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Radiochromic film calibration for the RQT9 quality beam

20.02.2017 | Author(s): K.C. Costa, A.M.L. Gomez, T.C. Alonso, A.P. Mourao, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2017

Publication date: Available online 15 February 2017 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry Author(s): K.C. Costa, A.M.L. Gomez, T.C. Alonso, A.P. Mourao When ionizing radiation interacts with matter it generates energy deposition. Radiation dosimetry is important for medical ...


A new nuclide transport model in soil in the GENII-LIN health physics code

20.02.2017 | Author(s): F. Teodori, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2017

Publication date: Available online 14 February 2017 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry Author(s): F. Teodori The nuclide soil transfer model, originally included in the GENII-LIN software system, was intended for residual contamination from long term activities and from waste form ...


Anti‐inflammatory activity of essential oil of an endemic Thymus fontanesii Boiss. & Reut. with chemotype carvacrol, and its healing capacity on gastric lesions

18.02.2017 | Lilia Mouhi, Houria Moghrani, Noureddine Nasrallah, Abdeltif Amrane, Rachida Maachi, Journal of Food Biochemistry, 2017

Abstract The aim of the current study is to evaluate the anti‐inflammatory effect of Thymus fontanesii with chemotype carvacrol and its gastroprotective effect against ethanol‐induced gastric ulcer model by using the image analysis method by means of the ImageJ® software. The chemical ...


Sustainability, Vol. 9, Pages 292: Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction in the Operation Stage of Cross Laminated Timber Residential Buildings in China

17.02.2017 | Guo, Haibo ; Liu, Ying ; Chang, Wen-Shao ; Shao, Yu ; Sun, Cheng, Sustainability, 2017

This paper focused on energy consumption and carbon emission for heating and cooling during a building’s operation stage, and examined the energy effects of using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) as an alternative building material to reinforced concrete (RC) in China’s 31 key cities located in ...


Entropy, Vol. 19, Pages 74: An Approach to Data Analysis in 5G Networks

16.02.2017 | Barona López, Lorena Isabel; Maestre Vidal, Jorge ; García Villalba, Luis Javier, Entropy, 2017

5G networks expect to provide significant advances in network management compared to traditional mobile infrastructures by leveraging intelligence capabilities such as data analysis, prediction, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence. The key idea behind these actions is to facilitate ...


Optimization by Infusion of Multiple Reaction Monitoring Transitions for Sensitive Peptides LC‐MS Quantification

15.02.2017 | Bandar Alghanem, Frédéric Nikitin, Thomas Stricker, Eva Duchoslav, Jeremy Luban, Caterina Strambio‐De‐Castillia, Mar ..., Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2017

Abstract Rationale In LC‐MS peptide quantification, the optimization of multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) parameters is essential for sensitive detection. We have compared different approaches to build MRM assays, based either on flow injection analysis (FIA) of isotopically labelled ...


CFD Analysis of PEMFC Flow Channel Cross Sections

15.02.2017 | A. L. R. Paulino, E. F. Cunha, E. Robalinho, M. Linardi, I. Korkischko, E. I. Santiago, Fuel Cells, 2017

Abstract This paper presents a study of single‐channel proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs) using computational modeling and simulation. For this analysis, the commercial software COMSOL Multiphysics was used to build a single‐phase isothermal and tridimensional fuel cell model. For ...


NMR reaction monitoring in flow synthesis

14.02.2017 | M. Victoria Gomez and Antonio de la Hoz, Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2017

Abstract Recent advances in the use of flow chemistry with in-line and on-line analysis by NMR are presented. The use of macro- and microreactors, coupled with standard and custom made NMR probes involving microcoils, incorporated into high resolution and benchtop NMR instruments is reviewed. ...


3D-e-Chem-VM: Structural Cheminformatics Research Infrastructure in a Freely Available Virtual Machine

14.02.2017 | Ross McGuire; Stefan Verhoeven; Márton Vass; Gerrit Vriend; Iwan J. P. de Esch; Scott J. Lusher; Rob Leurs; Lars Rid ..., Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, 2017

3D-e-Chem-VM is an open source, freely available Virtual Machine ( that integrates cheminformatics and bioinformatics tools for the analysis of protein–ligand interaction data. 3D-e-Chem-VM consists of software libraries, and database and workflow tools ...


Energies, Vol. 10, Pages 225: One-Year Monitoring PV Power Plant Installed on Rooftop of Mineirão Fifa World Cup/Olympics Football Stadium

14.02.2017 | Monteiro, Luís G.; Macedo, Wilson N.; Torres, Pedro F.; Silva, Márcio M.; Amaral, Guilherme ; Piterman, Alexandre S. ..., Energies, 2017

This paper presents results of one-year monitoring of AC side electrical parameters and the characterization of local solar radiation at the biggest rooftop PV Power Plant, with an installed capacity of 1.42 MWp, mounted at Mineirão Football Stadium in Brazil. This stadium is one of the sport ...


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