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Molecular and biochemical characterization of bifunctional pyruvate decarboxylases and pyruvate ferredoxin oxidoreductases from Thermotoga maritima and Thermotoga hypogea

01.12.2015 | Mohammad S. Eram; Alton Wong; Erica Oduaran; Kesen Ma, Journal of Biochemistry, 2015

Hyperthermophilic bacteria Thermotoga maritima and Thermotoga hypogea produce ethanol as a metabolic end product, which is resulted from acetaldehyde reduction catalysed by an alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH). However, the enzyme that is involved in the production of acetaldehyde from pyruvate is not ...


Amines as Reaction Environment Regulator for CO2 Electrochemical Reduction to CH4

25.11.2015 | Leela Manohar Aeshala, Anil Verma, Macromolecular Symposia, 2015

Summary The direct electrochemical reduction of gaseous CO2 (dERC) is studied using sterically hindered polyallylamines in solid polymer matrix at room temperature and atmospheric pressure in an electrochemical reactor. It is found that the polymer electrolyte membrane is helpful to regulate ...


Post-Synthesis Incorporation of 64Cu in CuS Nanocrystals to Radiolabel Photothermal Probes: A Feasible Approach for Clinics

25.11.2015 | Andreas Riedinger; Tommaso Avellini; Alberto Curcio; Mattia Asti; Yi Xie; Renyong Tu; Sergio Marras; Alice Lorenzoni ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

We report a simple method for the incorporation of Cu(I) or 64Cu(I) radionuclides in covellite nanocrystals (CuS NCs). After the in situ reduction of Cu(II) or 64Cu(II) ions by ascorbic acid, their incorporation in PEG-coated CuS NCs takes place at room temperature. In all the reaction steps, the ...


An electrochemical approach for citric acid treatment of corn starch granules

24.11.2015 | C. Hernandez‐Jaimes, E. J. Vernon‐Carter, C. Lobato‐Calleros, L.A. Bello‐Perez, J. Alvarez‐Ramirez, Starch - Stärke, 2015

An electrochemical method for citric acid treatment of corn starch granules at room temperature was explored. The idea was to take advantage of the electrochemical decomposition of citric acid and the enhanced mobility of the resulting chemical species into the starch granules. Corn starch ...


Impact of Torrefaction on the Chemical Structure and Catalytic Fast Pyrolysis Behavior of Hemicellulose, Lignin, and Cellulose

24.11.2015 | Anqing Zheng; Liqun Jiang; Zengli Zhao; Zhen Huang; Kun Zhao; Guoqiang Wei; Xiaobo Wang; Fang He; Haibin Li, Energy & Fuels, 2015

To understand the effect of torrefaction severity on structure changes of hemicellulose, cellulose, lignin and their subsequent catalytic fast pyrolysis (CFP) behavior, torrefaction of lignin, hemicellulose, and cellulose was performed in a tubular reactor with different reaction temperatures ...


New Antimicrobially Amended Media for Improved Nonpoint Source Bacterial Pollution Treatment

23.11.2015 | Laura A. Schifman; Varun K. Kasaraneni; Ryan K. Sullivan; Vinka Oyanedel-Craver; Thomas B. Boving, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Nonpoint source pollution (NPS) such as stormwater runoff may introduce high loads of bacteria, impairing surface water bodies. The existing filter materials in stormwater best management practices (BMP) are typically not designed to inactivate bacteria. Herein, novel filtration media were ...


Use of Microfiltration to Improve Quality and Shelf Life of Ultra‐High Temperature Milk

20.11.2015 | Shuwen Zhang, Lu Liu, Xiaoyang Pang, Jing Lu, Fanpi Kong, Jiaping Lv, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract The main objectives of this research were to evaluate the efficacy of microfiltration in extending the shelf life and improving the quality of ultra‐high temperature (UHT) milk. Results showed that in high somatic cell counts (SCC) and low SCC raw milk, microfiltration resulted in an ...


Hydride Reduction of NAD(P)+ Model Compounds with a Ru(II)–Hydrido Complex

20.11.2015 | Kichitaro Koga; Yasuo Matsubara; Tatsumi Kosaka; Kazuhide Koike; Tatsuki Morimoto; Osamu Ishitani, Organometallics, 2015

In order to better understand the regioselective hydride transfer of metal hydrido complexes to NAD(P)+ model compounds, reactions of [Ru(tpy)(bpy)H]+ (Ru-H: tpy = 2,2′:6″,2″-terpyridine, bpy = 2,2′-bipyridine) with various substituent NAD(P)+ model compounds were investigated in detail. All of ...


Hydrogen Solubility in Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Organic Compounds

19.11.2015 | Thi-Kim-Hoang Trinh; Jean-Charles de Hemptinne; Rafael Lugo; Nicolas Ferrando; Jean-Philippe Passarello, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2015

The hydrogen solubility in 42 organic compounds including alcohols, aldehydes, carboxylic acid, esters and ethers, glycols, n-alkanes, and water is investigated. For this purpose, the Henry's constant is collected or computed from different sources. After removing incoherent data, two temperature ...


Impact of Radio Frequency, Microwaving, and High Hydrostatic Pressure at Elevated Temperature on the Nutritional and Antinutritional Components in Black Soybeans

18.11.2015 | Yu Zhong, Zhuyi Wang, Yanyun Zhao, Journal of Food Science, 2015

Abstract In this study, the effects of high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) at elevated temperature (60 °C) and 2 dielectric heating (DH) methods (radio frequency [RF], and microwaving [MW]) on the nutritional compositions and removal of antinutritional factors in black soybeans were studied. Each ...


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