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Structure, Photoluminescence and Influence of Temperature in Energy Transfer in co-doped Ca9La(GeO4)0.75(PO4)6 Red-emission Phosphor

21.04.2015 | Wenjin Xu; Ge Zhu; Xufeng Zhou; Yuhua Wang, Dalton Transactions, 2015

A novel phosphate Ca9La(GeO4)0.75(PO4)6¬ was investigated to rich the family of phosphate phosphor and application of LED. In this work, the single phase red-emission Ce3+, Mn2+ co-doped phosphate Ca9La(GeO4)0.75(PO4)6¬ phosphor was synthesized by the solid-state reaction from both theoretical ...


A core-shell nanohollow-[gamma]-Fe2O3@graphene hybrid prepared through the Kirkendall process as a high performance anode material for lithium ion batteries

21.04.2015 | Jiangtao Hu; Jiaxin Zheng; Leilei Tian; Yandong Duan; Lingpiao Lin; Suihan Cui; Hao Peng; Tongchao Liu; Hua Guo; Xin ..., Chemical Communication, 2015

We synthesized a core–shell structure with graphene as the shell and nano-hollow γ-Fe2O3 as the core through a Kirkendall process at room temperature. When this hybrid is used as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries, it exhibits a remarkable electrochemical performance: a high reversible ...


Two-step magnetic switching in a mononuclear iron(II) complex around room temperature

21.04.2015 | Qian Yang; Xin Cheng; YeXin Wang; BingWu Wang; ZheMing Wang; Song Gao, Dalton Transactions, 2015

A neutral mononuclear Fe(ii) complex with spin crossover (SCO) properties, FeL2(SCN)2 (1) (L = 2-(2-(trifluoromethyl)phenyl)-1H-imidazo[4,5-f][1,10]phenanthroline), was solvothermally synthesized. It displays a new example of two-step SCO with Tc1↓ = 250 K, Tc1↑ = 260 K and Tc2 = 295 K.


Au-Ag nanoalloy molecule-like clusters for enhanced quantum efficiency emission of Er3+ ions in silica

21.04.2015 | Tiziana Cesca; Boris Kalinic; Niccolò Tomaso Michieli; Chiara Maurizio; Angela Trapananti; Carlo Scian; Giancarlo Ba ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The occurrence of a very efficient non-resonant energy transfer process form ultrasmall Au-Ag nanoalloy clusters and Er3+ ions is investigated in silica. The enhancement of the room temperature Er3+ emission efficiency by an order of magnitude is achieved by coupling the rare-earth ions to ...


The structure of monoclinic Na2B10H10: a combined diffraction, spectroscopy, and theoretical approach

21.04.2015 | Hui Wu; Wan Si Tang; Wei Zhou; Vitalie Stavila; John J. Rush; Terrence J. Udovic, CrystEngComm, 2015

Neutron powder diffraction measurements of a specially synthesized Na211B10D10 compound, buttressed by comparative measurements and calculations of vibrational dynamics, have led to an improved, Rietveld-refined, structural model for its low-temperature monoclinic phase. The detailed atomic ...


High‐throughput and comprehensive prediction of H2 adsorption in metal‐organic frameworks under various conditions

18.04.2015 | Yu Liu, Shuangliang Zhao, Honglai Liu, Ying Hu, AIChE Journal, 2015

Abstract High‐throughput prediction of H2 adsorption in MOF materials has been extended from a few specific conditions to the whole T, p space. The prediction is based on a classical density functional theory and has been implemented over 712 MOFs in 441 different conditions covering a wide ...


Controllable thermal expansion of large magnitude in chiral negative Poisson's ratio lattices

17.04.2015 | Chan Soo Ha, Eric Hestekin, Jianheng Li, Michael E. Plesha, Roderic S. Lakes, physica status solidi (b), 2015

Abstract Lattices of controlled thermal expansion are presented based on planar chiral lattice structure with Poisson's ratio approaching . Thermal expansion values can be arbitrarily large positive or negative. A lattice was fabricated from bimetallic strips and the properties analyzed and ...


Tribenzodecacyclene and Hexabenzodecacyclene

17.04.2015 | Xin Geng; Joel T. Mague; Robert A. Pascal, Jr., The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2015

High-temperature, TiCl4-catalyzed, triple aldol condensations of aceanthrenone 5 and acenaphthacenone 6 gave tribenzodecacyclene 3 and hexabenzodecacyclene 4, respectively, in yields of 16 and 0.8%, respectively. Compound 3 is a red, crystalline solid that is stable under ordinary conditions; its ...


Experimental and Chemical Kinetics Study of the Effects of Halon 1211 (CF2BrCl) on the Laminar Flame Speed and Ignition of Light Hydrocarbons

17.04.2015 | Olivier Mathieu; Charles Keesee; Claire Gregoire; Eric L. Petersen, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

In this study, the effect of Halon 1211 (CF2BrCl) on the ignition delay time and laminar flame speed of CH4, C2H4, and C3H8 were investigated experimentally for the first time. The results showed that the effects of Halon 1211 on the ignition delay time are strongly dependent on the hydrocarbon: ...


Binary Liquid–Liquid Equilibria of γ-Valerolactone with Some Hydrocarbons

17.04.2015 | Martin Klajmon; Karel Řehák; Pavel Morávek; Maja Matoušová, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

Liquid–liquid equilibrium data in binary systems γ-valerolactone + hydrocarbon (n-heptane, n-decane, n-dodecane, cyclohexane, and 2,4,4-trimethyl-1-penetene) were determined by direct analytical and cloud-point methods. The experimental data were smoothed by the extended scaling law equation ...


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