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The linear rheological responses of wedge‐type polymers

28.03.2015 | Miao Hu, Yan Xia, Christopher S. Daeffler, Jinhua Wang, Gregory B. McKenna, Julia A. Kornfield, Robert H. Grubbs, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2015

ABSTRACT The linear rheological responses of a series of specially designed wedge‐type polymers synthesized by the polymerization of large molecular weight monomers have been measured. These wedge polymers contained large side groups which contained three flexible branch chains per polymer ...


Temperature Controlled Sequential Gelation in Composite Microgel Suspensions

24.03.2015 | Jeroen Appel, Niek de Lange, Hanne M. van der Kooij, Ties van de Laar, Jan Bart ten Hove, Thomas E. Kodger, Joris Sp ..., Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 2015

Depending on the volume fraction and interparticle interactions, colloidal suspensions can exhibit a variety of physical states, ranging from fluids, crystals, and glasses to gels. For microgel particles made of thermoresponsive polymers, both parameters can be tuned using environmental ...


Completely Transparent Conducting Oxide-Free and Flexible Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Fabricated on Plastic Substrates

20.03.2015 | Kicheon Yoo; Jae-Yup Kim; Jin Ah Lee; Jin Soo Kim; Doh-Kwon Lee; Kyungkon Kim; Jin Young Kim; BongSoo Kim; Honggon K ..., ACS Nano, 2015

To achieve commercialization and widespread application of next-generation photovoltaics, it is important to develop flexible and cost-effective devices. Given this, the elimination of expensive transparent conducting oxides (TCO) and replacement of conventional glass substrates with flexible ...


Long-Term Stable, Low-Temperature Remote Silicate Phosphor Thick Films Printed on a Glass Substrate

19.03.2015 | Jun Sik Kim; Oh Hyeon Kwon; Jin Woo Jang; Sung Hyun Lee; Sung Jun Han; Joo Hong Lee; Yong Soo Cho, Journal of Combinatorial Chemistry, 2015

A critical step in providing better phosphor solution for white light emitting diode (LED) is to utilize inexpensive silicate phosphors with strong thermal stability. Here, we demonstrate yellow silicate phosphor-embedded glass thick films with a high luminous efficacy of ∼32 lm/W at 200 mA as a ...


Properties of dicumyl peroxide initiated bismaleimide modified allyl novolac and its molded composites

17.03.2015 | Hao Jiang, Rumin Wang, Shameel Farhan, Shuirong Zheng, Polymer Composites, 2015

A thermosetting resin system, bismaleimide (BMI) modified allyl novolac (BAN), was developed via reactive blending of formaldehyde and catalyst drop wise to improve the extent of reaction between BMI and phenol‐carbenium ions. For improving the curing behavior and mechanical properties, dicumyl ...


Magnetoresistance effect in anion‐substituted manganese chalcogenides

16.03.2015 | S. S. Aplesnin, O. B. Romanova, K. I. Yanushkevich, physica status solidi (b), 2015

The electric and magnetic properties of anion‐substituted antiferromagnetic MnSe1−xTex (0.1 ≤ x ≤ 0.4) semiconductors in the 77–700 K temperature range and magnetic fields under 1 T are studied. In the MnSe1−xTex solid solutions, negative magnetoresistance in the vicinity of the Néel ...


Vinylogous Urethane Vitrimers

13.03.2015 | Wim Denissen, Guadalupe Rivero, Renaud Nicolaÿ, Ludwik Leibler, Johan M. Winne, Filip E. Du Prez, Advanced Functional Materials, 2015

Vitrimers are a new class of polymeric materials with very attractive properties, since they can be reworked to any shape while being at the same time permanently cross‐linked. As an alternative to the use of transesterification chemistry, we explore catalyst‐free transamination of vinylogous ...


Influence of thermal annealing on the structural and optical properties of maghemite (γ‐Fe2O3) nanoparticle thin films

13.03.2015 | Ehsan Parsianpour, Mohammad Gholami, Nima Shahbazi, Feridoun Samavat, Surface and Interface Analysis, 2015

In this study, maghemite (γ‐Fe2O3) nanoparticles were initially synthesized via chemical co‐precipitation and then deposited by spray pyrolysis as thin films on white glass substrates. The thin films were annealed for 8 h at 400, 450, 500, 550, and 600 °C in an oven. The structural studies of ...


Dynamical Theory of Segmental Relaxation and Emergent Elasticity in Supercooled Polymer Melts

13.03.2015 | Stephen Mirigian; Kenneth S. Schweizer, Macromolecules, 2015

We generalize the force-level Elastically Collective Nonlinear Langevin Equation theory of supercooled molecular liquid dynamics to polymer melts based on mapping chains to disconnected and noninterpenetrating Kuhn-sized spheres. This allows first-principles, no adjustable parameter calculations ...


Sinterability Enhancement by Collapse of Mesoporous Structure of SBA‐15 in Fabrication of Highly Transparent Silica Glass

09.03.2015 | Xin Zhang, Xiangwen Yu, Beiying Zhou, Wei Luo, Wan Jiang, Weihui Jiang, Zhijian Shen, Lianjun Wang, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

Highly transparent silica glass was prepared from mesoporous silica SBA‐15 powders at low temperature using Spark Plasma Sintering. It was found that the combined effect of pressure and temperature resulted in collapse of porous structure of SBA‐15 and transformation to transparent glass. A ...


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