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Single-Molecule Investigations of Morphology and Mass Transport Dynamics in Nanostructured Materials

10.07.2015 | Daniel A. Higgins; Seok Chan Park; Khanh-Hoa Tran-Ba; Takashi Ito, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

Nanostructured materials such as mesoporous metal oxides and phase-separated block copolymers form the basis for new monolith, membrane, and thin film technologies having applications in energy storage, chemical catalysis, and separations. Mass transport plays an integral role in governing the ...


Cell-Based Microarrays for In Vitro Toxicology

10.07.2015 | Joachim Wegener, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

DNA/RNA and protein microarrays have proven their outstanding bioanalytical performance throughout the past decades, given the unprecedented level of parallelization by which molecular recognition assays can be performed and analyzed. Cell microarrays (CMAs) make use of similar construction ...


Sensor Array Design for Complex Sensing Tasks*

10.07.2015 | Kevin J. Johnson; Susan L. Rose-Pehrsson, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

Chemical detection in complex environments presents numerous challenges for successful implementation. Arrays of sensors are often implemented for complex chemical sensing tasks, but systematic understanding of how individual sensor response characteristics contribute overall detection system ...


Structure Determination of Natural Products by Mass Spectrometry

10.07.2015 | Klaus Biemann, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

I review laboratory research on the development of mass spectrometric methodology for the determination of the structure of natural products of biological and medical interest, which I conducted from 1958 to the end of the twentieth century. The methodology was developed by converting small ...


Functionalizing Microporous Membranes for Protein Purification and Protein Digestion

10.07.2015 | Jinlan Dong; Merlin L. Bruening, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

This review examines advances in the functionalization of microporous membranes for protein purification and the development of protease-containing membranes for controlled protein digestion prior to mass spectrometry analysis. Recent studies confirm that membranes are superior to bead-based ...


Infrared Imaging and Spectroscopy Beyond the Diffraction Limit*

10.07.2015 | Andrea Centrone, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

Progress in nanotechnology is enabled by and dependent on the availability of measurement methods with spatial resolution commensurate with nanomaterials' length scales. Chemical imaging techniques, such as scattering scanning near-field optical microscopy (s-SNOM) and photothermal-induced ...


Synthetic Nano- and Micromachines in Analytical Chemistry: Sensing, Migration, Capture, Delivery, and Separation

10.07.2015 | Wentao Duan; Wei Wang; Sambeeta Das; Vinita Yadav; Thomas E. Mallouk; Ayusman Sen, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

Synthetic nano- and microscale machines move autonomously in solution or drive fluid flows by converting sources of energy into mechanical work. Their sizes are comparable to analytes (sub-nano- to microscale), and they respond to signals from each other and their surroundings, leading to ...


MicroRNA Detection: Current Technology and Research Strategies

10.07.2015 | Eric A. Hunt; David Broyles; Trajen Head; Sapna K. Deo, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

The relatively new field of microRNA (miR) has experienced rapid growth in methodology associated with its detection and bioanalysis as well as with its role in -omics research, clinical diagnostics, and new therapeutic strategies. The breadth of this area of research and the seemingly ...


Real-Time Monitoring of Critical Care Analytes in the Bloodstream with Chemical Sensors: Progress and Challenges

10.07.2015 | Megan C. Frost; Mark E. Meyerhoff, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

We review approaches and challenges in developing chemical sensor-based methods to accurately and continuously monitor levels of key analytes in blood related directly to the status of critically ill hospitalized patients. Electrochemical and optical sensor-based technologies have been pursued to ...


Carbon Substrates: A Stable Foundation for Biomolecular Arrays

10.07.2015 | Matthew R. Lockett; Lloyd M. Smith, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2015

Since their advent in the early 1990s, microarray technologies have developed into a powerful and ubiquitous platform for biomolecular analysis. Microarrays consist of three major elements: the substrate upon which they are constructed, the chemistry employed to attach biomolecules, and the ...


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