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A Facile Synthesis of Pure O2PtF6

28.08.2015 | Stefan S. Rudel, Florian Kraus, Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie, 2015

Abstract A new and facile synthesis of O2PtF6 is reported without the demanding synthesis of PtF6 or the use of high pressure fluorination in the presence of oxygen. The O2PtF6 is obtained in form of single crystals by direct Klemm‐type fluorination of commercially available PtO2·xH2O in a ...


Study on correlation of filtration performance and charge behavior and crystalline structure for melt‐blown polypropylene electret fabrics

28.08.2015 | Huiming Xiao, Jiyang Gui, Gangjin Chen, Chunping Xiao, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Melt‐blown polypropylene (PP) electret fabrics are widely used as air filter media due to the specific mechanism of electrostatic filtering. In this article, two additives, stearate and modified rosin, are doped to PP fabrics during melt‐blown process. The filtration performance of ...


Rheological Characterization of pH‐Responsive Carboxymethyl Starch/β‐Cyclodextrin Microgels

28.08.2015 | Bao Zhang, Jie Long, Qiutao Xie, Yaoqi Tian, Xueming Xu, Zhengyu Jin, Starch - Stärke, 2015

Carboxymethyl starch (CMS)/β‐cyclodextrin (β‐CD) microgels with pH and ionic strength sensitivities have been synthesized by chemical crosslinking. The characterization of microgels was investigated by thermogravimetric analysis, zeta potential measurements, swelling, and rheological analyses. ...


Polyisobutylene‐based polyurethanes: VII. structure/property investigations for medical applications

28.08.2015 | Kalman Toth, Nihan Nugay, Joseph P. Kennedy, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2015

ABSTRACT The outstanding hydrolytic and oxidative stabilities of polyisobutylene‐based polyurethanes (PIB‐based PUs) were reported earlier. Herein, we summarize recent investigations aimed at further enhancing hydrolytic‐oxidative stabilities (in terms of resistance to aqueous buffer, nitric ...


High molecular weight and low dispersity polyacrylonitrile by low temperature RAFT polymerization

28.08.2015 | Jeremy D. Moskowitz, Brooks A. Abel, Charles L. McCormick, Jeffrey S. Wiggins, Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 2015

ABSTRACT High molecular weight polyacrylonitrile (PAN) with low dispersity has been successfully synthesized utilizing reversible addition‐fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization. A comprehensive study was performed to understand the influence of reaction temperature, RAFT agent ...


A Highly Stable and Magnetically Recyclable Nanocatalyst System: Mesoporous Silica Spheres Embedded with FeCo/Graphitic Shell Magnetic Nanoparticles and Pt Nanocatalysts

28.08.2015 | Da Jeong Kim, Yan Li, Yun Jin Kim, Nam Hwi Hur, Won Seok Seo, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2015

We have developed a highly stable and magnetically recyclable nanocatalyst system for alkene hydrogenation. The materials are composed of mesoporous silica spheres (MSS) embedded with FeCo/graphitic shell (FeCo/GC) magnetic nanoparticles and Pt nanocatalysts (Pt‐FeCo/GC@MSS). The Pt‐FeCo/GC@MSS ...


Chemically Modulated Band Gap in Bilayer Graphene Memory Transistors with High On/Off Ratio

28.08.2015 | Si Young Lee; Dinh Loc Duong; Quoc An Vu; Youngjo Jin; Philip Kim; Young Hee Lee, ACS Nano, 2015

We report a chemically conjugated bilayer graphene field effect transistor demonstrating a high on/off ratio without significant degradation of the on-current and mobility. This was realized by introducing environmentally stable benzyl viologen as an electron-donating group and atmospheric ...


Absorption Performance and Mechanism of CO2 in Aqueous Solutions of Amine-Based Ionic Liquids

28.08.2015 | Pengcheng Hu; Rui Zhang; Zhichang Liu; Haiyan Liu; Chunming Xu; Xianghai Meng; Meng Liang; Shuangshuang Liang, Energy & Fuels, 2015

Several amine-based ionic liquids (ILs) were synthesized via a one-step method using low-priced organic amines and inorganic acids, and they were mixed with water to form new CO2 absorbents. The effects of the ionic structure, IL concentration, temperature, and pressure on the CO2 absorption ...


Thermal Stability of Sulfonated Poly(Ether Ether Ketone) Films: on the Role of Protodesulfonation

27.08.2015 | Beata T. Koziara, Emiel J. Kappert, Wojciech Ogieglo, Kitty Nijmeijer, Mark A. Hempenius, Nieck E. Benes, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2015

Thin film and bulk, sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) (SPEEK) have been subjected to a thermal treatment at 160–250 °C for up to 15 h. Exposing the films to 160 °C already causes partial desulfonation, and heating to temperatures exceeding 200 °C results in increased conjugation in the ...


Recovery of Flavonoids from Walnuts De‐Pellicle Wastewater with Macroporous Resins and Evaluation of Antioxidant Activities In Vitro

27.08.2015 | Yaxin Zhu, Hao Song, Xu Zhang, Chaoyin Chen, Shenglan Zhao, Feng Ge, Diqiu Liu, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2015

Abstract Walnut de‐pellicle wastewater is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids that are significant to resource and environment. Enrichment and purification of flavonoids from walnut de‐pellicle wastewater were investigated by five macroporous resins. As static tests shown, AB‐8 resin was the ...


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