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Materials, Vol. 9, Pages 105: Irradiation Induced Microstructure Evolution in Nanostructured Materials: A Review

06.02.2016 | Liu, Wenbo ; Ji, Yanzhou ; Tan, Pengkang ; Zang, Hang ; He, Chaohui ; Yun, Di ; Zhang, Chi ; Yang, Zhigang, Materials, 2016

Nanostructured (NS) materials may have different irradiation resistance from their coarse-grained (CG) counterparts. In this review, we focus on the effect of grain boundaries (GBs)/interfaces on irradiation induced microstructure evolution and the irradiation tolerance of NS materials under ...


IJMS, Vol. 17, Pages 223: Micellization Behavior of Long-Chain Substituted Alkylguanidinium Surfactants

06.02.2016 | Bouchal, Roza ; Hamel, Abdellah ; Hesemann, Peter ; In, Martin ; Prelot, Bénédicte ; Zajac, Jerzy, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2016

Surface activity and micelle formation of alkylguanidinium chlorides containing 10, 12, 14 and 16 carbon atoms in the hydrophobic tail were studied by combining conductivity and surface tension measurements with isothermal titration calorimetry. The purity of the resulting surfactants, their ...


Controlling Phase Assemblage in a Complex Multi‐Cation System: Phase‐Pure Room Temperature Multiferroic (1−x)BiTi(1−y)/2FeyMg(1−y)/2O3–xCaTiO3

05.02.2016 | Pranab Mandal, Michael J. Pitcher, Jonathan Alaria, Hongjun Niu, Marco Zanella, John B. Claridge, Matthew J. Rosseinsky, Advanced Functional Materials, 2016

A room temperature magnetoelectric multiferroic is of interest as, e.g., magnetoelectric random access memory. Bulk samples of the perovskite (1−x)BiTi(1−y)/2FeyMg(1−y)/2O3–xCaTiO3 (BTFM–CTO) are simultaneously ferroelectric, weakly ferromagnetic, and magnetoelectric at room temperature. In ...


Acid catalyst influence on the polymerization time of polyfurfuryl alcohol and on the porosity of monolithic vitreous carbon

05.02.2016 | Fábio Dondeo Origo, Júlia Cassiano Arisseto, Fernanda Lini Seixas, Walter Miyakawa, Alvaro José Damião, Sílvia Sizuk ..., Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2016

ABSTRACT This study compares the influence of different acid catalysts on the polymerization rate of polyfurfuryl alcohol (PFA) precursor and especially on the respective porosity of Monolithic Vitreous Carbon (MVC) produced from that. Five acid catalysts commonly used were compared: ...


Lithium–Iron Fluoride Battery with In Situ Surface Protection

05.02.2016 | Wentian Gu, Oleg Borodin, Bogdan Zdyrko, Huan‐Ting Lin, Hyea Kim, Naoki Nitta, Jiaxin Huang, Alexandre Magasinski, Z ..., Advanced Functional Materials, 2016

Lithium–metal fluoride (MF) batteries offer the highest theoretical energy density, exceeding that of the sulfur–lithium cells. However, conversion‐type MF cathodes suffer from high resistance, small capacity utilization at room temperature, irreversible structural changes, and rapid capacity ...


Mechanism and Kinetics of Oligosilsesquioxane Growth in the In Situ Water Production Sol–Gel Route: Dependence on Water Availability

05.02.2016 | Evgeny Borovin, Emanuela Callone, Francois Ribot, Sandra Diré, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

Abstract Thiol‐functionalized nanobuilding blocks (NBBs) were synthesized from 3‐mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane by using the in situ water production (ISWP) process in which the water needed to hydrolyze the precursor was provided by means of an esterification reaction. In the present study ...


The effect of utilizing homogeneous conversion to control the formation of chlorinated hydrocarbons during PVC pyrolysis

05.02.2016 | Ren‐Hao Yin, Rui‐Zhi Zhang, Yong‐Hao Luo, Environmental Progress, 2016

Dioxins emission is a serious problem during thermal utilization of municipal solid waste (MSW). The key structure in dioxins is CCl bond, so controlling the formation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, which contain CCl bond, is very important. PVC, a main source of chlorine in MSW, was used as ...


Low Temperature Thermochromic Polydiacetylenes: Design, Colorimetric Properties, and Nanofiber Formation

05.02.2016 | In Sung Park; Hye Jin Park; Woomin Jeong; Jihye Nam; Youngjong Kang; Kayeong Shin; Hoeil Chung; Jong-Man Kim, Macromolecules, 2016

Owing to their stimulus responsive color changing properties, polydiacetylenes (PDAs) have been extensively investigated as colorimetric sensors. Thermochromic properties of PDAs have been the central focus of a number of investigations that were aimed not only at gaining a fundamental ...


Dynamics of Spatially Confined Bisphenol A Trimers in a Unimolecular Network on Ag(111)

05.02.2016 | Julian A. Lloyd; Anthoula C. Papageorgiou; Sybille Fischer; Seung Cheol Oh; Özge Saǧlam; Katharina Diller; David A. ..., Nano Letters, 2016

Bisphenol A (BPA) aggregates on Ag(111) shows a polymorphism between two supramolecular motifs leading to formation of distinct networks depending on thermal energy. With rising temperature a dimeric pairing scheme reversibly converts into a trimeric motif, which forms a hexagonal superstructure ...


The Effect of Milk Constituents and Crowding Agents on Amyloid Fibril Formation by κ-Casein

04.02.2016 | Jihua Liu; Francis C. Dehle; Yanqin Liu; Elmira Bahraminejad; Heath Ecroyd; David C. Thorn; John A. Carver, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 2016

When not incorporated into the casein micelle, κ-casein, a major milk protein, rapidly forms amyloid fibrils at physiological pH and temperature. In this study, the effects of milk components (calcium, lactose, lipids, and heparan sulfate) and crowding agents on reduced and carboxymethylated ...


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