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Chemical synthesis of germanium nanoparticles with uniform size as anode materials for lithium ion batteries

02.02.2016 | Liangbiao Wang; Keyan Bao; Zhengsong Lou; Guobing Liang; Quanfa Zhou, Dalton Transactions, 2016

A simple Mg-thermal reduction reaction is reported to synthesize germanium (Ge) nanoparticles with a uniform size at a low temperature of 400 °C in an autoclave. The as-prepared Ge nanoparticles exhibit promising anode applications in lithium ion batteries with high capacity and excellent cycling ...


Effects of amorphous poly(3‐hexylthiophene) on active‐layer structure and solar cells performance

30.01.2016 | Chung‐Hao Liu, Wei‐Hsuan Tseng, Chih‐Yang Cheng, Chih‐I Wu, Pi‐Tai Chou, Shih‐Huang Tung, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2016

ABSTRACT A key challenge to the development of polymer‐based organic solar cells is the issue of long‐term stability, which is mainly caused by the unstable time‐dependent morphology of active layers. In this study, poly(3‐hexylthiophene) (P3HT)/[6,6]‐phenyl C60‐butyric acid methyl ester ...


Physical and Chemical Effects of CO2 Addition on CH4/H2 Flames on a Jet in Hot Coflow (JHC) Burner

29.01.2016 | Yaojie Tu; Kai Su; Hao Liu; Sheng Chen; Zhaohui Liu; Chuguang Zheng, Energy & Fuels, 2016

Moderate or intense low-oxygen dilution (MILD) combustion is a promising technology for energy savings and pollutants emission reduction, and it has been experimentally shown that the MILD regime can be achieved more easily when using CO2 as diluent with respect to N2 [Li, P.; Combust. Flame ...


Effects of Temperature and Trophic State on Degradation of Environmental DNA in Lake Water

28.01.2016 | Jessica J. Eichmiller; Sendréa E. Best; Peter W. Sorensen, Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

Degradation of environmental DNA (eDNA) in aquatic habitats can affect the interpretation of eDNA data and the ability to detect aquatic organisms. The effect of temperature and trophic state on the decay of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) eDNA was evaluated using lake water microcosms and ...


Entropy, Vol. 18, Pages 43: Natural Convection and Entropy Generation in Nanofluid Filled Entrapped Trapezoidal Cavities under the Influence of Magnetic Field

28.01.2016 | Selimefendigil, Fatih ; Öztop, Hakan F.; Abu-Hamdeh, Nidal, Entropy, 2016

In this article, entropy generation due to natural convection in entrapped trapezoidal cavities filled with nanofluid under the influence of magnetic field was numerically investigated. The upper (lower) enclosure is filled with CuO-water (Al2O3-water) nanofluid. The top and bottom horizontal ...


Ag@Au Concave Cuboctahedra: A Unique Probe for Monitoring Au-Catalyzed Reduction and Oxidation Reactions by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

28.01.2016 | Jiawei Zhang; Sarah A. Winget; Yiren Wu; Dong Su; Xiaojun Sun; Zhao-Xiong Xie; Dong Qin, ACS Nano, 2016

We report a facile synthesis of Ag@Au concave cuboctahedra by titrating aqueous HAuCl4 into a suspension of Ag cuboctahedra in the presence of ascorbic acid (AA), NaOH, and poly(vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) at room temperature. Initially, the Au atoms derived from the reduction of Au3+ by AA are ...


Room temperature PL efficiency of InGaN/GaN quantum well structures with prelayers as a function of number of quantum wells

27.01.2016 | George M. Christian, Simon Hammersley, Matthew J. Davies, Philip Dawson, Menno J. Kappers, Fabien C.‐P. Massabuau, R ..., physica status solidi (c), 2016

Abstract We report on the effects of varying the number of quantum wells (QWs) in an InGaN/GaN multiple QW (MQW) structure containing a 23 nm thick In0.05Ga0.95N prelayer doped with Si. The calculated conduction and valence bands for the structures show an increasing total electric field ...


Production of Peptides with Radical Scavenging Activity and Recovery of Total Carotenoids Using Enzymatic Protein Hydrolysis of Shrimp Waste

27.01.2016 | Michelle Alcantara Vieira, Danielle Dionísio Oliveira, Louise Emy Kurozawa, Journal of Food Biochemistry, 2016

Abstract The enzymatic hydrolysis of shrimp waste by the commercial protease Alcalase was evaluated as an alternative for recovery of valuable components, protein and astaxanthin. The influence of temperature (40–70C) and enzyme : substrate ratio (2.0–6.0%, g enzyme/100 g protein) on degree ...


Durable PROX catalyst based on gold nanoparticles and hydrophobic silica

26.01.2016 | Paco Laveille; Kevin Guillois; Alain Tuel; Corinne Petit; Jean-Marie Basset; Valérie Caps, Chemical Communication, 2016

3 nm gold nanoparticles obtained by direct chemical reduction of AuPPh3Cl in the presence of hydrophobic silica are highly active and selective over a prolonged period of time in the low temperature oxidation of CO in the presence of hydrogen.


Extremely Thin Al2O3 Surface‐Passivated Nanocrystalline ZnO Thin‐Film Transistors Designed for Low Process Temperature

25.01.2016 | Cheol Hyoun Ahn, So Hee Kim, Yong‐Hoon Kim, Hyung Koun Cho, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2016

Nanocrystalline ZnO (nc‐ZnO) thin‐film transistors (TFTs) exhibit inherent instability under bias/photo stresses, which originates from the oxygen molecules adsorbed on the surface of the crystal grains. The space charge region at nanocrystal surfaces that is induced by adsorbed oxygen molecules ...


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