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Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Surface-Exposed Regions in the Hexadecameric Phosphorylase Kinase Complex

13.11.2015 | Mary Ashley Rimmer; Antonio Artigues; Owen W. Nadeau; Maria T. Villar; Victor Vasquez-Montes; Gerald M. Carlson, Biochemistry, 2015

Phosphorylase kinase (PhK) is a 1.3 MDa (αβγδ)4 enzyme complex, in which αβγδ protomers associate in D2 symmetry to form two large octameric lobes that are interconnected by four bridges. The approximate locations of the subunits have been mapped in low-resolution cryo-electron microscopy ...


Helix-Capping Histidines: Diversity of N–H···N Hydrogen Bond Strength Revealed by 2hJNN Scalar Couplings

12.11.2015 | Matthew R. Preimesberger; Ananya Majumdar; Selena L. Rice; Lauren Que; Juliette T. J. Lecomte, Biochemistry, 2015

In addition to its well-known roles as an electrophile and general acid, the side chain of histidine often serves as a hydrogen bond (H-bond) acceptor. These H-bonds provide a convenient pH-dependent switch for local structure and functional motifs. In hundreds of instances, a histidine caps the ...


Structure-Free Validation of Residual Dipolar Coupling and Paramagnetic Relaxation Enhancement Measurements of Disordered Proteins

11.11.2015 | Francisco N. Newby; Alfonso De Simone; Maho Yagi-Utsumi; Xavier Salvatella; Christopher M. Dobson; Michele Vendruscolo, Biochemistry, 2015

Residual dipolar couplings (RDCs) and paramagnetic relaxation enhancements (PREs) have emerged as valuable parameters for defining the structures and dynamics of disordered proteins by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. Procedures for their measurement, however, may lead to ...


Pioglitazone Suppresses CXCR7 Expression To Inhibit Human Macrophage Chemotaxis through Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor γ

09.11.2015 | Duo Zhao; Zhicheng Zhu; Dan Li; Rihao Xu; Tiance Wang; Kexiang Liu, Biochemistry, 2015

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Pioglitazone, the widely used thiazolidinedione, is shown to be efficient in the prevention of cardiovascular complications of T2DM. In this study, we report that pioglitazone ...


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Characterization of the Type III Secretion System Tip Chaperone Protein PcrG of Pseudomonas aeruginosa

21.10.2015 | Sukanya Chaudhury; Bryce A. Nordhues; Kawaljit Kaur; Na Zhang; Roberto N. De Guzman, Biochemistry, 2015

Lung infection with Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the leading cause of death among cystic fibrosis patients. To initiate infection, P. aeruginosa assembles a protein nanomachine, the type III secretion system (T3SS), to inject bacterial proteins directly into target host cells. An important regulator ...


YAP and TAZ Take Center Stage in Cancer

20.10.2015 | Kun Zhang; Hai-Xia Qi; Zhi-Mei Hu; Ya-Nan Chang; Zhe-Min Shi; Xiao-Hui Han; Ya-Wei Han; Rui-Xue Zhang; Zhen Zhang; T ..., Biochemistry, 2015

The Hippo pathway was originally identified and named through screening for mutations in Drosophila, and the core components of the Hippo pathway are highly conserved in mammals. In the Hippo pathway, MST1/2 and LATS1/2 regulate downstream transcription coactivators YAP and TAZ, which mainly ...


Carbon Dioxide “Trapped” in a β-Carbonic Anhydrase

16.10.2015 | Mayank Aggarwal; Teck Khiang Chua; Melissa A. Pinard; Doletha M. Szebenyi; Robert McKenna, Biochemistry, 2015

Carbonic anhydrases (CAs) are enzymes that catalyze the hydration/dehydration of CO2/HCO3– with rates approaching diffusion-controlled limits (kcat/KM ∼ 108 M–1 s–1). This family of enzymes has evolved disparate protein folds that all perform the same reaction at near catalytic perfection. ...


Effects of Eribulin on Microtubule Binding and Dynamic Instability Are Strengthened in the Absence of the βIII Tubulin Isotype

09.10.2015 | Leslie Wilson; Manu Lopus; Herbert P. Miller; Olga Azarenko; Stephen Riffle; Jennifer A. Smith; Mary Ann Jordan, Biochemistry, 2015

Eribulin mesylate (Halaven) is a microtubule-targeted anticancer drug used to treat patients with metastatic breast cancer who have previously received a taxane and an anthracycline. It binds at the plus ends of microtubules and has been shown to suppress plus end growth selectively. Because the ...


Species-Specific Structural and Functional Divergence of α-Crystallins: Zebrafish αBa- and Rodent αAins-Crystallin Encode Activated Chaperones

17.09.2015 | Hanane A. Koteiche; Derek P. Claxton; Sanjay Mishra; Richard A. Stein; Ezelle T. McDonald; Hassane S. Mchaourab, Biochemistry, 2015

In addition to contributing to lens optical properties, the α-crystallins are small heat shock proteins that possess chaperone activity and are predicted to bind and sequester destabilized proteins to delay cataract formation. The current model of α-crystallin chaperone mechanism envisions a ...


Slowed Diffusion and Excluded Volume Both Contribute to the Effects of Macromolecular Crowding on Alcohol Dehydrogenase Steady-State Kinetics

16.09.2015 | Samuel H. Schneider; Schuyler P. Lockwood; Dominique I. Hargreaves; David J. Slade; Micaela A. LoConte; Bridget E. L ..., Biochemistry, 2015

To understand the consequences of macromolecular crowding, studies have largely employed in vitro experiments with synthetic polymers assumed to be both pure and “inert”. These polymers alter enzyme kinetics by excluding volume that would otherwise be available to the enzymes, substrates, and ...


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