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Phase equilibria in the Tb-Mg-Co system at 500°C, crystal structure and hydrogenation properties of selected compounds

11.10.2015 | Author(s): V.V. Shtender, R.V. Denys, I.Yu. Zavaliy, O.Ya. Zelinska, V. Paul-Boncour, V.V. Pavlyuk, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: December 2015 Source:Journal of Solid State Chemistry, Volume 232 Author(s): V.V. Shtender, R.V. Denys, I.Yu. Zavaliy, O.Ya. Zelinska, V. Paul-Boncour, V.V. Pavlyuk The isothermal section of the Tb–Mg–Co phase diagram at 500°C has been built on the basis of XRD ...


Synthesis of High Temperature Stable Carbon Coated Metal Nanoparticles in AlPO4 Based Matrix In Situ in Oxidative Atmosphere

08.10.2015 | Rajalaxmi Maharana, Velidandla Venkata Bhanu Prasad, Subir Roy, Durga Prasad, Koushi Kumar, Pradip Paik, Neha Hebalk ..., Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

In this work, we have reported a universal method for the synthesis of metal nanoparticles coated with graphite layer in AlPO4 based matrix. As an example, graphitized carbon coated Ag, Pt, Cu and Ni nanoparticles were synthesized in the amorphous AlPO4 based matrix. The metal nanoparticles were ...


The spontaneous formation and plasmonic properties of ultrathin gold–silver nanorods and nanowires stabilized in oleic acid

08.10.2015 | Julian Crespo; José M. López-de-Luzuriaga; Miguel Monge; M. Elena Olmos; María Rodríguez-Castillo; Benoît Cormary; K ..., Chemical Communication, 2015

Ultrathin Au–Ag alloy nanorods and nanowires of different lengths and ca. 1.9 nm diameter are prepared through a low-temperature decomposition of the precursor [Au2Ag2(C6F5)4(OEt2)2]n in oleic acid. This nanostructure formation has been studied through TEM, HRTEM, EDS, HS-SPME-GC-MS and 19F NMR ...


Bio-Inspired Formation of Single-Crystalline Nanoflake Arrays on Flexible Substrates with Superoleophobicity

07.10.2015 | Xing Meng; Da Deng, CrystEngComm, 2015

Nanomaterials with size and structure-dependent properties are attracting much attention recently. However, it is still challenging to achieve large-scale fabrication of nanostructured arrays on flexible substrates at room temperature. Here, we report a facile procedure, inspired by eggshell ...


Mathematical Modeling of Coke Formation and Deposition Due to Thermal Cracking of Petroleum Fluids

06.10.2015 | Ali R. Solaimany Nazar, Farhad Banisharifdehkordi, Sareh Ahmadzadeh, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2015

Abstract A new two‐dimensional mathematical dynamics model is presented to predict coke formation due to thermal cracking inside the tubes of fired heaters on two types of petroleum fluid. The laminar and turbulent flows are analyzed for both petroleum fluids. The second order k‐ϵ standard ...


Temperature and time dependent relaxation of compressed cheese curd cubes: Effect on structuring of pasta‐filata cheese

06.10.2015 | Balz Bähler, Michaela Nägele, Jochen Weiss, Jörg Hinrichs, Journal of Texture Studies, 2015

ABSTRACT Production of pasta‐filata cheese comprises a particular scalding and stretching step to obtain the unique fibrous structure. A simulation of this process on small scale was conducted with cheese curd cubes of 10x10x10 mm. Stretching was initiated with a texture analyzer and a ...


Propargylated novolac resins for fibre‐reinforced plastics: Processing aspects

05.10.2015 | Boris Bulgakov, Denis Kalugin, Alexander Babkin, Irina Makarenko, Artem Malakho, Alexey Kepman, Victor Avdeev, Nikit ..., The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

Abstract Propargylated novolac resins (PN) are known polymer binders for fibre‐reinforced plastic production. Unlike common phenolic resins, PNs are able to cure without volatiles, avoiding porosity formation in the final material. Otherwise, PN curing proceeds with a high exothermal effect ...


Dual-functional zinc oxide aggregates with reaction time-dependent morphology as the dye-adsorption layer for dye-sensitized solar cells

04.10.2015 | Author(s): Wei-Chen Chang, Lu-Yin Lin, Wan-Chin Yu, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: 15 November 2015 Source:Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 757 Author(s): Wei-Chen Chang, Lu-Yin Lin, Wan-Chin Yu High surface area and light scattering abilities are dispensable for a well-performed photoanode of dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs) to ...


Structural and magnetic properties of the new brownmillerite oxides La1−xNaxSrMn2O5+δ (0.1 ≤x≤ 0.3)

04.10.2015 | Author(s): M. Mohamed, N. Rammeh, F. Mokhtar, A. Kabadou, A. Van der Lee, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2015

Publication date: Available online 28 September 2015 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics Author(s): M. Mohamed, N. Rammeh, F. Mokhtar, A. Kabadou, A. Van der Lee Na-doped brownmillerite oxides La1−xNaxSrMn2O5 (x=0, 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3) were synthesized by the solid state ...


Layered Ceramic Phosphors Based on CaAlSiN3:Eu and YAG:Ce for White Light‐Emitting Diodes

03.10.2015 | Irene Pricha, Wolfgang Rossner, Ralf Moos, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

To develop warm‐white light‐emitting diodes via conversion phosphors, blue light‐emitting diodes are generally combined with mixtures of green and red‐emitting phosphor powders. Generally, the phosphors are provided by resin embedded particle dispersions. Such resin‐based solutions cause several ...


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