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An Efficient Palladium Catalyst on Bentonite for Suzuki-Miyaura Reaction at Room Temperature

18.09.2013 | Tao Jiang; Guodong Ding; Weitao Wang; Prof. Buxing Han, Green Chemistry, 2013

Clays are nontoxic, abundant, and cheap, which are very promising supports for designing and preparing green catalysts. In this work, Pd/Bentonite catalyst was fabricated by a simple impregnation method using water as the medium. The catalyst was characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), ...


One‐Step Synthesis of Biaryls under Mild Conditions

13.09.2013 | Aparna P. I. Bhat, Fawad Inam, Badekai Ramachandra Bhat, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2013

Abstract A one‐step synthesis of symmetrical biaryls was developed and uses a nickel(III) complex containing a Schiff base and dithiolate ligands as a catalyst for the homocoupling of in situ generated Grignard reagents. The coupling reaction was performed at room temperature with molecular ...


Combination of Plasma with a Honeycomb-Structured Catalyst for Automobile Exhaust Treatment

13.09.2013 | Woo Seok Kang; Dae Hoon Lee; Jae-Ok Lee; Min Hur; Young-Hoon Song, Environmental Science & Technology, 2013

To activate a catalyst efficiently at low temperature by plasma for environmental control, we developed a hybrid reactor that combines plasma with a honeycomb-structured catalyst in a practical manner. The reactor developed generated stable cold plasma at atmospheric pressure because of the ...


ChemInform Abstract: [Omim][NO3], a Green and Base‐Free Medium for One‐Pot Synthesis of Benzothiazinones at Room Temperature.

12.09.2013 | Ali Sharifi, M. Saeed Abaee, Mahdiyeh Rouzgard, Mojtaba Mirzaei, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract The title compounds (III) and (V) are obtained by a general and efficient one‐pot reaction of 2‐aminothiophenols (I) with 2‐bromoalkanoates (II) or (IV) resp., without any catalyst, base, or additive.


ChemInform Abstract: N‐Heterocyclic Carbene (NHC)—Copper(I) Complexes as Catalysts for A3 Reactions.

12.09.2013 | Ming‐Tsz Chen, Oscar Navarro, ChemInform, 2013

Abstract A facile synthesis of a broad spectrum of propargylamines can be achieved, in part at room temperature and within a short time, in the presence of a copper carbene complex as the catalyst.



11.09.2013 | Camille Ludot; Boris Estrine; Jean Le Bras; Norbert Hoffmann; Sinisa Marinkovic; Jacques Muzart, Green Chemistry, 2013

Sulfoxides and sulfones solvents have been used for the glycosidation of various carbohydrates with decanol in the absence of added catalyst. The production of decyl-D-xylosides has been studied in dimethylsulfoxide and the importance of parameters such as the pressure and the temperature on the ...


Oxovanadium(IV) Schiff Base Complex Immobilized on CPS Microspheres as Heterogeneous Catalyst for Aerobic Selective Oxidation of Ethyl benzene to Acetophenone

09.09.2013 | Author(s): Baojiao Gao , Yanbin Li , Nan Shi, Reactive and Functional Polymers, 2013

Publication date: Available online 6 September 2013 Source:Reactive and Functional Polymers Author(s): Baojiao Gao , Yanbin Li , Nan Shi In this work, chloromethylated crosslinked polystyrene microspheres (CMCPS microspheres) were used as starting carrier, and a new immobilized bidentate ...


Staging of the Fischer‐Tropsch Reactor with a Cobalt‐Based Catalyst

06.09.2013 | A. Rafiee, M. Hillestad, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2013

Abstract A method for systematic reactor design, described by Hillestad [1], is applied to the Fischer‐Tropsch synthesis. The reactor path is sectioned into stages and design functions are optimized to maximize an objective function. Two different objective functions are considered: the yield ...


MnCu/cordierite monolith used for catalytic combustion of Volatile Organic Compounds

06.09.2013 | F. N. Aguero, M. R. Morales, F. G. Duran, B. P. Barbero, L. E. Cadús, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2013

Abstract A MnCu‐mixed oxide catalyst supported on a cordierite monolith was synthesized. The catalyst showed very good stability and high homogeneity and presented an excellent catalytic activity in the combustion of ethyl acetate, n‐hexane, and its mixture. The total conversion temperature of ...


Manganese‐Catalyzed Selective Oxidation of Aliphatic CH groups and Secondary Alcohols to Ketones with Hydrogen Peroxide

05.09.2013 | Jia Jia Dong, Duenpen Unjaroen, Francesco Mecozzi, Emma C. Harvey, Pattama Saisaha, Dirk Pijper, Johannes W. de Boer ..., ChemSusChem, 2013

Abstract An efficient and simple method for selective oxidation of secondary alcohols and oxidation of alkanes to ketones is reported. An in situ prepared catalyst is employed based on manganese(II) salts, pyridine‐2‐carboxylic acid, and butanedione, which provides good‐to‐excellent ...


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