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Effect of calcination temperature and molar ratio of tin and manganese on capacitance of Ti/SnO2–Sb–Mn/β-PbO2 electrode during phenol electro-oxidation

12.04.2015 | Author(s): Peng Li , Yuemin Zhao , Binbin Ding , Lizhang Wang, Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: 15 June 2015 Source:Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Volume 747 Author(s): Peng Li , Yuemin Zhao , Binbin Ding , Lizhang Wang The variations in the capacitance of Ti/SnO2–Sb–Mn/β-PbO2 electrodes prepared using sol–gel and electrodeposition techniques with ...


Nano-scale carbon onions produced by laser photolysis of toluene for detection of optical, humidity, acetone, methanol and ethanol stimuli

12.04.2015 | Author(s): Baban P. Dhonge , David E. Motaung , Chuan-Pu Liu , Yi-Chang Li , Bonex W. Mwakikunga, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2015

Publication date: August 2015 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 215 Author(s): Baban P. Dhonge , David E. Motaung , Chuan-Pu Liu , Yi-Chang Li , Bonex W. Mwakikunga Laser liquid medium pyrolysis (LLMP) process has been used to deposit an onion like carbon (OLC) ...


Reaction of OH radical and ozone with methyl salicylate – a DFT study

10.04.2015 | A. Mano Priya, Lakshmipathi Senthilkumar, Journal of Physical Organic Chemistry, 2015

A theoretical study on the reaction mechanism of methyl salicylate (MeSA), a green leaf volatile organic compound with OH radical and ozone, has been carried out using density functional theory methods using B3LYP, M06‐2X and MPW1K functionals with 6‐311++G(d,p) basis set. The atmospheric ...


Preparation of poly(propylene carbonate)/nano calcium carbonate composites and their supercritical carbon dioxide foaming behavior

08.04.2015 | Peng Yu, Hao‐Yang Mi, An Huang, Xian Liu, Bin‐Yi Chen, Shui‐Dong Zhang, Xiang‐Fang Peng, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Biodegradable polymer foams are attracting extensive attention in both academic and industrial fields. In this study, an emerging biodegradable polymer, poly(propylene carbonate) (PPC), was compounded with nano calcium carbonate (nano‐CaCO3) and foamed via supercritical carbon dioxide ...


Time Domain-NMR Combined with Chemometrics Analysis: An Alternative Tool for Monitoring Diesel Fuel Quality

07.04.2015 | Poliana M. Santos; Renata S. Amais; Luiz A. Colnago; Åsmund Rinnan; Marcos R. Monteiro, Energy & Fuels, 2015

Time-domain nuclear magnetic resonance (TD-NMR) was explored as a rapid method for simultaneous assessment of the quality parameters in commercial diesel samples (B5 diesel-biodiesel blend). A principal component analysis (PCA) obtained with the relaxation decay curves revealed tight and ...


Assessing Thermochemical Properties of Materials through Ab initio Quantum-mechanical Methods: The Case of [small alpha]-Al2O3

07.04.2015 | Alessandro Erba; Jefferson Maul; Raffaella Demichelis; Roberto Dovesi, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The thermochemical behavior of α-Al2O3 corundum in the whole temperature range 0-2317 K (melting point) and under pressures up to 12 GPa is predicted by applying ab initio methods based on the Density Functional Theory (DFT), the use of a local basis set and periodic-boundary conditions. ...


Catalytic Silylation of Dinitrogen with a Dicobalt Complex

06.04.2015 | Randall B. Siedschlag; Varinia Bernales; Konstantinos D. Vogiatzis; Nora Planas; Laura J. Clouston; Eckhard Bill; La ..., Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015

A dicobalt complex catalyzes N2 silylation with Me3SiCl and KC8 under 1 atm N2 at ambient temperature. Tris(trimethylsilyl)amine is formed with an initial turnover rate of 1 N(TMS)3/min, ultimately reaching a turnover number of ∼200. The dicobalt species features a metal–metal interaction, which ...


Resorcinol–formaldehyde aerogels for CMOS-MEMS capacitive humidity sensor

05.04.2015 | Author(s): Vincent P.J. Chung , Ming-Chuen Yip , Weileun Fang, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2015

Publication date: 31 July 2015 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 214 Author(s): Vincent P.J. Chung , Ming-Chuen Yip , Weileun Fang This paper reports the design, implementation and characterization of a capacitive humidity sensor based on a new kind of organic polymer, ...


H2 Saturation on Palladium Clusters

03.04.2015 | Adam W. Pelzer; Julius Jellinek; Koblar A. Jackson, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

The interaction of PdN clusters (N = 2, 3, 4, 7, and 13) with multiple H2 adsorbate molecules is investigated using density functional theory with the hybrid PBE0 functional. The optimal structure for each PdNH2(L) complex is determined systematically via a sequential addition of H2 units. The ...


Metal complexation studies of amylopectin‐g‐poly(N,N‐dimethylacrylamide‐co‐acrylic acid): A biodegradable synthetic graft copolymer

02.04.2015 | Haradhan Kolya, Tridib Tripathy, Polymer International, 2015

Abstract Synthesis of amylopectin‐g‐poly(N,N‐dimethylacrylamide‐co‐acrylic acid) was carried out by solution polymerization technique using potassium persulfate (K2S2O8) as the initiator. The graft copolymer was characterized by measuring molecular weight using size exclusion chromatography ...


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