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Synthesis, Characterization, and Catalytic Activity of Mn‐doped Perovskite Oxides for Three‐Way Catalysis

02.01.2015 | Chen Zhou, Yexin Zhang, Lingjun Hu, Hongfeng Yin, Wei Guo Wang, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract Mn‐doped La0.8Sr0.2CoO3 perovskite oxides (La0.8Sr0.2Co1–xMnxO3; x = 0, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5) were synthesized by a modified sol‐gel method. The phase‐pure oxides were obtained. CoO and carbonates were formed on the surface of La0.8Sr0.2CoO3. With increasing doping content, these impurities ...


Velocity Distribution inside a Laminated‐Sheet Microchannel Reactor

02.01.2015 | Minqiang Pan, Lei Li, Xiaojia Shao, Dehuai Zeng, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract In a laminated‐sheet microchannel reactor, several microchannel sheets with the same or different structures are mutually laminated together. The effect of microchannel and manifold structure as well as the number of laminated sheets on the velocity distribution among microchannels in ...


Porous Medium Model in Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of a Honeycombed SCR DeNOx Catalyst

02.01.2015 | Jie Yao, Zhaoping Zhong, Lin Zhu, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract The commercial computational fluid dynamics software FLUENT was used to simulate the flow and chemical reaction process of a honeycombed SCR DeNOx catalyst. In the calculation model, the porous medium model was applied to describe the wall body region of the honeycombed catalyst and ...


The role of sequential automation in improving process safety

31.12.2014 | David A. Huffman, Process Safety Progress, 2014

Generally, process safety automation has been considered to be the responsibility of a specialized safety system and that remains true for Safety Integrity Level safety automation requirements. But, what if the basic automation of the process could be constructed in such a way that it ...


Conversion of pencil graphite to graphene/polypyrrole nanofiber composite electrodes and its doping effect on the supercapacitive properties

29.12.2014 | Y.N. Sudhakar, Vindyashree, Vidya Smitha, Prashanthi, P. Poornesh, R. Ashok, M. Selvakumar, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2014

Graphene platelets were synthesized from pencil flake graphite and commercial graphite by chemical method. The chemical method involved modified Hummer's method to synthesize graphene oxide (GO) and the use of hydrazine monohydrate to reduce GO to reduced graphene oxide (rGO). rGO were further ...


Multiple Regression Analysis of Catalytic Dehydrogenation of Isopropanol in a Chemical Heat Pump System

22.12.2014 | Mehmet Selçuk Mert, İnci Salt, Fatma Karaca, Hatice Hande Mert, Esen Bolat, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract Chemical heat pump is a clean technology developed to upgrade the low‐level thermal energy to upper levels and to store energy without losses caused by temperature differences. Multiple regression analysis of catalytic dehydrogenation of isopropanol was performed. The endothermic ...


Influence of Design Parameters on Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer of a Modularized Millireactor

22.12.2014 | Philip Biessey, Marcus Grünewald, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract An apparatus with rectangular product channels and static mixing elements for process intensification is investigated in terms of heat transfer and hydrodynamics. Herringbone‐like static mixing elements increase the overall heat transfer coefficient significantly, and the stall angle ...


Gradient‐Direction‐Pattern Transform for Automated Measurement of Oil Drops in Images of Multiphase Dispersions

22.12.2014 | Alfonso Rojas‐Domínguez, Alehlí Holguín‐Salas, Enrique Galindo, Gabriel Corkidi, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract The automated detection and measurement of oil drops in multiphase fermentation systems are important for mass transfer analysis. A novel computer technique for automated detection of oil drops in images is presented in the context of a stirred tank containing a three‐phase ...


Cover Chem. Eng. Technol. 1/2015

19.12.2014 | Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract Industrial complex at night. Copyright: leungchopan –


Design of a Cone‐Cone Shear Cell to Study Emulsification Characteristics

18.12.2014 | Tobias Merkel, M. Azad Emin, Anna Schuch, Heike P. Schuchmann, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract In order to study emulsification phenomena, devices generating well‐defined flow conditions are essential. Thus, emulsification of drop collectives under laminar shear flow is commonly performed in cylindrical Couette or Searle devices. In these devices, the flow conditions in the ...


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