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[Report] Near-unity photoluminescence quantum yield in MoS2

27.11.2015 | Matin Amani; Der-Hsien Lien; Daisuke Kiriya; Jun Xiao; Angelica Azcatl; Jiyoung Noh; Surabhi R. Madhvapathy; Rafik A ..., Science , 2015

Two-dimensional (2D) transition metal dichalcogenides have emerged as a promising material system for optoelectronic applications, but their primary figure of merit, the room-temperature photoluminescence quantum yield (QY), is extremely low. The prototypical 2D material molybdenum disulfide ...


[Report] Three-dimensional charge density wave order in YBa2Cu3O6.67 at high magnetic fields

20.11.2015 | S. Gerber; H. Jang; H. Nojiri; S. Matsuzawa; H. Yasumura; D. A. Bonn; R. Liang; W. N. Hardy; Z. Islam; A. Mehta; S. ..., Science , 2015

Charge density wave (CDW) correlations have been shown to universally exist in cuprate superconductors. However, their nature at high fields inferred from nuclear magnetic resonance is distinct from that measured with x-ray scattering at zero and low fields. We combined a pulsed magnet with an ...


[Report] Body-size reduction in vertebrates following the end-Devonian mass extinction

13.11.2015 | Lauren Sallan; Andrew K. Galimberti, Science , 2015

Following the end-Devonian mass extinction (359 million years ago), vertebrates experienced persistent reductions in body size for at least 36 million years. Global shrinkage was not related to oxygen or temperature, which suggests that ecological drivers played a key role in determining the ...


[Report] Slow adaptation in the face of rapid warming leads to collapse of the Gulf of Maine cod fishery

13.11.2015 | Andrew J. Pershing; Michael A. Alexander; Christina M. Hernandez; Lisa A. Kerr; Arnault Le Bris; Katherine E. Mills; ..., Science , 2015

Several studies have documented fish populations changing in response to long-term warming. Over the past decade, sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Maine increased faster than 99% of the global ocean. The warming, which was related to a northward shift in the Gulf Stream and to changes in ...


[Report] Torque-mixing magnetic resonance spectroscopy

13.11.2015 | J. E. Losby; F. Fani Sani; D. T. Grandmont; Z. Diao; M. Belov; J. A. J. Burgess; S. R. Compton; W. K. Hiebert; D. Vi ..., Science , 2015

A universal, torque-mixing method for magnetic resonance spectroscopy is presented. In analogy to resonance detection by magnetic induction, the transverse component of a precessing dipole moment can be measured in sensitive broadband spectroscopy, here using a resonant mechanical torque sensor. ...


[Report] Quantum Griffiths singularity of superconductor-metal transition in Ga thin films

30.10.2015 | Ying Xing; Hui-Min Zhang; Hai-Long Fu; Haiwen Liu; Yi Sun; Jun-Ping Peng; Fa Wang; Xi Lin; Xu-Cun Ma; Qi-Kun Xue; Ji ..., Science , 2015

The Griffiths singularity in a phase transition, caused by disorder effects, was predicted more than 40 years ago. Its signature, the divergence of the dynamical critical exponent, is challenging to observe experimentally. We report the experimental observation of the quantum Griffiths ...


[Report] Mobile metallic domain walls in an all-in-all-out magnetic insulator

30.10.2015 | Eric Yue Ma; Yong-Tao Cui; Kentaro Ueda; Shujie Tang; Kai Chen; Nobumichi Tamura; Phillip M. Wu; Jun Fujioka; Yoshin ..., Science , 2015

Magnetic domain walls are boundaries between regions with different configurations of the same magnetic order. In a magnetic insulator, where the magnetic order is tied to its bulk insulating property, it has been postulated that electrical properties are drastically different along the domain ...


[Report] Metallic ground state in an ion-gated two-dimensional superconductor

23.10.2015 | Yu Saito; Yuichi Kasahara; Jianting Ye; Yoshihiro Iwasa; Tsutomu Nojima, Science , 2015

Recently emerging two-dimensional (2D) superconductors in atomically thin layers and at heterogeneous interfaces are attracting growing interest in condensed matter physics. Here, we report that an ion-gated zirconium nitride chloride surface, exhibiting a dome-shaped phase diagram with a maximum ...


[Perspective] Restoring the sense of touch

16.10.2015 | Polina Anikeeva; Ryan A. Koppes, Science , 2015

Amputation of damaged tissue is one of the oldest surgical techniques, reaching prevalence in the 16th century (1). Improved emergency medicine has allowed more individuals to survive traumatic injuries as amputees, but prosthetic limbs remain the only means to restore any degree of function to ...


[Feature] Feeling the chill

09.10.2015 | Adrian Cho, Science , 2015

For more than a century, studies of liquid helium, the only substance that won't freeze at absolute zero temperature, have proved a gold mine for physicists. Liquid helium bagged five Nobel Prizes—one more than superconductivity, the other star of condensed matter physics. It displays bizarre ...


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