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Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 6752-6760: Effect of Annealing Process on the Properties of Ni(55%)Cr(40%)Si(5%) Thin-Film Resistors

02.10.2015 | Cheng, Huan-Yi ; Chen, Ying-Chung ; Li, Pei-Jou ; Yang, Cheng-Fu ; Huang, Hong-Hsin, Materials, 2015

Resistors in integrated circuits (ICs) are implemented using diffused methods fabricated in the base and emitter regions of bipolar transistor or in source/drain regions of CMOS. Deposition of thin films on the wafer surface is another choice to fabricate the thin-film resistors in ICs’ ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 25366-25384: Development of a Cost-Effective Airborne Remote Sensing System for Coastal Monitoring

30.09.2015 | Kim, Duk-Jin ; Jung, Jungkyo ; Kang, Ki-Mook ; Kim, Seung Hee; Xu, Zhen ; Hensley, Scott ; Swan, Aaron ; Duersch, Mi ..., Sensors, 2015

Coastal lands and nearshore marine areas are productive and rapidly changing places. However, these areas face many environmental challenges related to climate change and human-induced impacts. Space-borne remote sensing systems may be restricted in monitoring these areas because of their spatial ...


Molecules, Vol. 20, Pages 17929-17943: Ionic Liquid-Based Ultrasonic-Assisted Extraction of Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside from Flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) with Further Purification by an Aqueous Two-Phase System

30.09.2015 | Tan, Zhi-Jian ; Wang, Chao-Yun ; Yang, Zi-Zhen ; Yi, Yong-Jian ; Wang, Hong-Ying ; Zhou, Wan-Lai ; Li, Fen-Fang, Molecules, 2015

In this work, a two-step extraction methodology of ionic liquid-based ultrasonic-assisted extraction (IL-UAE) and ionic liquid-based aqueous two-phase system (IL-ATPS) was developed for the extraction and purification of secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG) from flaxseed. In the IL-UAE step, ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 25123-25138: Double Laser for Depth Measurement of Thin Films of Ice

29.09.2015 | Beltrán, Manuel Domingo; Molina, Ramón Luna; Aznar, Miguel Ángel Satorre; Moltó, Carmina Santonja; Verdú, Carlos Millán, Sensors, 2015

The use of thin films is extensive in both science and industry. We have created an experimental system that allows us to measure the thicknesses of thin films (with typical thicknesses of around 1 µm) in real time without the need for any prior knowledge or parameters. Using the proposed system, ...


Entropy, Vol. 17, Pages 6712-6742: Thermodynamic Analysis of Closed Steady or Cyclic Systems

29.09.2015 | McGovern, Jim, Entropy, 2015

Closed, steady or cyclic thermodynamic systems, which have temperature variations over their boundaries, can represent an extremely large range of plants, devices or natural objects, such as combined heating, cooling and power plants, computers and data centres, and planets. Energy transfer rates ...


IJERPH, Vol. 12, Pages 12171-12195: Temporal and Spatial Simulation of Atmospheric Pollutant PM2.5 Changes and Risk Assessment of Population Exposure to Pollution Using Optimization Algorithms of the Back Propagation-Artificial Neural Network Model and GIS

29.09.2015 | Zhang, Ping ; Hong, Bo ; He, Liang ; Cheng, Fei ; Zhao, Peng ; Wei, Cailiang ; Liu, Yunhui, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2015

PM2.5 pollution has become of increasing public concern because of its relative importance and sensitivity to population health risks. Accurate predictions of PM2.5 pollution and population exposure risks are crucial to developing effective air pollution control strategies. We simulated and ...


Sustainability, Vol. 7, Pages 13317-13333: Stabilization of Organic Matter by Biochar Application in Compost-amended Soils with Contrasting pH Values and Textures

29.09.2015 | Jien, Shih-Hao ; Wang, Chung-Chi ; Lee, Chia-Hsing ; Lee, Tsung-Yu, Sustainability, 2015

Food demand and soil sustainability have become urgent concerns because of the impacts of global climate change. In subtropical and tropical regions, practical management that stabilizes and prevents organic fertilizers from rapid decomposition in soils is necessary. This study conducted a ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 25015-25032: Optimisation and Characterisation of Anti-Fouling Ternary SAM Layers for Impedance-Based Aptasensors

29.09.2015 | Miodek, Anna ; Regan, Edward M.; Bhalla, Nikhil ; Hopkins, Neal A.E.; Goodchild, Sarah A.; Estrela, Pedro, Sensors, 2015

An aptasensor with enhanced anti-fouling properties has been developed. As a case study, the aptasensor was designed with specificity for human thrombin. The sensing platform was developed on screen printed electrodes and is composed of a self-assembled monolayer made from a ternary mixture of ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 10818-10841: Active Participation of Air Conditioners in Power System Frequency Control Considering Users’ Thermal Comfort

28.09.2015 | Zhang, Rongxiang ; Chu, Xiaodong ; Zhang, Wen ; Liu, Yutian, Energies, 2015

Air conditioners have great potential to participate in power system frequency control. This paper proposes a control strategy to facilitate the active participation of air conditioners. For each air conditioner, a decentralized control law is designed to adjust its temperature set point in ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 10775-10795: ANN-Based Prediction and Optimization of Cooling System in Hotel Rooms

28.09.2015 | Moon, Jin Woo; Kim, Kyungjae ; Min, Hyunsuk, Energies, 2015

This study aimed at developing an artificial-neural-network (ANN)-based model that can calculate the required time for restoring the current indoor temperature during the setback period in accommodation buildings to the normal set-point temperature in the cooling season. By applying the ...


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