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[Report] Chirality density wave of the “hidden order” phase in URu2Si2

20.03.2015 | H.-H. Kung; R. E. Baumbach; E. D. Bauer; V. K. Thorsmølle; W.-L. Zhang; K. Haule; J. A. Mydosh; G. Blumberg, Science , 2015

A second-order phase transition in a physical system is associated with the emergence of an “order parameter” and a spontaneous symmetry breaking. The heavy fermion superconductor URu2Si2 has a “hidden order” (HO) phase below the temperature of 17.5 kelvin; the symmetry of the associated order ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 2197-2210: Experimental Analysis of Cool Traditional Solar Shading Systems for Residential Buildings

20.03.2015 | Pisello, Anna Laura, Energies, 2015

In recent years there has been a growing interest in the development and thermal-energy analysis of passive solutions for reducing building cooling needs and thus improving indoor thermal comfort conditions. In this view, several studies were carried out about cool roofs and cool coatings, ...


[Report] Experimental ground-state combination differences of CH5+

20.03.2015 | Oskar Asvany; Koichi M. T. Yamada; Sandra Brünken; Alexey Potapov; Stephan Schlemmer, Science , 2015

Protonation of methane (CH4), a rather rigid molecule well described by quantum mechanics, produces CH5+, a prototypical floppy molecule that has eluded definitive spectroscopic description. Experimental measurement of high-resolution spectra of pure CH5+ samples poses a formidable challenge. By ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 6763-6788: Human Detection Based on the Generation of a Background Image by Using a Far-Infrared Light Camera

19.03.2015 | Jeon, Eun Som; Choi, Jong-Suk ; Lee, Ji Hoon; Shin, Kwang Yong; Kim, Yeong Gon; Le, Toan Thanh; Park, Kang Ryoung, Sensors, 2015

The need for computer vision-based human detection has increased in fields, such as security, intelligent surveillance and monitoring systems. However, performance enhancement of human detection based on visible light cameras is limited, because of factors, such as nonuniform illumination, ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 6699-6718: Soil Water Content Assessment: Critical Issues Concerning the Operational Application of the Triangle Method

19.03.2015 | Maltese, Antonino ; Capodici, Fulvio ; Ciraolo, Giuseppe ; Loggia, Goffredo La, Sensors, 2015

Knowledge of soil water content plays a key role in water management efforts to improve irrigation efficiency. Among the indirect estimation methods of soil water content via Earth Observation data is the triangle method, used to analyze optical and thermal features because these are primarily ...


Dynamical evidence for causality between galactic cosmic rays and interannual variation in global temperature [Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences]

17.03.2015 | Anastasios A. Tsonis; Ethan R. Deyle; Robert M. May; George Sugihara; Kyle Swanson; Joshua D. Verbeten; Geli Wang, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

As early as 1959, it was hypothesized that an indirect link between solar activity and climate could be mediated by mechanisms controlling the flux of galactic cosmic rays (CR) [Ney ER (1959) Nature 183:451–452]. Although the connection between CR and climate remains controversial, a significant ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 2097-2124: Thermo-Economic Evaluation of Organic Rankine Cycles for Geothermal Power Generation Using Zeotropic Mixtures

17.03.2015 | Heberle, Florian ; Brüggemann, Dieter, Energies, 2015

We present a thermo-economic evaluation of binary power plants based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for geothermal power generation. The focus of this study is to analyse if an efficiency increase by using zeotropic mixtures as working fluid overcompensates additional requirements regarding ...


Tandem differential mobility spectrometry with ion dissociation in air at ambient pressure and temperature

16.03.2015 | Marlen Menlyadiev; Alexander tarassov; Gary A Eiceman; Alexander Kielnecker, Analyst, 2015

Proton bound dimers were dissociated to protonated monomers in air at ambient pressure and temperature using electric fields of an ultrahigh Field Asymmetric Ion Mobility Spectrometry (ultraFAIMS) with the onset of dissociation for ethyl acetate as 96 Td and for dimethyl methyl phosphonate as 170 ...


Detection of decomposition for high pressure ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymerization in autoclave reactor using principal component analysis on heat balance model

16.03.2015 | G Sivalingam, Nipun J. Soni, Suketu M. Vakil, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract The autoclave reactor offers flexibility in producing specialty grades of ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer at temperature range of 150‐230 °C and pressure range of 1400‐2000 kg/cm2. At such conditions, copolymerization is accompanied by decomposition of reactants which increases the ...


Effect of N2 pretreatment on the basicity, structural change, and isomerization activity of MgO and MgO/Mg(OH)2 catalysts

16.03.2015 | Prinyanee Suttibut, Kongkiat Suriye, Sirachaya Kunjara Na Ayudhya, Piyasan Praserthdam, Joongjai Panpranot, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract As revealed by the X‐ray diffraction, basicity titration, and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy results, changes in the structural properties, basicity, and isomerization activities were observed on the MgO catalysts upon N2 pretreatment at 325 °C followed by isomerization ...


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