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Titanium-Defected Undoped Anatase TiO2 with p-Type Conductivity, Room-Temperature Ferromagnetism, and Remarkable Photocatalytic Performance

18.02.2015 | Songbo Wang; Lun Pan; Jia-Jia Song; Wenbo Mi; Ji-Jun Zou; Li Wang; Xiangwen Zhang, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

Defects are critically important for metal oxides in chemical and physical applications. Compared with the often studied oxygen vacancies, engineering metal vacancies in n-type undoped metal oxides is still a great challenge, and the effect of metal vacancies on the physiochemical properties is ...


Novel 3D graphene aerogel–ZnO composites as efficient detection for NO2 at room temperature

15.02.2015 | Author(s): Xin Liu , Jianbo Sun , Xitian Zhang, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2015

Publication date: May 2015 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 211 Author(s): Xin Liu , Jianbo Sun , Xitian Zhang A novel three-dimensional graphene aerogel–ZnO spheres composite has been synthesized via a simple solvothermal method. The three-dimensional graphene exhibits ...


Biomineralized Multifunctional Magnetite/Carbon Microspheres for Applications in Li‐Ion Batteries and Water Treatment

11.02.2015 | Hyun‐Woo Shim, Sangbaek Park, Hee Jo Song, Jae‐Chan Kim, Eunjin Jang, Kug Sun Hong, T. Doohun Kim, Dong‐Wan Kim, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2015

Abstract Advanced functional materials incorporating well‐defined multiscale architectures are a key focus for multiple nanotechnological applications. However, strategies for developing such materials, including nanostructuring, nano‐/microcombination, hybridization, and so on, are still ...


Semiconducting Single Crystals Comprising Segregated Arrays of Complexes of C60

09.02.2015 | Jonathan C. Barnes; Edward J. Dale; Aleksandrs Prokofjevs; Ashwin Narayanan; Ian C. Gibbs-Hall; Michal Juríček; Char ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

Although pristine C60 prefers to adopt a face-centered cubic packing arrangement in the solid state, it has been demonstrated that noncovalent-bonding interactions with a variety of molecular receptors lead to the complexation of C60 molecules, albeit usually with little or no control over their ...


Giant reversible, facet-dependent, structural changes in a correlated-electron insulator induced by ionic liquid gating [Physics]

27.01.2015 | Jaewoo Jeong; Nagaphani B. Aetukuri; Donata Passarello; Steven D. Conradson; Mahesh G. Samant; Stuart S. P. Parkin, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences current issue, 2015

The use of electric fields to alter the conductivity of correlated electron oxides is a powerful tool to probe their fundamental nature as well as for the possibility of developing novel electronic devices. Vanadium dioxide (VO2) is an archetypical correlated electron system that displays a ...


[Report] Shock compression of stishovite and melting of silica at planetary interior conditions

23.01.2015 | M. Millot; N. Dubrovinskaia; A. Černok; S. Blaha; L. Dubrovinsky; D. G. Braun; P. M. Celliers; G. W. Collins; J. H. ..., Science , 2015

Deep inside planets, extreme density, pressure, and temperature strongly modify the properties of the constituent materials. In particular, how much heat solids can sustain before melting under pressure is key to determining a planet’s internal structure and evolution. We report laser-driven ...


Coexistence of High-Tc Ferromagnetism and n-Type Electrical Conductivity in FeBi2Se4

12.01.2015 | Kulugammana G. S. Ranmohotti; Honore Djieutedjeu; Juan Lopez; Alexander Page; Neel Haldolaarachchige; Hang Chi; Pran ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

The discovery of n-type ferromagnetic semiconductors (n-FMSs) exhibiting high electrical conductivity and Curie temperature (Tc) above 300 K would dramatically improve semiconductor spintronics and pave the way for the fabrication of spin-based semiconducting devices. However, the realization of ...


High Anhydrous Proton Conductivity of Imidazole-Loaded Mesoporous Polyimides over a Wide Range from Subzero to Moderate Temperature

12.01.2015 | Yingxiang Ye; Liuqin Zhang; Qinfang Peng; Guan-E Wang; Yangcan Shen; Ziyin Li; Lihua Wang; Xiuling Ma; Qian-Huo Chen ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

On-board fuel cell technology requires proton conducting materials with high conductivity not only at intermediate temperatures for work but also at room temperature and even at subzero temperature for startup when exposed to the colder climate. To develop such materials is still challenging ...


Electrical conductivity in p-type BiOCl nanosheets

06.01.2015 | Yoon Myung; Fei Wu; Sriya Banerjee; Jeunghee Park; Parag Banerjee, Chemical Communication, 2015

High quality BiOCl nanosheets were fabricated using facile, room temperature hydrolysis of Bi(NO3)3 and HCl. The resulting nanosheets had dimensions of 500 nm with exposed {001} facet. The band gap of the nanosheets was found to be 3.34 eV with conduction and valence band edges at -3.63 eV and ...


Electrical conductivity of metal (hydr)oxide–activated carbon composites under compression. A comparison study

04.01.2015 | Author(s): A. Barroso-Bogeat , M. Alexandre-Franco , C. Fernández-González , J. Sánchez-González , V. Gómez-Serrano, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2015

Publication date: 15 February 2015 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 152 Author(s): A. Barroso-Bogeat , M. Alexandre-Franco , C. Fernández-González , J. Sánchez-González , V. Gómez-Serrano From a granular commercial activated carbon (AC) and six metal (hydr)oxide ...


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