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Dynamic Behaviors in Methane MILD and Oxy-Fuel Combustion. Chemical Effect of CO2

26.02.2015 | P. Sabia; G. Sorrentino; A. Chinnici; A. Cavaliere; R. Ragucci, Energy & Fuels, 2015

The oxidation process of CH4/O2 mixtures diluted in CO2 under moderate or intense low-oxygen dilution (MILD) and oxy-fuel combustion conditions was numerically investigated in a perfectly stirred flow reactor at atmospheric pressure. The analysis aimed to investigate the kinetics involved in fuel ...


Numerical and Experimental Studies of NO Formation Mechanisms under Methane Moderate or Intense Low-Oxygen Dilution (MILD) Combustion without Heated Air

24.02.2015 | Shiying Cao; Chun Zou; Qingsong Han; Yang Liu; Di Wu; Chuguang Zheng, Energy & Fuels, 2015

moderate or intense low-oxygen dilution (MILD) combustion a newly developing and innovative combustion technology. A MILD combustion without preheated air was achieved with inner flow recirculation and simulated by a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model with GRI-Mech 3.0. Comparisons between ...


Effect of fluid velocity on radioactive ion retention by fluidized bed reactor

21.02.2015 | Mohamed Abdelaziz, Azza H. Ali, Hesham F. Elbakhshawangy, Sameh H. Othman, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2015

This study is concerned with the design, construction, simulation, and pre‐operation of a fluidized bed reactor for low level radioactive waste treatment by a new chelating resin. In this respect a new mathematical model is suggested to account for the effect of fluid velocity and to determine ...


The influence of propolis on rheological properties of lipstick

19.02.2015 | Urszula Goik, Anna Ptaszek, Tomasz Goik, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2015

Synopsis Objective The aim of this work was to study the effect of propolis on the rheological and textural properties of lipsticks. The studied lipsticks were based on raw materials, and contained no synthetic compounds, preservatives, fragrances or dyes. The rheological and textural ...


Enhanced thermal stability of biomedical thermoplastic polyurethane with the addition of cellulose nanocrystals

18.02.2015 | Jen‐Chieh Liu, Darren J. Martin, Robert J. Moon, Jeffrey P. Youngblood, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Freeze‐dried cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs) were dispersed in the thermoplastic polyurethane [Pellethane 2363‐55D (P55D)] by a solvent casting method to fabricate CNC‐reinforced nanocomposites. This study demonstrated that the addition of small amounts (1–5 wt %) of CNCs to P55D ...


Design of a Test Rig for Cleaning Studies and Evaluation of Laboratory‐Scale Experiments Using Pink Guava Puree as a Fouling Deposit Model

16.02.2015 | Nurul Izzah Khalid, Norbismi Nordin, Nuraini Abdul Aziz, Norashikin Ab. Aziz, Farah Saleena Taip, Mohd. Shamsul Anuar, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2015

Abstract A cleaning‐in‐place (CIP) test rig is commonly used to investigate the cleanability of food apparatus. The main focus of this work was to design a laboratory‐scale cleaning test rig that operates at a fluid velocity of up to 2 m/s (Re = 2.5 × 105) and that is capable of withstanding ...


Clotting Activity of Polyphosphate‐Functionalized Silica Nanoparticles

04.02.2015 | Damien Kudela, Stephanie A. Smith, Anna May‐Masnou, Gary B. Braun, Alessia Pallaoro, Chi K. Nguyen, Tracy T. Chuong, ..., Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2015

Abstract We present a silica nanoparticle (SNP) functionalized with polyphosphate (polyP) that accelerates the natural clotting process of the body. SNPs initiate the contact pathway of the blood‐clotting system; short‐chain polyP accelerates the common pathway by the rapid formation of ...


Hydrothermal Continuous Flow Synthesis and Exfoliation of NiCo Layered Double Hydroxide Nanosheets for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Catalysis

02.02.2015 | Hanfeng Liang; Fei Meng; Miguel Cabán-Acevedo; Linsen Li; Audrey Forticaux; Lichen Xiu; Zhoucheng Wang; Song Jin, Nano Letters, 2015

We report the controlled synthesis of NiCo layered double hydroxide (LDH) nanoplates using a newly developed high temperature high pressure hydrothermal continuous flow reactor (HCFR), which enables direct growth onto conductive substrates in high yield and, most importantly, better control of ...


Effect of N2 on emission profile and excitation temperature in axially viewed plasma-ICP OES

30.12.2014 | Dirce Pozebon; Guilherme Luiz Scheffler, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2014

Fundamental studies were conducted in order to gain useful insights about energy transfer that takes place when a low flow (20 mL min-1) of N2 is introduced into the central channel of the Ar-ICP source in inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry (ICP OES). Axial and radial ...


An analytical relationship of concentration dependent interfacial solute distribution coefficient for aqueous layer freeze concentration

30.12.2014 | Xiao Dong Chen, Ping Chen, Duo Wu, AIChE Journal, 2014

Abstract Freeze concentration (FC) is a sub‐zero temperature solute concentration procedure, favoring the retention of high quality compounds such as food ingredients and biological materials. It is known that modeling solute inclusion in the ice layers or ice crystals formed in a convective ...


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