of SULT2B1b is an independent prognostic indicator and promotes cell growth and invasion in colorectal carcinoma Laboratory Investigation advance online publication, June 29 2015. doi:10.1038/labinvest.2015.84 Authors: Liang Hu, Guang-Zhen Yang, Yu Zhang, Dan Fe ... mehr

Inside the USCAP Journals

Inside the USCAP Journals Laboratory Investigation 95, 574 (June 2015). doi:10.1038/labinvest.2015.65 mehr

Classification of malignant and benign tumors of the lung by infrared spectral histopathology (SHP)

Classification of malignant and benign tumors of the lung by infrared spectral histopathology (SHP) Laboratory Investigation 95, 697 (June 2015). doi:10.1038/labinvest.2015.55 Authors: Ali Akalin, Xinying Mu, Mark A Kon, Ayşegül Ergin, Stan H Remiszewski, Clay M Thomps ... mehr

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Extraction of polymer stress–strain behavior in the presence of self‐heating by the use of a simple model for the elastic–plastic deformation

Polymer materials are well known to be sensitive to strain rate and temperature. Self‐heating and friction effects also play an important role in the mechanical response of these materials. Numerous constitutive laws and phenomenological models have been developed to take into account these ... mehr

Methods and data sources for identifying members of a regulated community

The Ammonium Nitrate explosion that shook West, Texas in April 2013 revealed deficiencies in the current regulatory enforcement system used for chemical safety and security in the United States. This cannot be said to be a failure of existing regulations. Rather, it is a failure in enforcem ... mehr

Slip and Characteristic Velocities in a Horizontal Pulsed Plate Extraction Column

Abstract Slip velocity, dispersed phase hold‐up and characteristic velocities of phases in a horizontal pulsed extraction column were investigated under no mass transfer conditions using four binary systems: kerosene‐water, toluene‐water, n‐butyl acetate‐water and butanol‐water. The effe ... mehr

CFD analysis of heat transfer across the laminar wavy film on centrifugal molecular distillator

Abstract The laminar wave dynamics and the associated heat transfer across the spinning film is a very important process in chemical engineering, but there is still a lack of sufficient investigation of the transfer flux based on the basic hydrodynamics parameters. In this work, a two‐di ... mehr

Multiscale Coupling of Pore Structure Evolution with Decomposition Kinetics of Limestone

Abstract The pore structure evolution and reaction characteristics of limestone with different particle sizes during thermal decomposition were investigated experimentally. A kinetic model that considers the effect of pore structure evolution has been developed to simulate the multiscale ... mehr

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Comparative adsorption of Eu(III) and Am(III) on TPD

Comparative adsorption behaviors of Eu(iii) and Am(iii) on thorium phosphate diphosphate (TPD), i.e., Th4(PO4)4P2O7, have been studied using a batch approach and surface complexation model (SCM) in this study. The results showed that Eu(iii) and Am(iii) adsorption increased to a large exten ... mehr

Occurrence, Distribution and Risks of Antibiotics in Urban Surface Water in Beijing, China

The occurrence and distribution of 22 antibiotics, including eight fluoroquinolones, nine sulfonamides and five macrolides, were investigated in the urban surface waters in Beijing, China. A total of 360 surface water samples were collected from the main rivers and lakes in the urban area o ... mehr

Evaluation of exposure to organophosphates, carbamates, phenoxy acids, and chlorophenols pesticides in pregnant women from 10 Caribbean countries

Pesticides are commonly used in tropical regions such as the Caribbean for both household and agricultural purposes. Of particular concern is exposure during pregnancy, as these compounds can cross the placental barrier and interfere with fetal development. The objective of this study was t ... mehr

Identification of key factors affecting the water pollutant concentration in the sluice-controlled river reaches of the Shaying River in China via statistical analysis methods

The construction of sluices creates a strong disturbance in water environmental factors within a river. The change in water pollutant concentrations of sluice-controlled river reaches (SCRRs) is more complex than that of natural river segments. To determine the key factors affecting water p ... mehr

Does the Choice of NOEC or EC10 Affect the Hazardous Concentration for 5% of the Species?

We evaluated if the choice of no observed effect concentration (NOEC) or a 10% effect concentration (EC10) affects the hazardous concentrations for 5% of the species (HC5s) estimated from species sensitivity distributions (SSDs). By reviewing available literature reporting NOECs and reanaly ... mehr

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