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A simple SVS method for obtaining large-scale WO3 nanowire cold cathode emitters at atmospheric pressure and low temperature

17.12.2014 | Zhuo Xu; Fei Liu; Daokun Chen; Tongyi Guo; Shunyu Jin; Shaozhi Deng; Ningsheng Xu; Jun Chen, CrystEngComm, 2014

Large-scale WO3 nanowire patterns have been successfully fabricated on a 3.5 inch glass substrate at atmospheric pressure by a simple no-catalyst method. The nanowires were observed to have a mean length of about 40 μm, and their aspect ratio reaches 200. The nanowires were proven to be single ...


Charge Generation in PbS Quantum Dot Solar Cells Characterized by Temperature-Dependent Steady-State Photoluminescence

12.12.2014 | Jianbo Gao; Jianbing Zhang; Jao van de Lagemaat; Justin C. Johnson; Matthew C. Beard, ACS Nano, 2014

Charge-carrier generation and transport within PbS quantum dot (QD) solar cells is investigated by measuring the temperature-dependent steady-state photoluminescence (PL) concurrently during in situ current–voltage characterization. We first compare the temperature-dependent PL quenching for PbS ...


Fuel Gas Hydrate Formation Probability Distributions on Quasi-free Water Droplets

11.12.2014 | Nobuo Maeda, Energy & Fuels, 2014

We systematically studied the formation probability distributions of methane–propane (C1/C3) mixed gas hydrates on a quasi-free water droplet as a function of the mixed gas pressure of up to 14 MPa. It was found that the maximum achievable subcooling temperature (ΔT) distributions of C1/C3 mixed ...


Temperature Driven Macromolecule Separation by Nanoconfinement

10.12.2014 | Ilaria De Santo; Filippo Causa; Paolo A. Netti, Macromolecules, 2014

We focused on the influence of temperature variations on macromolecule partitioning between unconfined and nanoconfined areas in nanoslits using single molecule measurements. We evaluated the number of fluorescent poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) molecules confined in glass nanoslits in several ...


Connecting short and long time dynamics in hard-sphere-like colloidal glasses

09.12.2014 | Raffaele Pastore; Massimo Pica Ciamarra; Giuseppe Pesce; Antonio Sasso, Soft Matter, 2014

Glass-forming materials are characterized by an intermittent motion at the microscopic scale. Particles spend most of their time rattling within the cages formed by their neighbors, and seldom jump to a different cage. In molecular glass formers the temperature dependence of the jump features, ...


Microwave processing of SiC nanoparticles infused polymer composites: Comparison of thermal and mechanical properties

08.12.2014 | Md. Reza‐E‐ Rabby, Shaik Jeelani, Vijaya K. Rangari, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT The goal of this study is to compare thermal and mechanical properties of an epoxy resin system reinforced with SiC nanoparticles using both conventional thermal curing and microwave irradiation techniques. The microwave curing technique has shown potential benefits in processing ...


Breakdown of Time–Temperature Superposition in a Bead–Spring Polymer Melt near the Glass Transition Temperature

08.12.2014 | Tamio Yamazaki, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014

The breakdown of the time–temperature superposition (TTS) near its glass transition temperature (Tg) in simple bead–spring polymer melts with and without the chain angle potential was numerically investigated. The stress relaxation modulus at different temperatures G(t,T) was calculated by the ...


Substrate Effects on Glass Formation in Simple Monatomic Supercooled Liquids

07.12.2014 | Author(s): Vo Van Hoang , Dao Kim Thoa , Takashi Odagaki , Le Ngoc Qui, Chemical Physics, 2014

Publication date: Available online 3 December 2014 Source:Chemical Physics Author(s): Vo Van Hoang , Dao Kim Thoa , Takashi Odagaki , Le Ngoc Qui Glass formation in simple monatomic supercooled liquids on substrate is studied via molecular dynamics simulations. We find that glass ...


Thermal, mechanical properties, and low‐temperature performance of fibrous nanoclay‐reinforced epoxy asphalt composites and their concretes

05.12.2014 | Yifan Sun, Yuge Zhang, Ke Xu, Wei Xu, Dier Yu, Lei Zhu, Hongfeng Xie, Rongshi Cheng, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT Epoxy asphalt (EA) concretes have been widely used in the pavement of orthotropic steel bridge decks. The objective of this study was to figure out the enhanced effects of natural fibrous attapulgite (ATT) as a reinforced nanofiller in ATT/EA nanocomposites through a comparison of the ...


Coupled Thermomechanical Multiscale Modeling of Alumina Ceramics to Predict Thermally Induced Fractures Under Laser Heating

05.12.2014 | Xiangyang Dong, Yung C. Shin, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2014

This study is concerned with thermally induced fractures and failure of high weight percentage alumina ceramics. A 3D coupled thermomechanical multiscale model has been developed to simulate thermally induced fractures. In laser heating of alumina ceramics, the temperature and stress ...


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