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Determining the Functional Characteristics of Wheat and Corn Grains Depending on Storage Time and Temperature

20.11.2015 | Hakan Kibar, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2015

Abstract The purpose of this study was to determine how storage time (0–90 days) and temperature (10, 12 and 14C) affect the functional properties of wheat and corn grains. Functional properties such as grain moisture content, grain geometry, dry matter, crude protein and fiber, thousand ...


Energies, Vol. 8, Pages 13231-13254: Integrated Planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cell: Steady-State Model of a Bundle and Validation through Single Tube Experimental Data

20.11.2015 | Costamagna, Paola ; Grosso, Simone ; Travis, Rowland ; Magistri, Loredana, Energies, 2015

This work focuses on a steady-state model developed for an integrated planar solid oxide fuel cell (IP-SOFC) bundle. In this geometry, several single IP-SOFCs are deposited on a tube and electrically connected in series through interconnections. Then, several tubes are coupled to one another to ...


[Report] Three-dimensional charge density wave order in YBa2Cu3O6.67 at high magnetic fields

20.11.2015 | S. Gerber; H. Jang; H. Nojiri; S. Matsuzawa; H. Yasumura; D. A. Bonn; R. Liang; W. N. Hardy; Z. Islam; A. Mehta; S. ..., Science , 2015

Charge density wave (CDW) correlations have been shown to universally exist in cuprate superconductors. However, their nature at high fields inferred from nuclear magnetic resonance is distinct from that measured with x-ray scattering at zero and low fields. We combined a pulsed magnet with an ...


Competing insertion and external binding motifs in hydrated neurotransmitters: IR spectra of protonated phenylethylamine monohydrate

19.11.2015 | Aude Bouchet, Markus Schütz, Otto Dopfer, ChemPhysChem, 2015

Hydration has a drastic impact on the structure and function of flexible biomolecules such as aromatic ethylamino neurotransmitters. The structure of monohydrated protonated phenylethylamine (H+PEA‐H2O) is investigated by infrared photodissociation (IRPD) spectroscopy of cold cluster ions using ...


Preparation of a CuInS2 Nanoparticle Ink and Application in a Selenization‐Free, Solution‐Processed Superstrate Solar Cell

19.11.2015 | Amir Hossein Cheshme Khavar, Ali Reza Mahjoub, Fariba Tajabadi, Mehdi Dehghani, Nima Taghavinia, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

Abstract We report a study on chalcopyrite solar cells fabricated by low‐cost, nonvacuum, and selenization‐free methods. Superstrate‐type CuInS2 (CIS) thin‐film solar cells were prepared by sequential ink deposition. The CIS film was formed from a stable low‐carbon ink, which was synthesized ...


The zero phonon line revisited

19.11.2015 | Mark C. A. York, physica status solidi (c), 2015

Abstract We treat the exciton–thermal acoustic phonon interaction as a coupling to a (not necessarily classical) stochastic background, in turn applying a Luttinger–Ward style of resummation to self–energy diagrams and leading to a non–perturbative resolution of the exciton spectral density. ...


Complex Surface Diffusion Mechanisms of Cobalt Phthalocyanine Molecules on Ag(100)

19.11.2015 | Grażyna Antczak; Wojciech Kamiński; Agata Sabik; Christopher Zaum; Karina Morgenstern, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

We used time-lapsed scanning tunneling microscopy between 43 and 50 K and density functional theory (DFT) to explore the basic surface diffusion steps of cobalt phthalocyanine (CoPc) molecules on the Ag(100) surface. We show that the CoPc molecules translate and rotate on the surface in the same ...


Tuning Electron-Conduction and Spin Transport in Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Assemblies via Tetrathiafulvalene-Fused Ligands

19.11.2015 | Zhong-Peng Lv; Zhong-Zhi Luan; Hai-Ying Wang; Sheng Liu; Cheng-Hui Li; Di Wu; Jing-Lin Zuo; Shouheng Sun, ACS Nano, 2015

We report a strategy to coat Fe3O4 nanoparticles (NPs) with tetrathiafulvalene-fused carboxylic ligands (TTF-COO−) and to control electron conduction and magnetoresistance (MR) within the NP assemblies. The TTF-COO-Fe3O4 NPs were prepared by replacing oleylamine (OA) from OA-coated 5.7 nm Fe3O4 ...


The behaviour of Nafion® 424 membrane in the electrochemical production of lithium hydroxide

18.11.2015 | Abdullah Zahid Turan, Halit Baloglu, Elif Ünveren, A. Nusret Bulutcu, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2015

Abstract Background Nafion® membranes have found several applications in chemical processes, one of which is “salt splitting”, where a salt is split to produce acid and/or alkali. So, the determination of the behaviour of this membrane in the electrolysis of certain salts is an important ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 7795-7804: Preparation and Preliminary Dielectric Characterization of Structured C60-Thiol-Ene Polymer Nanocomposites Assembled Using the Thiol-Ene Click Reaction

18.11.2015 | Ahmed, Hanaa M.; Windham, Amber D.; Al-Ejji, Maryam M.; Al-Qahtani, Noora H.; Hassan, Mohammad K.; Mauritz, Kenneth ..., Materials, 2015

Fullerene-containing materials have the ability to store and release electrical energy. Therefore, fullerenes may ultimately find use in high-voltage equipment devices or as super capacitors for high electric energy storage due to this ease of manipulating their excellent dielectric properties ...


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