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[Report] Kinetically controlled E-selective catalytic olefin metathesis

29.04.2016 | Thach T. Nguyen; Ming Joo Koh; Xiao Shen; Filippo Romiti; Richard R. Schrock; Amir H. Hoveyda, Science , 2016

A major shortcoming in olefin metathesis, a chemical process that is central to research in several branches of chemistry, is the lack of efficient methods that kinetically favor E isomers in the product distribution. Here we show that kinetically E-selective cross-metathesis reactions may be ...


[Technical Comment] Comment on “Slow adaptation in the face of rapid warming leads to collapse of the Gulf of Maine cod fishery”

22.04.2016 | Michael C. Palmer; Jonathan J. Deroba; Christopher M. Legault; Elizabeth N. Brooks, Science , 2016

Pershing et al. (Reports, 13 November, p. 809) concluded that failure to account for temperature in the assessment and management of Gulf of Maine Atlantic cod caused overfishing. We argue that the “extra mortality” calculation driving this conclusion is an artifact. Environmental factors affect ...


[Report] Light-driven dinitrogen reduction catalyzed by a CdS:nitrogenase MoFe protein biohybrid

22.04.2016 | Katherine A. Brown; Derek F. Harris; Molly B. Wilker; Andrew Rasmussen; Nimesh Khadka; Hayden Hamby; Stephen Keable; ..., Science , 2016

The splitting of dinitrogen (N2) and reduction to ammonia (NH3) is a kinetically complex and energetically challenging multistep reaction. In the Haber-Bosch process, N2 reduction is accomplished at high temperature and pressure, whereas N2 fixation by the enzyme nitrogenase occurs under ambient ...


[Technical Response] Response to Comments on “Slow adaptation in the face of rapid warming leads to collapse of the Gulf of Maine cod fishery”

22.04.2016 | Andrew J. Pershing; Michael A. Alexander; Christina M. Hernandez; Lisa A. Kerr; Arnault Le Bris; Katherine E. Mills; ..., Science , 2016

Palmer et al. and Swain et al. suggest that our “extra mortality” time series is spurious. In response, we show that including temperature-dependent mortality improves abundance estimates and that warming waters reduce growth rates in Gulf of Maine cod. Far from being spurious, temperature ...


[Report] Pre-transmetalation intermediates in the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction revealed: The missing link

15.04.2016 | Andy A. Thomas; Scott E. Denmark, Science , 2016

Despite the widespread application of Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling to forge carbon-carbon bonds, the structure of the reactive intermediates underlying the key transmetalation step from the boron reagent to the palladium catalyst remains uncertain. Here we report the use of low-temperature rapid ...


[Report] Homogeneously dispersed multimetal oxygen-evolving catalysts

15.04.2016 | Bo Zhang; Xueli Zheng; Oleksandr Voznyy; Riccardo Comin; Michal Bajdich; Max García-Melchor; Lili Han; Jixian Xu; Mi ..., Science , 2016

Earth-abundant first-row (3d) transition metal–based catalysts have been developed for the oxygen-evolution reaction (OER); however, they operate at overpotentials substantially above thermodynamic requirements. Density functional theory suggested that non-3d high-valency metals such as tungsten ...


[Report] Magnetic remanence in single atoms

15.04.2016 | F. Donati; S. Rusponi; S. Stepanow; C. Wäckerlin; A. Singha; L. Persichetti; R. Baltic; K. Diller; F. Patthey; E. Fe ..., Science , 2016

A permanent magnet retains a substantial fraction of its saturation magnetization in the absence of an external magnetic field. Realizing magnetic remanence in a single atom allows for storing and processing information in the smallest unit of matter. We show that individual holmium (Ho) atoms ...


[Report] Climate change disables coral bleaching protection on the Great Barrier Reef

15.04.2016 | Tracy D. Ainsworth; Scott F. Heron; Juan Carlos Ortiz; Peter J. Mumby; Alana Grech; Daisie Ogawa; C. Mark Eakin; Wil ..., Science , 2016

Coral bleaching events threaten the sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef (GBR). Here we show that bleaching events of the past three decades have been mitigated by induced thermal tolerance of reef-building corals, and this protective mechanism is likely to be lost under near-future climate ...


[Report] A single-atom heat engine

15.04.2016 | Johannes Roßnagel; Samuel T. Dawkins; Karl N. Tolazzi; Obinna Abah; Eric Lutz; Ferdinand Schmidt-Kaler; Kilian Singer, Science , 2016

Heat engines convert thermal energy into mechanical work and generally involve a large number of particles. We report the experimental realization of a single-atom heat engine. An ion is confined in a linear Paul trap with tapered geometry and driven thermally by coupling it alternately to hot ...


[In Depth] Obsolescence looms for balloon data

15.04.2016 | Eric Hand, Science , 2016

The United States has fallen behind Europe in adopting a modern weather balloon system. Twice a day, hundreds of hydrogen- or helium-filled balloons lift off from stations around the world, carrying temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors that provide crucial information for weather forecast ...


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