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Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 2197-2210: Experimental Analysis of Cool Traditional Solar Shading Systems for Residential Buildings

20.03.2015 | Pisello, Anna Laura, Energies, 2015

In recent years there has been a growing interest in the development and thermal-energy analysis of passive solutions for reducing building cooling needs and thus improving indoor thermal comfort conditions. In this view, several studies were carried out about cool roofs and cool coatings, ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 6763-6788: Human Detection Based on the Generation of a Background Image by Using a Far-Infrared Light Camera

19.03.2015 | Jeon, Eun Som; Choi, Jong-Suk ; Lee, Ji Hoon; Shin, Kwang Yong; Kim, Yeong Gon; Le, Toan Thanh; Park, Kang Ryoung, Sensors, 2015

The need for computer vision-based human detection has increased in fields, such as security, intelligent surveillance and monitoring systems. However, performance enhancement of human detection based on visible light cameras is limited, because of factors, such as nonuniform illumination, ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 6699-6718: Soil Water Content Assessment: Critical Issues Concerning the Operational Application of the Triangle Method

19.03.2015 | Maltese, Antonino ; Capodici, Fulvio ; Ciraolo, Giuseppe ; Loggia, Goffredo La, Sensors, 2015

Knowledge of soil water content plays a key role in water management efforts to improve irrigation efficiency. Among the indirect estimation methods of soil water content via Earth Observation data is the triangle method, used to analyze optical and thermal features because these are primarily ...


IJMS, Vol. 16, Pages 6402-6418: Exploring the Nature of Silicon-Noble Gas Bonds in H3SiNgNSi and HSiNgNSi Compounds (Ng = Xe, Rn)

19.03.2015 | Pan, Sudip ; Saha, Ranajit ; Chattaraj, Pratim K., International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2015

Ab initio and density functional theory-based computations are performed to investigate the structure and stability of H3SiNgNSi and HSiNgNSi compounds (Ng = Xe, Rn). They are thermochemically unstable with respect to the dissociation channel producing Ng and H3SiNSi or HSiNSi. However, they are ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 1249-1263: Gas-Phase Deposition of Ultrathin Aluminium Oxide Films on Nanoparticles at Ambient Conditions

19.03.2015 | Valdesueiro, David ; Meesters, Gabrie M. H.; Kreutzer, Michiel T.; van Ommen, J. Ruud, Materials, 2015

We have deposited aluminium oxide films by atomic layer deposition on titanium oxide nanoparticles in a fluidized bed reactor at 27 ± 3 °C and atmospheric pressure. Working at room temperature allows coating heat-sensitive materials, while working at atmospheric pressure would simplify the ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 2097-2124: Thermo-Economic Evaluation of Organic Rankine Cycles for Geothermal Power Generation Using Zeotropic Mixtures

17.03.2015 | Heberle, Florian ; Brüggemann, Dieter, Energies, 2015

We present a thermo-economic evaluation of binary power plants based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) for geothermal power generation. The focus of this study is to analyse if an efficiency increase by using zeotropic mixtures as working fluid overcompensates additional requirements regarding ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 1074-1088: Cellular Response to Doping of High Porosity Foamed Alumina with Ca, P, Mg, and Si

13.03.2015 | Soh, Edwin ; Kolos, Elizabeth ; Ruys, Andrew J., Materials, 2015

Foamed alumina was previously synthesised by direct foaming of sulphate salt blends varying ammonium mole fraction (AMF), foaming heating rate and sintering temperature. The optimal product was produced with 0.33AMF, foaming at 100 °C/h and sintering at 1600 °C. This product attained high ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 1108-1123: Corrosion Behavior of Detonation Gun Sprayed Fe-Al Type Intermetallic Coating

13.03.2015 | Senderowski, Cezary ; Chodala, Michal ; Bojar, Zbigniew, Materials, 2015

The detonation gun sprayed Fe-Al type coatings as an alternative for austenitic valve steel, were investigated using two different methods of testing corrosion resistance. High temperature, 10-hour isothermal oxidation experiments at 550, 750, 950 and 1100 °C show differences in the oxidation ...


Sustainability, Vol. 7, Pages 3109-3128: Modeling Thermal Comfort and Optimizing Local Renewal Strategies—A Case Study of Dazhimen Neighborhood in Wuhan City

13.03.2015 | Peng, Chong ; Ming, Tingzhen ; Cheng, Jianquan ; Wu, Yongjia ; Peng, Zhong-Ren, Sustainability, 2015

Modeling thermal comfort provides quantitative evidence and parameters for effective and efficient urban planning, design, and building construction particularly in a dense and narrow inner city, which has become one of many concerns for sustainable urban development. This paper aims to develop ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 1917-1935: Heat Recovery from High Temperature Slags: A Review of Chemical Methods

12.03.2015 | Sun, Yongqi ; Zhang, Zuotai ; Liu, Lili ; Wang, Xidong, Energies, 2015

Waste heat recovery from high temperature slags represents the latest potential way to remarkably reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the steel industry. The molten slags, in the temperature range of 1723–1923 K, carry large amounts of high quality energy. However, the heat ...


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