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A simple method for the reduction of graphene oxide by sodium borohydride with CaCl2 as a catalyst

05.04.2015 | Author(s): Zhen-zhen Yang , Qing-bin Zheng , Han-xun Qiu , Jing LI , Jun-he Yang, New Carbon Materials, 2015

Publication date: February 2015 Source:New Carbon Materials, Volume 30, Issue 1 Author(s): Zhen-zhen Yang , Qing-bin Zheng , Han-xun Qiu , Jing LI , Jun-he Yang Graphene oxide (GO) prepared by a modified Hummers method was reduced by NaBH4 at room temperature for 12 h in a 0.5 mg/mL GO ...


Synthesis of the Spirastrellolide A, B/C Spiroketal: Enabling Solutions for Problematic Au(I)-Catalyzed Spiroketalizations

03.04.2015 | Barry B. Butler, Jr.; Jagadeesh Nagendra Manda; Aaron Aponick, Organic Letters, 2015

A synthesis of the spirastrellolide A, B/C-ring monounsaturated spiroketal is reported. The key step relies on a Au-catalyzed spiroketalization of a propargyl triol employing an acetonide as a regioselectivity regulator. Through observation and analysis, a set of conditions has been developed ...


Nonspherical Nanoparticles with Controlled Morphologies via Seeded Surface-Initiated Single Electron Transfer Radical Polymerization in Soap-Free Emulsion

30.03.2015 | Jinfeng Yuan; Lixia Wang; Lei Zhu; Mingwang Pan; Wenjie Wang; Ying Liu; Gang Liu, Langmuir, 2015

This work reports a facile novel approach to prepare asymmetric poly(vinylidene fluoride)/polystyrene (PVDF/PS) composite latex particles with controllable morphologies using one-step soap-free seeded emulsion polymerization, i.e., surface-initiated single electron transfer radical polymerization ...


The potential use of HNO3-treated clinoptilolite in the preparation of Pt/CeO2-Clinoptilolite nanostructured catalyst used in toluene abatement from waste gas stream at low temperature

29.03.2015 | Author(s): Majid Amereh , Mohammad Haghighi , Pooya Estifaee, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: Available online 10 March 2015 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry Author(s): Majid Amereh , Mohammad Haghighi , Pooya Estifaee In this paper, CeO2(30%)/Clinoptilolite was synthesized via HNO3 treatment and co-precipitation methods and then 1%Pt was dispersed over ...


Depolymerization of renewable resources—lignin by sodium hydroxide as a catalyst and its applications to epoxy resin

26.03.2015 | Hong‐Zhuo Chen, Zhi‐Ying Li, Xin‐Yu Liu, Yu‐Mei Tian, Liu Yang, Zi‐Chen Wang, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Alkali lignin was successfully depolymerized into polyols with high hydroxyl number via direct hydrolysis using sodium hydroxide (NaOH) as a catalyst, without any organic solvent agent. Hydrolysis of lignin can produce a multitude of high‐value products via alkali‐catalyzed cleavage. ...


Mesostructured amorphous manganese oxides: facile synthesis and highly durable elimination of low-concentration NO at room temperature in air

26.03.2015 | Yanyan Du; Zile Hua; Weimin Huang; Meiying Wu; Min Wang; Jin Wang; Xiangzhi Cui; Lingxia Zhang; Hangrong Chen; Jianl ..., Chemical Communication, 2015

At a high space velocity of 120 [ ] 000 mL g−1 h−1 and a relative humidity of 50–90%, 98% removal of 10 ppm NO has been achieved for over 237 h and no sign of deactivation was observed with mesostructured amorphous manganese oxides (AMO), due to the prevention of the catalyst active sites from ...


Selective Catalytic Reduction Operation with Heavy Fuel Oil: NOx, NH3, and Particle Emissions

26.03.2015 | Kati Lehtoranta; Hannu Vesala; Päivi Koponen; Satu Korhonen, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

To meet stringent NOx emission limits, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) is increasingly utilized in ships, likely also in combination with low-priced higher sulfur level fuels. In this study, the performance of SCR was studied by utilizing NOx, NH3, and particle measurements. Urea ...


Thermodynamic and kinetic studies on alkoxylation of camphene over cation exchange resin catalysts

25.03.2015 | Huiqin Nie, Gaodong Yang, Ruyin Xu, Feng Zhang, Zheng Zhou, Zhibing Zhang; Huiqin Nie, Ruyin Xu, Feng Zhang, Zheng Z ..., AIChE Journal, 2015

ABSTRACT The alkoxylation of camphene with 2‐methyl‐1,3‐propanediol was studied using anhydrous macroporous and strong acid cation exchange resins as catalysts. The effects of various parameters, such as catalyst type, solvent, molar ratio of reactants, reaction temperature and reusability of ...


Oxidative homocoupling of arylboronic acids catalyzed by a 4‐aminoantipyrine–Pd(II)complex

24.03.2015 | Claudia Araceli Contreras‐Celedón, José Arturo Rincón‐Medina, Darío Mendoza‐Rayo, Luis Chacón‐García, Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 2015

A one‐step synthesis of symmetric biaryls is reported under very mild conditions via the homocoupling reaction of substituted arylboronic acids using an air‐ and moisture‐stable 4‐aminoantipyrine–Pd(II) complex as catalyst. The reaction is conducted at a low catalyst loading of 0.1 mol% at room ...


Amphiphilic poly(ethylene glycol) gels and their swelling features

23.03.2015 | Ilker Yati, Koksal Karadag, Hayal Bulbul Sonmez, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2015

This article describes the preparation of poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) ‐based gels for removal of both organic solvents and water through a clean synthesis process without using any initiator, catalyst, activator, or liquid medium. The synthesis of the gels is based on the condensation of ...


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