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Gas Production from Methane Hydrates in a Dual Wellbore System

11.12.2014 | Matilda Loh; Jun Lin Too; Simon Falser; Praveen Linga; Boo Cheong Khoo; Andrew Palmer, Energy & Fuels, 2014

In a previous study using a single wellbore production system, it was demonstrated that a combination of depressurization and wellbore heating is more efficient than depressurization alone, where the endothermic dissociation process rapidly consumes the specific heat of the formation, leading to ...


Plasmonic Pumping of Excitonic Photoluminescence in Hybrid MoS2–Au Nanostructures

10.12.2014 | Sina Najmaei; Adnen Mlayah; Arnaud Arbouet; Christian Girard; Jean Léotin; Jun Lou, ACS Nano, 2014

We report on the fabrication of monolayer MoS2-coated gold nanoantennas combining chemical vapor deposition, e-beam lithography surface patterning, and a soft lift-off/transfer technique. The optical properties of these hybrid plasmonic–excitonic nanostructures are investigated using spatially ...


Precise Attoliter Temperature Control of Nanopore Sensors Using a Nanoplasmonic Bullseye

08.12.2014 | Colin R. Crick; Pablo Albella; Binghao Ng; Aleksandar P. Ivanov; Tyler Roschuk; Michael P. Cecchini; Fernando Bresme ..., Nano Letters, 2014

Targeted temperature control in nanopores is greatly important in further understanding biological molecules. Such control would extend the range of examinable molecules and facilitate advanced analysis, including the characterization of temperature-dependent molecule conformations. The work ...


Intratumoral Thermal Reading During Photo‐Thermal Therapy by Multifunctional Fluorescent Nanoparticles

06.12.2014 | Elisa Carrasco, Blanca del Rosal, Francisco Sanz‐Rodríguez, Ángeles Juarranz de la Fuente, Patricia Haro Gonzalez, U ..., Advanced Functional Materials, 2014

The tremendous development of nanotechnology is bringing us closer to the dream of clinical application of nanoparticles in photothermal therapies of tumors. This requires the use of specific nanoparticles that must be highly biocompatible, efficient light‐to‐heat converters and fluorescent ...


Effects of Viscous Dissipation and Rarefaction on Parallel Plates with Constant Heat Flux Boundary Conditions

05.12.2014 | Hari Mohan Kushwaha, Santosh K. Sahu, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract The effect of viscous dissipation and rarefaction on heat transfer characteristics of hydrodynamically and thermally fully developed flow between parallel plates with constant heat flux conditions is analyzed. Three different types of heat flux boundary conditions, i.e., both plates ...


CFD Simulation of the Heat and Mass Transfer Process during Centrifugal Short‐Path Distillation

05.12.2014 | Jiang Yu, Lijun Chen, Xigang Yuan, Aiwu Zeng, Ji Ju, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2014

Abstract Numerical simulation was carried out for a centrifugal short‐path distillation arrangement using the computational fluid dynamics technology. Both two phases and interfacial transport were taken into account with an attempt to explore the heat and mass transport in the film body and ...


Coupled Thermomechanical Multiscale Modeling of Alumina Ceramics to Predict Thermally Induced Fractures Under Laser Heating

05.12.2014 | Xiangyang Dong, Yung C. Shin, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2014

This study is concerned with thermally induced fractures and failure of high weight percentage alumina ceramics. A 3D coupled thermomechanical multiscale model has been developed to simulate thermally induced fractures. In laser heating of alumina ceramics, the temperature and stress ...


Slip heating in die drool

04.12.2014 | Peter H. Gilbert, A. Jeffrey Giacomin, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2014

When molten plastic is extruded from a die, it can collect on the open die face. Called die drool, this phenomenon costs plastics manufacturers by requiring shutdown for die cleaning. This has been attributed to cohesive failure within the fluid at an internal surface, where the fluid slips on ...


Enhanced Kinetic Stability of Pure and Y-Doped Tetragonal ZrO2

04.12.2014 | Michaela Kogler; Eva-Maria Köck; Stefan Vanicek; Daniela Schmidmair; Thomas Götsch; Michael Stöger-Pollach; Clivia H ..., Inorganic Chemistry, 2014

The kinetic stability of pure and yttrium-doped tetragonal zirconia (ZrO2) polymorphs prepared via a pathway involving decomposition of pure zirconium and zirconium + yttrium isopropoxide is reported. Following this preparation routine, high surface area, pure, and structurally stable polymorphic ...


Aminosilane/Oleic Acid Vesicles as Model Membranes of Protocells

03.12.2014 | Jean-Paul Douliez; Vanessa Zhendre; Axelle Grélard; Erick J. Dufourc, Langmuir, 2014

Oleic acid vesicles represent good models of membrane protocells that could have existed in prebiotic times. Here, we report the formation, growth polymorphism, and dynamics of oleic acid spherical vesicles (1–10 μm), stable elongated vesicles (>50 μm length; 1–3 μm diameter), and chains of ...


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