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Phase Separation and Crystallization in High Hard Block Content Polyurethane Thin Films

22.07.2015 | Long Jiang; Jia Wu; Chinemelum Nedolisa; Alberto Saiani; Hazel E. Assender, Macromolecules, 2015

Following studies of bulk behavior, the morphological evolution in thin films of linear TPUs with a high content of hard segment (HS) (from 70 to 100 wt %) on annealing is investigated. In contrast to melt-quenched bulk samples, a mixed phase was obtained for as-spin-cast films, and then, on ...


Dual-Stimuli-Responsive l-Serine-Based Zwitterionic UCST-Type Polymer with Tunable Thermosensitivity

20.07.2015 | Tanmoy Maji; Sanjib Banerjee; Yajnaseni Biswas; Tarun K. Mandal, Macromolecules, 2015

The synthesis of l-serine-based zwitterionic polymers, poly(l-serinyl acrylate)s (PSAs), of controllable molecular weights and low polydispersities via reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization in water at 70 °C is described. The obtained homopolymer PSA exhibits dual ...


Thermoreversible Ion Gel with Tunable Modulus Self-Assembled by a Liquid Crystalline Triblock Copolymer in Ionic Liquid

06.07.2015 | Yu-Dong Zhang; Xing-He Fan; Zhihao Shen; Qi-Feng Zhou, Macromolecules, 2015

Ion gels with tunable storage moduli are prepared through the self-assembly of an ABA triblock copolymer AOA-12 comprised of a thermotropic liquid crystalline (LC) polymer as the end-block A and poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) as the mid-block B in a room-temperature ionic liquid (IL), ...


Cascade Polyannulation of Diyne and Benzoylacetonitrile: A New Strategy for Synthesizing Functional Substituted Poly(naphthopyran)s

02.07.2015 | Yajing Liu; Zheng Zhao; Jacky W. Y. Lam; Yueyue Zhao; Yuncong Chen; Yong Liu; Ben Zhong Tang, Macromolecules, 2015

A new strategy for synthesizing multisubstituted poly(naphthopyran)s (PNPs) with novel functionalities was described. The cascade oxidative polyannulation of benzoylacetonitrile and internal diynes are catalyzed by [RhCp*Cl2]2 and Cu(II) acetate in dimethylformamide at 90 °C, generating PNPs with ...


Water-Soluble Reactive Copolymers Based on Cyclic N-Vinylamides with Succinimide Side Groups for Bioconjugation with Proteins

02.07.2015 | Huan Peng; Michael Kather; Kristin Rübsam; Felix Jakob; Ulrich Schwaneberg; Andrij Pich, Macromolecules, 2015

Reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) copolymerizations of methacrylic acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester and cyclic N-vinylamide derivatives (N-vinylpyrrolidone, N-vinylpiperidone, and N-vinylcaprolactam) were successfully performed with methyl ...


Temperature, Frequency, and Small Static Stress Dependence of the Molecular Mobility in Deformed Amorphous Polymers near Their Glass Transition

01.07.2015 | Frantisek Ondreas; Josef Jancar, Macromolecules, 2015

For the first time, we report on using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) to directly follow molecular mobility in PMMA and PC deformed by small constant tensile stress (σ) over the temperature interval from Tg – 60 K to Tg + 60 K. At Tα′ > Tg, a pronounced secondary α′-relaxation was observed ...


Quantifying the Level of Intermacromolecular Interactions in Ethylene–Propylene Copolymers by Using Pyrene Excimer Formation

01.07.2015 | Solmaz Pirouz; Jean Duhamel; Sheng Jiang; Akhilesh Duggal, Macromolecules, 2015

A unique methodology based on fluorescence measurements is introduced to quantitatively measure the actual level of interpolymeric association between ethylene–propylene (EP) copolymers used as viscosity index improvers (VIIs) in engine oils. To this end, two EP copolymers, one amorphous (EP(AM)) ...


Dual Memory of Enantiomeric Helices in Poly(phenylacetylene)s Induced by a Single Enantiomer through Helix Inversion and Dual Storage of the Enantiomeric Helicity Memories

29.06.2015 | Katsuhiro Maeda; Toyoharu Miyagawa; Akira Furuko; Hisanari Onouchi; Eiji Yashima, Macromolecules, 2015

A series of stereoregular poly(phenylacetylene)s carrying prochiral phosphonic acid monoesters as the pendant groups (monophenyl ester: poly-1a; monoethyl ester: poly-1b; monoisopropyl ester: poly-1c) were synthesized. The polymers formed a preferred-handed helical conformation upon complexation ...


Multiscale Lithium and Counterion Transport in an Electrospun Polymer-Gel Electrolyte

26.06.2015 | Bryce E. Kidd; Scott J. Forbey; Friedrich W. Steuber; Robert B. Moore; Louis A. Madsen, Macromolecules, 2015

We explore fundamental lithium ion (Li+) and triflate counterion (CF3SO3–) transport properties within an electrospun UV-cross-linked poly(ethylene oxide) polymer-gel electrolyte. With modulation of cross-linker (10–30 wt %), the fully swollen fibrous framework swells and retains between 1700 and ...


Dynamic Molecular Behavior on Thermoresponsive Polymer Brushes

25.06.2015 | Huai-Ying Chin; Dapeng Wang; Daniel K. Schwartz, Macromolecules, 2015

The surface dynamics of individual surfactant and polymer molecules on thermally responsive polymer brushes (poly(N-isopropylacrylamide), PNIPAAM) were studied using high throughput single molecule tracking microscopy. The probe molecules universally exhibited intermittent hopping motion, in ...


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