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Total Synthesis of Pipecolic Acid and 1-C-Alkyl 1,5-Iminopentitol Derivatives by way of Stereoselective Aldol Reactions from (S)-Isoserinal

24.01.2018 | Sebastian Baś; Rafał Kusy; Monika Pasternak-Suder; Cyril NICOLAS; Jacek Mlynarski; Olivier Martin, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

A short synthesis of iminosugars and pipecolic acid derivatives has been realized through aldol addition of a pyruvate, a range of ketones and (S)-isoserinal, followed by catalytic reductive intramolecular amination. The stereoselective aldol reaction was achieved successfully by using tertiary ...


A “turn-on-and-off” pH sensitive BODIPY fluorescent probe for imaging E. coli cells

24.01.2018 | Dijo Prasannan; Chellaiah Arunkumar, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

We report fluorescent turn-on-and-off pH BODIPY probes which show drastic shift in pKa values upon introducing the electron withdrawing substituents on the meso-phenyl ring. The sensors utilize 4-amino- and 4-hydroxyl groups as proton receptors and works by intramolecular photoinduced electron ...


The oxidation of sulfur(IV) by reaction with iron(III): a critical review and data analysis

24.01.2018 | Peter Warneck, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The dependences on ionic strength of the hydrolysis constants of Fe3+ and of the first dissociation constant of sulfurous acid are briefly reviewed. The data are needed to derive from apparent stability constants reported in the literature the stability constants for the three iron–sulfito ...


Synthesis and property of wide bandgap polymers based on tetraphenylsilane and their applications as hosts in electrophosphorescent devices

24.01.2018 | Ping Lu; Xiaoxiao Li; Qing Bai; Jinyu Li; Fang Lu; Xiaoyi Sun, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

Wide bandgap materials are of significant importance in organic optoelectronic field. In this work, diphenylphosphine oxide-functionalized tetraphenylsilane moiety is designed and applied in the construction of wide bandgap materials. Wide bandgap polymer, PFSCPO, is synthesized via Suzuki ...


On the H2 interactions with transition metal adatoms supported on graphene: a systematic density functional study

24.01.2018 | Montserrat Manadé; Francesc Viñes; Adrià Gil; Francesc Illas, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The attachment of H2 to the full set of transition metal (TM) adatoms supported on graphene is studied by using density functional theory. Methodology validation calculations on the interactions of H2 with benzene and graphene show that any of the vdW corrections under study, the Grimme D2, D3, ...


E-Z isomerization in Suzuki cross-couplings of haloenones: Ligand effects and evidence for a separate catalytic cycle.

24.01.2018 | Navneet Chehal; Peter H M Budzelaar; Philip Hultin, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

Suzuki cross-coupling of haloalkenes is generally assumed to occur with retention of the alkene stereochemistry. While studying Suzuki cross-couplings on E-1,2-dichlorovinyl phenyl ketone, we were surprised to observe extensive isomerization. More surprisingly, the ligand employed strongly ...


Naphthalimide Derivatives as Multifunctional Molecules for the Simultaneous Detecting 5-Formylcytosine and 5-Formyluracil

24.01.2018 | Xiang Zhou; Yafen Wang; Chaoxin Liu; Wei Yang; Guangrong Zhou; Xiong Zhang; Fan Wu; Yishu Yu; Xiaomeng Luo, Chemical Communication, 2018

An azide and hydrazine tethered to a naphthalimide analogue was created to selectively react with 5-formyluracil in one system and fluorogenically label 5-formylcytosine in another system. A biotin group was also introduced by copper-free click chemistry through selective labelling aldehyde ...


Marine natural products

24.01.2018 | John W. Blunt; Anthony R. Carroll; Brent R. Copp; Rohan A. Davis; Robert A. Keyzers; Michèle R. Prinsep, Natural Product Reports, 2018

Covering: 2016. Previous review: Nat. Prod. Rep., 2017, 34, 235–294This review covers the literature published in 2016 for marine natural products (MNPs), with 757 citations (643 for the period January to December 2016) referring to compounds isolated from marine microorganisms and phytoplankton, ...


Controllable fabrication of novel heterojunction composite: AgBr and Ag@Ag2O co-modified Ag2CO3 with excellent photocatalytic performance towards refractory pollutants degradation

24.01.2018 | Chao Liang; Cheng-Gang Niu; Maocai Shen; Shi-Feng Yang; Guangming Zeng, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

A novel visible-light-driven composite AgBr(15 wt%)/Ag@Ag2O/Ag2CO3 with different weight ratios of Ag2O was successfully fabricated via precipitation and in-situ growth strategy. The heterojunction composite was characterized in terms of crystallinity, morphology, optical property. The optimized ...


A visible-light driven Bi2S3@ZIF-8 core–shell heterostructure and synergistic photocatalysis mechanism

24.01.2018 | Yan-Hua Ding; Xiao-Lei Zhang; Na Zhang; Jian-Yong Zhang; Rui Zhang; Yu-Feng Liu; Yong-Zheng Fang, Dalton Transactions, 2018

Visible-light-driven organic transformations have received much attention because of their low cost, relative safety, and environmental friendliness. In this work, we report a series of Bi2S3@ZIF-8 core–shell heterostructures prepared using a simple and efficient self-assembly process. The ...


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