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Accurate Assignment of Significance to Neuropeptide Identifications Using Monte Carlo K-Permuted Decoy Databases

17.10.2014 | Malik N. Akhtar et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Malik N. Akhtar, Bruce R. Southey, Per E. Andrén, Jonathan V. Sweedler, Sandra L. Rodriguez-Zas In support of accurate neuropeptide identification in mass spectrometry experiments, novel Monte Carlo permutation testing was used to compute significance values. Testing was based on k-permuted ...


Intrauterine Ischemic Reperfusion Switches the Fetal Transcriptional Pattern from HIF-1α- to P53-Dependent Regulation in the Murine Brain

17.10.2014 | Yupeng Dong et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Yupeng Dong, Takuya Ito, Clarissa Velayo, Takafumi Sato, Keita Iida, Miyuki Endo, Kiyoe Funamoto, Naoaki Sato, Nobuo Yaegashi, Yoshitaka Kimura Ischemic reperfusion (IR) during the perinatal period is a known causative factor of fetal brain damage. So far, both morphologic and histologic ...


Carina® and Esteem®: A Systematic Review of Fully Implantable Hearing Devices

17.10.2014 | Janaina Oliveira Bentivi Pulcherio et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Janaina Oliveira Bentivi Pulcherio, Aline Gomes Bittencourt, Patrick Rademaker Burke, Rafael da Costa Monsanto, Rubens de Brito, Robinson Koji Tsuji, Ricardo Ferreira Bento Objective To review the outcomes of the fully implantable middle ear devices Carina and Esteem regarding the treatment ...


Correlation of Apical Fluid-Regulating Channel Proteins with Lung Function in Human COPD Lungs

17.10.2014 | Runzhen Zhao et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Runzhen Zhao, Xinrong Liang, Meimi Zhao, Shan-Lu Liu, Yao Huang, Steven Idell, Xiumin Li, Hong-Long Ji Links between epithelial ion channels and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) are emerging through animal model and in vitro studies. However, clinical correlations between ...


Expression Profiling of FLOWERING LOCUS T-Like Gene in Alternate Bearing ‘Hass' Avocado Trees Suggests a Role for PaFT in Avocado Flower Induction

17.10.2014 | Dafna Ziv et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Dafna Ziv, Tali Zviran, Oshrat Zezak, Alon Samach, Vered Irihimovitch In many perennials, heavy fruit load on a shoot decreases the ability of the plant to undergo floral induction in the following spring, resulting in a pattern of crop production known as alternate bearing. Here, we studied ...


Glucose and Fructose Have Sugar-Specific Effects in Both Liver and Skeletal Muscle In Vivo: A Role for Liver Fructokinase

17.10.2014 | Josep M. Fernández-Novell et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Josep M. Fernández-Novell, Laura Ramió-Lluch, Anna Orozco, Anna M. Gómez-Foix, Joan J. Guinovart, Joan E. Rodríguez-Gil We examined glucose and fructose effects on serine phosphorylation levels of a range of proteins in rat liver and muscle cells. For this, healthy adult rats were subjected ...


Stabilization of Homoserine-O-Succinyltransferase (MetA) Decreases the Frequency of Persisters in Escherichia coli under Stressful Conditions

17.10.2014 | Elena A. Mordukhova et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Elena A. Mordukhova, Jae-Gu Pan Bacterial persisters are a small subpopulation of cells that exhibit multi-drug tolerance without genetic changes. Generally, persistence is associated with a dormant state in which the microbial cells are metabolically inactive. The bacterial response to ...


Effects of miR-33a-5P on ABCA1/G1-Mediated Cholesterol Efflux under Inflammatory Stress in THP-1 Macrophages

17.10.2014 | Min Mao et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by Min Mao, Han Lei, Qing Liu, Yaxi Chen, Lei Zhao, Qing Li, Suxin Luo, Zhong Zuo, Quan He, Wei Huang, Nan Zhang, Chao Zhou, Xiong Z. Ruan The present study is to investigate whether inflammatory cytokines inhibit ABCA1/ABCG1-mediated cholesterol efflux by regulating miR-33a-5P in THP-1 ...


Real-Time UV-Visible Spectroscopy Analysis of Purple Membrane-Polyacrylamide Film Formation Taking into Account Fano Line Shapes and Scattering

17.10.2014 | María Gomariz et al., PLoS ONE, 2014

by María Gomariz, Salvador Blaya, Pablo Acebal, Luis Carretero We theoretically and experimentally analyze the formation of thick Purple Membrane (PM) polyacrylamide (PA) films by means of optical spectroscopy by considering the absorption of bacteriorhodopsin and scattering. We have applied ...


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