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Room Temperature CP Bond Formation Enabled by Merging Nickel Catalysis and Visible‐Light‐Induced Photoredox Catalysis

17.02.2015 | Jun Xuan, Ting‐Ting Zeng, Jia‐Rong Chen, Liang‐Qiu Lu, Wen‐Jing Xiao, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract A novel and efficient CP bond formation reaction of diarylphosphine oxides with aryl iodides was achieved by combining nickel catalysis and visible‐light‐induced photoredox catalysis. This dual‐catalytic reaction showed a broad substrate scope, excellent functional group tolerance, ...


Highly Selective Hydrothiolation of Unsaturated Organosilicon Compounds Catalyzed by Scandium(III) Triflate

16.02.2015 | Krzysztof Kuciński, Piotr Pawluć, Bogdan Marciniec, Grzegorz Hreczycho, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract The first use of a Lewis acid catalyst in the addition reaction of both aromatic and aliphatic thiols to unsaturated organosilicon compounds is reported. In catalytic tests, scandium(III) triflate demonstrates high catalytic activity in this process. Under mild conditions (25 °C, room ...


“Invisible” Conformers of an Antifungal Disulfide Protein Revealed by Constrained Cold and Heat Unfolding, CEST‐NMR Experiments, and Molecular Dynamics Calculations

12.02.2015 | Ádám Fizil, Zoltán Gáspári, Terézia Barna, Florentine Marx, Gyula Batta, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract Transition between conformational states in proteins is being recognized as a possible key factor of function. In support of this, hidden dynamic NMR structures were detected in several cases up to populations of a few percent. Here, we show by two‐ and three‐state analysis of thermal ...


Biomineralized Multifunctional Magnetite/Carbon Microspheres for Applications in Li‐Ion Batteries and Water Treatment

11.02.2015 | Hyun‐Woo Shim, Sangbaek Park, Hee Jo Song, Jae‐Chan Kim, Eunjin Jang, Kug Sun Hong, T. Doohun Kim, Dong‐Wan Kim, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract Advanced functional materials incorporating well‐defined multiscale architectures are a key focus for multiple nanotechnological applications. However, strategies for developing such materials, including nanostructuring, nano‐/microcombination, hybridization, and so on, are still ...


Columnar Liquid‐Crystalline Dinaphthoperylenetetracarboxdiimides

05.02.2015 | Marli Ferreira, Edivandro Girotto, Ahmed Bentaleb, Elizabeth A. Hillard, Hugo Gallardo, Fabien Durola, Harald Bock, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract Although the double Friedel–Crafts acylation of arenes with ethyl chloroglyoxylate is hindered by the strongly deactivating effect of the first‐entering glyoxylic substituent, the double reaction is successful with the reactive arene perylene under long reaction times and with ...


Radiofluorination of a Pre‐formed Gallium(III) Aza‐macrocyclic Complex: Towards Next‐Generation Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Imaging Agents

04.02.2015 | Rajiv Bhalla, William Levason, Sajinder K. Luthra, Graeme McRobbie, George Sanderson, Gillian Reid, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract As part of a study to investigate the factors influencing the development of new, more effective metal‐complex‐based positron emission tomography (PET) imaging agents, the distorted octahedral complex, [GaCl(L)]⋅2 H2O has been prepared by reaction of ...


Photoreversible Prodrugs and Protags: Switching the Release of Maleimides by Using Light under Physiological Conditions

04.02.2015 | Robert Göstl, Stefan Hecht, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract A water‐soluble furyl‐substituted diarylethene derivative has been prepared that can undergo reversible Diels–Alder reactions with maleimides to yield photoswitchable Diels–Alder adducts. Employing bioorthogonal visible light, the release of therapeutically effective concentrations of ...


A Metalloenzyme‐Like Catalytic System for the Chemoselective Oxidative Cross‐Coupling of Primary Amines to Imines under Ambient Conditions

21.01.2015 | Martine Largeron, Maurice‐Bernard Fleury, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract The direct oxidative cross‐coupling of primary amines is a challenging transformation as homocoupling is usually preferred. We report herein the chemoselective preparation of cross‐coupled imines through the synergistic combination of low loadings of CuII metal‐catalyst and ...


Insight into the Mechanism of Hydrogenation of Amino Acids to Amino Alcohols Catalyzed by a Heterogeneous MoOx‐Modified Rh Catalyst

29.12.2014 | Masazumi Tamura, Riku Tamura, Yasuyuki Takeda, Yoshinao Nakagawa, Keiichi Tomishige, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract Hydrogenation of amino acids to amino alcohols is a promising utilization of natural amino acids. We found that MoOx‐modified Rh/SiO2 (Rh–MoOx/SiO2) is an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the reaction at low temperature (323 K) and the addition of a small amount of MoOx ...


BODIPY‐Based Fluorescent Thermometer as a Lysosome‐Targetable Probe: How the Oligo(ethylene glycols) Compete Photoinduced Electron Transfer

29.12.2014 | Hua Wang, Yongquan Wu, Yanlin Shi, Pan Tao, Xing Fan, Xinyan Su, Gui‐Chao Kuang, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract A novel BODIPY‐based fluorescent thermometer, which shows a lysosome‐targeting property, was successfully prepared. Due to the electron‐donating ability of the oligo(ethylene glycols), the photoinduced electron‐transfer pathway from morpholine to BODIPY dye is blocked. The ...


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