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Radiation-induced intermediates in irradiated glassy ionic liquids at low temperature

24.04.2016 | Author(s): Elizaveta V. Saenko, Mariia A. Lukianova, Ekaterina S. Shiryaeva, Kenji Takahashi, Vladimir I. ..., Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: July 2016 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 124 Author(s): Elizaveta V. Saenko, Mariia A. Lukianova, Ekaterina S. Shiryaeva, Kenji Takahashi, Vladimir I. Feldman The primary radiation-induced processes in irradiated low-temperature pyrrolidinium- and ...


Microwave Absorption of SiC/HfCxN1−x/C Ceramic Nanocomposites with HfCxN1−x‐Carbon Core–Shell Particles

20.04.2016 | Qingbo Wen, Yao Feng, Zhaoju Yu, Dong‐Liang Peng, Norbert Nicoloso, Emanuel Ionescu, Ralf Riedel, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2016

The dielectric properties of high‐temperature stable single‐source precursor‐derived SiC/HfCxN1−x/C ceramic nanocomposites are determined by microwave absorption in the X‐band (8.2–12.4 GHz) at room temperature. The samples synthesized at 1700°C, denoted as SiC/5HfCxN1−x/C‐1700°C and ...


Photoluminescence Mechanism and Photocatalytic Activity of Organic–Inorganic Hybrid Materials Formed by Sequential Vapor Infiltration

20.04.2016 | Halil I. Akyildiz; Kelly L. Stano; Adam T. Roberts; Henry O. Everitt; Jesse S. Jur, Langmuir, 2016

Organic–inorganic hybrid materials formed by sequential vapor infiltration (SVI) of trimethylaluminum into polyester fibers are demonstrated, and the photoluminescence of the fibers is evaluated using a combined UV–vis and photoluminescence excitation (PLE) spectroscopy approach. The optical ...


Hydrate Networks under Mechanical Stress – A Case Study for Co3(PO4)2·8H2O

19.04.2016 | Sven Bach, Eduard Visnow, Martin Panthöfer, Tatiana Gorelik, Ana Guilherme Buzanich, Aleksander Gurlo, Ute Kolb, Fra ..., European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

Abstract The nature of the bound water in solids with hydrogen‐bonded networks depends not only on temperature and pressure but also on the nature of the constituents. The collapse and reorientation of these network structures determines the stability of hydrated solids and transitions to ...


Prediction on Mn4+‐Doped Germanate Red Phosphor by Crystal Field Calculation on Basis of Exchange Charge Model: A Case Study on K2Ge4O9:Mn4+

15.04.2016 | Pengfei Li, Mikhail G. Brik, Lejing Li, Jin Han, Xiaoman Li, Mingying Peng, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2016

Blue excitable red phosphor is the key component to improve the quality of lighting and display which is based on InGaN blue chips. Because of the potential in the area, Mn4+ red phosphors have recently got rising interests. However, most of them were found by trial and error. It remains very ...


[Report] Homogeneously dispersed multimetal oxygen-evolving catalysts

15.04.2016 | Bo Zhang; Xueli Zheng; Oleksandr Voznyy; Riccardo Comin; Michal Bajdich; Max García-Melchor; Lili Han; Jixian Xu; Mi ..., Science , 2016

Earth-abundant first-row (3d) transition metal–based catalysts have been developed for the oxygen-evolution reaction (OER); however, they operate at overpotentials substantially above thermodynamic requirements. Density functional theory suggested that non-3d high-valency metals such as tungsten ...


Rethinking Coal: Thin Films of Solution Processed Natural Carbon Nanoparticles for Electronic Devices

15.04.2016 | Brent D. Keller; Nicola Ferralis; Jeffrey C. Grossman, Nano Letters, 2016

Disordered carbon materials, both amorphous and with long-range order, have been used in a variety of applications, from conductive additives and contact materials to transistors and photovoltaics. Here we show a flexible solution-based method of preparing thin films with tunable electrical ...


Magnetic ordering in Ho‐doped Bi2Te3 topological insulator

14.04.2016 | A. I. Figueroa, S. E. Harrison, L. J. Collins‐McIntyre, G. van der Laan, T. Hesjedal, physica status solidi (RRL) - Rapid Research Letters, 2016

We investigate the magnetic properties of Ho‐doped Bi2Te3 thin films grown by molecular beam epitaxy. Analysis of the polarized X‐ray absorption spectra at the Ho M5 absorption edge gives an effective 4f magnetic moment which is ∼45% of the Hund's rule ground state value. X‐ray magnetic circular ...


Modelling of measured optical properties of Pd–Au alloy ultrathin film for room temperature hydrogen sensing

13.04.2016 | Sanchali Mitra, Rik Chattopadhyay, Jiten Ghosh, Sandip Bysakh, Shyamal K. Bhadra, physica status solidi (a), 2016

A theoretical framework is presented to describe optical properties of palladium gold alloy ultra‐thin film of thickness about 5 nm. Density functional theory is employed to calculate complex dielectric function of hydrogen loaded Pd3Au alloy. Using Bruggeman's effective medium theory, the ...


Conflicting Role of Water in the Activation of H2O2 and the Formation and Reactivity of Non-Heme FeIII–OOH and FeIII–O–FeIII Complexes at Room Temperature

13.04.2016 | Sandeep K. Padamati; Apparao Draksharapu; Duenpen Unjaroen; Wesley R. Browne, Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

The formation of an FeIII–OOH species by reaction of complex 1 ([(MeN3Py)FeII(CH3CN)2]2+) with H2O2 at room temperature is reported and is studied by a combination of UV/vis absorption, EPR, and resonance Raman spectroscopies. The formation of the FeIII–OOH species, and its subsequent conversion ...


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