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Photovoltaic solar array: Modeling and output power optimization

30.04.2016 | Zerhouni M'hamed Houari, Zerhouni Fatima Zohra, Zegrar Mansour, Tilmatine Amar, Environmental Progress, 2016

Photovoltaic energy is a natural form of energy and can replace conventional fuels. The photovoltaic performance depends mainly on the incident solar irradiation, temperature, photovoltaic generator material composition. This article proposes a method of photovoltaic arrays modeling. With data ...


Fully Automated Field-Deployable Bioaerosol Monitoring System Using Carbon Nanotube-Based Biosensors

29.04.2016 | Junhyup Kim; Joon-Hyung Jin; Hyun Soo Kim; Wonbin Song; Su-Kyoung Shin; Hana Yi; Dae-Ho Jang; Sehyun Shin; Byung Yan ..., Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

Much progress has been made in the field of automated monitoring systems of airborne pathogens. However, they still lack the robustness and stability necessary for field deployment. Here, we demonstrate a bioaerosol automonitoring instrument (BAMI) specifically designed for the in situ capturing ...


Heterogeneous Photochemical Conversion of NO2 to HONO on the Humic Acid Surface under Simulated Sunlight

27.04.2016 | Chong Han; Wangjin Yang; Qianqian Wu; He Yang; Xiangxin Xue, Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

The poor understanding of HONO sources in the daytime highlights the importance of the heterogeneous photochemical reaction of NO2 with aerosol or soil surfaces. The conversion of NO2 to HONO on humic acid (HA) under simulated sunlight was investigated using a flow tube reactor at ambient ...


NH4Cl Selective Leaching of Basic Oxygen Furnace Slag: Optimization Study Using Response Surface Methodology

21.04.2016 | Yong Sun, Jing Ping Zhang, Lian Zhang, Environmental Progress, 2016

The basic oxygen furnace slag (SL) was selectively leached by NH4Cl. Response surface methodology and the central composite design (CCD) were employed in determining the optimal condition. The process parameters such as leaching duration, NH4Cl concentration, liquid solid ratio (LSR), and ...


Optimization of Malachite Green Dye Removal by Chrysanthemum Indicum Using Response Surface Methodology

21.04.2016 | J. Chukki, S. Shanthakumar, Environmental Progress, 2016

This study investigates the adsorption capacity of Chrysanthemum indicum flower for removal of Malachite Green dye from aqueous solution. Batch experiments were conducted to study the effects of six independent variables including pH (4–8), adsorbent dose (2–4 g/L), initial dye concentration ...


Ferritization of industrial waste water and microbial synthesis of iron‐based magnetic nanomaterials from sediments

18.04.2016 | M.I. Teremova, E.A. Petrakovskaya, A.S. Romanchenko, F.V. Tuzikov, Yu L. Gurevich, O.V. Tsibina, E.K. Yakubailik, Ab ..., Environmental Progress, 2016

The precipitation of iron and associated heavy metals in industrial waste water and in model solution using ferritization and aerobic bacterial culture was investigated. Magnetic sediments extractable by magnetic separation (specific saturation magnetization of 16–36.8 G cm3/g) were produced by ...


Bulk Dissolution Rates of Cadmium and Bismuth Tellurides As a Function of pH, Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen

14.04.2016 | Marc Biver; Montserrat Filella, Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

The toxicity of Cd being well established and that of Te suspected, the bulk, surface-normalized steady-state dissolution rates of two industrially important binary tellurides–polycrystalline cadmium and bismuth tellurides– were studied over the pH range 3–11, at various temperatures (25–70 °C) ...


Sustainability, Vol. 8, Pages 358: Analysis of Thermal Environment over a Small-Scale Landscape in a Densely Built-Up Asian Megacity

13.04.2016 | Kim, Younha ; An, Seung Man; Eum, Jeong-Hee ; Woo, Jung-Hun, Sustainability, 2016

Many studies have found that larger parks might be needed to counteract the Urban Heat Island effects typical in densely populated Asian megacities. However, it is not easy to establish large parks to serve as urban cool islands in Asian megacities, where little space exists for large urban ...


IJERPH, Vol. 13, Pages 408: Modelling and Analysis of Hydrodynamics and Water Quality for Rivers in the Northern Cold Region of China

08.04.2016 | Tang, Gula ; Zhu, Yunqiang ; Wu, Guozheng ; Li, Jing ; Li, Zhao-Liang ; Sun, Jiulin, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2016

In this study, the Mudan River, which is the most typical river in the northern cold region of China was selected as the research object; Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC) was adopted to construct a new two-dimensional water quality model for the urban sections of the Mudan River, and ...


Sustainability, Vol. 8, Pages 326: Recent NDVI-Based Variation in Growth of Boreal Intact Forest Landscapes and Its Correlation with Climatic Variables

01.04.2016 | Jin, Jiaxin ; Wang, Ying ; Jiang, Hong ; Cheng, Min, Sustainability, 2016

Intact Forest Landscape (IFL) is of great value in protecting biodiversity and supporting core ecological processes. It is important to analyze the spatial variation in the growth dynamics of IFL. This study analyzed the change of the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) during the ...


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