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The Direct Electrophilic Cyanation of [small beta]-Keto Esters and Amides with Cyano Benziodoxole

21.10.2014 | Yao-Feng Wang; Jiashen Qiu; Dejie Kong; Yongtao Gao; Feipeng Lu; Pran Gopal Karmaker; fuxue chen, Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2014

The direct electrophilic α-cyanation of β-keto esters and amides has been developed using hypervalent iodine benziodoxole-derived cyano reagent. It accomplishes within 10 min without any catalyst in DMF at room temperature. Thus, the highly functionallized quaternary carbon-centered nitriles were ...


Transition metal oxide catalysts as an alternative for the oxidation of nitrogen monoxide to nitrogen dioxide: kinetic modelling at high space velocity

18.10.2014 | Leonardo Tecchio, Pablo Marín, Fernando V. Díez, Salvador Ordóñez, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2014

Abstract Background The oxidation of NO to NO2 is a key step in environmental pollution abatement techniques, such as the “fast‐SCR” or the diesel engines catalytic traps. In both cases, the conversion of an important fraction of NO into NO2 is a key step. In this work, two commercially ...


Enzymatically Interestrified Fats Based On Mutton Tallow And Walnut Oil Suitable For Cosmetic Emulsions

16.10.2014 | M Kowalska, M Mendrycka, A Zbikowska, S Stawarz, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2014

Summary Objective Formation of emulsion systems based on interesterified fats was the objective of the study. Enzymatic interesterification was carried out between enzymatic mutton tallow and walnut oil in the proportions 2:3 (wt/wt) to produce fats not available in nature. At the beginning ...


ChemInform Abstract: Catalyst Free One‐Pot Three‐Component Synthesis of 2‐Amino‐4H‐chromene Derivatives in Aqueous Deep Eutectic Mixture at Room Temperature.

16.10.2014 | Atul Chaskar, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract The employed catalyst can be reused for further three cycles with negligible loss in its activity.


Heterogeneous Interesterification of Triacylglycerols Catalyzed by Using Potassium-Doped Alumina as a Solid Catalyst

16.10.2014 | Wenlei Xie; Jing Chen, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2014

Heterogeneous interesterification of vegetable oils offers an environmentally more attractive option for the modification of edible oils to meet the specifications for certain food applications. In this work, potassium-doped alumina (KNO3/Al2O3) was prepared using an impregnation method, followed ...


Enhancing Sulfur Tolerance of Pd Catalysts by Hydrogen Spillover with Two Different Zeolite Supports for Low-Temperature Hydrogenation of Aromatics

16.10.2014 | Hyun Jae Kim; Chunshan Song, Energy & Fuels, 2014

Pd catalysts supported on zeolite Y and zeolite A (Pd/Y and Pd/A) were prepared separately and combined for improving sulfur tolerance based on our proposed catalyst design concept for low-temperature hydrogenation of aromatics in distillate fuels. After the external surface of Pd/A was ...


Sulfamic acid heterogenized on functionalized magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles with diaminoglyoxime as a green, efficient and reusable catalyst for one‐pot synthesis of substituted pyrroles in aqueous phase

15.10.2014 | Hojat Veisi, Pourya Mohammadi, Javad Gholami, Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 2014

Surface functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles is an elegant way to bridge the gap between heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis. We have conveniently loaded sulfonic acid groups on amino‐functionalized Fe3O4 nanoparticles affording sulfamic acid‐functionalized magnetic Fe3O4 ...


Conformational Flexibility of Dibenzobarrelene-Based PC(sp3)P Pincer Iridium Hydride Complexes: The Role of Hemilabile Functional Groups and External Coordinating Solvents

15.10.2014 | Gleb A. Silantyev; Oleg A. Filippov; Sanaa Musa; Dmitri Gelman; Natalia V. Belkova; Klaus Weisz; Lina M. Epstein; El ..., Organometallics, 2014

Bifunctional dibenzobarrelene-based PC(sp3)P pincer iridium complex 1 is known as an efficient catalyst in acceptorless dehydrogenation of alcohols and hydrogenation/hydroformylation of alkenes. In order to shed light on the mechanism of the hydrogen formation/activation, we performed ...


Silver tungstate: a single-component bifunctional catalyst for carboxylation of terminal alkynes with CO2 in ambient conditions

14.10.2014 | Chun-Xiang Guo; Bing Yu; Jia-Ning Xie; Liang-Nian He, Green Chemistry, 2014

Silver tungstate was successfully developed as a bifunctional catalyst for the ligand-free carboxylation of various terminal alkynes with electron-withdrawing or electron-donating groups under atmospheric pressure of carbon dioxide (CO2) at room temperature. In this protocol, dual activation – ...


Correlation of carbon monoxide sensing and catalytic activity of pure and cation doped lanthanum iron oxide nano-crystals

13.10.2014 | Author(s): K.K. Bhargav , S. Ram , Nitin Labhsetwar , S.B. Majumder, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2014

Publication date: January 2015 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 206 Author(s): K.K. Bhargav , S. Ram , Nitin Labhsetwar , S.B. Majumder For nano-crystalline cobalt (Co) and cobalt/lead (Pb) co-doped lanthanum ferrite (LaFeO3) ceramics, we have investigated the carbon ...


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