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[Report] Emergence of superconductivity in the canonical heavy-electron metal YbRh2Si2

29.01.2016 | Erwin Schuberth; Marc Tippmann; Lucia Steinke; Stefan Lausberg; Alexander Steppke; Manuel Brando; Cornelius Krellner ..., Science , 2016

The smooth disappearance of antiferromagnetic order in strongly correlated metals commonly furnishes the development of unconventional superconductivity. The canonical heavy-electron compound YbRh2Si2 seems to represent an apparent exception from this quantum critical paradigm in that it is not a ...


[In Depth] A fish back from the dead

29.01.2016 | Elizabeth Pennisi, Science , 2016

Deprive a human of oxygen for 5 minutes or more and she will turn blue, pass out, and may die. Suffocate the embryo of a Venezuelan annual killifish, however, and it survives for months, emerging unscathed to complete its development. At a recent meeting, researchers offered a look at the ...


[Report] Activation of Cu(111) surface by decomposition into nanoclusters driven by CO adsorption

29.01.2016 | Baran Eren; Danylo Zherebetskyy; Laerte L. Patera; Cheng Hao Wu; Hendrik Bluhm; Cristina Africh; Lin-Wang Wang; Gabo ..., Science , 2016

The (111) surface of copper (Cu), its most compact and lowest energy surface, became unstable when exposed to carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Scanning tunneling microscopy revealed that at room temperature in the pressure range 0.1 to 100 Torr, the surface decomposed into clusters decorated by CO ...


2015 declared the hottest year on record

28.01.2016 | Tollefson, Jeff ;, Nature, 2016

2015 declared the hottest year on record Nature 529, 7587 (2016). Author: Jeff Tollefson Warming in the Pacific Ocean helps to shatter past records, and could bring even ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 75: Analysis of a Solar Cooling System for Climatic Conditions of Five Different Cities of Saudi Arabia

27.01.2016 | Rafique, M. Mujahid; Rehman, Shafiqur ; Lashin, Aref ; Al Arifi, Nassir, Energies, 2016

Air high in humidity leads to uncomfortable conditions and promotes the growth of different fungi and bacteria, which may cause health problems. The control of moisture content in the air using traditional air conditioning techniques is not a suitable option due to large consumption of primary ...


[Editors' Choice] Variations in lake temperature trends

22.01.2016 | H. Jesse Smith, Science , 2016

Author: H. Jesse Smith


Identification of Putative Biomarkers for the Early Stage of Porcine Spermatogonial Stem Cells Using Next-Generation Sequencing

22.01.2016 | Won-Young Lee et al., PLoS ONE, 2016

by Won-Young Lee, Jeong Tae Do, Chankyu Park, Jin Hoi Kim, Hak-Jae Chung, Kyung-Woon Kim, Chang-Hyun Gil, Nam-Hyung Kim, Hyuk Song To identify putative biomarkers of porcine spermatogonial stem cells (pSSCs), total RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) analysis was performed on 5- and 180-day-old porcine ...


Limited tolerance by insects to high temperatures across tropical elevational gradients and the implications of global warming for extinction [Ecology]

19.01.2016 | Carlos García-Robledo; Erin K. Kuprewicz; Charles L. Staines; Terry L. Erwin; W. John Kress, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

The critical thermal maximum (CTmax), the temperature at which motor control is lost in animals, has the potential to determine if species will tolerate global warming. For insects, tolerance to high temperatures decreases with latitude, suggesting that similar patterns may exist along ...


How faceted liquid droplets grow tails [Applied Physical Sciences]

19.01.2016 | Shani Guttman; Zvi Sapir; Moty Schultz; Alexander V. Butenko; Benjamin M. Ocko; Moshe Deutsch; Eli Sloutskin, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2016

Liquid droplets, widely encountered in everyday life, have no flat facets. Here we show that water-dispersed oil droplets can be reversibly temperature-tuned to icosahedral and other faceted shapes, hitherto unreported for liquid droplets. These shape changes are shown to originate in the ...


[Technical Comment] Comment on “Broken translational and rotational symmetry via charge stripe order in underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+y”

15.01.2016 | B. V. Fine, Science , 2016

Comin et al. (Reports, 20 March 2015, p. 1335) have interpreted their resonant x-ray scattering experiment as indicating that charge inhomogeneities in the family of high-temperature superconductors YBa2Cu3O6+y (YBCO) have the character of one-dimensional stripes rather than two-dimensional ...


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