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A simple SVS method for obtaining large-scale WO3 nanowire cold cathode emitters at atmospheric pressure and low temperature

17.12.2014 | Zhuo Xu; Fei Liu; Daokun Chen; Tongyi Guo; Shunyu Jin; Shaozhi Deng; Ningsheng Xu; Jun Chen, CrystEngComm, 2014

Large-scale WO3 nanowire patterns have been successfully fabricated on a 3.5 inch glass substrate at atmospheric pressure by a simple no-catalyst method. The nanowires were observed to have a mean length of about 40 μm, and their aspect ratio reaches 200. The nanowires were proven to be single ...


Direct Arylation of Substituted Pyridines with Arylboronic Acids Catalyzed by Iron(II) Oxalate

12.12.2014 | Yibo Huang, Dan Guan, Liang Wang, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Abstract The direct arylation of substituted pyridines with several arylboronic acids has been developed. This transformation could proceed readily at ambient temperature using inexpensive reagents: iron(II) oxalate as a catalyst, potassium persulfate as a co‐oxidant, which can afford the ...


Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Coordination Polymer from [Cu(DMF)4(SCN)2] as a Precursor

12.12.2014 | Xiaotong Liu, Feng Zhou, Qiuxuan Zhou, Lihua Wang, Yong Zhang, Qingfeng Xu, Jianmei Lu, Chinese Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Abstract This paper is focused on investigation of coordination polymers constructed by Cu(II) and rigid pyridyl ligands, such as 4,4′‐bipyridyl‐1,2,4‐triazole (Hpytz) and 1,10‐phenanthroline (phen) from a mononuclear precursor [Cu(DMF)4(NCS)2] (1). As expected, the complex was self‐assembled ...


Catalytic reforming of acetic acid as a model compound of bio‐oil for hydrogen production over Ni‐CeO2‐MgO/olivine catalysts

11.12.2014 | Xingmin Xu, Changsen Zhang, Yonggang Liu, Yunpu Zhai, Ruiqin Zhang, Xiaoyan Tang, Environmental Progress, 2014

Olivine was used as a support with CeO2/MgO as promoters to synthesize a series of Ni‐based catalysts by wet impregnation for reforming acetic acid as a model compound of bio‐oil for H2 production. These catalysts were characterized by X‐ray diffraction, N2 physisorption, and scanning electron ...


KF‐impregnated clam shells for biodiesel production and its effect on a diesel engine performance and emission characteristics

11.12.2014 | Subramaniapillai Niju, Muhammed Niyas, Kader Mohamed Meera Sheriffa Begum, Narayanan Anantharaman, Environmental Progress, 2014

Natural white bivalve clam shells were calcined to obtain calcium oxide (CaO) and KF/CaO catalyst was synthesized by impregnating potassium fluoride (KF) on calcined clam shells. This solid catalyst was tested for transesterification of waste frying oil. A high biodiesel yield of 95.77% was ...


Rhodium Nanoflowers Stabilized by a Nitrogen‐Rich PEG‐Tagged Substrate as Recyclable Catalyst for the Stereoselective Hydrosilylation of Internal Alkynes

11.12.2014 | Wusheng Guo, Roser Pleixats, Alexandr Shafir, Teodor Parella, Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2014

Abstract Morphology and size controllable rhodium nanoparticles stabilized by a nitrogen‐rich polyoxyethylenated derivative have been prepared by reduction of RhCl3 with NaBH4 in water at room temperature and fully characterized. The flower‐like Rh NPs are effective and recyclable catalysts ...


ChemInform Abstract: Improved Synthesis of Bioactive Stilbene Derivatives Applying Design of Experiments to the Heck—Matsuda Reaction.

11.12.2014 | Carla Cristina Perez, Jesus Marcelo Pena, Carlos Roque Duarte Correia, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract Optimization of the reaction parameter temperature, solvent, and catalyst loading allows for the development of an improved procedure for the synthesis of title compounds (III).


Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 8012-8023: Preparation of Biodiesel from Soybean Catalyzed by Basic Ionic Liquids [Hnmm]OH

11.12.2014 | Ren, Qinggong ; Zuo, Tongmei ; Pan, Jingjing ; Chen, Changle ; Li, Weimin, Materials, 2014

A morpholine alkaline basic ionic liquid (IL) 1-butyl-3-methyl morpholine hydroxide ([Hnmm]OH) was synthesized and characterized by 1H NMR and FT-IR. [Hnmm]OH is highly active in catalyzing the synthesis of biodiesel from the reaction of methanol with soybean oil. The influence of the reaction ...


Decoupling HZSM‐5 Catalyst Activity from Deactivation during Upgrading of Pyrolysis Oil Vapors

10.12.2014 | Shaolong Wan, Christopher Waters, Adam Stevens, Abhishek Gumidyala, Rolf Jentoft, Lance Lobban, Daniel Resasco, Rich ..., ChemSusChem, 2014

Abstract The independent evaluation of catalyst activity and stability during the catalytic pyrolysis of biomass is challenging because of the nature of the reaction system and rapid catalyst deactivation that force the use of excess catalyst. In this contribution we use a modified pyroprobe ...


Heterogeneous catalytic synthesis of poly(butylene succinate) by attapulgite‐supported Sn catalyst

10.12.2014 | Shiquan Lai, Yan Gao, Li Yue, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT An attapulgite‐supported Sn catalyst (Sn‐palgorskite) was successfully prepared by ion‐exchange co‐impregnation method. The catalytic effect of Sn‐attapulgite on the melt polycondensation reaction of poly(butylene succinate) (PBS) was examined by comparing with that of anhydrous SnCl2 ...


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