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17.06.2013 | Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry Volume 6, June 2013.


Structural Glycomic Analyses at High Sensitivity: A Decade of Progress

17.06.2013 | William R. Alley, Jr.; Milos V. Novotny, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

The field of glycomics has recently advanced in response to the urgent need for structural characterization and quantification of complex carbohydrates in biologically and medically important applications. The recent success of analytical glycobiology at high sensitivity reflects numerous ...


The Use of Synchrotron Radiation for the Characterization of Artists' Pigments and Paintings

17.06.2013 | Koen Janssens; Matthias Alfeld; Geert Van der Snickt; Wout De Nolf; Frederik Vanmeert; Marie Radepont; Letizia Monic ..., Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

We review methods and recent studies in which macroscopic to (sub)microscopic X-ray beams were used for nondestructive analysis and characterization of pigments, paint microsamples, and/or entire paintings. We discuss the use of portable laboratory- and synchrotron-based instrumentation and ...


Probing Molecular Solids with Low-Energy Ions

17.06.2013 | Soumabha Bag; Radha Gobinda Bhuin; Ganapati Natarajan; T. Pradeep, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Ion/surface collisions in the ultralow- to low-energy (1–100-eV) window represent an excellent technique for investigation of the properties of condensed molecular solids at low temperatures. For example, this technique has revealed the unique physical and chemical processes that occur on the ...


Environmental Mass Spectrometry

17.06.2013 | Albert T. Lebedev, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Environmental mass spectrometry is an important branch of science because it provides many of the data that underlie policy decisions that can directly influence the health of people and ecosystems. Environmental mass spectrometry is currently undergoing rapid development. Among the most relevant ...


Evidence-Based Point-of-Care Diagnostics: Current Status and Emerging Technologies

17.06.2013 | Cangel Pui Yee Chan; Wing Cheung Mak; Kwan Yee Cheung; King Keung Sin; Cheuk Man Yu; Timothy H. Rainer; Reinhard Ren ..., Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Point-of-care (POC) diagnostics brings tests nearer to the site of patient care. The turnaround time is short, and minimal manual interference enables quick clinical management decisions. Growth in POC diagnostics is being continuously fueled by the global burden of cardiovascular and infectious ...


Is the Focus on “Molecules” Obsolete?

17.06.2013 | George M. Whitesides, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

The technologies developed in analytical chemistry have defined in spectacular detail the properties of molecules. The field now faces enormously important and interesting problems of which molecules are only a part: for example, understanding the nature of life; helping to manage megacities, ...


Adsorption and Assembly of Ions and Organic Molecules at Electrochemical Interfaces: Nanoscale Aspects

17.06.2013 | Soichiro Yoshimoto; Kingo Itaya, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

We describe the history of electrochemical scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and advances made in this field during the past 20 years. In situ STM allows one to monitor various electrode processes, such as the underpotential deposition of copper and silver ions; the specific adsorption of ...


Multiplexed Sensing and Imaging with Colloidal Nano- and Microparticles

17.06.2013 | Susana Carregal-Romero; Encarnación Caballero-Díaz; Lule Beqa; Abuelmagd M. Abdelmonem; Markus Ochs; Dominik Hühn; B ..., Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Sensing and imaging with fluorescent, plasmonic, and magnetic colloidal nano- and microparticles have improved during the past decade. In this review, we describe the concepts and applications of how these techniques can be used in the multiplexed mode, that is, sensing of several analytes in ...


Structures of Biomolecular Ions in the Gas Phase Probed by Infrared Light Sources

17.06.2013 | Corey N. Stedwell; Johan F. Galindo; Adrian E. Roitberg; Nicolas C. Polfer, Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry, 2013

Infrared (IR) spectroscopy of biomolecular ions combines mass spectrometry's high sensitivity and ability to analyze complex mixtures with the enhanced structural information available from vibrational spectroscopy. IR spectroscopy is in principle well placed to distinguish isomers and allow ...


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