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Synthesis of two new gem-fluoronitro contained tetranitroadamantanes and property comparison with their nitro and gem-dinitro analogues

20.06.2018 | Jian Zhang; Yi-Fei Ling; Gui-Xiang Wang; Lin Zhang; Jun Luo, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

Two new fluorinated tetranitroadamantanes, 2,6-difluoro-2,4,4,6-tetranitroadamantane and 2,4,6,8-tetrafluoro-2,4,6,8-tetranitroadamantane, were synthesized. 2,6-Difluoro-2,4,4,6-tetranitroadamantane was prepared from 4,4-dinitroadamantane-2,6-dione by a three-step route with an overall yield of ...


First report of synthesis of organo-functionalized triethoxysilanes via knoevenagel condensation approach

20.06.2018 | Gurjaspreet Singh; Akshpreet Singh; Kavita Chowdhary; Pinky Satija, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

The synthesis of organo-functionalized triethoxysilanes (OTES) has many recognized pathways; however, no study has been reported on their preparation via knoevenagel condensation. The present work involves synthesis of organo-functionalized triethoxysilanes using this unacclimated green ...


Morphogenesis of anisotropic nanoparticles: self-templating via non-classical, fibrillar Cd2Se intermediates

20.06.2018 | Daniel Wurmbrand; Jörg Wolfram Anselm Fischer; Rose Rosenberg; Klaus Boldt, Chemical Communication, 2018

A fibrillar, polymeric intermediate (Cd2Se)n was isolated from the synthesis of CdSe nanorods, which suggests that the reactants themselves can template anisotropic growth. It is shown that high monomer concentration is the principal factor favouring this reaction pathway. The intermediate is ...


Biomimetic Total Syntheses of Chromane Meroterpenoids, Guadials B-C, Guapsidial A and Psiguajadial D

20.06.2018 | Dattatraya Dethe; Vijay Kumar B; Rakesh Maiti, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2018

Biomimetic first total syntheses of chromane meroterpenoids, Guadials B-C, Guapsidial A and Psiguajadial D have been described. Key synthetic transformations include efficient and high yielding hetero Diels Alder reaction. The two regioisomeric natural products, Guapsidial A, Psiguajadial D, were ...


Synthesis and Polymerization of a New Hydantoin Monomer With Three Halogen Binding Sites for Developing Highly Antibacterial Surfaces

20.06.2018 | Rajani Kant Rai; Athipettah Jayakrishnan, New Journal of Chemistry, 2018

N-halamine-based antibacterial polymers play a significant role in controlling microbe-associated surface contamination. Hydantoin-containing polymers are usually synthesized by tethering polymerizable moieties to 5, 5’-dialkyl hydantoin. However, such approaches sacrifice the imide hydrogen in ...


The heterocubane [TerSnAs]4

20.06.2018 | Alexander Hinz; Jose M. Goicoechea, Dalton Transactions, 2018

The synthesis of a novel heterocubane [RSnE]4 was successful for E = As, while for E = P differing behaviour was observed. Aryl-substituted chlorostannylenes were treated with salts of heavy cyanate homologues PCO– and AsCO–. The reaction with AsCO– salts afforded primarily [TerSnAs]4 (Ter = ...


Organometallic functionalized non-classical polyoxometalate: synthesis, characterization and electrochemical properties

20.06.2018 | Panpan Zhang; Vikram Singh; Jiage Jia; Dongdi Zhang; Pengtao Ma; Jingping Wang; Jingyang Niu, Dalton Transactions, 2018

Two monomeric non-classical tellurium-containing heteropolymolybdate-supported metal carbonyl derivatives, (NH4)5H3{[Te2Mo12(OH)O44][Mn(CO)3]}·18H2O (1) and (NH4)8{[Te2Mo12(OH)O44][Re(CO)3]}·13H2O (2) have been successfully isolated in good yield. The compounds 1 and 2 are the first two examples ...


Plant extracts as green reductants for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles: Lessons from chemical synthesis

20.06.2018 | Muhammad Nawaz Nawaz Tahir; Mujeeb Khan; Mohammed Rafi Shaik; Syed Farooq Adil; Shams T. Khan; Abdulrahman Abdullah ..., Dalton Transactions, 2018

The increasing use of silver (Ag) nanoparticles (NPs) in daily-life applications, elec-tronics, or catalysis calls for green and cost-efficient synthetic methods. Ag NPs are used especially in biomedicine because of their antibacterial, antifungal or anticancer properties. The chemical synthesis ...


The Triple Role of Rongalite in Aminosulfonylation of Aryldiazonium Tetrafluoroborates: Synthesis of N-aminosulfonamides via a Radical Coupling Reaction

20.06.2018 | Miao Wang; Bo-Cheng Tang; Jun-Gang Wang; Jia-Chen Xiang; Ao-Yu Guan; Ping-Ping Huang; Wu-Yinzheng Guo; Yan-Dong WU; ..., Chemical Communication, 2018

A simple and convenient method for N-aminosulfonamide synthesis from the cross-coupling of aryldiazonium tetrafluoroborates and rongalite under metal-free, oxidant-free, and room-temperature conditions is reported. This method does not require an external amine source, with the aryldiazonium ...


Characterization of a NIR absorbing thienyl curcumin contrast agent for photoacoustic imaging

20.06.2018 | Stephanie Bellinger; Maryam Hatamimoslehabadi; Raymond E. Borg; Jeffrey La; Peter Catsoulis; Farha Mithila; Chandra ..., Chemical Communication, 2018

The synthesis and characterization of a bis(2-dimethylaminothien-5-yl)curcumin boron difluoride chromophore is presented. Photophysical, electrochemical and computational investigations establish the properties of its absorption in the Vis-NIR spectral range relative to established curcumin dyes. ...


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