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Leisure-time physical activity and prevalence of non-communicable pathologies and prescription medication in Spain

19.01.2018 | Pablo Fernandez-Navarro; María Teresa Aragones; Victoria Ley, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Pablo Fernandez-Navarro, María Teresa Aragones, Victoria Ley Our aims were to describe physical activity (PA) behaviour in Spain and to examine its association with the prevalence of some of the major non-communicable diseases and with the use of prescription medication. Individualized ...


Correction: Early postnatal vocalizations predict sociability and spatial memory in C57BL/6J mice: Individual differences in behavioral traits emerge early in development

19.01.2018 | Kaichi Yoshizaki; Kohei Koike; Ryuichi Kimura; Noriko Osumi, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Kaichi Yoshizaki, Kohei Koike, Ryuichi Kimura, Noriko Osumi


Correction: Timing and rate of spheno-occipital synchondrosis closure and its relationship to puberty

19.01.2018 | Anwar Alhazmi; Eduardo Vargas; J. Martin Palomo; Mark Hans; Bruce Latimer; Scott Simpson, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Anwar Alhazmi, Eduardo Vargas, J. Martin Palomo, Mark Hans, Bruce Latimer, Scott Simpson


Correction: Properties of halogenated and sulfonated porphyrins relevant for the selection of photosensitizers in anticancer and antimicrobial therapies

19.01.2018 | Barbara Pucelik; Robert Paczyński; Grzegorz Dubin; Mariette M. Pereira; Luis G. Arnaut; Janusz M. Dąbrowski, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Barbara Pucelik, Robert Paczyński, Grzegorz Dubin, Mariette M. Pereira, Luis G. Arnaut, Janusz M. Dąbrowski


Using daily text messages to improve adherence to infant micronutrient powder (MNP) packets in rural western China: A cluster-randomized controlled trial

19.01.2018 | Xu Wang; Renfu Luo; Chengfang Liu; Linxiu Zhang; Ai Yue; Alexis Medina; Scott Rozelle, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Xu Wang, Renfu Luo, Chengfang Liu, Linxiu Zhang, Ai Yue, Alexis Medina, Scott Rozelle Objective To evaluate the effectiveness of daily text messages as a means to improve caregivers’ adherence to infant micronutrient powder (MNP) in rural Shaanxi Province of China. Methodology 638 infants ...


Correction: Functional implications of hexameric assembly of RraA proteins from Vibrio vulnificus

19.01.2018 | Saemee Song; Seokho Hong; Jinyang Jang; Ji-Hyun Yeom; Nohra Park; Jaejin Lee; Yeri Lim; Jun-Yeong Jeon; Hyung-Kyoon ..., PLoS ONE, 2018

by Saemee Song, Seokho Hong, Jinyang Jang, Ji-Hyun Yeom, Nohra Park, Jaejin Lee, Yeri Lim, Jun-Yeong Jeon, Hyung-Kyoon Choi, Minho Lee, Nam-Chul Ha, Kangseok Lee


Correction: Stakeholders' views and experiences of care and interventions for addressing frailty and pre-frailty: A meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence

19.01.2018 | Barbara D’Avanzo; Rachel Shaw; Silvia Riva; Joao Apostolo; Elzbieta Bobrowicz-Campos; Donata Kurpas; Maria Bujnowska ..., PLoS ONE, 2018

by Barbara D’Avanzo, Rachel Shaw, Silvia Riva, Joao Apostolo, Elzbieta Bobrowicz-Campos, Donata Kurpas, Maria Bujnowska-Fedak, Carol Holland


Prognostic and predictive role of EGFR pathway alterations in biliary cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and anti-EGFR

19.01.2018 | Caterina Peraldo-Neia; Giuliana Cavalloni; Elisabetta Fenocchio; Celeste Cagnazzo; Loretta Gammaitoni; Stefano Cered ..., PLoS ONE, 2018

by Caterina Peraldo-Neia, Giuliana Cavalloni, Elisabetta Fenocchio, Celeste Cagnazzo, Loretta Gammaitoni, Stefano Cereda, Guglielmo Nasti, Maria Antonietta Satolli, Giuseppe Aprile, Michele Reni, Antonio Avallone, Rosella Spadi, Tiziana Venesio, Vittoria Martin, Claudio Doglioni, Milo Frattini, ...


Influence of early stress on memory reconsolidation: Implications for post-traumatic stress disorder treatment

19.01.2018 | Hélène Villain; Aïcha Benkahoul; Philippe Birmes; Barbara Ferry; Pascal Roullet, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Hélène Villain, Aïcha Benkahoul, Philippe Birmes, Barbara Ferry, Pascal Roullet Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a common consequence of exposure to a life-threatening event. Currently, pharmacological treatments are limited by high rates of relapse, and novel treatment approaches ...


Arrhythmogenic drugs can amplify spatial heterogeneities in the electrical restitution in perfused guinea-pig heart: An evidence from assessments of monophasic action potential durations and JT intervals

19.01.2018 | Oleg E. Osadchii, PLoS ONE, 2018

by Oleg E. Osadchii Non-uniform shortening of the action potential duration (APD90) in different myocardial regions upon heart rate acceleration can set abnormal repolarization gradients and promote arrhythmia. This study examined whether spatial heterogeneities in APD90 restitution can be ...


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