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ChemInform Abstract: CH2Cl2 as Reagent in the Synthesis of Methylene‐Bridged 3,3′‐bis(oxazolidin‐2‐one) Derivatives under Ambient Conditions.

22.12.2014 | Qingfeng Liu, Yansen Zhang, Zhiguo Zhang, Tongxin Liu, Lei Shi, Guisheng Zhang, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract Highly efficient and facile NaH‐catalyzed condensation of CH2Cl2 with cyclic carbamates to form corresponding aminal derivatives in a solvent mixture of CH2Cl2 and DMF under ambient temperature is developed.


ChemInform Abstract: An Efficient Regioselective Hydrodifluoromethylation of Unactivated Alkenes with TMSCF2CO2Et at Ambient Temperature.

22.12.2014 | Guobin Ma, Wen Wan, Jialiang Li, Qingyang Hu, Haizhen Jiang, Shizheng Zhu, Jing Wang, Jian Hao, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract The introduction of a terminal CF2COOEt group in a broad range of simple and complex alkenes under very mild conditions is reported.


ChemInform Abstract: La2O3/TFE: An Efficient System for Room Temperature Synthesis of Hantzsch Polyhydroquinolines.

22.12.2014 | Sunil U. Tekale, Vijay P. Pagore, Sushama S. Kauthale, Rajendra P. Pawar, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract The employed catalyst can be recycled and reused up to three times without significant loss of its activity.


ChemInform Abstract: An Efficient Approach for the Synthesis of Spirooxindole Derivatives Catalyzed by Novel Sulfated Choline Based Heteropolyanion at Room Temperature.

22.12.2014 | Shailesh P. Satasia, Piyush N. Kalaria, Jemin R. Avalani, Dipak K. Raval, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract The catalyst can be recycled and reused at least 5 times with only a marginal decrease in yield.


ChemInform Abstract: Charge‐Order Melting in Charge‐Disproportionated Perovskite CeCu3Fe4O12.

19.12.2014 | Ikuya Yamada, et al. et al., ChemInform, 2014

Abstract The title compound is prepared by high temperature/high pressure reaction of a precursor of nominal composition CeCu3Fe4O11 and KClO4 in a molar ratio of 2:1 (Pt capsule, 15 GPa, 1473 K, 30 min).


ChemInform Abstract: Synthesis, Characterization, and Tribological Properties of Two‐Dimensional Ti3C2.

19.12.2014 | Jin Yang, Beibei Chen, Haojie Song, Hua Tang, Changsheng Li, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract Two‐dimensional Ti3C2 is prepared by exfoliation of Ti3AlC2 powders (obtained by sintering of Ti, Al, and graphite at 1350 °C for 2 h under flowing Ar) with HF solution at room temperature for 20 h.


ChemInform Abstract: Broad‐Spectrum Catalysts for the Ambient Temperature anti‐Markovnikov Hydration of Alkynes.

19.12.2014 | Le Li, Mingshuo Zeng, Seth B. Herzon, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract With the optimal catalyst system RUC/FMBP, many alkyne substrates can be hydrated to form terminal aldehydes.


ChemInform Abstract: A Highly Efficient and Inexpensive Palladium‐Salen Complex for Room Temperature Suzuki—Miyaura Reaction.

11.12.2014 | Anindita Dewan, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract A simple and efficient catalytic system based on Pd salen complex for the Suzuki—Miyaura cross‐coupling of various aryl bromides (II) with aryl boronic acids is developed.


ChemInform Abstract: ZrCl4‐Promoted Facile Synthesis of Indole Derivatives.

11.12.2014 | J. Tummatorn, M. P. Gleeson, S. Krajangsri, C. Thongsornkleeb, S. Ruchirawat, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract Zirconium(IV) chloride effectively activates nitrogen extrusion from aryl azidoacrylates followed by annulation to provide indoles at low temperature and in short reaction times.


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