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Hydrogen-bond relaxation dynamics: Resolving mysteries of water ice

26.10.2014 | Author(s): Yongli Huang , Xi Zhang , Zengsheng Ma , Yichun Zhou , Weitao Zheng , Ji Zhou , Chang Q. Sun, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2014

Publication date: Available online 23 October 2014 Source:Coordination Chemistry Reviews Author(s): Yongli Huang , Xi Zhang , Zengsheng Ma , Yichun Zhou , Weitao Zheng , Ji Zhou , Chang Q. Sun We present recent progress in understanding the anomalous behavior of water ice under ...


INS, DFT and temperature dependent IR investigations of dynamical properties of low temperature phase of choline chloride

26.10.2014 | Author(s): A. Pawlukojć , Ł. Hetmańczyk, Chemical Physics, 2014

Publication date: Available online 18 October 2014 Source:Chemical Physics Author(s): A. Pawlukojć , Ł. Hetmańczyk Within the framework of the research the inelastic neutron scattering and temperature dependent infra-red spectroscopy investigations of the low temperature phase of choline ...


New Benzo[1,2‐b:4,5‐b′]dithiophene‐Based Small Molecules Containing Alkoxyphenyl Side Chains for High Efficiency Solution‐Processed Organic Solar Cells

25.10.2014 | Zhengkun Du, Weichao Chen, Shuguang Wen, Shanlin Qiao, Qian Liu, Dan Ouyang, Ning Wang, Xichang Bao, Renqiang Yang, ChemSusChem, 2014

Abstract A new acceptor–donor–acceptor (A–D–A) small molecule, namely, BDT‐PO‐DPP, based on the alkoxyphenyl (PO)‐substituted benzo[1,2‐b:4,5‐b′]dithiophene (BDT) derivative and the diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) unit was synthesized as an electron donor for solution‐processed small‐molecule ...


Gaseous titanium molybdates and tungstates: Thermodynamic properties and structures

24.10.2014 | Sergey I. Lopatin, Andrej I. Panin, Sergey M. Shugurov, Ksenia A. Emelyanova, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2014

RATIONALE Titanium is a component of various construction materials, which is often used at high temperature and in an oxidizing atmosphere. Thermally stable even at high temperatures, titanium compounds may appear in the condensed phase. To predict the possibility of existence of gaseous ...


Molecular Structure of Poly(methyl methacrylate) Surface II: Effect of Stereoregularity Examined through All-Atom Molecular Dynamics

24.10.2014 | Kshitij C. Jha; He Zhu; Ali Dhinojwala; Mesfin Tsige, Langmuir, 2014

Utilizing all-atom molecular dynamics (MD), we have analyzed the effect of tacticity and temperature on the surface structure of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) at the polymer–vacuum interface. We quantify these effects primarily through orientation, measured as the tilt with respect to the ...


Measurements of the Thermal Conductivity of Propane in the Supercritical Region

22.10.2014 | B. Le Neindre; Y. Garrabos; M. Nikravech, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2014

Measurements of the thermal conductivity of propane performed in a coaxial cylinder cell operating in steady state conditions are reported. The measurements of the thermal conductivity of propane were carried out along eight quasi-isotherms above the critical temperature. The present data cover ...


Electrochemical degradation of tramadol hydrochloride: Novel use of potentiometric carbon paste electrodes as a tracer

21.10.2014 | Author(s): Nasser Abu Ghalwa , Hazem M. Abu-Shawish , Farid R. Zaggout , Salman M. Saadeh , Ayoub R. Al-Dalou , ..., Arabian Journal of Chemistry, 2014

Publication date: November 2014 Source:Arabian Journal of Chemistry, Volume 7, Issue 5 Author(s): Nasser Abu Ghalwa , Hazem M. Abu-Shawish , Farid R. Zaggout , Salman M. Saadeh , Ayoub R. Al-Dalou , Anwar A. Abou Assi The electrochemical removal of tramadol hydrochloride from aqueous ...


Materials, Vol. 7, Pages 7105-7117: Bulk TiB2-Based Ceramic Composites with Improved Mechanical Property Using Fe–Ni–Ti–Al as a Sintering Aid

21.10.2014 | Yang, Chao ; Guo, Hao ; Mo, Daguang ; Qu, Shengguan ; Li, Xiaoqiang ; Zhang, Weiwen ; Zhang, Laichang, Materials, 2014

The densification behavior, microstructure and mechanical properties of bulk TiB2-based ceramic composites, fabricated using the spark plasma sintering (SPS) technique with elements of (Fe–Ni–Ti–Al) sinter-aid were investigated. Comparing the change of shrinkage displacement of pure TiB2 and ...


Calorimetric and Rheological Studies on Cyclopentane Hydrate-Forming Water-in-Kerosene Emulsions

20.10.2014 | Amit Ahuja; Genti Zylyftari; Jeffrey F. Morris, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2014

The effect of salt, a thermodynamic inhibitor of hydrate, on a density-matched cyclopentane hydrate-forming water-in-kerosene emulsion with a fixed aqueous phase mass fraction of 0.4 is presented, based on studies by microdifferential scanning calorimetry (μDSC) and rheometry. Kerosene is a ...


From orientation disordered to ordered—An ab initio simulation on ammonia borane phase transition within Van Der Waals corrections

18.10.2014 | Qi Song, Zhenyi Jiang, Zhiyong Zhang, Yuqing Hou, Xiaodong Zhang, Journal of Computational Chemistry, 2014

In this work, we report a detailed theoretical investigation of the phase transition of ammonia borane (NH3BH3; AB), from a tetragonal I4mm ( ) phase with disordered orientation of hydrogen to an orthorhombic phase with Pmn21 ( ) symmetry, as a function of temperature based on Density Functional ...


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