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Photovoltaic solar array: Modeling and output power optimization

30.04.2016 | Zerhouni M'hamed Houari, Zerhouni Fatima Zohra, Zegrar Mansour, Tilmatine Amar, Environmental Progress, 2016

Photovoltaic energy is a natural form of energy and can replace conventional fuels. The photovoltaic performance depends mainly on the incident solar irradiation, temperature, photovoltaic generator material composition. This article proposes a method of photovoltaic arrays modeling. With data ...


Modelling Investigation and Parameters Study of Polyphenols Extraction from Carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) Using Experimental Factorial Design

30.04.2016 | Bilel Hadrich, Krasimir Dimitrov, Karim Kriaa, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2016

Abstract Kinetics of aqueous extraction of polyphenols from carob (Ceratonia siliqua L.) have been performed in different conditions (Temperature = 40 and 60C; solid–liquid ratio = 1:3 and 1:19 and without and with ultrasonic assistance (100W)). The effects of various parameters were studied ...


Effect on Physicochemical and Thermal Properties of Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) Starch by Acid Hydrolysis Combined with Heat Moisture Treatment

30.04.2016 | Mudasir Ahmad Malik, D.C. Saxena, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2016

Abstract Starch extracted from buckwheat was modified by acid hydrolysis combined with heat moisture treatment (AH‐HMT) and evaluated for physicochemical and thermal properties. A three‐level, five‐factor central composite design was used to study the individual and combined effects of pH (2 ...


Iron oxide nanotube film formed on carbon steel for photoelectrochemical water splitting: effect of annealing temperature

29.04.2016 | Hongda Deng, Mao‐Chia Huang, Wei‐Heng Weng, Jing‐Chie Lin, Surface and Interface Analysis, 2016

Carbon steels (CSs) were anodized in an ethylene glycol solution containing 3 vol.% H2O and 0.1 m NH4F to coat with nanotube arrays film. The as anodized nanotube arrays film were annealed in argon atmosphere at various temperatures ranging from 250 to 550 °C for 4 h. The morphology and crystal ...


Fully Automated Field-Deployable Bioaerosol Monitoring System Using Carbon Nanotube-Based Biosensors

29.04.2016 | Junhyup Kim; Joon-Hyung Jin; Hyun Soo Kim; Wonbin Song; Su-Kyoung Shin; Hana Yi; Dae-Ho Jang; Sehyun Shin; Byung Yan ..., Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

Much progress has been made in the field of automated monitoring systems of airborne pathogens. However, they still lack the robustness and stability necessary for field deployment. Here, we demonstrate a bioaerosol automonitoring instrument (BAMI) specifically designed for the in situ capturing ...


Mechanical, thermal, and dielectric properties of poly(lactic acid)/chitosan nanocomposites

28.04.2016 | Moataz A. Elsawy, Gamal R. Saad, Aisha M. Sayed, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2016

Poly(lactic acid) (PLA) loaded with various levels of chitosan nanoparticles (CsNP) (0–5.0%) were prepared by twin‐screw extrusion. The nanocomposites were investigated based on their morphology, thermal, mechanical and dielectric properties. The SEM morphology showed that CsNP was dispersed ...


Optimization of microwave‐assisted extraction and pressurized liquid extraction of phenolic compounds from Moringa oleifera leaves by multi‐response surface methodology

28.04.2016 | Celia Rodríguez‐Pérez, Bienvenida Gilbert‐López, Jose Antonio Mendiola, Rosa Quirantes‐Piné, Antonio Segura‐Carreter ..., ELECTROPHORESIS, 2016

This work aims at studying the optimization of microwave‐assisted extraction (MAE) and pressurized liquid extraction (PLE) by multi‐response surface methodology (RSM) to test their efficiency towards the extraction of phenolic compounds from M. oleifera leaves. The extraction yield, total ...


Flow‐modulated targeted signal enhancement for volatile organic compounds

27.04.2016 | Taylor Haywar, Ronda Gras, Jim Luong, Journal of Separation Science, 2016

Comprehensive two‐dimensional gas chromatography is a technique that is becoming more widespread within the analytical community, especially in the separation of complex mixtures. Modulation in comprehensive two‐dimensional gas chromatography can be achieved by manipulating temperature or flow ...


Partial Least Squares Regression Modeling of Physical and Chemical Properties of Corn‐Based Snacks Containing Kañiwa and Lupine

27.04.2016 | Jose Martin Ramos Diaz, Lakshminarasimhan Sundarrajan, Susanna Kariluoto, Anna‐Maija Lampi, Seppo Tenitz, Kirsi Jouppila, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2016

Abstract Kañiwa (Chenopodium pallidicaule) and lupine (Lupinus angustifolius) are good gluten‐free sources of protein and fiber. The effect of various contents of kañiwa or lupine flour on physical and chemical properties of extruded snacks was investigated. Grain type (kañiwa or lupine), ...


Gel integration for microfluidic applications

27.04.2016 | Xuanqi Zhang; Lingjun Li; Chunxiong Luo, Lab on a Chip, 2016

Molecular diffusive membranes or materials are important for biological applications in microfluidic systems. Hydrogels are typical materials that offer several advantages, such as free diffusion for small molecules, biocompatibility with most cells, temperature sensitivity, relatively low cost, ...


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