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Synthetic Nanoelectronic Probes for Biological Cells and Tissues

17.06.2013 | Bozhi Tian; Charles M. Lieber, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Research at the interface between nanoscience and biology could yield breakthroughs in fundamental science and lead to revolutionary technologies. In this review, we focus on the interfaces between nanoelectronics and biology. First, we discuss nanoscale field effect transistors (nanoFETs) as ...


Modern Raman Imaging: Vibrational Spectroscopy on the Micrometer and Nanometer Scales

17.06.2013 | Lothar Opilik; Thomas Schmid; Renato Zenobi, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Raman microscopes are currently used in various fields of research because they allow for label-free sample investigation. Moreover, the inherently low scattering cross section of Raman spectroscopy, as well as its diffraction-limited lateral resolution, has been overcome by new Raman microscopy ...


Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy: A Versatile Technique for Nanoscale Electrochemistry and Functional Imaging

17.06.2013 | Neil Ebejer; Aleix G. Güell; Stanley C.S. Lai; Kim McKelvey; Michael E. Snowden; Patrick R. Unwin, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Scanning electrochemical cell microscopy (SECCM) is a new pipette-based imaging technique purposely designed to allow simultaneous electrochemical, conductance, and topographical visualization of surfaces and interfaces. SECCM uses a tiny meniscus or droplet, at the end of a double-barreled ...


Next-Generation Sequencing Platforms

17.06.2013 | Elaine R. Mardis, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Automated DNA sequencing instruments embody an elegant interplay among chemistry, engineering, software, and molecular biology and have built upon Sanger's founding discovery of dideoxynucleotide sequencing to perform once-unfathomable tasks. Combined with innovative physical mapping approaches ...


Structure Determination of Membrane Proteins by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

17.06.2013 | Stanley J. Opella, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Many biological membranes consist of 50% or more (by weight) membrane proteins, which constitute approximately one-third of all proteins expressed in biological organisms. Helical membrane proteins function as receptors, enzymes, and transporters, among other unique cellular roles. Additionally, ...


Nanobiodevices for Biomolecule Analysis and Imaging

17.06.2013 | Takao Yasui; Noritada Kaji; Yoshinobu Baba, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Nanobiodevices have been developed to analyze biomolecules and cells for biomedical applications. In this review, we discuss several nanobiodevices used for disease-diagnostic devices, molecular imaging devices, regenerative medicine, and drug-delivery systems and describe the numerous advantages ...


Continuous Separation Principles Using External Microaction Forces

17.06.2013 | Hitoshi Watarai, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

During the past decade, methods for the continuous separation of microparticles with microaction forces have rapidly advanced. Various action forces have been used in designs of both microchannel and capillary continuous separation systems, which depend on properties such as conductivity, ...


Microfluidic Chips for Immunoassays

17.06.2013 | Kwi Nam Han; Cheng Ai Li; Gi Hun Seong, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

The use of microfluidic chips for immunoassays has been extensively explored in recent years. The combination of immunoassays and microfluidics affords a promising platform for multiple, sensitive, and automatic point-of-care (POC) diagnostics. In this review, we focus on the description of ...


Structures of Biomolecular Ions in the Gas Phase Probed by Infrared Light Sources

17.06.2013 | Corey N. Stedwell; Johan F. Galindo; Adrian E. Roitberg; Nicolas C. Polfer, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Infrared (IR) spectroscopy of biomolecular ions combines mass spectrometry's high sensitivity and ability to analyze complex mixtures with the enhanced structural information available from vibrational spectroscopy. IR spectroscopy is in principle well placed to distinguish isomers and allow ...


Multiplexed Sensing and Imaging with Colloidal Nano- and Microparticles

17.06.2013 | Susana Carregal-Romero; Encarnación Caballero-Díaz; Lule Beqa; Abuelmagd M. Abdelmonem; Markus Ochs; Dominik Hühn; B ..., Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Sensing and imaging with fluorescent, plasmonic, and magnetic colloidal nano- and microparticles have improved during the past decade. In this review, we describe the concepts and applications of how these techniques can be used in the multiplexed mode, that is, sensing of several analytes in ...


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