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Kinetic and Computational Studies of Rhenium Catalysis for Oxygen Atom Transfer Reactions

19.12.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Abdellatif Ibdah, Heba Bani Bakar, Salwa Alduwikat An experimental and computational study explains the reactivity difference between the oxorhenium(v) dimer {MeReO(edt)}2 (where edt=1,2-ethanedithiolate) and the oxorhenium(v) dimer {MeReO(pdt)}2 (pdt=1,3-propanedithiolate). The ...


Synthesis of Imine and Amine-Linked Macrocycles Containing Tris-Indoles*

01.09.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Hakan Kandemir, Ibrahim F. Sengul, Naresh Kumar, David StC. Black The synthesis of 21-membered imine- and amine-linked tris-indole macrocycles starting from 7-nitroethylindoles is described.


Application of Hole-Transporting Materials as the Interlayer in Graphene Oxide/Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells*

31.08.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

LePing Yu, Tom Grace, Hong Duc Pham, Munkhbayar Batmunkh, Mahnaz Dadkhah, Cameron Shearer, Prashant Sonar, Joe Shapter New hole-transport materials have been applied in silicon–carbon nanotube solar cells to yield better performance.


Methanal Extrusion in ipso-Substitution Reactions of Hydroxymethylindoles*

29.08.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Jeremy C. Dobrowolski, Kittiya Somphol, Mardi Santoso, Hung Duong, Christopher R. Gardner, Naresh Kumar, David StC. Black A range of 3-hydroxymethylindoles undergo acid-catalysed reactions involving ipso-electrophilic substitution with the extrusion of methanal and the formation of ...


The Use of Imaging Mass Spectrometry to Study Peptide Toxin Distribution in Australian Sea Anemones*

28.08.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Michela L. Mitchell, Brett R. Hamilton, Bruno Madio, Rodrigo A. V. Morales, Gerry Q. Tonkin-Hill, Anthony T. Papenfuss, Anthony W. Purcell, Glenn F. King, Eivind A. B. Undheim, Raymond S. Norton Peptide toxins from sea anemones may provide valuable drug leads. However, little is known about ...


Celebrating Professor Alan Bond’s 70th Birthday

24.08.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Lisandra L. Martin, Anthony P. O'Mullane - Volume 70(9) The foreword to this research front dedicated to Professor Alan Bond provides an account of his distinguished career in inorganic and electroanalytical chemistry in Australia and overseas, and also describes his many awards and ...


Cobalt Species Active for Nitrous Oxide (N 2 O) Decomposition within a Temperature Range of 300–600°C

24.08.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Naseer A. Khan, Eric M. Kennedy, Bogdan Z. Dlugogorski, Adesoji A. Adesina, Michael Stockenhuber Catalyst supports play a vital role in the formation of active cobalt sites for the N2O decomposition reaction. Co2+ and Co3+ are the highly active cobalt species. The acidic properties of the ...


A Novel Cancer Nanotheranostics System Based on Quantum Dots Encapsulated by a Polymer-Prodrug with Controlled Release Behaviour

21.08.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Hai-Kang Huang, Jing Yan, Pei Liu, Bi-Yun Zhao, Yi Cao, Xue-Fei Zhang A prodrug mPEG-b-PCL-(g-PTX)-b-PLA-(g-LA) has been synthesized, which may exchange ligands with QDs to form a nanotheranostic system (prodrug-co-QDs). This novel system exhibited good controlled drug release behaviour due to ...


New Insights into the Origin of the cis-Configuration Preferences in 1,2-Dihaloethenes: The Importance of the Bonding Orbital Deviations

15.08.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Leila Tavanaei, Davood Nori-Shargh The co-operative stabilizations associated with the bending of the σC–C toward C–F bonds and total hyperconjugative generalized anomeric effect in the cis-configuration of 1,2-difluoroethene overcome the destabilizations associated with the exchange component ...


New Organic Acidic Cyclohexaphosphate: Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Physicochemical Study, and In Vitro Biochemical Investigation

14.08.2017 | ie=edge, Australian Journal of Chemistry, 2017

Ramzi Fezai, Lamia Khedhiri, Hanene Hemissi, Ali Mezni, Mohamed Rzaigui The present paper reports a new hybrid cyclohexaphosphate which was characterized by different techniques (NMR, IR, UV-vis) and evaluated (electrical and biological). This reported compound exhibits an acidic character ...


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