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Thermodynamic Insight into the Solvation and Complexation Behavior of U(VI) in Ionic Liquid: Binding of CMPO with U(VI) Studied by Optical Spectroscopy and Calorimetry

17.02.2017 | Qi Wu; Taoxiang Sun; Xianghai Meng; Jing Chen; Chao Xu, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

The complexation of U(VI) with octylphenyl-N,N-diisobutylcarbamoylmethylphosphine oxide (CMPO, denoted as L) in ionic liquid (IL) C4mimNTf2 was investigated by UV–vis absorption spectrophotometry and isothermal titration calorimetry. Spectro-photometric titration suggests that three successive ...


Topochemical Approach for Transition-Metal Exchange Assisted by Copper Extrusion: from Cu2FeBO5 to Fe3BO5

17.02.2017 | Christine Martin; Antoine Maignan; Anne Guesdon; Fabien Lainé; Oleg I. Lebedev, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

All fields of today’s technology are concerned with multifunctional materials, the subject of constantly expanding research. Among them, metal transition oxides occupy a strategic place because of the properties directly correlated with metal valence linked with oxygen stoichiometry. To enhance ...


Ferromagnetic Coupling in the Heterospin Bis-Catecholato–Manganese(IV) Complex with Pyridine Substituted by Nitronyl-nitroxide

17.02.2017 | Michael P. Bubnov; Irina A. Teplova; Eugenia A. Kopylova; Konstantin A. Kozhanov; Artem S. Bogomyakov; Marina V. Pet ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

A new bis(3,6-di-tert-butyl-catecholato)manganese complex with two 4-NIT-Py ligands was synthesized and characterized [4-NIT-Py = pyridine substituted at position 4 with nitronyl-nitroxide radical, 2-(pyridin-4-yl)-4,4,5,5-tetramethyl-4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazole-3-oxide-1-oxyl]. X-ray diffraction ...


Functionalized Triptycene-Derived Tripodal Ligands: Privileged Formation of Tetranuclear Cage Assemblies with Larger Ln(III)

17.02.2017 | Alexandra Vuillamy; Soumaila Zebret; Céline Besnard; Virginie Placide; Stéphane Petoud; Josef Hamacek, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

In this Article, we report the self-assembly of lanthanide complexes formed with two new tripodal ligands, L2 and L3, where binding strands are connected to a rigid triptycene anchor. The pyridine moieties are functionalized with methoxy and PEG groups to enhance ligand solubility and to evaluate ...


The Reactivity of Germanium Phosphanides with Chalcogens

17.02.2017 | Lisa M. Harris; Eric C. Y. Tam; Struan J. W. Cummins; Martyn P. Coles; J. Robin Fulton, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

The reactivity of germanium phosphanido complexes with elemental chalcogens is reported. Addition of sulfur to [(BDI)GePCy2] (BDI = CH{(CH3)CN-2,6-iPr2C6H3}2) results in oxidation at germanium to form germanium(IV) sulfide [(BDI)Ge(S)PCy2] and oxidation at both germanium and phosphorus to form ...


A Stable Porphyrin-Based Porous mog Metal–Organic Framework as an Efficient Solvent-Free Catalyst for C–C Bond Formation

17.02.2017 | Wei Jiang; Jin Yang; Ying-Ying Liu; Shu-Yan Song; Jian-Fang Ma, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

We herein report the porous 4-fold interpenetrated mog (moganite) metal–organic framework (MOF) [Cd3(tipp)(bpdc)2]·DMA·9H2O (1·Cd; H2tipp = 5,10,15,20-tetrakis(4-(imidazol-1-yl)phenyl)porphyrin, H2bpdc = biphenyl-4,4′-dicarboxylic acid, DMA = N,N′-dimethylacetamide). The incorporation of Cd and ...


Electrostatic Assembly of Functional and Macromolecular Ferricinium Chloride-Stabilized Gold Nanoparticles

17.02.2017 | Roberto Ciganda; Haibin Gu; Ricardo Hernandez; Ane Escobar; Angel Martínez; Luis Yates; Sergio Moya; Jaime Ruiz; Did ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

Substituted ferrocenes with various stereoelectronic effects including a ferrocene-terminated dendrimer in ether reduce aqueous HAuCl4 to gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) by interfacial electron transfer. The dependence on the stirring speed plays a crucial role, and the stereoelectronic influences on ...


Synthesis and Speciation-Dependent Properties of a Multimetallic Model Complex of NiSOD That Exhibits Unique Hydrogen-Bonding

17.02.2017 | Ramsey A. Steiner; Stephen P. Dzul; Timothy L. Stemmler; Todd C. Harrop, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

The complex Na3[{NiII(nmp)}3S3BTAalk)] (1) (nmp2– = deprotonated form of N-(2-mercaptoethyl)picolinamide; H3S3BTAalk = N1,N3,N5-tris(2-mercaptoethyl)benzene-1,3,5-tricarboxamide, where H = dissociable protons), supported by the thiolate-benzenetricarboxamide scaffold (S3BTAalk), has been ...


Exploring the Influence of Diamagnetic Ions on the Mechanism of Magnetization Relaxation in {CoIII2LnIII2} (Ln = Dy, Tb, Ho) “Butterfly” Complexes

17.02.2017 | Kuduva R. Vignesh; Stuart K. Langley; Keith S. Murray; Gopalan Rajaraman, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

The synthesis and magnetic and theoretical studies of three isostructural heterometallic [CoIII2LnIII2(μ3-OH)2(o-tol)4(mdea)2(NO3)2] (Ln = Dy (1), Tb (2), Ho (3)) “butterfly” complexes are reported (o-tol = o-toluate, (mdea)2– = doubly deprotonated N-methyldiethanolamine). The CoIII ions are ...


A Fluorescent Anionic MOF with Zn4(trz)2 Chain for Highly Selective Visual Sensing of Contaminants: Cr(III) Ion and TNP

17.02.2017 | Xiao-Xia Jia; Ru-Xin Yao; Fu-Qiang Zhang; Xian-Ming Zhang, Inorganic Chemistry, 2017

Heavy-metal ions and nitroaromatic substances are highly toxic and harmful to human health and the ecological environment. It is an urgent issue to selectively detect and capture these toxic substances. By introducing the triazole ligand to the π-conjugated aromatic carboxylate system and ...


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