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Multilayer coextrusion of rubber compounds

22.05.2015 | Patrick J. Harris, Sidney O. Carson, Jesse L. Gadley, Joao Maia, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2015

This research work presents the first continuous multilayer coextrusion system for high viscosity elastomeric materials. Three unvulcanized rubber materials were chosen to validate the system: two butyl rubbers and a polyisoprene. The elastomers were characterized under oscillatory shear and the ...


A simplified kinetics model of natural and iron complex catalysed hydrogen peroxide oxidation of starch

20.05.2015 | Andri Cahyo Kumoro, R. Ratnawati, Diah Susetyo Retnowati, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract Hydrogen peroxide is well known as one of environmentally benign reagents for the oxidation of starch. The aim of this work was to develop a simplified model for the describing of mass transfer and reaction kinetics phenomena of non‐catalytic and iron complex catalysed starch ...


Rheological properties of nanoemulsions stabilized by Polysorbate 80

18.05.2015 | Małgorzata Jaworska, Elżbieta Sikora, Jan Ogonowski, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract In the work we analyze and determine the rheological properties of nanoemulsions based on three types of oil phases: Crodamol GTCC, Crodamol PC and Oleic Acid. The emulsions were stabilized with the use of Polysorbate 80. Geranic acid has been applied as a model active substance. In ...


Performances of helical baffle heat exchangers with different baffle assembly configurations

16.05.2015 | Cong Dong, Yaping Chen, Jiafeng Wu, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract The flow and heat transfer characteristics of helical baffle heat exchangers with diverse inclined angles and baffles, but similar baffle pitch and tube layout, were numerically simulated, three using non‐continuous trisection baffles, two using non‐continuous quadrant baffles, and ...


A review of experimental measurement and prediction models of crude oil fouling rate in crude refinery preheat trains

14.05.2015 | Yong Wang, Zongming Yuan, Ying Liang, Ying Xie, Xingyi Chen, Xiaoqing Li, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract This paper presents a review of the experimental measurement and prediction models of crude oil fouling rate in crude refinery preheat trains. Test apparatus of crude oil fouling can be classified as the stirred vessel unit and the recirculation system. The detailed structures, ...


Optimization of melt blending process of nylon 6‐POSS: Improving mechanical properties of spun fibers

14.05.2015 | Ricardo J. Andrade, Zachary N. Weinrich, Creusa I. Ferreira, David A. Schiraldi, João M. Maia, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2015

Blends of nylon 6 and a silsesquioxane additive, aminopropyl isobutyl POSS containing 2.5% POSS by weight, were melt‐compounded with different process conditions in order to test a previously proposed mechanism for reinforcement of PA6 by POSS. In this work, we proposed that above the POSS ...


Characterization of the auto‐curing behavior of rapid prototyping materials for three‐dimensional printing using dielectric analysis

14.05.2015 | Johannes Steinhaus, Berenika Hausnerova, Bernhard Moeginger, Mohamed Harrach, Daniel Guenther, Florian Moegele, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2015

Three‐dimensional printing technology applies the high efficiency of the ink jet printer technology to manufacture functional prototypes. To optimize the printing process of PMMA powder containing an initiator and a liquid binder consisting of polymerizable monomers with activator molecules, the ...


Inertial effects in cyclic time‐dependent displacement flows in homogeneous porous media

14.05.2015 | Qingwang Yuan, Jalel Azaiez, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

ABSTRACT Miscible displacements in homogeneous porous media are investigated through numerical simulations for cyclic time‐dependent velocities considering inertial effects. It is found that the velocity's models, cycle period, and amplitude have significant impacts on the flow, however the ...


Constrained model predictive control with economic optimization for integrating process

14.05.2015 | Qiang Pang, Tao Zou, Qiumei Cong, Yuan Wang, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract The close relationship between steady‐state prediction outputs and actual inputs results in the existence of model uncertainty in the steady‐state prediction equation for integrating processes. This paper establishes a steady‐state prediction model that can reflect the dynamic ...


Studies on permeability of sisal fibre mat during thermoset resin filling in vacuum infusion process

14.05.2015 | Rajkumar S, Jimmy Tjong, S. K. Nayak, M. Sain, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract The focus of this study is contemplating the resin flow behaviour (dictating permeability) in a sisal based natural fibre mat compared to a glass fibre mat. This mainly deploys fibre reinforced plastics subjected to a vacuum infusion process. The outcome of this research emphasizes ...


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