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ChemInform Abstract: Crystal Structures and Raman Spectra of Imidazolium Poly[perfluorotitanate(IV)] Salts Containing the [TiF6]2‐, ([Ti2F9]‐)∞, and [Ti2F11]3‐ and the New [Ti4F20]4‐ and [Ti5F23]3‐ Anions.

12.09.2013 | Igor M. Shlyapnikov, Helene P. A. Mercier, Evgeny A. Goreshnik, Gary J. Schrobilgen, Zoran Mazej, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract Crystals of [ImH]2[TiF6]·2HF (I) (Im: imidazole), [ImH]3[Ti2F11] (II), [ImH]4[Ti4F20] (III), [ImH3][Ti5F23] (IV), and [ImH][Ti2F9] (V) are prepared from stoichiometric mixtures of imidazole and TiF4 in anhydrous HF (‐196 °C followed by warming to ambient temperature) and characterized ...


ChemInform Abstract: [Omim][NO3], a Green and Base‐Free Medium for One‐Pot Synthesis of Benzothiazinones at Room Temperature.

12.09.2013 | Ali Sharifi, M. Saeed Abaee, Mahdiyeh Rouzgard, Mojtaba Mirzaei, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract The title compounds (III) and (V) are obtained by a general and efficient one‐pot reaction of 2‐aminothiophenols (I) with 2‐bromoalkanoates (II) or (IV) resp., without any catalyst, base, or additive.


ChemInform Abstract: Low Temperature Synthesis of Silicon Carbide Nanomaterials Using a Solid‐State Method.

12.09.2013 | Mita Dasog, Larissa F. Smith, Tapas K. Purkait, Jonathan G. C. Veino, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract Controlled morphologies of β‐SiC nanocrystalline materials are prepared via solid‐state metathesis reaction of sol‐gel derived SiO2 nanospheres, nanorods, and nanofibers, together with Mg and C powders (600 °C).


ChemInform Abstract: N‐Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC)—Copper(I) Complexes as Catalysts for A3 Reactions.

12.09.2013 | Ming‐Tsz Chen, Oscar Navarro, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract A facile synthesis of a broad spectrum of propargylamines can be achieved, in part at room temperature and within a short time, in the presence of a copper carbene complex as the catalyst.


ChemInform Abstract: Visible‐Light Photoredox in Homolytic Aromatic Substitution: Direct Arylation of Arenes with Aryl Halides.

12.09.2013 | Yannan Cheng, Xiangyong Gu, Pixu Li, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract In general, aryliodides and ‐bromides afford similar results but the latter are more sensitive to the reaction temperature.


ChemInform Abstract: Sulfonamide Synthesis via Oxyma‐O‐sulfonates — Compatibility to Acid Sensitive Groups and Solid‐Phase Peptide Synthesis.

12.09.2013 | Nani Babu Palakurthy, Dharm Dev, Shubhasmin Rana, Krishna Chaitanya Nadimpally, Bhubaneswar Mandal, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract The method has many advantages compared to the other known methods as it proceeds at room temperature and avoids the use of strong bases.


ChemInform Abstract: Cubic and Hexagonal NaGdF4 Crystals Precipitated from an Aluminosilicate Glass: Preparation and Luminescence Properties.

05.09.2013 | Andreas Herrmann, Maxi Tylkowski, Christian Bocker, Christian Ruessel, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract Thermal annealing of silicate glasses in the system SiO2/Al2O3/AlF3/Na2 O/Gd2O3/SmF3 leads to precipitation of cubic or hexagonal Sm3+‐doped NaGdF4 nanocrystals depending on the composition of the glass and the annealing temperature.


ChemInform Abstract: Puzzling Polymorphism of Layered Ba(CoPO4)2.

05.09.2013 | Renald David, Houria Kabbour, Alain Pautrat, Olivier Mentre, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract Room temperature stable α‐Ba(CoPO4)2 is synthesized from a stoichiometric mixture of BaCO3, Co3O4, and (NH4)2HPO4 (900 °C, 72 h) and characterized by single crystal XRD and magnetic measurements.


ChemInform Abstract: Cooperative Catalysis with Aldehydes and Copper: Development and Application in Aerobic Oxidative C—H Amination at Room Temperature.

30.08.2013 | Yinjun Xie, Bo Qian, Pan Xie, Hanmin Huang, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract A new cooperative catalytic system via a synergistic combination of aldehyde and copper catalysis is established.


ChemInform Abstract: LiBSi2: A Tetrahedral Semiconductor Framework from Boron and Silicon Atoms Bearing Lithium Atoms in the Channels.

30.08.2013 | Michael Zeilinger, Leo van Wuellen, Daryn Benson, Verina F. Kranak, Sumit Konar, Thomas F. Faessler, Ulrich Haeussermann, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract The title compound is obtained from an equimolar mixture of LiB and Si under high pressure/high temperature conditions (10 GPa, 900 °C, 1 h, yield given in g).


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