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Wet removal of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from simulated flue gas by ca(ClO)2 solution

24.05.2015 | Yang Zhou, Caiting Li, Chunzhen Fan, Mengfan Fu, Li Tao, Minge Yu, Mengying Zhang, Environmental Progress, 2015

To study the simultaneous removal of Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) from simulated flue gas by wet method, a bubbling device containing calcium hypochlorite (Ca(ClO)2) solution was used in the experiments. In the first place, thermodynamic analysis was conducted to determine the ...


Analytical quality by design in pharmaceutical quality assurance: Development of a ce method for the analysis of zolmitriptan and its impurities

22.05.2015 | Serena Orlandini, Benedetta Pasquini, Claudia Caprini, Massimo Del Bubba, Sergio Pinzauti, Sandra Furlanetto, ELECTROPHORESIS, 2015

A fast and selective CE method for the determination of zolmitriptan (ZOL) and its five potential impurities has been developed applying the analytical Quality by Design (QbD) principles. Voltage, temperature, buffer concentration and pH were investigated as critical process parameters (CPPs) ...


Electro‐osmotic flow and Joule heating in preparative continuous annular electro‐chromatography

22.05.2015 | René Laskowski, Hans‐Jörg Bart, ELECTROPHORESIS, 2015

An openFOAM “computational fluid dynamic (CFD)” simulation model was developed for the description of local interaction of hydrodynamics and Joule heating in annular electro‐chromatography. A local decline of electrical conductivity of the background eluent is caused by an electro‐kinetic ...


Co‐pyrolysis characteristics of coal and sludge blends using thermogravimetric analysis

22.05.2015 | Pu Xiao, Ling Xu, Xidong Wang, Zhibin Chang, Environmental Progress, 2015

Co‐pyrolysis characteristics of low grade coal (LGC) and sludge derived fuel (SDF) as well as their blends (L/S = 85/15, 75/25, 50/50, and 25/75) were determined at nonisothermal (10, 20, and 30°C/min) conditions in nitrogen atmosphere using thermogravimetric analyzer (TGA). The results ...


Interfacial tension and contact angle measurements for the evaluation of CO2‐brine two‐phase flow characteristics in porous media

22.05.2015 | Yu Liu, Meiheriayi Mutailipu, Lanlan Jiang, Jiafei Zhao, Yongchen Song, Lingyu Chen, Environmental Progress, 2015

It is of great importance to investigate gas and water flow characteristics to better understand the geological CO2 sequestration process. The interfacial tension between CO2 and brine and the wettability of reservoir rocks are the most important parameters for two‐phase flow in porous media ...


Hydrous Mineral Dehydration Around Heat-Generating Nuclear Waste in Bedded Salt Formations

22.05.2015 | Amy B. Jordan; Hakim Boukhalfa; Florie A. Caporuscio; Bruce A. Robinson; Philip H. Stauffer, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Heat-generating nuclear waste disposal in bedded salt during the first two years after waste emplacement is explored using numerical simulations tied to experiments of hydrous mineral dehydration. Heating impure salt samples to temperatures of 265 °C can release over 20% by mass of hydrous ...


[Special Issue Research Article] Structure and function of the global ocean microbiome

22.05.2015 | Shinichi Sunagawa; Luis Pedro Coelho; Samuel Chaffron; Jens Roat Kultima; Karine Labadie; Guillem Salazar; Bardya Dj ..., Science , 2015

Microbes are dominant drivers of biogeochemical processes, yet drawing a global picture of functional diversity, microbial community structure, and their ecological determinants remains a grand challenge. We analyzed 7.2 terabases of metagenomic data from 243 Tara Oceans samples from 68 locations ...


[Report] The dominant role of semi-arid ecosystems in the trend and variability of the land CO2 sink

22.05.2015 | Anders Ahlström; Michael R. Raupach; Guy Schurgers; Benjamin Smith; Almut Arneth; Martin Jung; Markus Reichstein; Jo ..., Science , 2015

The growth rate of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations since industrialization is characterized by large interannual variability, mostly resulting from variability in CO2 uptake by terrestrial ecosystems (typically termed carbon sink). However, the contributions of regional ecosystems ...


[Report] A virus that infects a hyperthermophile encapsidates A-form DNA

22.05.2015 | Frank DiMaio; Xiong Yu; Elena Rensen; Mart Krupovic; David Prangishvili; Edward H. Egelman, Science , 2015

Extremophiles, microorganisms thriving in extreme environmental conditions, must have proteins and nucleic acids that are stable at extremes of temperature and pH. The nonenveloped, rod-shaped virus SIRV2 (Sulfolobus islandicus rod-shaped virus 2) infects the hyperthermophilic acidophile ...


Brewing Jujube Brandy with Daqu and Yeast by Solid‐State Fermentation

21.05.2015 | Shu‐gang Li, Zhi‐yang Mao, Ping Wang, Ye Zhang, Pan‐pan Sun, Qian Xu, Jun Yu, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2015

Abstract Chinese Junzao jujube in Xinjiang is a high‐quality brew resource because of its high sugar content. Jujube paste was hydrolyzed by a multi‐enzyme and then fermented with Daqu and yeast through a solid‐state fermentation process. After distilling and aging, the final product has a ...


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