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Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 6722-6733: Modeling and Manufacturing of a Micromachined Magnetic Sensor Using the CMOS Process without Any Post-Process

11.04.2014 | Tseng, Jian-Zhi ; Wu, Chyan-Chyi ; Dai, Ching-Liang, Sensors, 2014

The modeling and fabrication of a magnetic microsensor based on a magneto-transistor were presented. The magnetic sensor is fabricated by the commercial 0.18 mm complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process without any post-process. The finite element method (FEM) software Sentaurus ...


Nonlinear analysis of concrete shells including effects of normal and transverse shear stresses / [unittitleWOL]

09.04.2014 | D. Matešan, J. Radnić, G. Baloević, M. Smilović, Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, 2014

The previously developed numerical model of the authors for the analysis of conventional reinforced and prestressed concrete shells under short‐term and long‐term loading was improved by including the effects of transverse shear stresses on the shell failure. The 9‐node degenerated shell element ...


Two practical Java software tools for small‐angle X‐ray scattering analysis of biomolecules

04.04.2014 | Andreas Hofmann, Andrew E. Whitten, Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2014

Small‐angle X‐ray scattering has established itself as a common technique in structural biology research. Here, two novel Java applications to aid modelling of three‐dimensional macromolecular structures based on small‐angle scattering data are described. MolScat is an application that computes ...


WinCSD: software package for crystallographic calculations (Version 4)

04.04.2014 | Lev Akselrud, Yuri Grin, Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2014

The fourth version of the program package WinCSD is multi‐purpose computer software for crystallographic calculations using single‐crystal and powder X‐ray and neutron diffraction data. The software environment and the graphical user interface are built using the platform of the Microsoft .NET ...


Imaging of strain and lattice orientation by quick scanning X‐ray microscopy combined with three‐dimensional reciprocal space mapping

04.04.2014 | Gilbert André Chahine, Marie‐Ingrid Richard, Roberto Arturo Homs‐Regojo, Thu Nhi Tran‐Caliste, Dina Carbone, Vincent ..., Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2014

Numerous imaging methods have been developed over recent years in order to study materials at the nanoscale. Within this context, scanning X‐ray diffraction microscopy has become a routine technique, giving access to structural properties with sub‐micrometre resolution. This article presents an ...


An idealized molecular geometry library for refinement of poorly behaved molecular fragments with constraints

04.04.2014 | Ilia A. Guzei, Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2014

An idealized molecular geometry library with 40 geometries of molecules and ions optimized by density functional theory methods has been created. All geometries are accessible through a web site. The library entries are tailored for constrained (also known as rigid body) refinements of ...


Robust powder auto‐indexing using many peaks

04.04.2014 | R. Oishi‐Tomiyasu, Journal of Applied Crystallography, 2014

A new powder auto‐indexing method for the CONOGRAPH software [Oishi‐Tomiyasu (2013). Acta Cryst. A69, 603–610] can carry out exhaustive powder auto‐indexing in a short time, even if the q values of many peaks are used, with sufficient consideration given to their observational errors. This ...


Anomalies in the refinement of isoleucine

04.04.2014 | Karen R. M. Berntsen, Gert Vriend, Acta Crystallographica Section D, 2014

A study of isoleucines in protein structures solved using X‐ray crystallography revealed a series of systematic trends for the two side‐chain torsion angles χ1 and χ2 dependent on the resolution, secondary structure and refinement software used. The average torsion angles for the nine rotamers ...


General Regression Neural Network Model for Behavior of Salmonella on Chicken Meat during Cold Storage

02.04.2014 | Thomas P. Oscar, Journal of Food Science, 2014

Abstract A study was undertaken to investigate and model behavior of Salmonella on chicken meat during cold storage at constant temperatures. Chicken meat (white, dark, or skin) portions (0.75 cm3) were inoculated with a single strain of Salmonella Typhimurium DT104 (2.8 log) followed by ...


Smartphone technology can be transformative to the deployment of lab-on-chip diagnostics

02.04.2014 | David Erickson; Dakota O'Dell; Li Jiang; Vlad Oncescu; Abdurrahman Gumus; Seoho Lee; Matthew Mancuso; Saurabh Mehta, Lab on a Chip, 2014

The rapid expansion of mobile technology is transforming the biomedical landscape. By 2016 there will be 260M active smartphones in the US and millions of health accessories and software “apps” running off them. In parallel with this have come major technical achievements in lab-on-a-chip ...


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