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Novel CaO–SiO2 Sorbent and Bifunctional Ni/Co–CaO/SiO2 Complex for Selective H2 Synthesis from Cellulose

Catalysis- and sorption-enhanced biomass gasification is a promising route to high-purity hydrogen (H2); however, most CaO-based sorbents for CO2 capture have poor surface area and mechanical properties, lose carrying capacity over multiple uses, and have insufficient porosity to accommodate extra catalyst sites. We aimed to develop a high-surface-area CaO–SiO2 framework onto which catalysts could be grafted. The best CaO–SiO2 sorbent (nCa/nSi = 2:1) maintained a CaO conversion of 65% even after 50 carbonation–decarbonation cycles, better than commercial micrometer-sized CaO or tailored CaO, because of stabilization via Ca–O–Si interactions and an ordered porous structure. Bimetallic catalyst grains (Ni/Co alloy, <20 nm) could be evenly loaded onto this structure by impregnation. The resulting bifunctional complex produced H2 at nearly the same rate as a mixture of catalyst and commercial CaO while using less total sorbent/catalyst. Furthermore, this complex was much more durable due to its higher coking ...

Autoren:   Ming Zhao; Xiaoshuang Yang; Tamara L. Church; Andrew T. Harris
Journal:   Environmental Science & Technology
Jahrgang:   2012
DOI:   10.1021/es300135d
Erscheinungsdatum:   10.02.2012
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