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Naphthalimide Derivatives as Multifunctional Molecules for the Simultaneous Detecting 5-Formylcytosine and 5-Formyluracil

24.01.2018 | Xiang Zhou; Yafen Wang; Chaoxin Liu; Wei Yang; Guangrong Zhou; Xiong Zhang; Fan Wu; Yishu Yu; Xiaomeng Luo, Chemical Communication, 2018

An azide and hydrazine tethered to a naphthalimide analogue was created to selectively react with 5-formyluracil in one system and fluorogenically label 5-formylcytosine in another system. A biotin group was also introduced by copper-free click chemistry through selective labelling aldehyde ...


Marine natural products

24.01.2018 | John W. Blunt; Anthony R. Carroll; Brent R. Copp; Rohan A. Davis; Robert A. Keyzers; Michèle R. Prinsep, Natural Product Reports, 2018

Covering: 2016. Previous review: Nat. Prod. Rep., 2017, 34, 235–294This review covers the literature published in 2016 for marine natural products (MNPs), with 757 citations (643 for the period January to December 2016) referring to compounds isolated from marine microorganisms and phytoplankton, ...


Controllable fabrication of novel heterojunction composite: AgBr and Ag@Ag2O co-modified Ag2CO3 with excellent photocatalytic performance towards refractory pollutants degradation

24.01.2018 | Chao Liang; Cheng-Gang Niu; Maocai Shen; Shi-Feng Yang; Guangming Zeng, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

A novel visible-light-driven composite AgBr(15 wt%)/Ag@Ag2O/Ag2CO3 with different weight ratios of Ag2O was successfully fabricated via precipitation and in-situ growth strategy. The heterojunction composite was characterized in terms of crystallinity, morphology, optical property. The optimized ...


A visible-light driven Bi2S3@ZIF-8 core–shell heterostructure and synergistic photocatalysis mechanism

24.01.2018 | Yan-Hua Ding; Xiao-Lei Zhang; Na Zhang; Jian-Yong Zhang; Rui Zhang; Yu-Feng Liu; Yong-Zheng Fang, Dalton Transactions, 2018

Visible-light-driven organic transformations have received much attention because of their low cost, relative safety, and environmental friendliness. In this work, we report a series of Bi2S3@ZIF-8 core–shell heterostructures prepared using a simple and efficient self-assembly process. The ...


Efficient interfacial charge transfer through plasmon sensitized Ag@Bi2O3 hierarchical photoanodes for photoelectrocatalytic degradation of chlorinated phenols

24.01.2018 | Neerugatti KrishnaRao Eswar; Sangeeta Adhikari; Praveen C. Ramamurthy; Giridhar Madras, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The present work demonstrates an extremely proficient and robust study of efficient interfacial charge transfer through plasmonic Ag decorated Bi2O3 hierarchical photoanodes for the photoelectrochemical treatment of chlorinated phenols. Unique 2D flake-like Bi2O3 hierarchical nanostructures were ...


The second-harmonic generation intensification derived from localization conjugated [small pi]-orbitals in O22-

24.01.2018 | Yunxia Song; Min Luo; Fei Liang; Ning Ye; Zheshuai Lin, Chemical Communication, 2018

Molecular construction with π-conjugated groups is a favorable strategy to discover superior nonlinear optical (NLO) materials. Herein, a novel vanadium-carbonate compound K3[V(O2)2O]CO3 (KVCO), which combines two different π-orbital groups, delocalized (CO3)2− π-orbital groups and localized ...


Flocculation on a chip: a novel screening approach to determine floc growth rates and select flocculating agents

24.01.2018 | Anand N. P. Radhakrishnan; Marco P. C. Marques; Matthew J. Davies; Brian O'Sullivan; Daniel G. Bracewell; Nicola ..., Lab on a Chip, 2018

Flocculation is a key purification step in cell-based processes for the food and pharmaceutical industry where the removal of cells and cellular debris is aided by adding flocculating agents. However, finding the best suited flocculating agent and optimal conditions to achieve rapid and effective ...


Polymorphism and solvates of 1-acetyl-3-(phenyl)-5-(1-pyrenyl)pyrazoline: the structures, thermal and optical-physical properties

24.01.2018 | Qi Feng; Jiali Wang; Shiyuan Ding; Yang Chen; Guowang Diao; Pingting Zhu, CrystEngComm, 2018

Single crystals of the β polymorph, formic acid and propanoic acid solvates of the title compound (abbreviation APPP) have been obtained. Single-crystal X-ray analysis revealed that the APPP molecules in the β polymorph construct the homochiral helical chains and the pyrene fluorophores adopt a ...


Novel mono, di and tri-fatty acid esters bearing secondary amino acid ester head groups as transdermal permeation enhancers

24.01.2018 | S. Rambharose; R. S. Kalhapure; M. Jadhav; T. Govender, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

The use of chemical permeation enhancers (CPEs) has widened the pool of drugs that can be delivered via the transdermal route. This study explored the synthesis and characterization of novel mono, di and tri-fatty acid (FA) esters bearing β-alanine t-butyl ester head groups as transdermal ...


A strategy for generating aryl radicals from arylborates through organic photoredox catalysis: photo-Meerwein type arylation of electron-deficient alkenes

24.01.2018 | Y. Iwata; Y. Tanaka; S. Kubosaki; T. Morita; Y. Yoshimi, Chemical Communication, 2018

Photoinduced reactions of arylboronic acids with electron deficient alkenes under mild organic photoredox catalysis conditions lead to the formation of Meerwein arylation type adducts via the generation of aryl radicals.


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