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A Geographic Mosaic of Climate Change Impacts on Terrestrial Vegetation: Which Areas Are Most at Risk?

26.06.2015 | David D. Ackerly et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by David D. Ackerly, William K. Cornwell, Stuart B. Weiss, Lorraine E. Flint, Alan L. Flint Changes in climate projected for the 21st century are expected to trigger widespread and pervasive biotic impacts. Forecasting these changes and their implications for ecosystem services is a major ...


[Report] Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus

26.06.2015 | Thomas R. Karl; Anthony Arguez; Boyin Huang; Jay H. Lawrimore; James R. McMahon; Matthew J. Menne; Thomas C. Peterso ..., Science , 2015

Much study has been devoted to the possible causes of an apparent decrease in the upward trend of global surface temperatures since 1998, a phenomenon that has been dubbed the global warming “hiatus.” Here, we present an updated global surface temperature analysis that reveals that global trends ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 6451-6467: Extrapolation of Transport Properties and Figure of Merit of a Thermoelectric Material

26.06.2015 | Goldsmid, H. Julian; Sharp, Jeff, Energies, 2015

The accurate determination of the thermoelectric properties of a material becomes increasingly difficult as the temperature rises. However, it is the properties at elevated temperatures that are important if thermoelectric generator efficiency is to be improved. It is shown that the dimensionless ...


Dynamic Model for Life History of Scyphozoa

26.06.2015 | Congbo Xie et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Congbo Xie, Meng Fan, Xin Wang, Ming Chen A two-state life history model governed by ODEs is formulated to elucidate the population dynamics of jellyfish and to illuminate the triggering mechanism of its blooms. The polyp-medusa model admits trichotomous global dynamic scenarios: extinction, ...


Crystal Structure, Cytotoxicity and Interaction with DNA of Zinc (II) Complexes with o-Vanillin Schiff Base Ligands

26.06.2015 | Mei-Ju Niu et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Mei-Ju Niu, Zhen Li, Guo-Liang Chang, Xiang-Jin Kong, Min Hong, Qing-fu Zhang Two new zinc complexes, Zn(HL1)2 (1) and [Zn2(H2L2)(OAc)2]2 (2) [H2L1 = Schiff base derived from o-vanillin and (R)-(+)-2-amino-3-phenyl-1-propanol, H3L2 = Schiff base derived from o-vanillin and ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 6365-6381: An Experimental Investigation on the Combustion and Heat Release Characteristics of an Opposed-Piston Folded-Cranktrain Diesel Engine

25.06.2015 | Ma, Fukang ; Zhao, Changlu ; Zhang, Fujun ; Zhao, Zhenfeng ; Zhang, Zhenyu ; Xie, Zhaoyi ; Wang, Hao, Energies, 2015

In opposed-piston folded-cranktrain diesel engines, the relative movement rules of opposed-pistons, combustion chamber components and injector position are different from those of conventional diesel engines. The combustion and heat release characteristics of an opposed-piston folded-cranktrain ...


Microbial respiration with chlorine oxyanions: diversity and physiological and biochemical properties of chlorate‐ and perchlorate‐reducing microorganisms

23.06.2015 | Martin G. Liebensteiner, Margreet J. Oosterkamp, Alfons J.M. Stams, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 2015

Chlorine oxyanions are valuable electron acceptors for microorganisms. Recent findings have shed light on the natural formation of chlorine oxyanions in the environment. These suggest a permanent introduction of respective compounds on Earth, long before their anthropogenic manufacture. ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 6215-6229: Finite Time Analysis of a Tri-Generation Cycle

23.06.2015 | Agnew, Brian ; Walker, Sara ; Ng, Bobo ; Tam, Ivan C. K., Energies, 2015

A review of the literature indicates that current tri-generation cycles show low thermal performance, even when optimised for maximum useful output. This paper presents a Finite Time analysis of a tri-generation cycle that is based upon coupled power and refrigeration Carnot cycles. The analysis ...


Retrieval and Mapping of Soil Texture Based on Land Surface Diurnal Temperature Range Data from MODIS

19.06.2015 | De-Cai Wang et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by De-Cai Wang, Gan-Lin Zhang, Ming-Song Zhao, Xian-Zhang Pan, Yu-Guo Zhao, De-Cheng Li, Bob Macmillan Numerous studies have investigated the direct retrieval of soil properties, including soil texture, using remotely sensed images. However, few have considered how soil properties influence ...


Changes in Extremely Hot Summers over the Global Land Area under Various Warming Targets

19.06.2015 | Lei Wang et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Lei Wang, Jianbin Huang, Yong Luo, Yao Yao, Zongci Zhao Summer temperature extremes over the global land area were investigated by comparing 26 models of the fifth phase of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP5) with observations from the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) ...


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