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Preparation, swelling properties, and displacement performance of functional amphiphilic microspheres

18.10.2014 | Peng Zhang, Yuanjun Dong, Wenzhang Huang, Zhenfu Jia, Chengyu Zhou, Maolei Guo, Haiyang Yu, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT Because polymers containing benzyl chloromethyl groups are easily modified for functional production, the dispersion polymerization of acrylamide, 4‐vinylbenzyl chloride, and N,N‐methylene bisacrylamide in dimethylformamide initiated with α,α‐azobisisobutyronitrile was carried out to ...


Fabrication and characterization of novel hyperbranched polyimides with excellent organosolubility, thermal and mechanical properties

18.10.2014 | Wenqiu Chen, Quantao Li, Quanyuan Zhang, Zushun Xu, Xianbao Wang, Changfeng Yi, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT A series of amine‐terminated and anhydride‐terminated hyperbranched polyimides (HBPIs) were successfully prepared with various commercial dianhydrides and a novel BB′2‐type aromatic triamine, 2,4,6‐tris[4‐(4‐aminophenoxy)phenyl]pyridine, with a symmetrical triaryl‐substituted ...


Preparation and evaluation of nonphosphate terpolymer as scale inhibitor and dispersant for Ca3(PO4)2, BaSO4, and Iron (III) hydroxide scales

18.10.2014 | Yunyun Bu, Yuming Zhou, Qingzhao Yao, Yiyi Chen, Wei Sun, Wendao Wu, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT The polymeric scale inhibition and dispersion agents (PAYS) were prepared by graft copolymerization of acrylic acid, allylpolyethoxy carboxylate (APEY) and 2‐acrylamido‐2‐methyl‐propanesulfonic acid by using ammonium persulfate as a radical initiator in aqueous solution, among which ...


Conductive imidazolium side chain liquid crystal polyacrylates prepared from postpolymerization functionalization

18.10.2014 | Caihong Wang, Yong Wu, Shuai Tan, Ting Liang, Xiaohui Yang, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT Hydroxide and tetrafluoroborate salts of imidazolium polyacrylates have been prepared from postpolymerization functionalization of a brominated precursor containing mesogenic side chains followed by anion exchange. The ionic polyacrylates possessed molecular weights in the range ...


Impact of oxygen transport properties on polypropylene thermal oxidation, part 1: Effect of oxygen solubility

18.10.2014 | Alexandre François‐Heude, Emmanuel Richaud, Alain Guinault, Eric Desnoux, Xavier Colin, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT A general kinetic model is proposed to describe the polypropylene thermal oxidation of thin polypropylene films in a wide range of temperatures (from 60 to 200°C) and oxygen partial pressures (from 0.02 to 5 MPa) using a single set of parameters. This model was calibrated with several ...


From orientation disordered to ordered—An ab initio simulation on ammonia borane phase transition within Van Der Waals corrections

18.10.2014 | Qi Song, Zhenyi Jiang, Zhiyong Zhang, Yuqing Hou, Xiaodong Zhang, Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2014

In this work, we report a detailed theoretical investigation of the phase transition of ammonia borane (NH3BH3; AB), from a tetragonal I4mm ( ) phase with disordered orientation of hydrogen to an orthorhombic phase with Pmn21 ( ) symmetry, as a function of temperature based on Density Functional ...


Effects of an ionic liquid as an additive on the thermal denaturation/degradation of lysozyme crystals

17.10.2014 | Zhanzhong Wang, Wenzhi Fang, Lijie Li, Yan Li, Xiaoting Yu, Qing Gu, Fengjuan Zhou, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014

ABSTRACT Ionic liquids (ILs) have biomaterial applications and are used for protein crystallization. The present study explores the thermal denaturation and degradation kinetics of the lysozyme crystals induced by IL [C4mim]Cl using differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Lysozyme crystals ...


Analysis of the transformation behaviors of a Chinese coal ash using in‐/ex‐situ XRD and SEM‐EXD

17.10.2014 | Xiongchao Lin, Caihong Wang, Jin Miyawaki, Yonggang Wang, Seongho Yoon, Isao Mochida, Asia-Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014

ABSTRACT Crystal and phase transitions of a Chinese Datong coal ash were evaluated using room temperature X‐ray diffraction (RT‐XRD), in‐situ high temperature (HT)‐XRD, and scanning electron microscope combining energy dispersive X‐ray analysis (SEM‐EDX) as temperature varied from 300 °C to ...


Experimental determination of the discharge flow coefficient at a doorway for fire induced flow in natural and mixed convection

16.10.2014 | A. Koched, H. Pretrel, O. Vauquelin, L. Audouin, Fire and Materials, 2014

SUMMARY The study is an experimental investigation of the discharge flow coefficient at a doorway‐type opening in the case of a fire in an enclosure open to atmosphere. Natural and mixed convection flows are considered with the use of mechanical ventilation. The discharge coefficient is ...


Sulfamic acid heterogenized on functionalized magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles with diaminoglyoxime as a green, efficient and reusable catalyst for one‐pot synthesis of substituted pyrroles in aqueous phase

15.10.2014 | Hojat Veisi, Pourya Mohammadi, Javad Gholami, Applied Organometallic Chemistry, 2014

Surface functionalization of magnetic nanoparticles is an elegant way to bridge the gap between heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysis. We have conveniently loaded sulfonic acid groups on amino‐functionalized Fe3O4 nanoparticles affording sulfamic acid‐functionalized magnetic Fe3O4 ...


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