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Molecules, Vol. 19, Pages 17026-17051: Structural Diversity of Copper(II) Complexes with N-(2-Pyridyl)Imidazolidin-2-Ones(Thiones) and Their in Vitro Antitumor Activity

23.10.2014 | Balewski, Łukasz ; Sączewski, Franciszek ; Bednarski, Patrick J.; Gdaniec, Maria ; Borys, Ewa ; Makowska, Anna, Molecules, 2014

Six series of structurally different mono- and binuclear copper(II) complexes 5–10 were obtained by reacting N-(2-pyridyl)imidazolidin-2-ones (1a–l), N,N'-bis(2-pyridyl)imidazolidin-2-ones (2a,b), N-acyl-N'(2-pyridyl)imidazolodin-2-ones (3a–j) and N-(2-pyridyl)imidazolidine-2-thiones (4a–g) ...


Sustainability, Vol. 6, Pages 7263-7275: Wireless Sensor Network Powered by a Terrestrial Microbial Fuel Cell as a Sustainable Land Monitoring Energy System

22.10.2014 | Pietrelli, Andrea ; Micangeli, Andrea ; Ferrara, Vincenzo ; Raffi, Alessandro, Sustainability, 2014

This work aims at investigating the possibility of a wireless sensor network powered by an energy harvesting technology, such as a microbial fuel cell (MFC). An MFC is a bioreactor that transforms energy stored in chemical bonds of organic compounds into electrical energy. This process takes ...


Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 7105-7117: Bulk TiB2-Based Ceramic Composites with Improved Mechanical Property Using Fe–Ni–Ti–Al as a Sintering Aid

21.10.2014 | Yang, Chao ; Guo, Hao ; Mo, Daguang ; Qu, Shengguan ; Li, Xiaoqiang ; Zhang, Weiwen ; Zhang, Laichang, Materials, 2014

The densification behavior, microstructure and mechanical properties of bulk TiB2-based ceramic composites, fabricated using the spark plasma sintering (SPS) technique with elements of (Fe–Ni–Ti–Al) sinter-aid were investigated. Comparing the change of shrinkage displacement of pure TiB2 and ...


Molecules, Vol. 19, Pages 16811-16823: Physicochemical and Antioxidant Properties of Black Garlic

20.10.2014 | Choi, Il Sook; Cha, Han Sam; Lee, Young Soon, Molecules, 2014

Black garlic (BG) is a processed garlic product prepared by heat treatment of whole garlic bulbs (Allium sativum L.) at high temperature under high humidity for several days, resulting in black cloves with a sweet taste. BG has recently been introduced to the Korean market as a product beneficial ...


Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 7048-7058: Effect of Isomorphous Substitution on the Thermal Decomposition Mechanism of Hydrotalcites

17.10.2014 | Crosby, Sergio ; Tran, Doanh ; Cocke, David ; Duraia, El-Shazly M.; Beall, Gary W., Materials, 2014

Hydrotalcites have many important applications in catalysis, wastewater treatment, gene delivery and polymer stabilization, all depending on preparation history and treatment scenarios. In catalysis and polymer stabilization, thermal decomposition is of great importance. Hydrotalcites form easily ...


Energies, Vol. 7, Pages 6689-6720: Seismic Velocity/Temperature Correlations and a Possible New Geothermometer: Insights from Exploration of a High-Temperature Geothermal System on Montserrat, West Indies

17.10.2014 | Ryan, Graham Alexander; Shalev, Eylon, Energies, 2014

In 2013, two production wells were drilled into a geothermal reservoir on Montserrat, W.I. (West Indies) Drilling results confirmed the main features of a previously developed conceptual model. The results confirm that below ~220 °C there is a negative correlation between reservoir temperature ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 19493-19506: Novel Real-Time Temperature Diagnosis of Conventional Hot-Embossing Process Using an Ultrasonic Transducer

17.10.2014 | Cheng, Chin-Chi ; Yang, Sen-Yeu ; Lee, Dasheng, Sensors, 2014

This paper presents an integrated high temperature ultrasonic transducer (HTUT) on a sensor insert and its application for real-time diagnostics of the conventional hot embossing process to fabricate V-cut patterns. The sensor was directly deposited onto the sensor insert of the hot embossing ...


Sensors, Vol. 14, Pages 19517-19532: Gas Sensitivity and Sensing Mechanism Studies on Au-Doped TiO2 Nanotube Arrays for Detecting SF6 Decomposed Components

17.10.2014 | Zhang, Xiaoxing ; Yu, Lei ; Tie, Jing ; Dong, Xingchen, Sensors, 2014

The analysis to SF6 decomposed component gases is an efficient diagnostic approach to detect the partial discharge in gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) for the purpose of accessing the operating state of power equipment. This paper applied the Au-doped TiO2 nanotube array sensor (Au-TiO2 NTAs) to ...


IJERPH, Vol. 11, Pages 10694-10709: Predictiveness of Disease Risk in a Global Outreach Tourist Setting in Thailand Using Meteorological Data and Vector-Borne Disease Incidences

16.10.2014 | Ninphanomchai, Suwannapa ; Chansang, Chitti ; Hii, Yien Ling; Rocklöv, Joacim ; Kittayapong, Pattamaporn, International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2014

Dengue and malaria are vector-borne diseases and major public health problems worldwide. Changes in climatic factors influence incidences of these diseases. The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between vector-borne disease incidences and meteorological data, and hence ...


Sustainability, Vol. 6, Pages 7107-7120: Infrared Thermography Assessment of Thermal Bridges in Building Envelope: Experimental Validation in a Test Room Setup

16.10.2014 | Bianchi, Francesco ; Pisello, Anna Laura; Baldinelli, Giorgio ; Asdrubali, Francesco, Sustainability, 2014

Thermal infrared imaging is a valuable tool to perform non-destructive qualitative tests and to investigate buildings envelope thermal-energy behavior. The assessment of envelope thermal insulation, ventilation, air leakages, and HVAC performance can be implemented through the analysis of each ...


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