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Chemically Controlled Crystal Growth of (CH3NH3)2AgInBr6

20.06.2018 | T. Thao Tran; Michael A Quintero; Kathryn E. Arpino; Zachary A Kelly; Jessica R. Panella; Xiaoping Wang; Tyrel M McQueen, CrystEngComm, 2018

We report the successful crystal growth of a previously unknown mixed-metal organic compound (CH3NH3)2AgInBr6. This phase, which is not obtained by direct combination of reactants, is crystallized through the use of Pb2+ (from CH3NH3PbBr3) to modulate the soluble intermediates and force formation ...


Rhodafuran from a Methoxy(alkenyl)carbene by the Rhoda-1,3,5-hexatriene Route

20.06.2018 | María Talavera; Raquel Pereira; Sandra Bolaño, Dalton Transactions, 2018

The methoxy(alkenyl)carbenerhodium complex [RhCp*Cl{=C(OMe)CH=CPh2}(PMe3)]PF6 (2) has been synthesized and used as starting material for the study of the effect of the metal center (Rh vs. Ir) in the formation of new rhodacycle complexes. While η3 and η5 indenylrhodium complexes have been ...


Self-assembly and soluble aggregate behavior of computationally designed coiled-coil peptide bundles

20.06.2018 | Michael John Haider; Huixi Violet Zhang; Nairiti J Sinha; Jeffrey Fagan; Kristi Kiick; Jeffery G. Saven; Darrin Pochan, Soft Matter, 2018

Coiled-coil peptides have proven useful in a range of materials applications ranging from the formation of well-defined fibrils to responsive hydrogels. The ability to design from first principles their oligomerization and subsequent higher order assembly offers their expanded use in producing ...


Transformation of Lignin Model Compounds to N-substituted Aromatics via Beckmann Rearrangement

20.06.2018 | Yinling Wang; Yiman Du; Jianghua He; Yuetao Zhang, Green Chemistry, 2018

Here we represented the highly effective cleavage of C-C bonds in lignin model compounds for the production of N-substituted aromatics in up to 96% total yield, including benzonitriles and amides, via the oxime formation followed by Beckmann rearrangement (BR). The amides could be further ...


Formation of ozone by solid state reactions

20.06.2018 | Lahouari Krim; Mindaugas Jonusas; Jean-Louis Lemaire; Gianfranco Vidali, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

We studied the isotopic composition of ozone formed at low (3-10K) temperature via O+O2 solid state reactions using a partially dissociated 16O/16O2:18O/18O2=1:1 mixture. The ozone ice has an isotopic abundance that differs from a statistical one and from gas phase studies. Ozone formation is ...


Hydrogenation properties of lithium and sodium hydride – closo-borate, [B10H10]2− and [B12H12]2−, composites

20.06.2018 | Steffen R. H. Jensen; Mark Paskevicius; Bjarne R. S. Hansen; Anders S. Jakobsen; Kasper T. Møller; James L. Whi ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2018

The hydrogen absorption properties of metal closo-borate/metal hydride composites, M2B10H10–8MH and M2B12H12–10MH, M = Li or Na, are studied under high hydrogen pressures to understand the formation mechanism of metal borohydrides. The hydrogen storage properties of the composites have been ...


Disentangling the complex spectrum of the ethynyl cation

20.06.2018 | Bilel Mehnen; Roberto Linguerri; Saida Ben yaghlane; Muneerah M. Al mogren; Majdi Hochlaf, Faraday Discussions, 2018

Ethynyl cation, C2H+, is of great importance in astrophysical media and in combustion. It is involved in the formation of larger organic compounds and on their decomposition mechanisms. Here, we investigate the low lying electronic states of this cation using pure ab initio methodologies. ...


Rapid synthesis of polysubstituted phenanthridines from simple aliphatic/aromatic nitriles and iodo arenes via Pd(II) catalyzed domino C–C/C–C/C–N bond formation

20.06.2018 | Yogesh Jaiswal; Yogesh Kumar; Jagannath Pal; Ranga Subramanian; Amit Kumar, Chemical Communication, 2018

An efficient and straightforward method has been developed for the synthesis of polysubstituted phenanthridines from simple aryl iodides and alkyl/aryl nitriles via the palladium-catalyzed nucleophilic addition of aryl iodides to nitriles followed by cascade formation of C–C and C–N bonds viz. in ...


Anti-thrombotic strategies for microfluidic blood processing

20.06.2018 | Keith Wong; Jon Edd; Shannon Tessier; Will D. Moyo; Baris Mutlu; Lauren D. Bookstaver; Kathleen L. Miller; Stefan He ..., Lab on a Chip, 2018

The redundant mechanisms involved in blood coagulation are crucial for rapid hemostasis. Yet they also create challenges in blood processing in medical devices and lab-on-a-chip systems. In this work, we investigate the effects of both shear stress and hypothermic blood storage on thrombus ...


Formation mechanism of rectangular-ambulatory-plane TiO2 plates: an insight into the role of hydrofluoric acid

20.06.2018 | Yajun Zou; Ge Gao; Zhenyu Wang; Jian-Wen Shi; Hongkang Wang; Dandan Ma; Zhaoyang Fan; Xin Chen; Zeyan Wang; Chunming Niu, Chemical Communication, 2018

A novel rectangular-ambulatory-plane TiO2 plate with exposed {001} facets was developed for the first time via a facile microwave-assisted hydrothermal approach in the presence of HF solution. Solid evidence demonstrated that HF plays dual roles in the hydrothermal process, both as a stabilizer ...


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