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Hydrogen-bond Structure and Anharmonicity in Croconic Acid

29.10.2014 | Sanghamitra Mukhopadhyay; Matthias J Gutmann; Felix Fernandez-Alonso, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

First-principles molecular dynamics simulations and neutron-scattering experiments have been employed to investigate the structure and underlying vibrational motions in croconic acid as a function of temperature over the range 4-400K. Calculated hydroxyl-bond distances were within 4 % of the ...


Ultrasound-promoted One-pot Synthesis of 2-Thioxo-dihydropyrimidine Derivatives Bearing Piperidinylamide Moiety

28.10.2014 | Chen, Bao-Hua; Li, Ji-Tai; Lan, Rui-Jia; Chen, Guo-Feng, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2014

Abstract: A convenient and efficient one-pot synthesis of 2-thioxo-dihydropyrimidine derivatives bearing piperidinylamide moiety is described. The reactions were carried out in 81-91% yields via the condensation of 1-(piperidin-1- yl)butane-1,3-dione with aromatic aldehyde and thiourea in ...


Preparation of Pyrido[2,3-b]pyrazine Ring System via Regioselective Condensation Reaction

28.10.2014 | Kekesi, Laszlo; Dancso, Andras; Illyes, Eszter; Boros, Sandor; Pato, Janos; Greff, Zoltan; Nemeth, Gabor; Garamvolgy ..., Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2014

Abstract: The pyrido[2,3-b]pyrazine core structure can be found in several molecules that express biological activity. We have previously published a series of these compounds that showed erlotinib-resistant tumor inhibitor potential. The common way of their synthesis is the condensation of ...


New Benzo[1,2‐b:4,5‐b′]dithiophene‐Based Small Molecules Containing Alkoxyphenyl Side Chains for High Efficiency Solution‐Processed Organic Solar Cells

25.10.2014 | Zhengkun Du, Weichao Chen, Shuguang Wen, Shanlin Qiao, Qian Liu, Dan Ouyang, Ning Wang, Xichang Bao, Renqiang Yang, ChemSusChem, 2014

Abstract A new acceptor–donor–acceptor (A–D–A) small molecule, namely, BDT‐PO‐DPP, based on the alkoxyphenyl (PO)‐substituted benzo[1,2‐b:4,5‐b′]dithiophene (BDT) derivative and the diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) unit was synthesized as an electron donor for solution‐processed small‐molecule ...


Asymmetric Michael Addition of 5 H‐Oxazol‐4‐ones to Vinyl Sulfones: Stereoselective Synthesis of Monofluorinated Analogs of 2‐Tertiary Hydroxyl‐3‐Methyl‐Substituted Carboxylic Acidl Derivatives

24.10.2014 | Qian Liu, Baokun Qiao, Kek Foo Chin, Choon‐Hong Tan, Zhiyong Jiang, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2014

Abstract An asymmetric Michael addition of 5H‐oxazol‐4‐ones to vinyl sulfones has been developed. In the presence of 10 mol % of quinine‐based benzyl‐substituted thiourea as catalyst at 0 °C, the products could be obtained with excellent enantio‐ and diastereoselectivity (up to>99 % ee ...


A novel two‐dimensional CdII coordination polymer: poly[aqua[μ4‐2‐(4‐carboxylatobenzoyl)benzoato]cadmium(II)]

23.10.2014 | Hui‐Ru Chen, Wen‐Wen Zhang, Acta Crystallographica Section C, 2014

The title CdII coordination framework, [Cd(C15H8O5)(H2O)]n or [Cd(bpdc)(H2O)]n [H2bpdc is 2‐(4‐carboxybenzoyl)benzoic acid], has been prepared and characterized using IR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, thermal analysis and single‐crystal X‐ray diffraction. Each CdII centre is six‐coordinated ...


Variants of the Prins Cyclization for the Synthesis of Terpenoid Spiroethers and Oxabicyclo[3.3.1]Nonane Derivatives

23.10.2014 | Verena Weidmann; Jasper Ploog; Serge Kliewer; Mathias Schaffrath; Wolfgang Maison, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014

Terpenoid spiroethers are abundant natural flavors with significant impact, particularly in the food industry. We present in this article the synthesis of new derivatives of the well-known flavors theaspirane and vitispirane using a variant of the Prins cyclization starting from α,β-unsaturated ...


Spectroscopic Investigation of the Wettability of Multilayer Graphene Using Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite as a Model Material

23.10.2014 | Ali Ashraf; Yanbin Wu; Michael C. Wang; Narayana R. Aluru; Seyed A. Dastgheib; SungWoo Nam, Langmuir, 2014

We report the intrinsic water contact angle (WCA) of multilayer graphene, explore different methods of cleaning multilayer graphene, and evaluate the efficiency of those methods on the basis of spectroscopic analysis. Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) was used as a model material system to ...


Photophysics and Rotational Diffusion of Hydrophilic Molecule in Polymer and Polyols

22.10.2014 | Aninda Chatterjee; Banibrata Maity; Sayeed Ashique Ahmed; Debabrata Seth, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014

In this work we report the photophysics and rotational diffusion of a hydrophilic solute 7-(N,N′-diethylamino)coumarin-3-carboxylic acid (7-DCCA) in four protic solvents: poly(ethylene glycol), ethylene glycol, tetraethylene glycol, and glycerol, with variation of temperature. The cumulative ...


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