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Raman and IR Studies of Pressure- and Temperature-Induced Phase Transitions in [(CH2)3NH2][Zn(HCOO)3]

14.11.2014 | Mirosław Mączka; Tercio Almeida da Silva; Waldeci Paraguassu; Maciej Ptak; Krzysztof Hermanowicz, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Temperature- and pressure-dependent studies of Raman and IR spectra have been performed on azetidinium zinc formate, [(CH2)3NH2][Zn(HCOO)3]. Vibrational spectra showed distinct anomalies in mode frequencies and bandwidths near 250 and 300 K, which were attributed to structural phase transitions ...


Ferrocenyl-Functionalized Sn/Se and Sn/Te Complexes: Synthesis, Reactivity, Optical, and Electronic Properties

14.11.2014 | Zhiliang You; Jakob Bergunde; Birgit Gerke; Rainer Pöttgen; Stefanie Dehnen, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Inorganic Chemistry DOI: 10.1021/ic502026g


Kinetic Effects of Sulfur Oxidation on Catalytic Nitrile Hydration: Nitrile Hydratase Insights from Bioinspired Ruthenium(II) Complexes

14.11.2014 | Davinder Kumar; Tho N. Nguyen; Craig A. Grapperhaus, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Kinetic investigations inspired by the metalloenzyme nitrile hydratase were performed on a series of ruthenium(II) complexes to determine the effect of sulfur oxidation on catalytic nitrile hydration. The rate of benzonitrile hydration was quantified as a function of catalyst, nitrile, and water ...


Generalized Approach to the Microstructure Direction in Metal Oxide Ceramics via Polymerization-Induced Phase Separation

14.11.2014 | Stephen G. Rudisill; Sammy Shaker; Denis Terzic; Réginald Le Maire; Bao-Lian Su; Andreas Stein, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

When three-dimensionally ordered macroporous (3DOM) materials are synthesized in polymeric colloidal crystal templates using a Pechini-type approach, polymerization-induced phase separation (PIPS) can occur. Depending on the reaction conditions, the porous products have a variety of morphologies, ...


pH and Ligand Dependent Assembly of Well–Dawson Arsenomolybdate Capped Architectures

14.11.2014 | He Zhang; Kai Yu; Chunmei Wang; Zhanhua Su; Chunxiao Wang; Di Sun; Honghong Cai; Zhaoyi Chen; Baibin Zhou, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Five Well–Dawson-type arsenomolybdates, formulated as [Cu(2,2′-bpy)2][{Cu(2,2′-bpy)}3{As2VMo2VMo16VIO62}]·4H2O (1), [H2(4,4′-bpy)]2.5[AsIII(As2VMo2VMo16VIO62)]·5H2O (2), (pyr)(imi)(Himi)3[As2III(As2VMo3VMo15VIO62)]·3H2O (3), [As3III(As2VMo3VMo15VIO62)]·4H2O (4), and (H2btp)3[As2VMo18VIO62]·6H2O ...


Formation of Difluorosulfane Complexes of the Third Row Transition Metals by Sulfur-to-Metal Fluorine Migration in Trifluorosulfane Metal Complexes: The Anomaly of Trifluorosulfane Iridium Tricarbonyl

14.11.2014 | Xiaozhen Gao; Nan Li; R. Bruce King, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

The stability of the experimentally known complex (Et3P)2Ir(CO)(Cl)(F)(SF3) of the third row transition metal iridium suggests that SF3 complexes of the third row transition metals might be viable species in contrast to the SF3 complexes of the first row transition metals previously studied by ...


Field-Induced Spin-Flop in Antiferromagnetic Semiconductors with Commensurate and Incommensurate Magnetic Structures: Li2FeGeS4 (LIGS) and Li2FeSnS4 (LITS)

14.11.2014 | Jacilynn A. Brant; Clarina dela Cruz; Jinlei Yao; Alexios P. Douvalis; Thomas Bakas; Monica Sorescu; Jennifer A. Aitken, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Li2FeGeS4 (LIGS) and Li2FeSnS4 (LITS), which are among the first magnetic semiconductors with the wurtz-kesterite structure, exhibit antiferromagnetism with TN ≈ 6 and 4 K, respectively. Both compounds undergo a conventional metamagnetic transition that is accompanied by a hysteresis; a ...


Nature of Holes, Oxidation States, and Hypervalency in Covellite (CuS)

14.11.2014 | Sergio Conejeros; Ibério de P. R. Moreira; Pere Alemany; Enric Canadell, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Inorganic Chemistry DOI: 10.1021/ic502436a


Functionalization of Krebs-Type Polyoxometalates with N,O-Chelating Ligands: A Systematic Study

14.11.2014 | Beñat Artetxe; Santiago Reinoso; Leire San Felices; Pablo Vitoria; Aroa Pache; Jagoba Martín-Caballero; Juan M. Guti ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

The first organic derivatives of 3d-metal-disubstituted Krebs-type polyoxometalates have been synthesized under mild bench conditions via straightforward replacement of labile aqua ligands with N,O-chelating planar anions on either preformed or in situ-generated precursors. Nine hybrid clusters ...


Lithiation-Induced Zinc Clustering of Zn3, Zn12, and Zn18 Units in Zintl-Like Ca∼30Li3+xZn60–x (x = 0.44–1.38)

14.11.2014 | Qisheng Lin, Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

Zinc clusters are not common for binary intermetallics with relatively low zinc content, but this work shows that zinc clustering can be triggered by lithiation, as exemplified by Ca∼30Li3+xZn60–x, P6/mmm, Z = 1, which can be directly converted from CaZn2. Two end members of the solid solution (x ...


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