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ChemInform Abstract: Silver‐Catalyzed C(sp2)—H Functionalization/C—O Cyclization Reaction at Room Temperature.

22.05.2015 | Jian‐Jun Dai, Wen‐Tao Xu, Ya‐Dong Wu, Wen‐Man Zhang, Ying Gong, Xia‐Ping He, Xin‐Qing Zhang, Hua‐Jian Xu, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Under the optimized conditions A), a broad spectrum of 2‐aryl carboxylic acids is cyclized to benzochromenone products.


ChemInform Abstract: A Mild and Simple One‐Pot Synthesis of 2‐Substituted Benzimidazole Derivatives Using DDQ as an Efficient Oxidant at Room Temperature.

22.05.2015 | Hossein Naeimi, Zahra Babaei, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract A wide range of the title compounds (III) (14 examples) are smoothly and efficiently synthesized by one‐pot reaction of o‐phenylenediamine (I) with various aromatic aldehydes under mild reaction conditions.


ChemInform Abstract: An Efficient Synthesis of 1,5‐Benzodiazepines Catalyzed by Bismuth Nitrate.

22.05.2015 | Asish K. Bhattacharya, Santoshkumar S. Dange, Innaiah K. Polanki, Hemender R. Chand, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract An efficient and convenient method for the synthesis of biologically active benzodiazepine derivatives via Bi‐catalyzed condensation reactions of o‐phenylenediamines with ketones at room temperature or microwave irradiation condition is given.


ChemInform Abstract: Regioselective Synthesis of 1,3‐ and 1,2‐Tocopheryl Glyceride Ethers of Carboxylic Acids.

22.05.2015 | Bo Seul Choi, Jeongae Choi, Seonyoung Bak, Sangho Koo, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Selective deprotection of 1,2‐tocopheryl glyceride ethers (V) succeeds with Super‐Hydride, but the method suffers from a certain degree of acyl group migration even at low temperature and extremely short reaction time (formic acid quenching).


ChemInform Abstract: Ligand‐ and Base‐Free CuII‐Mediated Selective S‐Arylation of α‐Enolic Dithioesters by Chan‐Lam Coupling at Room Temperature.

15.05.2015 | Suvajit Koley, Sushobhan Chowdhury, Tanmoy Chanda, B. Janaki Ramulu, Namrata Anand, Maya Shankar Singh, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The ligand‐ and base‐free copper(II)‐mediated Chan—Lam cross‐coupling of arylboronic acids with α‐enolic dithioesters is achieved at room temperature under aerobic neutral conditions to afford unsymmetrical α‐oxoketene S,S‐acetals for the first time.


ChemInform Abstract: IrIII‐Catalyzed Direct C‐7 Amidation of Indolines with Sulfonyl, Acyl, and Aryl Azides at Room Temperature.

15.05.2015 | Wei Hou, Yaxi Yang, Wen Ai, Yunxiang Wu, Xuan Wang, Bing Zhou, Yuanchao Li, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract A general procedure for an IrIII‐catalyzed C‐7 selective C—H amidation and amination of indolines is reported.


ChemInform Abstract: KOtBu‐Mediated Aerobic Transition‐Metal‐Free Regioselective β‐Arylation of Indoles: Synthesis of β‐(2‐/4‐Nitroaryl)‐indoles.

15.05.2015 | Shailesh Kumar, Vandana Rathore, Ajay Verma, Ch. Durga Prasad, Amit Kumar, Abhimanyu Yadav, Sadhan Jana, Moh. Sattar ..., ChemInform, 2015

Abstract β‐Arylation in unprotected indoles can be achieved chemo‐ and regioselectively by employing KOtBu at room temperature in air without using a transition metal catalyst and aryl halide coupling partner.


ChemInform Abstract: A Lewis Acid Activated Reaction of Zn with EtI to Promote Highly Enantioselective Alkyne Additions to Aldehydes.

15.05.2015 | Shan‐yong Chen, Winnie Liu, Xuedan Wu, Jun Ying, Xiaoqi Yu, Lin Pu, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The reaction of Zn with EtI is activated at room temperature by using BINOL and Ti(OiPr)4 which can then promote the highly enantioselective alkyne addition to aromatic aldehydes.


ChemInform Abstract: A Co(II)‐Catalyzed Aerobic Intramolecular C—O Bond Formation via Selective (sp3)C—H Bond Activation: Facile Access to Dihydro‐benzoxazinone Derivatives.

15.05.2015 | Xiao‐Jie Shang, Zhong‐Quan Liu, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract The Co(II)‐catalyzed cross dehydrogenative coupling of pyrrolidinyl substituted substrates is achieved using oxygen as the terminal oxidant at room temperature.


ChemInform Abstract: Chemo‐ and Stereo‐Selectivity in Oxidation of Fluorinated Cyclic Sulfides by m‐Chloroperoxybenzoic Acid.

07.05.2015 | Viacheslav A. Petrov, Will Marshall, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract Cyclic sulfoxides are obtained by controlled oxidation of various hexafluorothioacetone cycloadducts with MCPBA at low temperature.


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