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A Determinant of Odorant Specificity Is Located at the Extracellular Loop 2-Transmembrane Domain 4 Interface of an Anopheles gambiae Odorant Receptor Subunit

01.11.2014 | David T. Hughes; Guirong Wang; Laurence J. Zwiebel; Charles W. Luetje, Chemical Senses, 2014

To explore the structural basis for odorant specificity in odorant receptors of the human malaria vector mosquito, Anopheles gambiae, odorant-binding subunits (Agam\Ors) expressed in Xenopus oocytes in combination with Agam\Orco (coreceptor subunit) were assayed by 2-electrode voltage clamp ...


Hydrazinonicotinic acid as a novel matrix for highly sensitive and selective MALDI-MS analysis of oligosaccharides

21.10.2014 | Jing Jiao; Ying Zhang; Pengyuan Yang; Haojie Lu, Analyst, 2014

Analysis of oligosaccharides with matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS) remains challenging due to their low ionization efficiency. The sensitivity achieved by MS for oligosaccharides lags far behind that for proteins/peptides. Here, the hydrazinonicotinic acid ...


Supramolecular hydrogels derived from cyclic amino acids and their applications in the synthesis of Pt and Ir nanocrystals

21.10.2014 | Chuanqing Kang; Lanlan Wang; Zheng Bian; Haiquan Guo; Xiaoye Ma; Xuepeng Qiu; Lianxun Gao, Chemical Communication, 2014

New simple hydrogelators containing the structural features of cyclic amino acids were investigated for water gelation through H-bonds from carboxylic acids and amino groups, showing for the first time the use of a single amino acid as a hydrogelator. The hydrogels were used for the synthesis of ...


A recyclable chitosan-based QCM biosensor for sensitive and selective detection of breast cancer cells in real time

21.10.2014 | Shaolian Zhang; Haihua Bai; Jinmei Luo; Peihui Yang; Jiye Cai, Analyst, 2014

A highly sensitive and recyclable quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) biosensor was developed using chitosan (CS) and folic acid (FA), generating conjugates that are selectively recognized by MCF-7 cancer cell over-expressed folic acid receptors. The prepared CS–FA conjugate was characterized by ...


Hydrogen bonded-extended lanthanide coordination polymers decorated with 2,3-thiophenedicarboxylate and oxalate: synthesis, structures, and properties

21.10.2014 | zhaohao li; Li-Ping Xue; Li-Li Shang; bangtun zhao; jian kan; Weiping Su, CrystEngComm, 2014

Five new lanthanide coordination polymers, {[Ln2(tdc)2(C2O4)(H2O)4]•(H2O)}n (Ln = Nd (1), Eu (2), Gd (3), Tb (4), Ho (5); H2tdc = 2,3-thiophenedicarboxylic acid), have been synthesized by hydrothermal reactions of H2tdc, sodium oxalate and corresponding lanthanide nitrate. Crystallographic data ...


Biguanide and squaric acid as pH-dependent building blocks in crystal engineering

21.10.2014 | Mihaela-Diana Şerb; Irmgard Kalf; Ulli Englert, CrystEngComm, 2014

In solutions containing biguanides and squaric acid, the pH value allows to control the outcome of crystallization. From N,N-dimethylbiguanide, N-phenylbiguanide and N-o-tolylbiguanide 10 different salts have been obtained as a function of proton activity. The constituents in these ionic solids ...


Development of GSK's acid and base selection guides

21.10.2014 | Richard K. Henderson; Alan P. Hill; Anikó M. Redman; Helen F. Sneddon, Green Chemistry, 2014

Further to the introduction of solvent and reagent guides at GSK, the reagent guide methodology has been adapted to score common acids and bases for use in situations where the chemistry is tolerant of a number of options. The pKa of each acid and base, and information as to whether they are ...


Why is sulfuric acid a much stronger acid than ethanol? Determination of the contributions by inductive/field effects and electron-delocalization effects

21.10.2014 | Kevin Lynch; Adam Maloney; Austin Sowell; Changwei Wang; Yirong Mo; Joel M. Karty, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

Two different and complementary computational methods were used to determine the contributions by inductive/field effects and by electron-delocalization effects toward the enhancement of the gas-phase deprotonation enthalpy of sulfuric acid over ethanol. Our alkylogue extrapolation method ...


Direct sensing of fluoride in aqueous solutions using a boronic acid based sensor

21.10.2014 | Xin Wu; Xuan-Xuan Chen; Bing-Nan Song; Yan-Jun Huang; Wen-Juan Ouyang; Zhao Li; Tony D. James; Yun-Bao Jiang, Chemical Communication, 2014

Binding of the fluoride ion triggers aggregation of a pyreneboronic acid–catechol ensemble in acidic aqueous solutions, giving rise to intense excimer emission, allowing for sensitive fluoride ion sensing at ppm levels, with an apparent fluoride binding constant higher than 103 M−1 which is ...


Highly Enantioselective Reaction of 2-Oxindoles with (3-Indolyl)methanols by Cooperative Catalysis of Lewis Acid and Organocatalyst

21.10.2014 | Chuan-Li ren; tao zhang; Xing-Yong Wang; Tao Wu; Jing Ma; Qing-Qing Xuan; Feng Wei; Hong-Yan Huang; Dong Wang; Li Liu, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2014

An efficient cooperative biscinchona alkaloid and Lewis acid catalytic system was developed in the enantioselective alpha-alkylation of 2-oxindoles with (3-indolyl)(phenyl)methanols to provide (2-oxindole)-linker-indole derivatives in good yields(70-83%) with high enantioselectivities(81-92%).


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