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NH3 gas sensor based on Pd/SnO2/RGO ternary composite operated at room-temperature

04.10.2015 | Author(s): Pi-Guey Su, Ling-Yu Yang, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2015

Publication date: February 2016 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 223 Author(s): Pi-Guey Su, Ling-Yu Yang Novel room-temperature NH3 gas sensors based on Pd, tin oxide (SnO2) and reduced graphene oxide (RGO) ternary nanocomposite (Pd/SnO2/RGO) film were fabricated by the ...


Verlust der Heliumdichtheit geschweißter Aluminiumbauteile

02.10.2015 | Robert Brockmann, Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis, 2015

Abstract Vakuum im Fusionsreaktor erfüllt zwei Aufgaben. Zum einen ist es erforderlich, um das Fusionsplasma zu betreiben, zum anderen vermindert es als Isoliervakuum den Wärmeeintrag auf die mit flüssigem Helium gekühlten supraleitfähigen Spulen. Letzteres ist besonders gefährdet, wenn es ...


Gas-Phase Ozonolysis of Cycloalkenes: Formation of Highly Oxidized RO2 Radicals and Their Reactions with NO, NO2, SO2, and Other RO2 Radicals

01.10.2015 | Torsten Berndt; Stefanie Richters; Ralf Kaethner; Jens Voigtländer; Frank Stratmann; Mikko Sipilä; Markku Kulmala; H ..., Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2015

The gas-phase reaction of ozone with C5–C8 cycloalkenes has been investigated in a free-jet flow system at atmospheric pressure and a temperature of 297 ± 1 K. Highly oxidized RO2 radicals bearing at least 5 O atoms in the molecule and their subsequent reaction products were detected in most ...


Heating-Induced Evaporation of Nine Different Secondary Organic Aerosol Types

01.10.2015 | Katheryn R. Kolesar; Ziyue Li; Kevin R. Wilson; Christopher D. Cappa, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

The volatility of the compounds comprising organic aerosol (OA) determines their distribution between the gas and particle phases. However, there is a disconnect between volatility distributions as typically derived from secondary OA (SOA) growth experiments and the effective particle volatility ...


Atmospheric chemistry of (CF3)2C[double bond, length as m-dash]CH2: OH radicals, Cl atoms and O3 rate coefficients, oxidation end-products and IR spectra

01.10.2015 | Vassileios C. Papadimitriou; Christina S. Spitieri; Panos Papagiannakopoulos; Mathieu Cazaunau; Maria Lendar; Véroni ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The rate coefficients for the gas phase reactions of OH radicals, k1, Cl atoms, k2, and O3, k3, with 3,3,3-trifluoro-2(trifluoromethyl)-1-propene ((CF3)2C [[double bond, length as m-dash]] CH2, hexafluoroisobutylene, HFIB) were determined at room temperature and atmospheric pressure employing the ...


Influence of gas packing and orientation on FTIR activity for CO chemisorption to the Cu paddlewheel

30.09.2015 | Cheng-Yu Wang; Paramita Ray; Qihan Gong; Yonggang Zhao; Jing Li; Angela D. Lueking, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

In situ Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is able to probe structural defects via site-specific adsorption of CO to the Cu-BTC (BTC = 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxylate) metal–organic framework (MOF). The temperature-programmed desorption (TPD) of CO chemisorbed to Cu-TDPAT (TDPAT = ...


Nanoporous Polymers Incorporating Sterically Confined N-Heterocyclic Carbenes for Simultaneous CO2 Capture and Conversion at Ambient Pressure

30.09.2015 | Siddulu Naidu Talapaneni; Onur Buyukcakir; Sang Hyun Je; Sampath Srinivasan; Yongbeom Seo; Kyriaki Polychronopoulou; ..., Chemistry of Materials, 2015

Postcombustion CO2 capture and the conversion of captured CO2 into value added chemicals are integral part of today’s energy industry mainly due to their economic and environmental benefits arising from the direct utilization of CO2 as a sustainable source. Sterically confined N-heterocyclic ...


Synthesis of amine‐modified solid Fe‐Zr adsorbents for CO2 adsorption

29.09.2015 | Fan‐Ming Yang, Ying Liu, Lang Chen, Chak‐Tong Au, Shuang‐Feng Yin, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2015

Abstract BACKGROUND With the aggravation of greenhouse effect, much attention is given to the capture of CO2 before its emission into the atmosphere. So far, various solid adsorbents were developed and used. Among them, the solid materials modified with organic‐amines are promising on ...


Removal of Gas-Phase As2O3 by Metal Oxide Adsorbents: Effects of Experimental Conditions and Evaluation of Adsorption Mechanism

29.09.2015 | Yue Zhang; Chunbo Wang; Wenhan Li; Huimin Liu; Yongsheng Zhang; Pauline Hack; Weiping Pan, Energy & Fuels, 2015

This research studies the adsorption of gas-phase As2O3 by CaO, Fe2O3 and Al2O3, using a fixed-bed reactor with an arsenic continuous generation device. The adsorption of gas-phase arsenic on CaO and Fe2O3 is mainly chemical adsorption at 600–900 °C. The adsorption quantity and efficiency ...


Temperature dependent rate coefficients for the reaction of OH radicals with dimethylbenzoquinones

27.09.2015 | Author(s): Iustinian Bejan, Ian Barnes, Peter Wiesen, John C. Wenger, Chemical Physics Letters, 2015

Publication date: 16 October 2015 Source:Chemical Physics Letters, Volume 639 Author(s): Iustinian Bejan, Ian Barnes, Peter Wiesen, John C. Wenger Rate coefficients for the gas-phase reaction of hydroxyl (OH) radicals with two methylated benzoquinones have been measured at ...


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