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Flexible, Transparent, Thickness-Controllable SWCNT/PEDOT:PSS Hybrid Films Based on Coffee-Ring Lithography for Functional Noncontact Sensing Device

20.11.2015 | Yan-Long Tai; Zhen-Guo Yang, Langmuir, 2015

Flexible transparent conductive films (FTCFs) as the essential components of the next generation of functional circuits and devices are presently attracting more attention. Here, a new strategy has been demonstrated to fabricate thickness-controllable FTCFs through coffee ring lithography (CRL) ...


Engineering Systems with Spatially Separated Enzymes via Dual-Stimuli-Sensitive Properties of Microgels

17.11.2015 | Larisa V. Sigolaeva; Olga Mergel; Evgeniy G. Evtushenko; Snezhana Yu. Gladyr; Arjan P. H. Gelissen; Dmitry V. Pergus ..., Langmuir, 2015

This work examines the adsorption regime and the properties of microgel/enzyme thin films deposited onto conductive graphite-based substrates. The films were formed via two-step sequential adsorption. A temperature- and pH-sensitive ...


Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles under Sintering Conditions: A Quantitative Study

17.11.2015 | Fanny Silencieux; Meryem Bouchoucha; Olivier Mercier; Stéphane Turgeon; Pascale Chevallier; Freddy Kleitz; Marc-Andr ..., Langmuir, 2015

Thin films made of mesoporous silica nanoparticles (MSNs) are finding new applications in catalysis, optics, as well as in biomedicine. The fabrication of MSNs thin films requires a precise control over the deposition and sintering of MSNs on flat substrates. In this study, MSNs of narrow size ...


Periodic Formation/Breakdown of Lamellar Aggregates with Anionic Cyanobiphenyl Surfactants

16.11.2015 | Masanobu Sagisaka; Yayoi Fujita; Yusuke Nakanishi; Hisayuki Takahashi; Narumi Tsuyoshi; Craig James; Atsushi Yoshiza ..., Langmuir, 2015

This study reports unusual behavior of aqueous-phase lamellar aggregates with a new class of hybrid surfactant, CB-B2ES, having mesogenic units {6-[4-(4-cyanophenyl)phenyloxy]hexyl} and temperature-sensitive oxyethylated (butoxyethoxyethyl) tails. These tails are poorly miscible and likely to ...


Responsive Aqueous Foams Stabilized by Silica Nanoparticles Hydrophobized in Situ with a Conventional Surfactant

16.11.2015 | Yue Zhu; Xiaomei Pei; Jianzhong Jiang; Zhenggang Cui; Bernard P. Binks, Langmuir, 2015

In the recent past, switchable surfactants and switchable/stimulus-responsive surface-active particles have been of great interest. Both can be transformed between surface-active and surface-inactive states via several triggers, making them recoverable and reusable afterward. However, the ...


Nanoscale Trapping and Squeeze-Out of Confined Alkane Monolayers

16.11.2015 | N. N. Gosvami; S. J. O’Shea, Langmuir, 2015

We present combined force curve and conduction atomic force microscopy (AFM) data for the linear alkanes CnH2n+2 (n = 10, 12, 14, 16) confined between a gold-coated AFM tip and a graphite surface. Solvation layering is observed in the force curves for all liquids, and conduction AFM is used to ...


Solvent and Substituent Effects on the Aggregation Behavior of Surface-Active Ionic Liquids with Aromatic Counterions and the Dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes in their Hexagonal Liquid Crystalline Phase

13.11.2015 | Wenwen Xu; Qiwen Yin; Yan’an Gao; Li Yu, Langmuir, 2015

The aggregation behavior of surface-active ionic liquids (SAILs) 1-dodecyl-3-methylimidazolium m- and p-hydroxybenzoate (m-C12mimHB and p-C12mimHB) in water and ethylammonium nitrate (EAN) was investigated. Surface tension measurements indicate that the cmc values of SAILs in EAN are much higher ...


Preparation and Characterization of Reconstituted Lipid–Synthetic Polymer Discoidal Particles

12.11.2015 | Masafumi Tanaka; Akira Hosotani; Yuka Tachibana; Minoru Nakano; Kenji Iwasaki; Toru Kawakami; Takahiro Mukai, Langmuir, 2015

Discoidal high-density lipoproteins generated by the apolipoprotein-mediated solubilization of membrane lipids in vivo can be reconstituted with phospholipids and apolipoproteins in vitro. Recently, it has been reported that such particles can be prepared using the hydrolyzed acid form of ...


Magnetic-Responsive Release Controlled by Hot Spot Effect

12.11.2015 | Eduardo Guisasola; Alejandro Baeza; Marina Talelli; Daniel Arcos; María Moros; Jesús M. de la Fuente; María Vallet-Regí, Langmuir, 2015

Magnetically triggered drug delivery nanodevices have attracted great attention in nanomedicine, as they can feature as smart carriers releasing their payload at clinician’s will. The key principle of these devices is based on the properties of magnetic cores to generate thermal energy in the ...


Reconstructive Phase Transition in Ultrashort Peptide Nanostructures and Induced Visible Photoluminescence

11.11.2015 | Amir Handelman; Natalia Kuritz; Amir Natan; Gil Rosenman, Langmuir, 2015

A reconstructive phase transition has been found and studied in ultrashort di- and tripeptide nanostructures, self-assembled from biomolecules of different compositions and origin such as aromatic, aliphatic, linear, and cyclic (linear FF-diphenylalanine, linear LL-dileucine, ...


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