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Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 9136-9155: Genetic Algorithm (GA)-Based Inclinometer Layout Optimization

17.04.2015 | Liang, Weijie ; Zhang, Ping ; Chen, Xianping ; Cai, Miao ; Yang, Daoguo, Sensors, 2015

This paper presents numerical simulation results of an airflow inclinometer with sensitivity studies and thermal optimization of the printed circuit board (PCB) layout for an airflow inclinometer based on a genetic algorithm (GA). Due to the working principle of the gas sensor, the changes of the ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 8919-8930: Ultra-High Sensitivity Zinc Oxide Nanocombs for On-Chip Room Temperature Carbon Monoxide Sensing

16.04.2015 | Pan, Xiaofang ; Zhao, Xiaojin, Sensors, 2015

In this paper, we report an on-chip gas sensor based on novel zinc oxide (ZnO) nanocombs for carbon monoxide (CO) sensing. With ZnO gas sensing nanocombs fully integrated on a single silicon chip, the concept of low cost complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) microsensor capable of ...


Nanocarbon hybrids of graphene‐based materials and ultradispersed diamond: investigating structure and hierarchical defects evolution with electron‐beam irradiation

15.04.2015 | S. Gupta, E. Heintzman, J. Jasinski, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2015

We report the influence of electron‐beam (E‐beam) irradiation on the structural and physical properties modification of monolayer graphene (Gr), reduced graphene oxide (rGO) and graphene oxide (GO) with ultradispersed diamond (UDD) forming novel hybrid composite ensembles. The films were ...


The inversion of aragonite to calcite during the sampling of skeletal archives: Implications for proxy interpretation

14.04.2015 | Amanda J. Waite, Peter K. Swart, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2015

Rationale Understanding changes in Earth's oceans and climate requires the reliable application of paleo‐proxies. However, inconsistencies between individual δ18O records within biogenic specimens commonly have significant impacts on environmental reconstructions. This study addresses the ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 8624-8641: Magnetic Nanoparticle Thermometer: An Investigation of Minimum Error Transmission Path and AC Bias Error

14.04.2015 | Du, Zhongzhou ; Su, Rijian ; Liu, Wenzhong ; Huang, Zhixing, Sensors, 2015

The signal transmission module of a magnetic nanoparticle thermometer (MNPT) was established in this study to analyze the error sources introduced during the signal flow in the hardware system. The underlying error sources that significantly affected the precision of the MNPT were determined ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 8464-8480: Detection of Atmospheric Water Deposits in Porous Media Using the TDR Technique

13.04.2015 | Nakonieczna, Anna ; Kafarski, Marcin ; Wilczek, Andrzej ; Szypłowska, Agnieszka ; Janik, Grzegorz ; Albert, Małgorza ..., Sensors, 2015

Investigating the intensity of atmospheric water deposition and its diurnal distribution is essential from the ecological perspective, especially regarding dry geographic regions. It is also important in the context of monitoring the amount of moisture present within building materials in ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 8481-8498: Noninvasive and Real-Time Plasmon Waveguide Resonance Thermometry

13.04.2015 | Zhang, Pengfei ; Liu, Le ; He, Yonghong ; Zhou, Yanfei ; Ji, Yanhong ; Ma, Hui, Sensors, 2015

In this paper, the noninvasive and real-time plasmon waveguide resonance (PWR) thermometry is reported theoretically and demonstrated experimentally. Owing to the enhanced evanescent field and thermal shield effect of its dielectric layer, a PWR thermometer permits accurate temperature sensing ...


Isocratic and gradient elution in micellar liquid chromatography with Brij‐35

10.04.2015 | Ester Peris‐García, Casandra Ortiz‐Bolsico, Juan José Baeza‐Baeza, María Celia García‐Alvarez‐Coque, Journal of Separation Science, 2015

Polyoxyethylene(23)lauryl ether (known as Brij‐35) is a non‐ionic surfactant, which has been considered as an alternative to the extensively used in micellar liquid chromatography anionic surfactant sodium lauryl (dodecyl) sulfate, for the analysis of drugs and other types of compounds. Brij‐35 ...


Modeling the retention mechanism for high‐performance liquid chromatography with a chiral ligand mobile phase and enantioseparation of mandelic acid derivatives

10.04.2015 | Shengqiang Tong, Mangmang Shen, Hu Zhang, Dongping Cheng, Jizhong Yan, Journal of Separation Science, 2015

The chromatographic retention mechanism describing relationship between retention factor and concentration of Cu2+(l‐phenylalanine)2 using chiral ligand mobile phase was investigated and eight mandelic acid derivatives were enantioseparated by chiral ligand exchange chromatography. The ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 8042-8053: Experimental and Numerical Characterization of a Hybrid Fabry-Pérot Cavity for Temperature Sensing

07.04.2015 | Lopez-Aldaba, Aitor ; Pinto, Ana Margarida Rodrigues; Lopez-Amo, Manuel ; Frazão, Orlando ; Santos, José Luís; Bapti ..., Sensors, 2015

A hybrid Fabry-Pérot cavity sensing head based on a four-bridge microstructured fiber is characterized for temperature sensing. The characterization of this cavity is performed numerically and experimentally in the L-band. The sensing head output signal presents a linear variation with ...


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