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Conservation accord: Corporate incentives

15.06.2018 | Jennifer Sills; Prue F. E. Addison; Joseph W. Bull, Science , 2018

In their Perspective “How to pay for saving biodiversity” (4 May, p. [486][1]), E. B. Barbier and colleagues suggest that corporations should support global biodiversity conservation. They propose an international policy, similar to the Paris Climate Change Agreement, alongside an objective of


Dark nights, bright stars

15.06.2018 | Jon Cohen, Science , 2018

At a time when HIV epidemics in Western Europe are shrinking, Russia's is growing by about 10% a year. Russia, in fact, between 2010 and 2015 accounted for more than 80% of all the new infections in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Not only has the country turned away assistance from The Global ...


Facing your fears

15.06.2018 | Paul W. Frankland; Sheena A. Josselyn, Science , 2018

Remembering traumatic fearful events is adaptive. However, treating no-longer-threatening situations as dangerous may be maladaptive and lead to anxiety disorders, including phobias and posttraumatic stress disorder. Central to many forms of therapy designed to tackle these anxiety disorders is ...


Report details persistent hostility to women in science

15.06.2018 | Meredith Wadman, Science , 2018

A groundbreaking report on sexual harassment from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, released on 12 June, says that deep-seated, cultural change is needed to curb widespread sexual harassment of women in science. And it lays responsibility for making that change ...


The loyal opposition

15.06.2018 | Jon Cohen, Science , 2018

Russian government officials who speak critically about their leadership often find themselves out of a job—or worse. Vadim Pokrovsky, who heads the Federal Center for the Prevention and Control of the Spread of AIDS in Moscow, blasts his government for its lackluster response to HIV/AIDS and ...


News at a glance

15.06.2018 | American Association for the Advancement of Science, Science , 2018

SCI COMMUNIn science news around the world, the European Commission proposes a 7-year, €94.1 billion research budget that would provide a 22% increase from the current 7-year program; but universities complain that basic research's share of the spending total would remain flat, whereas the ...


A scene-internalizing computer program

15.06.2018 | Stella Hurtley; Jelena Stajic, Science , 2018

Machine Learning To train a computer to “recognize” elements of a scene supplied by its visual sensors, computer scientists typically use millions of images painstakingly labeled by humans. Eslami et al. developed an artificial vision system, dubbed the Generative Query Network (GQN), that has


Conservation accord: Cash is not enough

15.06.2018 | Jennifer Sills; Jaboury Ghazoul, Science , 2018

In their Perspective “How to pay for saving biodiversity” (4 May, p. [486][1]), E. B. Barbier et al. call for a global biodiversity agreement and substantially increased corporate financing to conserve 50% of the global land area. However, additional financing will achieve little without first


Unresolved endoplasmic reticulum stress engenders immune-resistant, latent pancreatic cancer metastases

15.06.2018 | Arnaud Pommier; Naishitha Anaparthy; Nicoletta Memos; Z. Larkin Kelley; Alizée Gouronnec; Ran Yan; Cédric Auffray; J ..., Science , 2018

The majority of patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDA) develop metastatic disease after resection of their primary tumor. We found that livers from patients and mice with PDA harbor single disseminated cancer cells (DCCs) lacking expression of cytokeratin 19 (CK19) and major ...


Environmental DNA tracks rare species

15.06.2018 | Stella Hurtley; Julia Fahrenkamp-Uppenbrink, Science , 2018

Oceans Marine animals are often elusive, making it difficult to establish their presence in a region or to estimate population sizes. Many of these animals are also rare, making them even more difficult to study. In a Perspective, Pikitch highlights the advantages of environmental DNA studies for


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