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Removal of 2‐naphthoxyacetic acid from aqueous solution using quaternized chitosan beads

15.07.2016 | Patrick James Quinlan, Nathan Grishkewich, Kam Chiu Tam, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

ABSTRACT The present study investigates the use of quaternized chitosan hydrogels for the adsorption of an aromatic organic carboxylate, 2‐naphthoxyacetic acid (2‐NAA), to demonstrate the applicability of this type of adsorbent towards the removal of naphthenic acids (NAs) from oil sands ...


Experimental investigation of the innovative foaming device using gas as the sole power for firefighting

15.07.2016 | Zhilin Xi, Process Safety Progress, 2016

Foam is used as an efficient means of firefighting. The innovative foaming device using gas as the sole power is designed to replace the previous foam generating system using two or three power sources, and appropriate size of the new foaming device can be made to control dust and fire in ...


Phosphate removal by Ce(III)‐impregnated crosslinked chitosan complex from aqueous solutions

15.07.2016 | Pan Hu, Qian Liu, Jing Wang, Ruihua Huang, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2016

A novel adsorbent, Ce(III)‐impregnated crosslinked chitosan complex (Ce‐CCS) was prepared by the methods of membrane‐forming and crosslinking for the removal of phosphate from aqueous solutions. Ce‐CCS was characterized by FTIR, X‐ray diffraction, and scanning electron microscopy combined with ...


Immobilization of lipase from Candida rugosa and its application for the synthesis of biodiesel in a two‐step process

15.07.2016 | Ming‐Hong Xu, I‐Ching Kuan, Fu‐Yin Deng, Shiow‐Ling Lee, Wei‐Chen Kao, Chi‐Yang Yu, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract Lipase from Candida rugosa was immobilized onto polystyrene‐divinylbenzene support for converting waste cooking oil to biodiesel using a two‐step process. The immobilization improved the thermal stability and stability at acidic pH. The adsorbed lipase was applied to the hydrolysis of ...


Experimental study of ultrasonic radiation on growth kinetic of asphaltene aggregation and deposition

14.07.2016 | Marziyeh Salehzadeh, Ali Akherati, Forough Ameli, Bahram Dabir, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract Ultrasonic treatment as an economical and green technology has been much attended in petroleum industry, especially for inhibition and removal of asphaltene deposition in the near wellbore region. The performance of ultrasonic waves is affected by different parameters such as time, ...


Ammonium bicarbonate as nutrient substitute for improving biomass productivity of Chlorella variabilis

14.07.2016 | Sourish Bhattacharya, Ramya Soundarya, Sandhya Mishra, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract In the present study, efforts have been made for replacing sodium bicarbonate with ammonium bicarbonate (recovered from effluent of the pigment industry) for cultivation of CSMCRI’s Chlorella variabilis (ATCC PTA 12198) with enhanced biomass and lipid productivity. Utilizing ammonium ...


Grasses and bacteria, Rhodococcus erythropolis, for the bioremediation of naturally polluted soils with hydrocarbons

14.07.2016 | Elnaz Mirzakhani, Forough Mortezaei Nejad, Mohammad Miransari, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract Bioremediation of environments, polluted with hydrocarbons, is among the most important and challenging technological and environmental issues. The use of plants and microbes is one of the most efficient methods for bioremediation. A new combination of grasses, Kentucky bluegrass (Poa ...


Energy integration on multi‐periods for vehicle thermal powertrains

12.07.2016 | Zlatina Dimitrova, François Maréchal, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract Internal combustion engines are the most applied energy converters in passenger cars. In order to increase their efficiency, energy integration techniques are used to recover waste heat. An adapted methodology is required to design the organic Rankine cycle (ORC) as a waste heat ...


Frontal polymerization of superabsorbent polymers based on vermiculite with slow release of urea

11.07.2016 | Huan Yuan, Zhaoxia Qiu, Haixia Qiu, Ruobing Zhang, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2016

Poly(acrylic acid‐co‐acrylamide)/sodium carboxymethyl cellulose/vermiculite (VMT) superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) were prepared by frontal polymerization (FP), a kind of polymerization model characterized by short reaction times and low‐energy consumption. The effects of VMT content and monomer ...


How do you write and present research well? 15—Prepare to say less than you prepare

24.06.2016 | Jason R. Tavares, Daria C. Boffito, Paul A. Patience, Gregory S. Patience, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2016

Abstract Q15 If you speak too quickly, the delegates in the audience may lose interest because they cannot follow what you are saying. If you speak too slowly, their minds can wander and you might see them heading for the exit or reaching for their electronic devices. What is the optimal ...


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