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Influence of the N–N Coligand: C–C Coupling Instead of Formation of Imidazol-2-yl Complexes at {Mo(η3-allyl)(CO)2} Fragments. Theoretical and Experimental Studies

27.02.2015 | Andrea Cebollada; Maialen Espinal Viguri; Julio Pérez; Jesús Díaz; Ramón López; Lucía Riera, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

New N-methylimidazole (N-MeIm) complexes of the {Mo(η3-allyl)(CO)2(N–N)} fragment have been prepared, in which the N,N-bidentate chelate ligand is a 2-pyridylimine. The addition of a strong base to the new compounds deprotonates the central CH group of the imidazole ligand and subsequently forms ...


Four New MnII Inorganic–Organic Hybrid Frameworks with Diverse Inorganic Magnetic Chain’s Sequences: Syntheses, Structures, Magnetic, NLO, and Dielectric Properties

27.02.2015 | Chong-Bin Tian; Chao He; Yun-Hu Han; Qi Wei; Qi-Peng Li; Ping Lin; Shao-Wu Du, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

Four new inorganic–organic hybrid manganese frameworks, formulated as [Mn(Am-Hip)2]·3H2O (1), [Mn2(ip)2(H2O)]·CH3OH (2), [Mn2(OH-ip)2(DMF)]·DMF (3), and (Me2NH2)[Mn4(sdba)4(Hsdba)(H2O)]·3H2O·2DMF (4) (Am–H2ip = 5-aminoisophthalic acid, H2ip = isophthalic acid, OH-H2ip = 5-hydroxyisophthalic acid, ...


Sodium Thioether Macrocyclic Chemistry: Remarkable Homoleptic Octathia Coordination to Na+

27.02.2015 | Martin J. D. Champion; John M. Dyke; William Levason; Mark E. Light; David Pugh; Hanusha Bhakhoa; Lydia Rhyman; Ponn ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

Inorganic Chemistry DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.5b00156


High-Voltage Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries: Freeze-Dried LiMn0.8Fe0.1M0.1PO4/C (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) Nanocomposites

27.02.2015 | Amaia Iturrondobeitia; Aintzane Goñi; Izaskun Gil de Muro; Luis Lezama; Chunjoong Kim; Marca Doeff; Jordi Cabana; Te ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

Four LiMn0.8Fe0.1M0.1PO4/C (M = Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) cathode materials have been synthesized via a freeze-drying method. The samples have been characterized by powder X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy, magnetic susceptibility, and electrochemical measurements. The composition and ...


Upconversion Effective Enhancement by Producing Various Coordination Surroundings of Rare-Earth Ions

27.02.2015 | Qingming Huang; Han Yu; En Ma; Xinqi Zhang; Wenbing Cao; Chengang Yang; Jianchang Yu, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

In this manuscript, we present a simple route to enhance upconversion (UC) emission by producing two different coordination sites of trivalent cations in a matrix material and adjusting crystal field asymmetry by Hf4+ co-doping. A cubic phase, Y3.2Al0.32Yb0.4Er0.08F12, with these structural ...


Pyrazine-Based Organometallic Complex: Synthesis, Characterization, and Supramolecular Chemistry

26.02.2015 | Sourav Bhowmick; Sourav Chakraborty; Atanu Das; P. R. Rajamohanan; Neeladri Das, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

The design, synthesis, and characterization of a new pyrazine-based ditopic platinum(II) organometallic complex are reported. The molecular structure of the organoplatinum pyrazine dipod was determined by single-crystal X-ray crystallography. The potential utility of this organometallic ditopic ...


Main Group Tellurium Heterocycles Anchored by a P2VN2 Scaffold and Their Sulfur/Selenium Analogues

26.02.2015 | Andreas Nordheider; Katharina Hüll; Joanna K. D. Prentis; Kasun S. Athukorala Arachchige; Alexandra M. Z. Slawin; J. ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

A comprehensive investigation of reactions of alkali-metal derivatives of the ditelluro dianion [TePV(NtBu)(μ-NtBu)]22– (L2–, E = Te) with p-block element halides produced a series of novel heterocycles incorporating P2VN2 rings, tellurium, and group 13–16 elements. The dianion engages in ...


Chemical and Structural Evolution in the Th–SeO32–/SeO42– System: from Simple Selenites to Cluster-Based Selenate Compounds

26.02.2015 | Bin Xiao; Eike Langer; Jakob Dellen; Hartmut Schlenz; Dirk Bosbach; Evgeny V. Suleimanov; Evgeny V. Alekseev, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

While extensive success has been gained in the structural chemistry of the U–Se system, the synthesis and characterization of Th-based Se structures are widely unexplored. Here, four new Th–Se compounds, α-Th(SeO3)2, β-Th(SeO3)2, Th(Se2O5)2, and Th3O2(OH)2(SeO4)3, have been obtained from mild ...


Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal Metalation of a Metal–Organic Framework: A Route toward Structurally Well-Defined Catalysts

26.02.2015 | Miguel I. Gonzalez; Eric D. Bloch; Jarad A. Mason; Simon J. Teat; Jeffrey R. Long, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

Metal–organic frameworks featuring ligands with open chelating groups are versatile platforms for the preparation of a diverse set of heterogeneous catalysts through postsynthetic metalation. The crystalline nature of these materials allows them to be characterized via X-ray diffraction, which ...


Manganese- and Cobalt-Based Coordination Networks as Promising Heterogeneous Catalysts for Olefin Epoxidation Reactions

26.02.2015 | Girijesh Kumar; Gulshan Kumar; Rajeev Gupta, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

We demonstrate the synthesis of Mn2+- and Co2+-based coordination networks using two Co3+-based metalloligands differing by the position of the appended arylcarboxylate groups. The structural analyses reveal topologically distinct networks with pores of variable dimensions allowing facile ...


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