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Structural and optical properties of ZnSe quantum dots in glass nanocomposites

23.08.2015 | Author(s): Chirantan Dey, Madhumita Goswami, Basudeb Karmakar, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2015

Publication date: Available online 19 August 2015 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics Author(s): Chirantan Dey, Madhumita Goswami, Basudeb Karmakar Zinc selenide (ZnSe) quantum dots (QDs) were synthesized in a dielectric (borosilicate glass) matrix for the first time by ...


Synthesis and characterization of multifunctional propenyl‐endcapped aromatic co‐monomers and their use as bismaleimide modifiers

20.08.2015 | Dezhi Wang, Ping Liu, Chunyan Qu, Lizhu Liu, Changwei Liu, Haidong Yang, Hao Feng, Wanbao Xiao, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2015

A series of novel modifiers for bismaleimide, bearing propenyl and phenoxy functional groups has been synthesized. Structural information of the monomers was obtained through Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT‐IR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy and elemental analysis. ...


Sensors, Vol. 15, Pages 20659-20677: Ultrahigh-Temperature Regeneration of Long Period Gratings (LPGs) in Boron-Codoped Germanosilicate Optical Fibre

20.08.2015 | Liu, Wen ; Cook, Kevin ; Canning, John, Sensors, 2015

The regeneration of UV-written long period gratings (LPG) in boron-codoped germanosilicate “W” fibre is demonstrated and studied. They survive temperatures over 1000 °C. Compared with regenerated FBGs fabricated in the same type of fibre, the evolution curves of LPGs during regeneration and ...


Changes in the Microenvironment of Nitroxide Radicals around the Glass Transition Temperature

20.08.2015 | Enrica Bordignon; Anna I. Nalepa; Anton Savitsky; Lukas Braun; Gunnar Jeschke, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015

For structural characterization by pulsed EPR methods, spin-labeled macromolecules are routinely studied at cryogenic temperatures. The equilibration of the conformational ensemble during shock-freezing occurs to a good approximation at the glass transition temperature (Tg). In this work, we used ...


Structure–Properties Relationships in Thermoplastic Polyurethane Elastomer Nanocomposites: Interactions between Polymer Phases and Nanofillers

19.08.2015 | Sílvia M. Cruz, Júlio C. Viana, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2015

Polyurethane thermoplastic elastomer (TPU) nanocomposites were prepared by the incorporation of 1 wt% of high‐structured carbon black (HSCB), carbon nanofibers (CNF), nanosilica (NS) and nanoclays (NC), following a proper high‐shear blending procedure. The TPU nanofilled mechanical properties ...


Domain glasses: Twin planes, Bloch lines, and Bloch points

19.08.2015 | E. K. H. Salje, M. A. Carpenter, physica status solidi (b), 2015

Ferroelastic materials can develop complex domain structures, which have properties of glassy systems (non‐ergodicity, glass dynamics, glass transitions, and freezing). Four characteristic temperatures are defined for such domain glasses: the dynamical nucleation temperature Td where local ...


Synthesis and characterization of new soluble thermally stable poly(azomethine‐ether‐imide)s: discerning the possibility for high temperature applications

18.08.2015 | Rubbia Iqbal, Muhammad Kaleem Khosa, Muhammad Asghar Jamal, Sadia Ilyas, Muhammad Tahir Hussain, Mazhar Hamid, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2015

A new series of polyimides was synthesized by the condensation of monomers (azomethine‐ether diamine, DA‐1 and DA‐2) with pyromelliticdianhydride (PMDA), 3,4,9,10‐perylenetetracarboxylic dianhydride (PD) and 3,3′4,4′‐benzophenonetetracarboxylic dianhydride (BD). The structural explications of ...


Influence of sintering temperature on microstructures and energy‐storage properties of barium strontium titanate glass‐ceramics prepared by sol–gel process

17.08.2015 | Jia Zhu, Yong Zhang, Xiaozhen Song, Qian Zhang, Dongliang Yang, Yongzhou Chen, physica status solidi (a), 2015

The sol–gel processing, microstructures, dielectric properties and energy‐storage properties of barium strontium titanate glass‐ceramics over the sintering temperature range of 1000–1150 °C were studied. Through the X‐ray diffraction result, it is revealed that the crystallinity increases as ...


Electrospinning‐induced shape memory effect in thermoplastic polyurethane characterization and thermoviscoelastic modeling

17.08.2015 | Dimitry Alhazov, Charly Azra, Eyal Zussman, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2015

ABSTRACT Electrospun thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) nanofibers are known to contract considerably (∼40%) on heating up to ∼90 °C. This study investigates this thermomechanical behavior and the TPU shape memory capabilities. The shape memory effect was first studied in TPU films as a model ...


Fabrication and characterization of silver/nickel sulphide solar absorber coatings on stainless steel by chemical bath deposition

16.08.2015 | Author(s): Alcina Johnson Sudagar, R. Subasri, Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2015

Publication date: Available online 15 August 2015 Source:Materials Chemistry and Physics Author(s): Alcina Johnson Sudagar, R. Subasri Metal chalcogenide (silver/nickel sulphide) thin film absorber coatings on AISI SS 321 substrates were deposited using a chemical bath deposition ...


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