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[Technical Response] Response to Comment on “A 12-million-year temperature history of the tropical Pacific Ocean”

19.12.2014 | Yi Ge Zhang; Mark Pagani; Zhonghui Liu, Science , 2014

Contrary to our conclusions, Ravelo et al. argue that our TEX86-based sea surface temperature (SST) records do not conflict with the supposition of “permanent El Niño–like” conditions during the early Pliocene. We show that the way Ravelo et al. treat the existing temperature data perpetuates an ...


[Report] One-pot room-temperature conversion of cyclohexane to adipic acid by ozone and UV light

19.12.2014 | Kuo Chu Hwang; Arunachalam Sagadevan, Science , 2014

A photochemical route to a nylon precursor could prove more environmentally benign than current approaches. Authors: Kuo Chu Hwang, Arunachalam Sagadevan


[Technical Comment] Comment on “A 12-million-year temperature history of the tropical Pacific Ocean”

19.12.2014 | Ana Christina Ravelo; Kira Trillium Lawrence; Alexey Fedorov; Heather Louise Ford, Science , 2014

Zhang et al. (Reports, 4 April 2014, p. 84) interpret TEX86 and U37K' paleotemperature data as providing a fundamentally new view of tropical Pacific climate during the warm Pliocene period. We argue that, within error, their Pliocene data actually support previously published data indicating ...


[Report] Multidecadal warming of Antarctic waters

05.12.2014 | Sunke Schmidtko; Karen J. Heywood; Andrew F. Thompson; Shigeru Aoki, Science , 2014

Seawater temperature around Antarctica is rising as more warmer, deeper water moves toward the surface. [Also see Perspective by Gille] Authors: Sunke Schmidtko, Karen J. Heywood, Andrew F. Thompson, Shigeru Aoki


[Report] Molten uranium dioxide structure and dynamics

21.11.2014 | L. B. Skinner; C. J. Benmore; J. K. R. Weber; M. A. Williamson; A. Tamalonis; A. Hebden; T. Wiencek; O. L. G. Alderm ..., Science , 2014

Levitation of molten uranium dioxide allowed structural determination of the solid and melt at high temperature. [Also see Perspective by Navrotsky] Authors: L. B. Skinner, C. J. Benmore, J. K. R. Weber, M. A. Williamson, A. Tamalonis, A. Hebden, T. Wiencek, O. L. G. Alderman, M. Guthrie, L. ...


[Special Issue Review] The gentle touch receptors of mammalian skin

21.11.2014 | Amanda Zimmerman; Ling Bai; David D. Ginty, Science , 2014

The skin is our largest sensory organ, transmitting pain, temperature, itch, and touch information to the central nervous system. Touch sensations are conveyed by distinct combinations of mechanosensory end organs and the low-threshold mechanoreceptors (LTMRs) that innervate them. Here we explore ...


[Report] Room-temperature enantioselective C–H iodination via kinetic resolution

24.10.2014 | Ling Chu; Kai-Jiong Xiao; Jin-Quan Yu, Science , 2014

Palladium catalysis produces benzylamine derivatives of interest in medicinal chemistry. Authors: Ling Chu, Kai-Jiong Xiao, Jin-Quan Yu


Editors' Choice

17.10.2014 | Caroline Ash, Science , 2014

Charting the course of antibiotic failure | Protein sorting sets digit number | Unraveling ringwoodite hydration in mantle | Meat-eater lived in extinction's wake | A costly reluctance to speak out | How many lakes are there on Earth? | Taking the temperature of virulence | Finding ways to reach ...


[Report] Room-temperature coupling between electrical current and nuclear spins in OLEDs

19.09.2014 | H. Malissa; M. Kavand; D. P. Waters; K. J. van Schooten; P. L. Burn; Z. V. Vardeny; B. Saam; J. M. Lupton; C. Boehme, Science , 2014

Magnetic resonance spectroscopy enables detection and manipulation of subtle spin interactions in organic semiconductors. [Also see Perspective by Bobbert] Authors: H. Malissa, M. Kavand, D. P. Waters, K. J. van Schooten, P. L. Burn, Z. V. Vardeny, B. Saam, J. M. Lupton, C. Boehme


[Report] Recurrent Insect Outbreaks Caused by Temperature-Driven Changes in System Stability

16.08.2013 | William A. Nelson; Ottar N. Bjørnstad; Takehiko Yamanaka, Science , 2013

Seasonal temperature changes destabilize population cycles in the tea tortrix moth and drive the timing of pest outbreaks. Authors: William A. Nelson, Ottar N. Bjørnstad, Takehiko Yamanaka


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