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Rapid, Cell-Free Assay for Membrane-Active Forms of Amyloid-β

17.10.2014 | Debanjan Bhowmik; Anand Kant Das; Sudipta Maiti, Langmuir, 2014

Small oligomers of amyloid beta (Aβ) are suspected to be the key to Alzheimer’s disease (AD). However, identifying these toxic species in the background of other similar but nontoxic Aβ aggregates has remained a challenge. Recent studies indicate that Aβ undergoes a global structural transition ...


Sensitization of ZnO Single Crystal Electrodes with CdSe Quantum Dots

17.10.2014 | Yongqi Liang; James E. Thorne; Meghan E. Kern; B. A. Parkinson, Langmuir, 2014

CdSe quantum dots (QDs) were attached to single crystal ZnO(0001) and ZnO(1100) substrates using capping groups, 4-mercaptobenzoic acid, 2-mercaptoacetic acid, 3-mercaptopropionic acid, 8-mercaptooctanoic acid, and 11-mercaptoundecanoic acid, as bifunctional linker molecules. The spectral ...


Role of Water Vapor Desublimation in the Adhesion of an Iced Droplet to a Superhydrophobic Surface

17.10.2014 | Ludmila Boinovich; Alexandre M. Emelyanenko, Langmuir, 2014

The study of the adhesion of solid and liquid aqueous phases to superhydrophobic surfaces has become an attractive topic for researchers in various fields as a vital step in the design of icephobic coatings. The analysis of the available results shows that the experimentally measured values of ...


Lattice Boltzmann Modeling of Droplet Condensation on Superhydrophobic Nanoarrays

17.10.2014 | Qingyu Zhang; Dongke Sun; Youfa Zhang; Mingfang Zhu, Langmuir, 2014

Droplet nucleation and growth on superhydrophobic nanoarrays is simulated by employing a multiphase, multicomponent lattice Boltzmann (LB) model. Three typical preferential nucleation modes of condensate droplets are observed through LB simulations with various geometrical parameters of ...


Mechanistic Study of Laser Desorption/Ionization of Small Molecules on Graphene Oxide Multilayer Films

17.10.2014 | Young-Kwan Kim; Dal-Hee Min, Langmuir, 2014

Graphene and graphene oxide (GO) films have been explored to develop an efficient laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (LDI-MS) platform for the analysis of chemically and biologically important small molecules. The GO films were prepared by layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly cycles (one to ...


Morphology Modulating the Wettability of a Diamond Film

17.10.2014 | Shibing Tian; Weijie Sun; Zhaosheng Hu; Baogang Quan; Xiaoxiang Xia; Yunlong Li; Dong Han; Junjie Li; Changzhi Gu, Langmuir, 2014

Control of the wetting property of diamond surface has been a challenge because of its maximal hardness and good chemical inertness. In this work, the micro/nanoarray structures etched into diamond film surfaces by a maskless plasma method are shown to fix a surface’s wettability characteristics, ...


Molecular Behavior at Buried Epoxy/Poly(ethylene terephthalate) Interface

17.10.2014 | Chi Zhang; John N. Myers; Zhan Chen, Langmuir, 2014

Epoxies are widely used as main components in packaging underfills for microelectronics. Their strong adhesion to different substrate materials is an important factor for the functioning of electronic devices. Amines are commonly used cross-linking agents for epoxides. However, the molecular ...


Mechanistic Studies of Silica Polymerization from Supersaturated Aqueous Solutions by Means of Time-Resolved Light Scattering

16.10.2014 | M. Kley; A. Kempter; V. Boyko; K. Huber, Langmuir, 2014

Silica polymerization in a supersaturated aqueous solution of sodium silicate is a fundamental mineralization process with broad relevance for technical applications as well as for biological processes. To contribute to a better understanding of the mechanism underlying the polymerization of ...


Conformations and Effective Interactions of Polymer-Coated Nanoparticles at Liquid Interfaces

16.10.2014 | Konrad Schwenke; Lucio Isa; David L. Cheung; Emanuela Del Gado, Langmuir, 2014

We investigate conformations and effective interactions of polymer-coated nanoparticles adsorbed at a model liquid–liquid interface via molecular dynamics simulations. The polymer shells strongly deform at the interface, with the shape governed by a balance between maximizing the decrease in ...


Liquid Marbles Stabilized by Charged Polymer Latexes: How Does the Drying of the Latex Particles Affect the Properties of Liquid Marbles?

16.10.2014 | Guanqing Sun; Yifeng Sheng; Jie Wu; Guanghui Ma; To Ngai, Langmuir, 2014

The coating of solid particles on the surface of liquid in air makes liquid marbles a promising approach in the transportation of a small amount of liquid. The stabilization of liquid marbles by polymeric latex particles imparts extra triggers such as pH and temperature, leading to the remote ...


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