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Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 13231-13254: Integrated Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: Steady-State Model of a Bundle and Validation through Single Tube Experimental Data

20.11.2015 | Costamagna, Paola ; Grosso, Simone ; Travis, Rowland ; Magistri, Loredana, Energies, 2015

This work focuses on a steady-state model developed for an integrated planar solid oxide fuel cell (IP-SOFC) bundle. In this geometry, several single IP-SOFCs are deposited on a tube and electrically connected in series through interconnections. Then, several tubes are coupled to one another to ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 7837-7863: Characterization of Thermo-Physical Properties of EVA/ATH: Application to Gasification Experiments and Pyrolysis Modeling

20.11.2015 | Girardin, Bertrand ; Fontaine, Gaëlle ; Duquesne, Sophie ; Försth, Michael ; Bourbigot, Serge, Materials, 2015

The pyrolysis of solid polymeric materials is a complex process that involves both chemical and physical phenomena such as phase transitions, chemical reactions, heat transfer, and mass transport of gaseous components. For modeling purposes, it is important to characterize and to quantify the ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 29467-29477: Wireless Low-Power Integrated Basal-Body-Temperature Detection Systems Using Teeth Antennas in the MedRadio Band

20.11.2015 | Yang, Chin-Lung ; Zheng, Gou-Tsun, Sensors, 2015

This study proposes using wireless low power thermal sensors for basal-body-temperature detection using frequency modulated telemetry devices. A long-term monitoring sensor requires low-power circuits including a sampling circuit and oscillator. Moreover, temperature compensated technologies are ...


Entropy, Vol. 17, Pages 7811-7826: Thermodynamics Analysis of Variable Viscosity Hydromagnetic Couette Flow in a Rotating System with Hall Effects

20.11.2015 | Makinde, Oluwole D.; Eegunjobi, Adetayo S.; Tshehla, M. Samuel, Entropy, 2015

In this paper, we employed both first and second laws of thermodynamics to analyze the flow and thermal decomposition in a variable viscosity Couette flow of a conducting fluid in a rotating system under the combined influence of magnetic field and Hall current. The non-linear governing ...


Sustainability, Vol. 7, Pages 15487-15509: Expanding Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) Usage in the Corn–Soy–Wheat Rotation

20.11.2015 | Wyngaarden, Sara L.; Gaudin, Amélie C.M.; Deen, William ; Martin, Ralph C., Sustainability, 2015

A common agronomic recommendation is under-seeding red clover to wheat in the corn–soy–wheat rotation. As a leguminous cover crop, red clover boosts agro-ecological resilience and productivity through nitrogen fixation, as well as non-nitrogen-related contributions, such as soil temperature and ...


Sustainability, Vol. 7, Pages 15362-15383: Selection of Optimum Working Fluid for Organic Rankine Cycles by Exergy and Exergy-Economic Analyses

19.11.2015 | Darvish, Kamyar ; Ehyaei, Mehdi A.; Atabi, Farideh ; Rosen, Marc A., Sustainability, 2015

The thermodynamic performance of a regenerative organic Rankine cycle that utilizes low temperature heat sources to facilitate the selection of proper organic working fluids is simulated. Thermodynamic models are used to investigate thermodynamic parameters such as output power, and energy ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 7821-7836: Extrinsic Contribution and Instability Properties in Lead-Based and Lead-Free Piezoceramics

19.11.2015 | García, José Eduardo, Materials, 2015

Piezoceramic materials generally exhibit a notable instability of their functional properties when they work under real external conditions. This undesirable effect, known as nonlinear behavior, is mostly associated with the extrinsic contribution to material response. In this article, the role ...


Sustainability, Vol. 7, Pages 15302-15318: Adsorptive Removal of Reactive Black 5 from Wastewater Using Bentonite Clay: Isotherms, Kinetics and Thermodynamics

18.11.2015 | Amin, Muhammad Tahir; Alazba, Abdulrahman Ali; Shafiq, Muhammad, Sustainability, 2015

The studies of the kinetics and isotherms adsorption of the Reactive Black 5 (RB5) onto bentonite clay were explored in a batch study in a laboratory. The maximum RB5 adsorption conditions of bentonite clay were optimized such as shaking speed (100 rpm), temperature (323 K), pH (10), contact ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 7795-7804: Preparation and Preliminary Dielectric Characterization of Structured C60-Thiol-Ene Polymer Nanocomposites Assembled Using the Thiol-Ene Click Reaction

18.11.2015 | Ahmed, Hanaa M.; Windham, Amber D.; Al-Ejji, Maryam M.; Al-Qahtani, Noora H.; Hassan, Mohammad K.; Mauritz, Kenneth ..., Materials, 2015

Fullerene-containing materials have the ability to store and release electrical energy. Therefore, fullerenes may ultimately find use in high-voltage equipment devices or as super capacitors for high electric energy storage due to this ease of manipulating their excellent dielectric properties ...


Sustainability, Vol. 7, Pages 15284-15301: Evaluating the Relationship between the Population Trends, Prices, Heat Waves, and the Demands of Energy Consumption in Cities

18.11.2015 | Fu, Katherine S.; Allen, Melissa R.; Archibald, Richard K., Sustainability, 2015

The demands of energy consumption have been projected as a key factor that affects an economy at the city, national, and international level. Contributions to total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in 2012 by various urban sectors include electricity (31%), transportation (28%), industry (20%), ...


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