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Formation, characterization, structure and bonding analysis of the metal–carbon bond OM-(η6-C6H6) (M = Sc, Ti) complexes in solid matrix: Infrared spectroscopic and theoretical study

14.12.2014 | Author(s): Yanying Zhao , Yuchen Zhang , Xin Liu , Kexue Fan , Xuming Zheng, Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 2014

Publication date: 1 February 2015 Source:Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 777 Author(s): Yanying Zhao , Yuchen Zhang , Xin Liu , Kexue Fan , Xuming Zheng The reactions of ScO and TiO molecules with benzene have been studied in solid argon with infrared absorption ...


Photonic Crystals: Enabling Ideal Selective Solar Absorption with 2D Metallic Dielectric Photonic Crystals (Adv. Mater. 47/2014)

13.12.2014 | Jeffrey B. Chou, Yi Xiang Yeng, Yoonkyung E. Lee, Andrej Lenert, Veronika Rinnerbauer, Ivan Celanovic, Marin Soljači ..., Advanced Materials, 2014

A metallic dielectric photonic crystal (MDPhC) is capable of selectively absorbing the entire solar spectrum via cavity modes, shown in red, while reflecting light at longer wavelengths. By doing so, the MDPhC can efficiently convert solar energy into heat for solar thermo‐photovoltaic ...


Near‐IR Phosphorescent Ruthenium(II) and Iridium(III) Perylene Bisimide Metal Complexes

12.12.2014 | Marcus Schulze, Andreas Steffen, Frank Würthner, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2014

Abstract The phosphorescence emission of perylene bisimide derivatives has been rarely reported. Two novel ruthenium(II) and iridium(III) complexes of an azabenz‐annulated perylene bisimide (ab‐PBI), [Ru(bpy)2(ab‐PBI)][PF6]2 1 and [Cp*Ir(ab‐PBI)Cl]PF6 2 are now presented that both show NIR ...


CO2 Capture Using Monoethanolamine in a Bubble‐Column Scrubber

12.12.2014 | Pao‐Chi Chen, Yi Xin Luo, Pao Wein Cai, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract A continuous bubble‐column scrubber, capturing CO2 gas by monoethanolamine (MEA) solution in a pH‐stat operation, is used to search for optimum process parameters by means of the Taguchi method. The process variables are the pH of the solution, gas flow rate, concentration of CO2 gas, ...


Two in One: Luminescence Imaging and 730 nm Continuous Wave Laser Driven Photodynamic Therapy of Iridium Complexes

12.12.2014 | Fengfeng Xue; Yang Lu; Zhiguo Zhou; Min Shi; Yuping Yan; Hong Yang; Shiping Yang, Organometallics, 2014

A phosphorescent cationic iridium complex (1) with a donor−π-donor type unit as a N∧N ligand and 2-phenylpyridine as a C∧N ligand was synthesized and characterized. 1 exhibits an intense absorption peak centered at ∼450 nm with a large molar extinction coefficient (ε) of ∼2.4 × 104 M–1 cm–1 and ...


Structure–Property Relationships in an Iridium(III) Bis(Terpyridine) Complex with Extended Conjugated Side chains

12.12.2014 | Joachim Kübel; Andreas Winter; Ulrich S. Schubert; Benjamin Dietzek, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2014

Iridium(III) bis(terpyridine) complexes are known as excellent triplet emitters with emission lifetimes in the order of microseconds. We report the homoleptic complex [IrL2]3+ (L = 4′-(4–2,5-bis(octyloxy)-4-styrylphenyl)ethinyl)phenyl)-2,2′:6′,2″-terpyridine) that shows no detectable ...


Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 8024-8036: Enhanced Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange Dye under the Daylight Irradiation over CN-TiO2 Modified with OMS-2

12.12.2014 | Hassan, Mohamed Elfatih; Chen, Jing ; Liu, Guanglong ; Zhu, Duanwei ; Cai, Jianbo, Materials, 2014

In this study, CN-TiO2 was modified with cryptomelane octahedral molecular sieves (OMS-2) by the sol-gel method based on the self-assembly technique to enhance its photocatalytic activity under the daylight irradiation. The synthesized samples were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), UV-vis ...


Effect of Endpoint Internal Temperature on Mineral Contents of Boiled Pork Loin

11.12.2014 | Vladimir M. Tomović, Dragan D. Vujadinović, Radoslav P. Grujić, Marija R. Jokanović, Žarko S. Kevrešan, Snežana B. Š ..., Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2014

Abstract Effects of endpoint temperatures of 51, 61, 71, 81 and 91C on mineral contents (mg/100 g WW, wet weight) of pork loin (longissimus thoracis et lumborum, n = 12) were investigated. Pork was cooked in water bath set to 100C. In both raw and cooked samples, phosphorus was determined by ...


CIS and CIGS nanomaterials prepared by solvothermal method and their spectral properties

10.12.2014 | Fei Huang, Ai‐Hua Yan, Hui Zhao, Zhen Li, Xiao‐Ping Cai, Yue‐Hua Wang, Yu‐Chang Wu, Shi‐Bin Yin, Ying‐Huai Qiang, Crystal Research and Technology, 2014

Uniform CIS and CIGS nanomaterials were successfully synthesized by a simple amino‐based assisted solvothermal technique using PVP‐30 as the surfactant. The influence of surfactant, temperature and Ga amount on the structure, morphology, phase and spectral property was analyzed in detail. The ...


Plasmonic Pumping of Excitonic Photoluminescence in Hybrid MoS2–Au Nanostructures

10.12.2014 | Sina Najmaei; Adnen Mlayah; Arnaud Arbouet; Christian Girard; Jean Léotin; Jun Lou, ACS Nano, 2014

We report on the fabrication of monolayer MoS2-coated gold nanoantennas combining chemical vapor deposition, e-beam lithography surface patterning, and a soft lift-off/transfer technique. The optical properties of these hybrid plasmonic–excitonic nanostructures are investigated using spatially ...


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