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[Report] Localization-delocalization transition in the dynamics of dipolar-coupled nuclear spins

21.08.2015 | Gonzalo A. Álvarez; Dieter Suter; Robin Kaiser, Science , 2015

Nonequilibrium dynamics of many-body systems are important in many scientific fields. Here, we report the experimental observation of a phase transition of the quantum coherent dynamics of a three-dimensional many-spin system with dipolar interactions. Using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) on a ...


[Perspective] Has there been a hiatus?

14.08.2015 | Kevin E. Trenberth, Science , 2015

Every decade since the 1960s has been warmer than the one before, with 2000 to 2009 by far the warmest decade on record (see the figure). However, the role of human-induced climate change has been discounted by some, owing to a markedly reduced increase in global mean surface temperature (GMST) ...


[Report] Thermal and mechanical properties of the near-surface layers of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

31.07.2015 | T. Spohn; J. Knollenberg; A. J. Ball; M. Banaszkiewicz; J. Benkhoff; M. Grott; J. Grygorczuk; C. Hüttig; A. Hagerman ..., Science , 2015

Thermal and mechanical material properties determine comet evolution and even solar system formation because comets are considered remnant volatile-rich planetesimals. Using data from the Multipurpose Sensors for Surface and Sub-Surface Science (MUPUS) instrument package gathered at the Philae ...


[Report] Recent hiatus caused by decadal shift in Indo-Pacific heating

31.07.2015 | Veronica Nieves; Josh K. Willis; William C. Patzert, Science , 2015

Recent modeling studies have proposed different scenarios to explain the slowdown in surface temperature warming in the most recent decade. Some of these studies seem to support the idea of internal variability and/or rearrangement of heat between the surface and the ocean interior. Others ...


[Perspective] Magnetic bubbles with a twist

17.07.2015 | Kirsten von Bergmann, Science , 2015

Present-day hard disk drives use magnetic bits that are read out by movable read heads. To circumvent the inherent fragility of such a mechanical construction, and to exploit the third dimension for increased storage density, Parkin et al. proposed a racetrack memory device (1). The general ...


[Report] Keeping cool: Enhanced optical reflection and radiative heat dissipation in Saharan silver ants

17.07.2015 | Norman Nan Shi; Cheng-Chia Tsai; Fernando Camino; Gary D. Bernard; Nanfang Yu; Rüdiger Wehner, Science , 2015

Saharan silver ants, Cataglyphis bombycina, forage under extreme temperature conditions in the African desert. We show that the ants’ conspicuous silvery appearance is created by a dense array of triangular hairs with two thermoregulatory effects. They enhance not only the reflectivity of the ...


[Report] Summer declines in activity and body temperature offer polar bears limited energy savings

17.07.2015 | J. P. Whiteman; H. J. Harlow; G. M. Durner; R. Anderson-Sprecher; S. E. Albeke; E. V. Regehr; S. C. Amstrup; M. Ben- ..., Science , 2015

Polar bears (Ursus maritimus) summer on the sea ice or, where it melts, on shore. Although the physiology of “ice” bears in summer is unknown, “shore” bears purportedly minimize energy losses by entering a hibernation-like state when deprived of food. Such a strategy could partially compensate ...


[Review] Contrasting futures for ocean and society from different anthropogenic CO2 emissions scenarios

03.07.2015 | J.-P. Gattuso; A. Magnan; R. Billé; W. W. L. Cheung; E. L. Howes; F. Joos; D. Allemand; L. Bopp; S. R. Cooley; C. M. ..., Science , 2015

The ocean moderates anthropogenic climate change at the cost of profound alterations of its physics, chemistry, ecology, and services. Here, we evaluate and compare the risks of impacts on marine and coastal ecosystems—and the goods and services they provide—for growing cumulative carbon ...


[Report] Possible artifacts of data biases in the recent global surface warming hiatus

26.06.2015 | Thomas R. Karl; Anthony Arguez; Boyin Huang; Jay H. Lawrimore; James R. McMahon; Matthew J. Menne; Thomas C. Peterso ..., Science , 2015

Much study has been devoted to the possible causes of an apparent decrease in the upward trend of global surface temperatures since 1998, a phenomenon that has been dubbed the global warming “hiatus.” Here, we present an updated global surface temperature analysis that reveals that global trends ...


[Report] Topological defect dynamics in operando battery nanoparticles

19.06.2015 | A. Ulvestad; A. Singer; J. N. Clark; H. M. Cho; J. W. Kim; R. Harder; J. Maser; Y. S. Meng; O. G. Shpyrko, Science , 2015

Topological defects can markedly alter nanomaterial properties. This presents opportunities for “defect engineering,” where desired functionalities are generated through defect manipulation. However, imaging defects in working devices with nanoscale resolution remains elusive. We report ...


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