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[Report] Emergence of superconductivity in the canonical heavy-electron metal YbRh2Si2

29.01.2016 | Erwin Schuberth; Marc Tippmann; Lucia Steinke; Stefan Lausberg; Alexander Steppke; Manuel Brando; Cornelius Krellner ..., Science , 2016

The smooth disappearance of antiferromagnetic order in strongly correlated metals commonly furnishes the development of unconventional superconductivity. The canonical heavy-electron compound YbRh2Si2 seems to represent an apparent exception from this quantum critical paradigm in that it is not a ...


[In Depth] A fish back from the dead

29.01.2016 | Elizabeth Pennisi, Science , 2016

Deprive a human of oxygen for 5 minutes or more and she will turn blue, pass out, and may die. Suffocate the embryo of a Venezuelan annual killifish, however, and it survives for months, emerging unscathed to complete its development. At a recent meeting, researchers offered a look at the ...


[Report] Activation of Cu(111) surface by decomposition into nanoclusters driven by CO adsorption

29.01.2016 | Baran Eren; Danylo Zherebetskyy; Laerte L. Patera; Cheng Hao Wu; Hendrik Bluhm; Cristina Africh; Lin-Wang Wang; Gabo ..., Science , 2016

The (111) surface of copper (Cu), its most compact and lowest energy surface, became unstable when exposed to carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Scanning tunneling microscopy revealed that at room temperature in the pressure range 0.1 to 100 Torr, the surface decomposed into clusters decorated by CO ...


[Editors' Choice] Variations in lake temperature trends

22.01.2016 | H. Jesse Smith, Science , 2016

Author: H. Jesse Smith


[Technical Comment] Comment on “Broken translational and rotational symmetry via charge stripe order in underdoped YBa2Cu3O6+y”

15.01.2016 | B. V. Fine, Science , 2016

Comin et al. (Reports, 20 March 2015, p. 1335) have interpreted their resonant x-ray scattering experiment as indicating that charge inhomogeneities in the family of high-temperature superconductors YBa2Cu3O6+y (YBCO) have the character of one-dimensional stripes rather than two-dimensional ...


[Report] Ultrahigh power factor and thermoelectric performance in hole-doped single-crystal SnSe

08.01.2016 | Li-Dong Zhao; Gangjian Tan; Shiqiang Hao; Jiaqing He; Yanling Pei; Hang Chi; Heng Wang; Shengkai Gong; Huibin Xu; Vi ..., Science , 2016

Thermoelectric technology, harvesting electric power directly from heat, is a promising environmentally friendly means of energy savings and power generation. The thermoelectric efficiency is determined by the device dimensionless figure of merit ZTdev, and optimizing this efficiency requires ...


[Perspective] Lower-mantle materials under pressure

08.01.2016 | Jiuhua Chen, Science , 2016

Modern high-pressure experimental techniques have enabled us to achieve the pressure and temperature at the center of Earth (about 360 GPa and 6000 K) in laboratories. However, studies of rheological properties of minerals under controlled strain rate (creep experiments) have been limited to the ...


[Report] Statistical ortho-to-para ratio of water desorbed from ice at 10 kelvin

01.01.2016 | Tetsuya Hama; Akira Kouchi; Naoki Watanabe, Science , 2016

The anomalously low ortho-to-para ratios (OPRs) exhibited by gaseous water in space have been used to determine the formation temperature ...


[Report] Sieving hydrogen isotopes through two-dimensional crystals

01.01.2016 | M. Lozada-Hidalgo; S. Hu; O. Marshall; A. Mishchenko; A. N. Grigorenko; R. A. W. Dryfe; B. Radha; I. V. Grigorieva; ..., Science , 2016

One-atom-thick crystals are impermeable to atoms and molecules, but hydrogen ions (thermal protons) penetrate through them. We show that monolayers of graphene and boron nitride can be used to separate hydrogen ion isotopes. Using electrical measurements and mass spectrometry, we found that ...


[Report] Multidecadal increase in North Atlantic coccolithophores and the potential role of rising CO2

18.12.2015 | Sara Rivero-Calle; Anand Gnanadesikan; Carlos E. Del Castillo; William M. Balch; Seth D. Guikema, Science , 2015

As anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions acidify the oceans, calcifiers generally are expected to be negatively affected. However, using data from the Continuous Plankton Recorder, we show that coccolithophore occurrence in the North Atlantic increased from ~2 to more than 20% from 1965 ...


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