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Crystallization of HPHT diamond crystals in a floatage system under the influence of nitrogen and hydrogen simultaneously

28.07.2015 | Guofeng Huang; Youjin Zheng; Lizhi Peng; Zhanchang Li; Xiaopeng Jia; Hong-an Ma, CrystEngComm, 2015

Employing floatage as a driving force for diamond growth, crystallization of diamond crystals in Fe–Cr–C system co-doped with nitrogen and hydrogen elements is established at a static pressure of 6.5 GPa and a temperature range of 1335–1485 °C. Under the influence of nitrogen and hydrogen ...


TFA-promoted Direct C–H Sulfenylation at the C2 position of non-protected Indoles

28.07.2015 | Thomas Hostier; Vincent Ferey; Gino Ricci; Domingo Gomez-Pardo; Janine Cossy, Chemical Communication, 2015

A simple, efficient and practical metal-free C–H sulfenylation process at the C2 position of non-protected indoles has been developed. 2-Thioindoles were obtained in moderate to high yields using stable and readily available N-(thio)succinimides at room temperature in the presence of TFA.


Brønsted acid-catalyzed 1,2-fluorine migration with fluoroepoxides

28.07.2015 | Tao Luo; Rui Zhang; Xiao Shen; Wei Zhang; Chuanfa Ni; Jinbo Hu, Dalton Transactions, 2015

A catalytic 1,2-fluorine migration reaction with simple fluoroepoxides at room temperature is reported. Under Brønsted acid catalysis,-fluorinated ketones are efficiently constructed in the absence of external fluorine source through the 1,2-fluorine migration reaction. The experimental results ...


A dual-emissive ionic liquid based on an anionic platinum(II) complex

28.07.2015 | Tomohiro Ogawa; Masaki Yoshida; Hiroki Ohara; Atsushi Kobayashi; Masako Kato, Chemical Communication, 2015

An ionic liquid fabricated from an anionic cyclometalated platinum(ii) complex and an imidazolium cation exhibits dual emission from the monomeric and aggregated forms of the platinum complex anions, leading to temperature-dependent color changes of luminescence.


Formation of bcc and fcc during the coalescence of free and supported Fe and Ni clusters

28.07.2015 | Qiang Wang; Guojian Li; Xudong Sui; Kai Wang; Chun Wu; Jicheng He, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The formation of bcc and fcc during the coalescence of free and supported Fe and Ni clusters has been studied by molecular dynamics simulation using an embedded atom method. Structural evolution of the clusters, coalesced under varying temperature, Ni content and substrate conditions, was ...


Capillary and winding transitions in a confined cholesteric liquid crystal

28.07.2015 | Daniel de las Heras; Enrique Velasco; Yuri Martínez-Ratón, Soft Matter, 2015

We consider a Lebwohl-Lasher model of chiral particles confined in a planar cell (slit pore) with different boundary conditions, and solve it using mean-field theory. The phase behaviour of the system with respect to temperature and pore width is studied. Two phenomena are observed: (i) an ...


Organophosphonate Bridged Anatase Mesocrystals: Low Temperature Crystallization, Thermal Growth and Hydrogen Photo-Evolution

28.07.2015 | Abdelkrim El Kadib; Younes Brahmi; Nadia Katir; Juan Antonio Macia Agullo; Ana Primo; Mosto Bousmina; Jean-Pierre Ma ..., Dalton Transactions, 2015

The sol-gel co-condensation of organo-phosphonate to titanium alkoxide enables access to novel organic-inorganic hybrids based on phosphonate-bridged titanium dioxide. In this contribution, we bring new perspectives to the long established sol-gel mineralization of titanium alkoxide species, by ...


Thermodynamics of Fe3O4 - Co3O4 and Fe3O4 - Mn3O4 Spinel Solid Solutions at Bulk and Nanoscale

28.07.2015 | Sulata Sahu; Baiyu Huang; Kristina Lilova; Brian F Woodfield; Alexandra Navrotsky, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

High temperature oxide melt solution calorimetry has been performed to investigate the enthalpies of mixing (∆mixH) of bulk and nanophase (1-x)Fe3O4 - xM3O4 (M = Co, Mn) spinel solid solutions. The entropies of mixing (∆mixS) were calculated from the configurational entropies based on cation ...


Understanding of the low temperature auto-oxidation scheme of sec-alcohols based on a Cu(II)-MOF with open metal sites

28.07.2015 | Yu-Bin Dong; Jian-Ping Ma; Chao-Wei Zhao; Shen-Qing Wang; Jin-Ping Zhang, Chemical Communication, 2015

The Cu(II)-MOF (1’) with open metal sites was readily obtained by removing the coordinated water molecule at 120˚C. It can be a probe to evidence the sec-alkyl hydroperoxide species generated from the room temperature sec-alcohol auto-oxidation in air. The formed alkyl hydroperoxides can be ...


Catalytic etching of monolayer graphene at low temperature via carbon oxidation

28.07.2015 | Jun Eun Jin; Jae-Hyun Lee; Jun Hee Choi; Ho-Kyun Jang; Junhong Na; Dongmok Whang; Do-Hyun Kim; Gyu Tae Kim, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

In this work, an easy method to etch monolayer graphene is shown by using catalytic oxidation in the presence of ZnO nanoparticles (NPs). The catalytic etching of monolayer graphene, which was transferred to the channel of field-effect transistors (FETs), was performed at low temperature by ...


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