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[Special Issue Report] Evidence of nonthermal particles in coronal loops heated impulsively by nanoflares

17.10.2014 | P. Testa; B. De Pontieu; J. Allred; M. Carlsson; F. Reale; A. Daw; V. Hansteen; J. Martinez-Sykora; W. Liu; E. E. De ..., Science , 2014

The physical processes causing energy exchange between the Sun’s hot corona and its cool lower atmosphere remain poorly understood. The chromosphere and transition region (TR) form an interface region between the surface and the corona that is highly sensitive to the coronal heating mechanism. ...


[Perspective] Nutrient computation for root architecture

17.10.2014 | Ton Bisseling; Ben Scheres, Science , 2014

Plants sense and respond to nutrients using a peptide signaling system Authors: Ton Bisseling, Ben Scheres


[Introduction to Special Issue] Probing the solar interface region

17.10.2014 | Bart De Pontieu; Alan Title; Mats Carlsson, Science , 2014

Authors: Bart De Pontieu, Alan Title, Mats Carlsson


[In Brief] This week's section

17.10.2014 | Science , 2014

A roundup of weekly science policy and related news.


[Working Life] Life inspires applications

17.10.2014 | Sharon Ann Holgate, Science , 2014

Author: Sharon Ann Holgate


[Special Issue Report] The unresolved fine structure resolved: IRIS observations of the solar transition region

17.10.2014 | V. Hansteen; B. De Pontieu; M. Carlsson; J. Lemen; A. Title; P. Boerner; N. Hurlburt; T. D. Tarbell; J. P. Wuelser; ..., Science , 2014

The heating of the outer solar atmospheric layers, i.e., the transition region and corona, to high temperatures is a long-standing problem in solar (and stellar) physics. Solutions have been hampered by an incomplete understanding of the magnetically controlled structure of these regions. The ...


[Report] Large carnivores make savanna tree communities less thorny

17.10.2014 | Adam T. Ford; Jacob R. Goheen; Tobias O. Otieno; Laura Bidner; Lynne A. Isbell; Todd M. Palmer; David Ward; Rosie Wo ..., Science , 2014

Changes to thorny plant defenses and high predator risk for impala determine density and distribution of savanna trees. Authors: Adam T. Ford, Jacob R. Goheen, Tobias O. Otieno, Laura Bidner, Lynne A. Isbell, Todd M. Palmer, David Ward, Rosie Woodroffe, Robert M. Pringle


[Report] Neural correlates of strategic reasoning during competitive games

17.10.2014 | Hyojung Seo; Xinying Cai; Christopher H. Donahue; Daeyeol Lee, Science , 2014

Neuronal responses in the dorsomedial prefrontal cortex predict choices and switches in gaming strategies in monkeys. Authors: Hyojung Seo, Xinying Cai, Christopher H. Donahue, Daeyeol Lee


[New Products] New Products

17.10.2014 | Science , 2014

A weekly roundup of information on newly offered instrumentation, apparatus, and laboratory materials of potential interest to researchers.


[Report] Structure and selectivity in bestrophin ion channels

17.10.2014 | Tingting Yang; Qun Liu; Brian Kloss; Renato Bruni; Ravi C. Kalathur; Youzhong Guo; Edda Kloppmann; Burkhard Rost; He ..., Science , 2014

A bacterial homolog structure gives insights into ion permeation, gating, and mutations that cause retinal degeneration. Authors: Tingting Yang, Qun Liu, Brian Kloss, Renato Bruni, Ravi C. Kalathur, Youzhong Guo, Edda Kloppmann, Burkhard Rost, Henry M. Colecraft, Wayne A. Hendrickson


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