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Kinetic characteristics of the particles in a dense‐phase pulsed fluidized bed for dry beneficiation

26.11.2016 | Liang Dong, Bo Zhang, Yong Zhang, Yuemin Zhao, Enhui Zhou, Peng Lv, Chenlong Duan, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract Coal is one of the most important primary energy sources all over the world. Dry coal beneficiation is a hot topic in mineral processing field because of severe environmental pollution and shortage of water resources. A dense‐phase pulsed fluidized bed (DPPFB) is proposed for the dry ...


Pd catalyst supported on Zro2‐Al2o3 by double‐solvent method for methane oxidation under lean conditions

25.11.2016 | Guangxia Li, Wei Hu, Fujin Huang, Jianjun Chen, MaoChu Gong, Shandong Yuan, Yaoqiang Chen, Lin Zhong, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

ABSTRACT The Pd catalyst supported on the Zr0.5Al0.5O1.75 composite material was prepared by the conventional impregnation and double solvent impregnation method. The effects of preparation method on the catalytic properties of the Pd/Zr0.5Al0.5O1.75 catalyst for methane combustion have been ...


Design of intermediate fluid vaporizer for liquefied natural gas: A review

25.11.2016 | Shuangqing Xu, Xuedong Chen, Zhichao Fan, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract The intermediate fluid vaporizer (IFV) owns various advantages over the other types of liquefied natural gas (LNG) vaporizers. Research findings related to the design of an IFV, including the configurational variations, selection of candidate working fluids, one‐dimensional ...


Discrimination of input parameters for crude oil fouling using an integrated non‐parametric method

25.11.2016 | M. Forstenhäusler, A. Mirsadraee, M. R. Malayeri, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract An integrated non‐parametric model is proposed based on combination of neural networks and the partial derivatives to discriminate the influence of operating parameters during crude oil fouling. The input parameters included surface and bulk temperatures, fluid velocity, colloidal ...


Impact of energy crop rotation design on multiple aspects of resource efficiency

25.11.2016 | Christiane Peter, Michael Glemnitz, Katharina Winter, Peter Kornatz, Janine Müller, Monika Heiermann, Joachim Aurbacher, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract Biogas production can cause environmental problems due to a biased alignment of one energy crop used as feedstock, e.g. maize in Germany. Diversification of crop rotations and resource‐efficient management can be the key to sustainable crop management. Four crop rotations on eight ...


Pulsatile Jet Cleaning of Filter Cloths contaminated with Yeast Cells

25.11.2016 | Roman Werner, Bernadette Bollwein, Roman Petersen, Johannes Tippmann, Thomas Becker, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract Cleaning of filter cloths is inevitable to avoid long system downtimes and strong fouling. Thus, reliable cleaning concepts are central in order to detach residues from the complex surface of filter cloths. Especially particle fouling is decisive for sufficient cleaning performances. ...


The Influence of the Preparation Method on the Size Distribution of Dispersed Phase of Primary Emulsions

25.11.2016 | Agnieszka Kulawik‐Pióro, Barbara Tal‐Figiel, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract The distribution and size of dispersed phase droplets impacts the most important parameters of fast disintegrating tablets including their bioavailability. The fact that after reconstruction most emulsion droplets are bigger than those of primary emulsions resulted in the study of new ...


Multivariate Modeling of a Chemical Toner Manufacturing Process

25.11.2016 | Hassan Khorami, Hedia Fgaier, Ali Elkamel, Mazda Biglari, Baoling Chen, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract This paper deals with modeling, optimization, process monitoring, and product development in a toner processes using multi‐way principal component analysis (MPCA) and multi‐way partial least square method (MPLS). Process measurements and product quality values of past successful ...


Flow characteristic and wear prediction of Herschel‐Bulkley non‐Newtonian paste backfill in pipe elbows

24.11.2016 | N. Gharib, B. Bharathan, L. Amiri, M. McGuinness, F. P. Hassani, A.P. Sasmito, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract Backfill process has become standard practice in mining industry where the backfill slurry is transported from surface to underground via pipeline system. Paste backfill is one of the types of backfill slurries which in recent years has gained popularity due to its reduced water ...


Numerical study on the influence of dispersed bubbles on liquid‐phase apparent viscosity in two‐dimensional parallel plate

24.11.2016 | Mingjun Pang, Lei Xu, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract Bubbly liquid exists widely in industrial fields, so the detailed understanding of physical properties of bubbly liquid is significant for improving product quality and for strengthening industrial processes. In this paper, in order to understand the modulation mechanism of bubbles ...


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