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In Situ Conductance Analysis of Zinc Oxide Nucleation and Coalescence during Atomic Layer Deposition on Metal Oxides and Polymers

22.06.2015 | William J. Sweet, III; Gregory N. Parsons, Langmuir, 2015

Real time in situ conductance is collected continuously during atomic layer deposition (ALD) of zinc oxide films, and trends are used to study ALD nucleation on polypropylene, nylon-6, SiO2, TiO2, and Al2O3 substrates. The detailed conductance change during the ALD cycle is ascribed to changes in ...


Synthesis of NIR-Responsive NaYF4:Yb,Er Upconversion Fluorescent Nanoparticles Using an Optimized Solvothermal Method and Their Applications in Enhanced Development of Latent Fingerprints on Various Smooth Substrates

19.06.2015 | Meng Wang; Ye Zhu; Chuanbin Mao, Langmuir, 2015

Fingerprints at crime scenes are usually latent. The powder-dusting method is the most commonly used procedure for developing latent fingerprints in forensic science. However, the traditional powder-dusting method has characteristics of low sensitivity, low contrast, high background noise, and ...


Installing Logic Gates to Multiresponsive Supramolecular Hydrogel Co-assembled from Phenylalanine Amphiphile and Bis(pyridinyl) Derivative

18.06.2015 | Guo-Feng Liu; Wei Ji; Chuan-Liang Feng, Langmuir, 2015

Recently, logic gates based on multiresponsive hydrogel systems are attractive because of their potential biological applications. A quite simple supramolecular hydrogel co-assembled from phenylalanine-based amphiphile (LPF2) and bis(pyridinyl) derivative (AP) is constructed. The co-assembled ...


Thermoresponsive Chiral to Nonchiral Ordering Transformation in the Nematic Liquid-Crystal Phase of Rodlike Viruses: Turning the Survival Strategy of a Virus into Valuable Material Properties

16.06.2015 | Shuaiyu Liu; Tingting Zan; Si Chen; Xiaodong Pei; Henmin Li; Zhenkun Zhang, Langmuir, 2015

The current work investigates the thermoresponsive in situ chiral to nonchiral ordering transformation of a rodlike virus in the naturally assembled state—the chiral nematic liquid crystal (CLC) phase. We take this as an elegant example of reconfigurable self-assembly, through which it is ...


Adsorption of Polyether Block Copolymers at Silica–Water and Silica–Ethylammonium Nitrate Interfaces

15.06.2015 | Zhengfei Chen; Yumi Kobayashi; Grant B. Webber; Kazuhide Ueno; Masayoshi Watanabe; Gregory G. Warr; Rob Atkin, Langmuir, 2015

Atomic force microscope (AFM) force curves and images are used to characterize the adsorbed layer structure formed by a series of diblock copolymers with solvophilic poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) and solvophobic poly(ethyl glycidyl ether) (PEGE) blocks at silica–water and silica–ethylammoniun ...


Role of Halides in the Ordered Structure Transitions of Heated Gold Nanocrystal Superlattices

13.06.2015 | Yixuan Yu; Brian W. Goodfellow; Michael R. Rasch; Christian Bosoy; Detlef-M. Smilgies; Brian A. Korgel, Langmuir, 2015

Dodecanethiol-capped gold (Au) nanocrystal superlattices can undergo a surprisingly diverse series of ordered structure transitions when heated (Goodfellow, B. W.; Rasch, M. R.; Hessel, C. M.; Patel, R. N.; Smilgies, D.-M.; Korgel, B. A. Nano Lett. 2013, 13, 5710–5714). These are the result of ...


Surface-Functionalized Biodegradable Nanoparticles Consisting of Amphiphilic Graft Polymers Prepared by Radical Copolymerization of 2-Methylene-1,3-Dioxepane and Macromonomers

12.06.2015 | Taka-Aki Asoh; Takahito Nakajima; Takuya Matsuyama; Akihiko Kikuchi, Langmuir, 2015

Biodegradable polyester-based nanoparticles were prepared by the precipitation of amphiphilic graft copolymers, which were prepared by the ring-opening radical copolymerization of 2-methylene-1,3-dioxepane (MDO) and amphiphilic macromonomers. The diameter of the nanoparticles was controlled by ...


Supramolecular Order of 2,5-Bis(dodecanoxy)phenyleneethynylene–Butadiyne Oligomers in the Solid State

11.06.2015 | Edgar Vergara; Eduardo Arias; Ivana Moggio; Carlos Gallardo-Vega; Ronald F. Ziolo; Rosa M. Jiménez-Barrera; Damaso N ..., Langmuir, 2015

The supramolecular order of a 2,5-bis(dodecanoxy)phenyleneethynylene–butadiyne series of rod-like oligomers with 2, 4, 6, and 8 phenyleneethynylene moieties was studied in the solid state by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), temperature-dependent small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering ...


Reversible Nanoparticle–Micelle Transformation of Ionic Liquid–Sulfonatocalix[6]arene Aggregates

11.06.2015 | Véronique Wintgens; Zsombor Miskolczy; Jean-Michel Guigner; Catherine Amiel; József G. Harangozó; László Biczók, Langmuir, 2015

The effect of temperature and NaCl concentration variations on the self-assembly of 1-methyl-3-tetradecylimidazolium (C14mim+) and 4-sulfonatocalix[6]arene (SCX6) was studied by dynamic light scattering and isothermal calorimetric methods at pH 7. Inclusion complex formation promoted the ...


Emulsions Stabilized by Silica Rods via Arrested Demixing

10.06.2015 | Santosh Vasant Daware; Madivala G. Basavaraj, Langmuir, 2015

A binary liquid–liquid mixture with a lower critical solution temperature (LCST) when heated above a critical temperature undergoes demixing. During the initial phase of demixing process, high-energy liquid–liquid interfaces are created before both liquids eventually phase separate. By ...


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