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Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 7582-7592: Performance Comparison between Steam Injected Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle during Frequency Drops

24.07.2015 | Bahrami, Saeed ; Ghaffari, Ali ; Genrup, Magnus ; Thern, Marcus, Energies, 2015

Single-shaft gas turbine and its cycles are sensitive to frequency drops and, therefore, sudden change loads or large frequency dips might affect their stability. This phenomenon is related to the reduction of the air mass flow passing through the machine during the frequency dips, which might ...


In Vivo Detection of Perinatal Brain Metabolite Changes in a Rabbit Model of Intrauterine Growth Restriction (IUGR)

24.07.2015 | Rui V. Simões et al., PLoS ONE, 2015

by Rui V. Simões, Emma Muñoz-Moreno, Rodrigo J. Carbajo, Anna González-Tendero, Miriam Illa, Magdalena Sanz-Cortés, Antonio Pineda-Lucena, Eduard Gratacós Background Intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) is a risk factor for abnormal neurodevelopment. We studied a rabbit model of IUGR by ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 7522-7541: Pyrolysis of Municipal Green Waste: A Modelling, Simulation and Experimental Analysis

23.07.2015 | Kabir, Mohammed J.; Chowdhury, Ashfaque Ahmed; Rasul, Mohammad G., Energies, 2015

Pyrolysis is the thermo-chemical conversion of carbonaceous feedstock in the absence of oxygen to produce bio-fuel (bio-oil, bio-char and syn-gas). Bio-fuel production from municipal green waste (MGW) through the pyrolysis process has attracted considerable attention recently in the renewable ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 7465-7477: Study on Pyroelectric Harvesters Integrating Solar Radiation with Wind Power

22.07.2015 | Hsiao, Chun-Ching ; Jhang, Jia-Wai ; Siao, An-Shen, Energies, 2015

Pyroelectric harvesters use temperature fluctuations to generate electrical outputs. Solar radiation and waste heat are rich energy sources that can be harvested. Pyroelectric energy converters offer a novel and direct energy-conversion technology by transforming time-dependent temperatures ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 7428-7440: Facile and Economical Preparation of SiAlON-Based Composites Using Coal Gangue: From Fundamental to Industrial Application

22.07.2015 | Li, Jinfu ; Yue, Changsheng ; Zhang, Mei ; Wang, Xidong ; Zhang, Zuotai, Energies, 2015

The present study aims to synthesize SiAlON-based composites utilizing coal gangue. Different types of SiAlON-based composites were synthesized using coal gangue by carbothermal reduction nitridation method through control of different reaction atmospheres. The experimental results indicate that ...


Photodrive of magnetic bubbles via magnetoelastic waves [Physics]

21.07.2015 | Naoki Ogawa; Wataru Koshibae; Aron Jonathan Beekman; Naoto Nagaosa; Masashi Kubota; Masashi Kawasaki; Yoshinori Tokura, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

Precise control of magnetic domain walls continues to be a central topic in the field of spintronics to boost infotech, logic, and memory applications. One way is to drive the domain wall by current in metals. In insulators, the incoherent flow of phonons and magnons induced by the temperature ...


[Perspective] Magnetic bubbles with a twist

17.07.2015 | Kirsten von Bergmann, Science , 2015

Present-day hard disk drives use magnetic bits that are read out by movable read heads. To circumvent the inherent fragility of such a mechanical construction, and to exploit the third dimension for increased storage density, Parkin et al. proposed a racetrack memory device (1). The general ...


[Report] Keeping cool: Enhanced optical reflection and radiative heat dissipation in Saharan silver ants

17.07.2015 | Norman Nan Shi; Cheng-Chia Tsai; Fernando Camino; Gary D. Bernard; Nanfang Yu; Rüdiger Wehner, Science , 2015

Saharan silver ants, Cataglyphis bombycina, forage under extreme temperature conditions in the African desert. We show that the ants’ conspicuous silvery appearance is created by a dense array of triangular hairs with two thermoregulatory effects. They enhance not only the reflectivity of the ...


[Report] Summer declines in activity and body temperature offer polar bears limited energy savings

17.07.2015 | J. P. Whiteman; H. J. Harlow; G. M. Durner; R. Anderson-Sprecher; S. E. Albeke; E. V. Regehr; S. C. Amstrup; M. Ben- ..., Science , 2015

Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) summer on the sea ice or, where it melts, on shore. Although the physiology of “ice” bears in summer is unknown, “shore” bears purportedly minimize energy losses by entering a hibernation-like state when deprived of food. Such a strategy could partially compensate ...


Supercooled spin liquid state in the frustrated pyrochlore Dy2Ti2O7 [Physics]

14.07.2015 | Ethan R. Kassner; Azar B. Eyvazov; Benjamin Pichler; Timothy J. S. Munsie; Hanna A. Dabkowska; Graeme M. Luke; J. C. ..., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

A “supercooled” liquid develops when a fluid does not crystallize upon cooling below its ordering temperature. Instead, the microscopic relaxation times diverge so rapidly that, upon further cooling, equilibration eventually becomes impossible and glass formation occurs. Classic supercooled ...


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