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Electrical transport and morphological studies of polyaniline nanostructures

28.06.2014 | P. Chutia, A. Kumar, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

Polyaniline nanostructures have been synthesized by self‐assembly method by varying the dopant to monomer molar ratio. High resolution transmission electron micrographs show how the dopant to monomer molar ratio influences on the morphology and structure. The temperature dependence of dc ...


Facile preparation of PLGA microspheres with diverse internal structures by modified double‐emulsion method for controlled release

28.06.2014 | Fengxuan Han, Fang Zhou, Xiaoling Yang, Jin Zhao, Yunhui Zhao, Xiaoyan Yuan, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

Poly(l‐lactide‐co‐glycolide) (PLGA) microspheres with diverse internal structures and different release behaviors were prepared via a modified double‐emulsion method by introduction of heparin or carboxymethyl chitosan in the inner aqueous phase and calcium chloride in the outer aqueous phase, ...


Electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties of exfoliated graphite/phenolic resin composite bipolar plate for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell

27.06.2014 | Nagaraju Sykam, Rajeev K. Gautam, Kamal K. Kar, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

Exfoliated graphite (EG) was synthesized from natural flake graphite by acid treatment followed by microwave irradiation. A maximum expanded volume of 560 mL/g was achieved for this exfoliation of graphite. EG/phenolic resin composite bipolar plates for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell ...


Preparation and performance of sulfonated polysulfone flat ultrafiltration membranes

27.06.2014 | Zhen Liu, Yang Bai, Daobao Sun, Changfa Xiao, Yufeng Zhang, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

Sulfonated polysulfone (SPSF) flat ultrafiltration membranes were successfully prepared by immersion precipitation phase inversion method. N‐Methyl pyrrolidone was used as a solvent, and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) was used as a polymeric additive in the casting solution. The effects of casting ...


Preparation and characterization of chain extended Poly(butylene succinate) foams

27.06.2014 | Hongfu Zhou, Xiangdong Wang, Zhongjie Du, Hangquan Li, Kejing Yu, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

In order to improve the viscoelasticity and foamability, poly (butylene succinate) (PBS) was modified through reactive melt mixing with chain extender (CE) having multi epoxy‐groups. Subsequently, the prepared chain extended PBS (CEPBS) was foamed in a high pressure stainless steel autoclave ...


An investigation of stress oscillation in poly(butylene succinate‐co‐cyclohexanedimethylene succinate)

27.06.2014 | Tong Wan, Jie Zhang, Shuang Liao, Tao Du, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

Biodegradable poly(butylene succinate‐co‐cyclohexanedimethylene succinate) (PBCS) was synthesized via polycondensation. The composition of PBCS was characterized by 1H‐nuclear magnetic resonance (1H‐NMR). By incorporation of 20 wt% of cyclohexanedimethylene succinate, stress oscillation behavior ...


Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of liquid supported stretch blow molding

27.06.2014 | J. Zimmer, G. Chauvin, M. Stommel, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

An innovative production process for PET bottles ad containers is analyzed in this article. Liquid Bi‐Orientation (LBO) is a liquid supported stretch blow molding (SBM), which combines the separate blowing and filling phases of conventional SBM. The process modification is mainly characterized ...


The effect of layered silicates on the crosslinking reaction of silanol‐terminated polysiloxane

27.06.2014 | Sozon P. Vasilakos, Marianna I. Triantou, Petroula A. Tarantili, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

The effect of incorporation of clay nanoparticles on the vulcanization reaction of silanol‐terminated polysiloxane was studied. Three different types of commercial clays were investigated as reinforcement, namely: Cloisite 20 A (organically modified with nonpolar aliphatic chains), Cloisite 30B ...


Corrosion‐Resistant Parallel Fixed‐Bed Reactors for High‐Throughput Screening of New Deacon Reaction Catalysts

25.06.2014 | Martin Valtchev, Markus Hammes, Rudolf Richter, Heike Höltzen, Klaus Stöwe, Wilhelm F. Maier, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract Two ten‐channel fixed‐bed reactor systems were developed for high‐throughput screening of new Deacon catalysts. The sequential ten‐channel reactor allows the determination of the activity of up to ten catalysts per day. With a ten‐channel ageing reactor the long‐time stability of ...


Cover Chem. Eng. Technol. 7/2014

25.06.2014 | Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract Oil industry equipment installation. Copyright: Cobalt –


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