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Structure and morphology of nanoporous zno and dark current‐Voltage characteristics of the glass/(TCO)/zno/poly[2,7‐(9,9‐dioctylfluorene)‐alt‐(5,5'‐bithiophene)/ag structure

23.05.2015 | Lidia Ghimpu, Tamara Potlog, Ana‐Maria Resmerita, Ion Tiginyanu, Aurica Farcas, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT The hybrid organic‐inorganic structure based on glass/(TCO)/nanoporous ZnO/poly[2,7‐(9,9‐dioctylfluorene)‐alt‐(5,5′‐bithiophene)]/Ag that was prepared by physical deposition has been investigated. The structure of the nanostructured ZnO obtained by magnetron sputtering was confirmed ...


DC Conduction and Electric Modulus Formulation of Lithium‐Doped Bismuth Zinc Vanadate Semiconducting Glassy System

22.05.2015 | Sajjan Dahiya, Rajesh Punia, Anupinder Singh, Anup S. Maan, Sevi Murugavel, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

The conduction parameters related to dc conductivity and electric modulus formulation in the temperature range 313–533K for xLi2O (100−x) (50V2O5.20 Bi2O3. 30 ZnO) glass system have been studied. The temperature‐dependant dc conductivity is analyzed using the Mott's model for transition ...


Controllable Synthesis of Stereoregular Polyesters by Organocatalytic Alternating Copolymerizations of Cyclohexene Oxide and Norbornene Anhydrides

22.05.2015 | Bing Han; Li Zhang; Binyuan Liu; Xiaofang Dong; Il Kim; Zhongyu Duan; Patrick Theato, Macromolecules, 2015

A facile strategy has been demonstrated for the selective synthesis of highly stereoregular polyesters with cis-2,3-(exo, exo) or trans-2,3-(exo, endo) repeating units by the organocatalysts mediated alternating copolymerization of cyclohexene oxide and norbornene anhydride (NA) stereoisomers. ...


Low Temperature Firing of Li0.43Zn0.27Ti0.13Fe2.17O4 Ferrites with Enhanced Magnetic Properties

21.05.2015 | Yulong Liao, Fang Xu, Dainan Zhang, Tinchuan Zhou, Qi Wang, Xiaoyi Wang, Lijun Jia, Jie Li, Hua Su, Zhiyong Zhong, H ..., Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

In the present work, the Li0.43Zn0.27Ti0.13Fe2.17O4 ferrite, a low temperature sintered gyromagnetic material, was prepared via solid‐state reaction method. A pure spinel phase can be formed with a sintering temperature ranging from 880°C to 920°C, which allows them to be co‐fired with silver. ...


Impact of Eu3+ Dopants on Optical Spectroscopy of Ce3+: Y3Al5O12‐Embedded Transparent Glass‐Ceramics

21.05.2015 | Yang Zhou, Daqin Chen, Wendong Tian, Zhenguo Ji, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

Transparent glass‐ceramics containing Ce3+: Y3Al5O12 phosphors and Eu3+ ions were successfully fabricated by a low‐temperature co‐sintering technique to explore their potential application in white light‐emitting diodes (WLEDs). Microstructure of the sample was studied using a scanning electron ...


Shape-Memory Polymers with Adjustable High Glass Transition Temperatures

21.05.2015 | Xinli Xiao; Deyan Kong; Xueying Qiu; Wenbo Zhang; Fenghua Zhang; Liwu Liu; Yanju Liu; Shen Zhang; Yang Hu; Jinsong Leng, Macromolecules, 2015

Shape-memory polymers (SMPs) are synthesized with adjustable glass transition temperature (Tg) ranging from 299 to 322 °C, higher than those reported previously. The polyimide containing thermal stable but flexible linkages within the backbone act as reversible phase, and high molecular weight ...


Investigation of structural, morphological and electrical properties of APCVD vanadium oxide thin films

19.05.2015 | Georgios Papadimitropoulos, Ioannis Kostis, Stelios Trantalidis, Athanasios Tsiatouras, Maria Vasilopoulou, Dimitris ..., physica status solidi (c), 2015

Abstract Vanadium oxide films were chemically vapor deposited (CVD) on oxidized Si substrates covered with CVD tungsten (W) thin films and on glass substrates covered with indium tin oxide (ITO) films, using vanadium(V) oxy‐tri‐isopropoxide (C9H21O4V) vapors. X‐ray diffraction (XRD) ...


Chemistry and Formation of the Beilby Layer During Polishing of Fused Silica Glass

19.05.2015 | Tayyab Suratwala, William Steele, Lana Wong, Michael D. Feit, Philip E. Miller, Rebecca Dylla‐Spears, Nan Shen, Rich ..., Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

The chemical characteristics and the proposed formation mechanisms of the modified surface layer (called the Beilby layer) on polished fused silica glasses are described. Fused silica glass samples were polished using different slurries, polyurethane pads, and at different rotation rates. The ...


Friction and wear studies of polyetherimide composites under oscillating sliding condition against steel cylinder

18.05.2015 | A.P. Harsha, Rolf Wäsche, Manfred Hartelt, Polymer Composites, 2015

Tribological properties of neat polyetherimide (PEI), glass, carbon fiber, and solid lubricants filled PEI composites are presented in this article. The aim of this study was to investigate the friction and wear properties of these composites under dry oscillating sliding condition at room ...


Preparation and thermo-reversible gelling properties of protein isolate from defatted Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) byproducts

17.05.2015 | Author(s): Yanchao Wang , Ruo Wang , Yaoguang Chang , Ying Gao , Zhaojie Li , Changhu Xue, Food Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: 1 December 2015 Source:Food Chemistry, Volume 188 Author(s): Yanchao Wang , Ruo Wang , Yaoguang Chang , Ying Gao , Zhaojie Li , Changhu Xue Protein isolate was prepared from defatted Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) byproducts by 0.1M NaOH extraction. Maximum ...


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