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Mechanism and Parameters Controlling the Decomposition Kinetics of Na2SiF6 Powder to SiF4

27.04.2016 | N. Soltani, M. I. Pech‐Canul, L. A. González, A. Bahrami, International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, 2016

ABSTRACT Sodium hexafluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) powder has been used as a silicon source for formation of Si3N4 coatings by the hybrid precursor system‐chemical vapor deposition (HYSY‐CVD) route. The quantitative effect of processing time, temperature, gas flow rate, and process atmosphere (N2 ...


Flow‐modulated targeted signal enhancement for volatile organic compounds

27.04.2016 | Taylor Haywar, Ronda Gras, Jim Luong, Journal of Separation Science, 2016

Comprehensive two‐dimensional gas chromatography is a technique that is becoming more widespread within the analytical community, especially in the separation of complex mixtures. Modulation in comprehensive two‐dimensional gas chromatography can be achieved by manipulating temperature or flow ...


Heterogeneous Photochemical Conversion of NO2 to HONO on the Humic Acid Surface under Simulated Sunlight

27.04.2016 | Chong Han; Wangjin Yang; Qianqian Wu; He Yang; Xiangxin Xue, Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

The poor understanding of HONO sources in the daytime highlights the importance of the heterogeneous photochemical reaction of NO2 with aerosol or soil surfaces. The conversion of NO2 to HONO on humic acid (HA) under simulated sunlight was investigated using a flow tube reactor at ambient ...


Influence of CO2–Brine Co-injection on CO2 Storage Capacity Enhancement in Deep Saline Aquifers: An Experimental Study on Hawkesbury Sandstone Formation

27.04.2016 | T. D. Rathnaweera; P. G. Ranjith; M. S. A. Perera; A. Haque, Energy & Fuels, 2016

This study was conducted to identify a potential CO2-storage-capacity-enhancement technique: enhancement of CO2 storage through co-injection or the simultaneous injection of CO2 and brine into saline aquifers. A series of triaxial permeability tests on brine-saturated sandstone samples for a ...


Effect of Concentration and Temperature on Rheological Behaviour of Polystyrene Solution

22.04.2016 | Kelothu Suresh, Rijumoni Boro, R. Vinoth Kumar, G. Pugazhenthi, Macromolecular Symposia, 2016

Summary This article addresses the rheological properties of various concentration of polystyrene solution at different temperatures. Xylene was used as a solvent to make different concentration of polystyrene solution (5, 10 and 15 wt%). The rheological characteristics were carried out at ...


Entropy, Vol. 18, Pages 134: Heat Transfer Enhancement and Entropy Generation of Nanofluids Laminar Convection in Microchannels with Flow Control Devices

21.04.2016 | Li, Ping ; Xie, Yonghui ; Zhang, Di ; Xie, Gongnan, Entropy, 2016

The heat transfer enhancement and entropy generation of Al2O3-water nanofluids laminar convective flow in the microchannels with flow control devices (cylinder, rectangle, protrusion, and v-groove) were investigated in this research. The effects of the geometrical structure of the microchannel, ...


Heat Transfer Analysis of Superheated Steam by Considering the Spraying Flow Rate

20.04.2016 | Weijie Mao, Masaki Kato, Lei Liu, Mika Fukuoka, Noboru Sakai, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2016

Abstract Superheated steam (SHS) is widely used in the food industry for heating purposes. However, the effect that operating conditions may have on food quality are not quite clear. Spraying flow rate is an important operating condition of SHS that plays a key role in temperature ...


A Continuous‐Flow Cascade Reactor System for Subtilisin A‐ Catalyzed Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of N‐tert‐Butyloxycarbonylphenylalanine Ethyl Thioester with Benzylamine

19.04.2016 | Péter Falus, Lorenzo Cerioli, Gabriella Bajnóczi, Zoltán Boros, Diána Weiser, József Nagy, Davide Tessaro, Stefano S ..., Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 2016

Abstract Alcalase® (Subtilisin A) was immobilized by simple hydrophobic adsorption onto various surface‐grafted macroporous silica gels resulting in easy‐to‐prepare and stable biocatalysts enabling the efficient kinetic resolution (KR) and dynamic kinetic resolution (DKR) of racemic ...


Entropy, Vol. 18, Pages 148: Entropy Generation and Heat Transfer Performances of Al2O3-Water Nanofluid Transitional Flow in Rectangular Channels with Dimples and Protrusions

19.04.2016 | Xie, Yonghui ; Zheng, Lu ; Zhang, Di ; Xie, Gongnan, Entropy, 2016

Nanofluid has great potentials in heat transfer enhancement and entropy generation decrease as an effective cooling medium. Effects of Al2O3-water nanofluid flow on entropy generation and heat transfer performance in a rectangular conventional channel are numerically investigated in this study. ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 284: Impact of Biodiesel Blends and Di-Ethyl-Ether on the Cold Starting Performance of a Compression Ignition Engine

18.04.2016 | Clenci, Adrian ; Niculescu, Rodica ; Danlos, Amélie ; Iorga-Simăn, Victor ; Trică, Alina, Energies, 2016

The use of biodiesel fuel in compression ignition engines has the potential to reduce CO2, which can lead to a reduction in global warming and environmental hazards. Biodiesel is an attractive fuel, as it is made from renewable resources. Many studies have been conducted to assess the impact of ...


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