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Numerical and experimental analysis of the process of drawing wires of TRIP steel with a carbon content of 0.43% C, with single cross‐section reductions

27.02.2015 | Z. Muskalski, S. Wiewiórowska, Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, 2015

Shown in the work numerical analysis the change of strain intensity and redundant strain, carried out with the use Drawing 2d programme based on finite elements method, allowed to determine the effect of the value of single total reduction during multistage wire drawing process on the TRIP ...


Comprehensive Study of Fe2O3/Al2O3 Reduction with Ultralow Concentration Methane under Conditions Pertinent to Chemical Looping Combustion

27.02.2015 | Yongxing Zhang; Elham Doroodchi; Behdad Moghtaderi, Energy & Fuels, 2015

An experimental study was conducted to identify the most suitable alumina-supported iron-based oxygen carrier for the abatement of ultralow concentration methane using a chemical looping approach. This was done by evaluating the performance characteristics such as reactivity, cyclic stability, ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 1685-1700: Potential of Offshore Wind Energy and Extreme Wind Speed Forecasting on the West Coast of Taiwan

27.02.2015 | Chang, Pei-Chi ; Yang, Ray-Yeng ; Lai, Chi-Ming, Energies, 2015

It is of great importance and urgency for Taiwan to develop offshore wind power. However, relevant data on offshore wind energy resources are limited. This study imported wind speeds measured by a tidal station and a buoy into the software WAsP to estimate the high-altitude wind speeds in the two ...


Game-playing software holds lessons for neuroscience

26.02.2015 | Gibney, Elizabeth;, Nature, 2015

Game-playing software holds lessons for neuroscience Nature 518, 7540 (2015). Author: Elizabeth Gibney DeepMind computer provides new way to investigate how the brain works.


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 4837-4869: The Past, Present and Future of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Focus on Models

26.02.2015 | Lee, Edward A., Sensors, 2015

This paper is about better engineering of cyber-physical systems (CPSs) through better models. Deterministic models have historically proven extremely useful and arguably form the kingpin of the industrial revolution and the digital and information technology revolutions. Key deterministic models ...


Dynamic hydrogen bonding and DNA flexibility in minor groove binders: molecular dynamics simulation of the polyamide f‐ImPyIm bound to the Mlu1 (MCB) sequence 5′‐ACGCGT‐3′ in 2:1 motif

25.02.2015 | Chrystal D. Bruce, Maddi M. Ferrara, Julie L. Manka, Zachary S. Davis, Janna Register, Journal of Molecular Recognition, 2015

Molecular dynamics simulations of the DNA 10‐mer 5′‐CCACGCGTGG‐3′ alone and complexed with the formamido‐imidazole‐pyrrole‐imidazole (f‐ImPyIm) polyamide minor groove binder in a 2:1 fashion were conducted for 50 ns using the pbsc0 parameters within the AMBER 12 software package. The change in ...


IJMS, Vol. 16, Pages 4492-4511: Validation of Tuba1a as Appropriate Internal Control for Normalization of Gene Expression Analysis during Mouse Lung Development

25.02.2015 | Mehta, Aditi ; Dobersch, Stephanie ; Dammann, Reinhard H.; Bellusci, Saverio ; Ilinskaya, Olga N.; Braun, Thomas ; B ..., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2015

The expression ratio between the analysed gene and an internal control gene is the most widely used normalization method for quantitative RT-PCR (qRT-PCR) expression analysis. The ideal reference gene for a specific experiment is the one whose expression is not affected by the different ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 4677-4699: Symphony: A Framework for Accurate and Holistic WSN Simulation

25.02.2015 | Riliskis, Laurynas ; Osipov, Evgeny, Sensors, 2015

Research on wireless sensor networks has progressed rapidly over the last decade, and these technologies have been widely adopted for both industrial and domestic uses. Several operating systems have been developed, along with a multitude of network protocols for all layers of the communication ...


Rapid identification of efavirenz metabolites in rats and humans by ultra high performance liquid chromatography combined with quadrupole time‐of‐flight tandem mass spectrometry

24.02.2015 | Yachen Deng, Rong Liu, Ping Yang, Jianying Liang, Journal of Separation Science, 2015

An in vivo study of efavirenz metabolites in rats and human patients with ultra high performance liquid chromatography coupled with quadrupole time‐of‐flight tandem mass spectrometry combined with MetabolitePilotMT software is reported for the first time. Considering the polarity differences ...


Removing External Degrees of Freedom from Transition-State Search Methods using Quaternions

24.02.2015 | Marko Melander; Kari Laasonen; Hannes Jónsson, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, 2015

In finite systems, such as nanoparticles and gas-phase molecules, calculations of minimum energy paths (MEPs) connecting initial and final states of transitions as well as searches for saddle points are complicated by the presence of external degrees of freedom, such as overall translation and ...


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