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Direct observation of epitaxial organic film growth: temperature-dependent growth mechanisms and metastability

14.10.2015 | Helder Marchetto; Thomas Schmidt; Ullrich Groh; Florian Maier; Pierre L. Lévesque; Rainer H. Fink; H.-J. Freund; Ebe ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The growth of the first ten layers of organic thin films on a smooth metallic substrate has been investigated in real-time using the model system PTCDA on Ag(111). The complex behaviour is comprehensively studied by electron microscopy, spectroscopy and diffraction in a combined PEEM/LEEM ...


In situ X-ray Diffraction Study on the Formation of [small alpha]-Sn in Nanocrystalline Sn-based Electrodes for Lithium-Ion Batteries

14.10.2015 | Nikolas Oehl; Guido Schmuelling; Martin Knipper; Richard Kloepsch; Tobias Placke; Joanna Kolny-Olesiak; Thorsten Pla ..., CrystEngComm, 2015

In situ X-ray diffraction (XRD) was performed to study the formation of the α-Sn structure in nanocrystalline Sn-based electrodes during electrochemical lithium insertion and extraction at room temperature. Therefore, pure ß-Sn nanoparticles were synthesised and further processed to electrodes. ...


Advances in nanoscale alloys and intermetallics: low temperature solution chemistry synthesis and application in catalysis

14.10.2015 | Subhra Jana, Dalton Transactions, 2015

Based on the bottom-up chemistry techniques, the size, shape, and composition controlled synthesis of nanoparticles can now be achieved uniformly, which are of great importance to the nanoscience community as well as in modern catalysis research. Low-temperature solution-phase synthesis approach ...


pH-dependent solution dynamics of a manganese(II) polyoxometalate, [Mn4(H2O)2(P2W15O56)2]^16-, and [Mn(H2O)6]^2+

14.10.2015 | Rupali Sharma; Jie Zhang; C. André Ohlin, Dalton Transactions, 2015

The aqueous reaction dynamics of the manganese(II)-functionalised Wells-Dawson polyoxometalate [Mn4(H2O)2(P2W15O56)2]^16- has been determined as a function of pH using variable temperature 17O NMR, and compared with that of the well-studied monomeric manganese(II) hexa-aqua ion, [Mn(H2O)6]^2+. ...


Low temperature hydrodeoxygenation of phenols under ambient hydrogen pressure to form cyclohexanes catalysed by Pt nanoparticles supported on H-ZSM-5

14.10.2015 | Hidetoshi Ohta; Kentaro Yamamoto; Minoru Hayashi; Go Hamasaka; Yasuhiro Uozumi; Yutaka Watanabe, Chemical Communication, 2015

The hydrodeoxygenation of various phenols to form cyclohexanes was achieved at 110 °C under an H2 atmosphere at ambient pressure using a Pt/H-ZSM-5 catalyst and octane as the solvent.


A resistance change effect in perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 films induced by ammonia

14.10.2015 | Chunxiong Bao; Jie Yang; Weidong Zhu; Xiaoxin Zhou; Hao Gao; Faming Li; Gao Fu; Tao Yu; Zhigang Zou, Chemical Communication, 2015

The resistance of the perovskite CH3NH3PbI3 film was found to decrease significantly in seconds when the film was exposed to an NH3 atmosphere at room-temperature, and recover to its original value in seconds when out of the NH3 environment.


Compositional dependence of anomalous thermal expansion in perovskite-like ABX3 formates

14.10.2015 | Ines E. Collings; Joshua A Hill; Andrew B Cairns; Richard I Cooper; Amber L Thompson; Julia E Parker; Chiu Tang; And ..., Dalton Transactions, 2015

The compositional dependence of thermal expansion behaviour in 19 different perovskite-like metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) of composition [AI][MII(HCOO)3] (A = alkylammonium cation; M = octahedrally-coordinated divalent metal) is studied using variable-temperature X-ray powder diffraction ...


FTIR, Magnetic and Mossbauer Investigations of Nano-crystalline FexCo1-x (0.4 [less-than-or-equal] x [less-than-or-equal] 0.8) Alloys Synthesized via Superhydride Reduction Route

14.10.2015 | Shankar B. Dalavi; M. Manivel Raja; Rabi N. Panda, New Journal of Chemistry, 2015

The present investigation reveals the synthesis of capped nano-crystalline FexCo1−x (0.2 ≤ x ≤ 0.8) alloys via a superhydride reduction route using oleic acid and oleylamine as stabilizing agents. The synthesized nano-particles are stable against oxidation in an air atmosphere (air stable) at ...


Remote Calorimetric Detection of Urea via Flow Injection Analysis

14.10.2015 | David Gaddes; Melik C Demirel; W Brian Reeves; Srinivas Tadigadapa, Analyst, 2015

The design and development of a calorimetric biosensing system enabling relatively high throughput sample analysis is reported. The calorimetric biosensor system consists of a thin (~20 µm) micromachined Y-cut quartz crystal resonator (QCR) as a temperature sensor placed in close proximity to a ...


Temperature and electric field induced phase transition in [110]C-oriented 0.63Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3−0.37PbTiO3 single crystals

14.10.2015 | Wenhui He; Qiang Li; Neng Neng Luo; Yiling Zhang; Qingfeng Yan, CrystEngComm, 2015

CrystEngComm, 2015, Accepted ManuscriptDOI: 10.1039/C5CE01738F, Paper Wenhui He, Qiang Li, Neng Neng Luo, Yiling Zhang, Qingfeng YanThis is an Accepted Manuscript, which has been through the RSC Publishing peer review process and has been accepted for publication. Accepted manuscripts are ...


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