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The Curious Case of Mesityl Azide and Its Reactivity with bpyNiEt2

17.10.2014 | Brooke M. Otten; Travis M. Figg; Thomas R. Cundari, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

A DFT analysis of the reaction of bpyNiEt2 with ArN3 was performed for para-tolyl-azide (Ar = pTol), 3,5-dimethyl-phenyl-azide (Ar = mXy) and ortho-tolyl-azide (Ar = oTol), and mesityl-azide (MesN3). Of particular interest were the different products obtained for the latter (ethylene, butane, ...


Luminescence Properties and Energy Transfer of Eu/Mn-Coactivated Mg2Al4Si5O18 as a Potential Phosphor for White-Light LEDs

17.10.2014 | Jian Chen; Yangai Liu; Minghao Fang; Zhaohui Huang, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

A series of blue-to-white emitting Mg2Al4Si5O18: Eu2+, Mn2+ phosphors were synthesized via high-temperature solid-state method, and their luminescence properties were investigated in detail. Under near-ultraviolet (UV) light excitation of 365 nm, Eu2+-doped Mg2Al4Si5O18 exhibits a broad blue ...


Tetrapalladium-Containing Polyoxotungstate [PdII4(α-P2W15O56)2]16–: A Comparative Study

17.10.2014 | Natalya V. Izarova; Raisa I. Maksimovskaya; Sabine Willbold; Paul Kögerler, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

The novel tetrapalladium(II)-containing polyoxometalate [PdII4(α-P2W15O56)2]16– has been prepared in aqueous medium and characterized as its hydrated sodium salt Na16[Pd4(α-P2W15O56)2]·71H2O by single-crystal XRD, elemental analysis, IR, Raman, multinuclear NMR, and UV–vis spectroscopy. The ...


Oxidation of Alcohols and Activated Alkanes with Lewis Acid-Activated TEMPO

16.10.2014 | Thuy-Ai D. Nguyen; Ashley M. Wright; Joshua S. Page; Guang Wu; Trevor W. Hayton, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

The reactivity of MCl3(η1-TEMPO) (M = Fe, 1; Al, 2; TEMPO = 2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-N-oxyl) with a variety of alcohols, including 3,4-dimethoxybenzyl alcohol, 1-phenyl-2-phenoxyethanol, and 1,2-diphenyl-2-methoxyethanol, was investigated using NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry. Complex ...


Synthesis, Characterization, X-ray Crystal Structure, DFT Calculations, and Catalytic Properties of a Dioxidovanadium(V) Complex Derived from Oxamohydrazide and Pyridoxal: A Model Complex of Vanadate-Dependent Bromoperoxidase

16.10.2014 | Chandrima Das; Piyali Adak; Satyajit Mondal; Ryo Sekiya; Reiko Kuroda; Serge I. Gorelsky; Shyamal Kumar Chattopadhyay, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

A vanadium(V) complex with the formula [Et3NH][VVO2(sox-pydx)] with a new tridentate ligand 2-[2-[[3-hydroxy-5-(hydroxymethyl)-2-methylpyridin-4-yl]methylene]hydrazinyl]-2-oxoacetamide (soxH-pydxH), obtained by condensation of oxamohydrazide and pyridoxal (one of the forms of vitamin B6), has ...


Heterometallic PdII–NiII Complexes with meso-Substituted Dibenzotetraaza[14]annulene: Double C–H Bond Activation and Formation of a Rectangular Tetradibenzotetraaza[14]annulene

16.10.2014 | Hamid Khaledi; Marilyn M. Olmstead; Takamitsu Fukuda; Hapipah Mohd Ali, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Inorganic Chemistry DOI: 10.1021/ic5019828


Speciation of Ferric Phenoxide Intermediates during the Reduction of Iron(III)−μ-Oxo Dimers by Hydroquinone

16.10.2014 | William D. Kerber; Kaitlyn A. Perez; Chuqiao Ren; Maxime A. Siegler, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

The aqueous speciation of iron(III)–tris(pyridylmethyl)amine (TPA) complexes was determined from potentiometric titration data, and the overall formation constants (β) for relevant species were calculated. At pH < 3 the mononuclear complex [Fe(TPA)]+3(aq) predominates (log β = 10.75(15). Above pH ...


Multinuclear Copper(I) and Silver(I) Amidinate Complexes: Synthesis, Luminescence, and CS2 Insertion Reactivity

15.10.2014 | Andrew C. Lane; Matthew V. Vollmer; Charles H. Laber; Doris Y. Melgarejo; Gina M. Chiarella; John P. Fackler, Jr.; X ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Dinuclear Cu(I) and Ag(I) complexes, Cu2[(2,6-Me2C6H3N)2C(H)]2, 1, Ag2[(2,6-Me2C6H3N)2C(H)]2, 2, Cu2[2,6-iPr2C6H3N)2C(H)]2, 3, and Ag2[(2,6-iPr2C6H3N)2C(H)]2, 4, were synthesized from reactions of [Cu(NCCH3)4][PF6] with Na[(2,6-R2C6H3N)2C(H)] and AgO2CCH3 with [Et3NH][(2,6-R2C6H3N2C(H)], R = Me, ...


An Acentric Calcium Borate Ca2[B5O9]·(OH)·H2O: Synthesis, Structure, and Nonliner Optical Property

15.10.2014 | Qi Wei; Jian-Wen Cheng; Chao He; Guo-Yu Yang, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

A novel noncentrosymmetric calcium borate, Ca2[B5O9]·(OH)·H2O (1), was synthesized under solvothermal condition using mixed solvents of pyridine and H2O. Compound 1 crystallizes in the monoclinic space group Cc. Its structure contains [B5O12] units and features a three-dimensional (3D) pcu net ...


Stabilization of AuNPs by Monofunctional Triazole Linked to Ferrocene, Ferricenium, or Coumarin and Applications to Synthesis, Sensing, and Catalysis

14.10.2014 | Na Li; Pengxiang Zhao; María E. Igartua; Amalia Rapakousiou; Lionel Salmon; Sergio Moya; Jaime Ruiz; Didier Astruc, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Monofunctional triazoles linked to ferrocene, ferricenium, or coumarin (Cou), easily synthesized by copper-catalyzed azide alkyne (CuAAC) “click” reactions between the corresponding functional azides and (trimethylsilyl)acetylene followed by silyl group deprotection, provide a variety of ...


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