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Drying of milk–blackberry pulp mixture in spouted bed

11.09.2013 | Matheus B. Braga, Sandra C. S. Rocha, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2013

Spouted bed drying of a paste mixture of milk and blackberry pulp using inert beads of polystyrene and polypropylene was analysed in this work. Atomisation and dripping of the paste were compared as feeding modes. The experimental design used atomisation feeding to analyse the effects of air ...


Baker's Yeast Behavior during Vacuum Agitated Contact Drying

06.09.2013 | L. Bennamoun, M. Afzal, A. Léonard, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2013

Abstract Drying is considered as an intensive operation that consumes large quantities of energy. Usually, baker's yeast is obtained using freeze drying or fluidized‐bed drying, both of which are considered as expensive technologies. So, exploring other techniques such as contact drying could ...


Staging of the Fischer‐Tropsch Reactor with a Cobalt‐Based Catalyst

06.09.2013 | A. Rafiee, M. Hillestad, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2013

Abstract A method for systematic reactor design, described by Hillestad [1], is applied to the Fischer‐Tropsch synthesis. The reactor path is sectioned into stages and design functions are optimized to maximize an objective function. Two different objective functions are considered: the yield ...


MnCu/cordierite monolith used for catalytic combustion of Volatile Organic Compounds

06.09.2013 | F. N. Aguero, M. R. Morales, F. G. Duran, B. P. Barbero, L. E. Cadús, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2013

Abstract A MnCu‐mixed oxide catalyst supported on a cordierite monolith was synthesized. The catalyst showed very good stability and high homogeneity and presented an excellent catalytic activity in the combustion of ethyl acetate, n‐hexane, and its mixture. The total conversion temperature of ...


Determination of Measurement Uncertainties in Adiabatic Hot‐Storage Experiments for Reactive Dusts

06.09.2013 | M. Schmidt, C. Wanke, U. Krause, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2013

Abstract The formal kinetics of self‐ignition of solid bulk materials theoretically can be derived from just one single adiabatic hot‐storage test. The question arises how uncertainties in the measurements can be quantified and how these uncertainties affect the results of the subsequent ...


A reaction order functional relationship with the Williams–Landel–Ferry equation in curing kinetics

29.08.2013 | F. López‐Serrano, J.E. Puig, E. Mendizábal, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2013

A methodology is presented to obtain a kinetic model for curing reactions, from conversion against time and the glass‐transition temperature versus conversion data. Isothermal runs for a cyanate ester resin from 140 to 190°C, reported previously, were evaluated. The approach utilizes the ...


Chromium(VI) removal from aqueous solutions by polyelectrolyte‐enhanced ultrafiltration with polyquaternium

28.08.2013 | Jianxian Zeng, Qiannan Guo, Zhenzhong Ou‐Yang, Hu Zhou, Huajun Chen, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2013

ABSTRACT Polyelectrolyte‐enhanced ultrafiltration was investigated for the removal of chromium(VI) anion from aqueous solutions with the help of cationic polyquaternium‐6 (PQ6). The ultrafiltration behavior of Cr(VI) aqueous solutions was studied at pH 6. Owing to an effect of electrostatic ...


Morphological, thermal, and mechanical properties of poly(vinyl chloride)/acrylonitrile butadiene rubber blend using CuSO4·5H2O as cross‐linking agent

24.08.2013 | Hai Liu, Jie Wang, Sheng Wen, Lijie Dong, Chuanxi Xiong, Junlong Yao, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2013

Novel rigid poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC)/cross‐linked acrylonitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) blend using copper (II) sulfate pentahydrate (CuSO4·5H2O) as cross‐linking agent was prepared by melt mixing. Fourier transform infrared analysis showed that the coordination cross‐linking occurred between ...


The terpolymer of neodymium‐catalyzed styrene, isoprene, and butadiene: Efficient synthesis of integral rubber containing atactic styrene–styrene sequences and high Cis‐1,4 polyconjugated olefins

24.08.2013 | Qiang Xu, Li Li, Fang Guo, Zhenghai Shi, Hongwei Ma, Yanshai Wang, Yurong Wang, Yang Li, Polymer Engineering and Science, 2013

The present study focuses on the terpolymer of styrene (St), isoprene (Ip), and butadiene (Bd) synthesized together in cyclohexane at 70°C with neodymium (Nd) compound, alkylaluminum, and chlorinating agent (Cl) rare earth cocatalyst system. The resultants possessed atactic St–St sequences and ...


Sorbent‐Enhanced Steam Methane Reforming Reaction Studied over a Ca‐Based CO2 Sorbent and Ni Catalyst

22.08.2013 | M. Broda, A. M. Kierzkowska, C. R. Müller, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2013

Abstract The sorption‐enhanced steam methane reforming (SE‐SMR) reaction using a mixture of a Ni‐hydrotalcite‐derived catalyst synthesized via coprecipitation and Ca‐based sorbents synthesized by the sol‐gel technique was investigated. The materials were characterized by X‐ray diffraction, N2 ...


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