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Photocatalytic UV-degradation of 2,3,7,8-Tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) in the Presence of Silver Doped Zeolite

04.01.2015 | Author(s): Fatin Samara , Elie Jermani , Sofian M. Kanan, Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: Available online 2 January 2015 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry Author(s): Fatin Samara , Elie Jermani , Sofian M. Kanan Silver incorporated into the Y zeolite framework was prepared and characterized. Low temperature luminescence analysis indicates the formation of ...


H + LiH+ collision dynamics at ultracold temperature conditions

04.01.2015 | Author(s): Tanmoy Roy , S. Mahapatra, Chemical Physics, 2015

Publication date: Available online 31 December 2014 Source:Chemical Physics Author(s): Tanmoy Roy , S. Mahapatra Dynamics of H + LiH+(v = 0,j) collisions is investigated at cold and ultracold temperature conditions by a time-independent quantum mechanical method. The ab initio potential ...


Development of a multi-component SG with CTAB as corrosion, scale, and microorganism inhibitor for cooling water systems

04.01.2015 | Author(s): R.A. Belakhmima , N. Dkhireche , R. Touir , M. Ebn Touhami, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2015

Publication date: 15 February 2015 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 152 Author(s): R.A. Belakhmima , N. Dkhireche , R. Touir , M. Ebn Touhami This work based on the study of corrosion, scale and microorganism inhibition of low carbon steel in cooling water system by ...


Heating-Enabled Formation of Droplet Interface Bilayers Using Escherichia coli Total Lipid Extract

31.12.2014 | Graham J. Taylor; Stephen A. Sarles, Langmuir, 2014

Droplet interface bilayers (DIBs) serve as a convenient platform to study interactions between synthetic lipid membranes and proteins. However, a majority of DIBs have been assembled using a single lipid type, diphytanoylphosphatidylcholine (DPhPC). The work described herein establishes a new ...


On the Redox Mechanism Operating along C2H2 Self-Assembly at the Surface of TiO2

31.12.2014 | Jakub Jan Biedrzycki; Stefano Livraghi; Ingrid Corazzari; Lorenzo Mino; Giuseppe Spoto; Elio Giamello, Langmuir, 2014

The interaction of acetylene with the TiO2 surface at room temperature entails a complex set of self-assembly reactions with the formation of products having relatively high molecular weight. In a previous paper by some of us (Jain, S. M.; et al. J. Mater. Chem. A 2014, 2, 12247−12254), the ...


Synthesis of ortho-Haloaminoarenes by Aryne Insertion of Nitrogen–Halide Bonds

30.12.2014 | Charles E. Hendrick; Qiu Wang, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2014

A rapid and general access to ortho-haloaminoarenes has been developed by aryne insertion into N-chloramine, N-bromoamine, and N-iodoamine bonds via two complementary protocols harnessing fluoride-promoted 1,2-elimination of ortho-trimethylsilyl aryltriflates. Typically, electron-deficient ...


Insight into the Mechanism of Hydrogenation of Amino Acids to Amino Alcohols Catalyzed by a Heterogeneous MoOx‐Modified Rh Catalyst

29.12.2014 | Masazumi Tamura, Riku Tamura, Yasuyuki Takeda, Yoshinao Nakagawa, Keiichi Tomishige, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2014

Abstract Hydrogenation of amino acids to amino alcohols is a promising utilization of natural amino acids. We found that MoOx‐modified Rh/SiO2 (Rh–MoOx/SiO2) is an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the reaction at low temperature (323 K) and the addition of a small amount of MoOx ...


Curing behavior and network formation of cyanate ester resin/polyethylene glycol

26.12.2014 | Junxian Ma, Xuefeng Lei, Di Tian, Liangjie Yuan, Chongshan Liao, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT The mechanism and kinetics of the curing reaction of cyanate ester (CE) resin modified with polyethylene glycol were investigated by means of differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Fourier‐transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The relationship of heat flow versus conversion ...


Microphase Separation and Crystallization in All-Conjugated Poly(3-alkylthiophene) Diblock Copolymers

26.12.2014 | Jing Ge; Ming He; Nan Xie; Xiubao Yang; Zhi Ye; Feng Qiu, Macromolecules, 2014

The microphase separation and crystallization of all-conjugated poly(3-butylthiophene)-b-poly(3-dodecylthiophene) (P3BDDT) diblock copolymers were systematically investigated by temperature-resolved wide-angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD), Fourier transform infrared (FTIR), and synchrotron ...


Vesicular hydrogen silsesquioxane-mediated synthesis of nanocrystalline silicon dispersed in a mesoporous silica/suboxide matrix, with potential for electrochemical applications

24.12.2014 | Ferenc Somodi; Chang Sun Kong; Jerome C. Santos; Daniel E. Morse, New Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Room temperature hydrolysis of triethoxysilane (TES) in the presence of pluronic P-123 (PEO20–PPO70–PEO20) triblock copolymer under acidic conditions resulted in the formation of soft nanoscale vesicles with thin ...


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