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Naphthalimide Derivatives as Multifunctional Molecules for the Simultaneous Detecting 5-Formylcytosine and 5-Formyluracil

24.01.2018 | Xiang Zhou; Yafen Wang; Chaoxin Liu; Wei Yang; Guangrong Zhou; Xiong Zhang; Fan Wu; Yishu Yu; Xiaomeng Luo, Chemical Communication, 2018

An azide and hydrazine tethered to a naphthalimide analogue was created to selectively react with 5-formyluracil in one system and fluorogenically label 5-formylcytosine in another system. A biotin group was also introduced by copper-free click chemistry through selective labelling aldehyde ...


The second-harmonic generation intensification derived from localization conjugated [small pi]-orbitals in O22-

24.01.2018 | Yunxia Song; Min Luo; Fei Liang; Ning Ye; Zheshuai Lin, Chemical Communication, 2018

Molecular construction with π-conjugated groups is a favorable strategy to discover superior nonlinear optical (NLO) materials. Herein, a novel vanadium-carbonate compound K3[V(O2)2O]CO3 (KVCO), which combines two different π-orbital groups, delocalized (CO3)2− π-orbital groups and localized ...


A strategy for generating aryl radicals from arylborates through organic photoredox catalysis: photo-Meerwein type arylation of electron-deficient alkenes

24.01.2018 | Y. Iwata; Y. Tanaka; S. Kubosaki; T. Morita; Y. Yoshimi, Chemical Communication, 2018

Photoinduced reactions of arylboronic acids with electron deficient alkenes under mild organic photoredox catalysis conditions lead to the formation of Meerwein arylation type adducts via the generation of aryl radicals.


A luminescent bimetallic iridium(Ⅲ) complex for ratiometric tracking intracellular viscosity.

24.01.2018 | Fengyu Liu; Jia Wen; Su-Shing Chen; Shiguo Sun, Chemical Communication, 2018

A luminescent bimetallic iridium probe C10 was developed through a long soft carbon chain linkage to achieve ratiometric detection of viscosity. C10 features high sensitivity and selectivity for viscosity. More importantly, C10 is living cell permeable and can be employed to distinguish cancer ...


A Self-Assembled Peroxidase from 5ʹ-GMP and Heme

24.01.2018 | Jeffery Davis; Deiaa Harraz, Chemical Communication, 2018

Guanosine 5ʹ-monophosphate (5ʹ-GMP) and Fe (III)-heme form a supramolecular catalyst with peroxidase activity. Catalysis, which depends on self-assembly of 5ʹ-GMP into a G-quadruplex that binds hemin, can be modulated by nucleotide concentration, temperature and the identity of the nucleotide’s ...


A synergistic effect of Ceria and Co in N-doped leaf-like carbon nanosheets derived from two-dimensional metal-organic framework and their enhanced performance in oxygen reduction reaction

24.01.2018 | Wei Xia; Jingjing Li; Tao Wang; Li Song; Hu Guo; Hao Gong; Cheng Jiang; Bin Gao; Jianping He, Chemical Communication, 2018

A novel two-dimensional Ceria@Co, N doped leaf-like porous carbon nanosheets (Ce-HPCN) was fabricated using a efficient aqueous solution-mediated method. More importantly, the prepared Ce-HPCN demonstrates even better electrocatalytic performance than the commercial Pt/C by the synergistic effect ...


PBP bridged [3]ferrocenophane: a bisphosphanylborane with a redox trigger

24.01.2018 | Artur Lik; Denis Kargin; Stefan Isenberg; Zsolt Kelemen; Rudolf Pietschnig; Holger Helten, Chemical Communication, 2018

Stereospecific access to the unprecedented P–B–P bridged [3]ferrocenophane Fe(C5H4PtBu)2BMes is presented. In contrast to acyclic ferrocenylphosphanes, we find evidence for a shift of spin-density from Fe to P upon pyramidal inversion of the P centers in the mono-cation; the latter has a lifetime ...


Orthogonal supramolecular protein assembly on patterned bifunctional surfaces

24.01.2018 | Dorothee Wasserberg; Jordi Cabanas-Danes; Vinod Subramaniam; Jurriaan Huskens; Pascal Jonkheijm, Chemical Communication, 2018

We report successful and selective dual protein assembly on patterned bifunctional βCD-Ni(II)NTA surfaces, using red fluorescent protein variants with hexahistidine-tags and teal fluorescent protein variants conjugated with a triadamantane containing peptide. We show that dual protein patterns ...


Modular Design of Optically Controlled Protein Affinity Reagents

24.01.2018 | Amirhossein Babalhavaeji; Andrew Woolley, Chemical Communication, 2018

Photopharmaceuticals can, in principle, be created by linking photoswitchable moieties to bioactive molecules. However, a general strategy for converting a therapeutic agent into its photoswitchable version is not currently available. Herein we propose a general, modular approach for obtaining ...


Palladium-Catalyzed Regioselective Hydroboration of Aryl Alkenes with B2pin2

24.01.2018 | Huanfeng Jiang; Jiuzhong Huang; Wuxin Yan; Chaowei Tan; Wanqing Wu, Chemical Communication, 2018

A palladium(II)-catalyzed hydroboration of aryl alkenes with stable and easy-to-handle (pinacolato)diboron (B2pin2) under mild conditions has been developed. Acetic acid acted as the solvent and the hydrogen source, which have been identified by deuterium experiments. Notably, ...


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