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Rheological properties of mesophase pitch investigated by the Giseeler fluidity method

24.05.2015 | Author(s): Ming-lin Jin , Jie-ling Cheng , Lian-xing Wang , Shuang-ling Jin , Rui Zhang, New Carbon Materials, 2015

Publication date: April 2015 Source:New Carbon Materials, Volume 30, Issue 2 Author(s): Ming-lin Jin , Jie-ling Cheng , Lian-xing Wang , Shuang-ling Jin , Rui Zhang The Giseeler fluidity method was used to investigate the rheological properties of pitch with and without heat treatment ...


Electro‐osmotic flow and Joule heating in preparative continuous annular electro‐chromatography

22.05.2015 | René Laskowski, Hans‐Jörg Bart, ELECTROPHORESIS, 2015

An openFOAM “computational fluid dynamic (CFD)” simulation model was developed for the description of local interaction of hydrodynamics and Joule heating in annular electro‐chromatography. A local decline of electrical conductivity of the background eluent is caused by an electro‐kinetic ...


Hydrous Mineral Dehydration Around Heat-Generating Nuclear Waste in Bedded Salt Formations

22.05.2015 | Amy B. Jordan; Hakim Boukhalfa; Florie A. Caporuscio; Bruce A. Robinson; Philip H. Stauffer, Environmental Science & Technology, 2015

Heat-generating nuclear waste disposal in bedded salt during the first two years after waste emplacement is explored using numerical simulations tied to experiments of hydrous mineral dehydration. Heating impure salt samples to temperatures of 265 °C can release over 20% by mass of hydrous ...


Inhibitors of thermally induced burn incidents – characterization by microbiological procedure, electrophoresis, SEM, DSC and IR spectroscopy

21.05.2015 | Anna Pielesz; Alicja Machnicka; Andrzej Gawłowski; Janusz Fabia; Ewa Sarna; Włodzimierz Biniaś, Analyst, 2015

Calorimetric (DSC) and Thermogravimetric (TGA) investigations, Acetate Electrophoresis (CAE), Fourier-transform infrared spectrometry (FTIR), Scanning Electron Microscopy analysis (SEM) and Microbiological procedure, were all carried out after heating the samples to a temperature simulating a ...


Matrimid‐based carbon tubular membranes: The effect of the polymer composition

20.05.2015 | Norazlianie Sazali, Wan Norharyati Wan Salleh, Nik Abdul Hadi Md Nordin, Zawati Harun, Ahmad Fauzi Ismail, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT In this article, we present a development study of new membrane materials and enhancements of productive membranes to improve the current performance of polymeric membranes. Carbon membranes are a promising material for this matter as they offer an improvement in the gas‐separation ...


Analysis of Tars Produced in Pyrolysis of Four Coals under Various Conditions in a Viewpoint of Radicals

20.05.2015 | Wenjing He; Zhenyu Liu; Qingya Liu; Muxin Liu; Xiaojin Guo; Lei Shi; Junfei Wu; Xiaofen Guo; Donghui Ci, Energy & Fuels, 2015

Many studies tried to correlate coal pyrolysis conditions with reactivity of tars produced, but few analyzed the radical concentration of tars. This work studies pyrolysis of four coals, with carbon contents in a range of 74–82 wt %, in a fixed-bed tubular reactor at three heating rates and three ...


Formation of Sr2Si5N8:Eu2+ and Its Transformation to SrSi6N8:Eu2+ Controlled by Temperature and Gas Pressure

19.05.2015 | Shin‐Mou Wu, Hao‐En Hung, Chi‐Hsing Hsieh, Yin‐Chih Lin, Li‐Chun Wang, Yi‐Ting Tsai, Chun Che Lin, Ru‐Shi Liu, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2015

Firing temperature and gas pressure effect of synthesizing Sr2Si5N8:Eu2+ were investigated. The emission intensity is positively correlated with the firing temperature under 0.1 and 0.5MPa gas pressure. The Sr2Si5N8:Eu2+ with the highest emission intensity was found at 1700°C and 1980°C under ...


Preparation and thermo-reversible gelling properties of protein isolate from defatted Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) byproducts

17.05.2015 | Author(s): Yanchao Wang , Ruo Wang , Yaoguang Chang , Ying Gao , Zhaojie Li , Changhu Xue, Food Chemistry, 2015

Publication date: 1 December 2015 Source:Food Chemistry, Volume 188 Author(s): Yanchao Wang , Ruo Wang , Yaoguang Chang , Ying Gao , Zhaojie Li , Changhu Xue Protein isolate was prepared from defatted Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba) byproducts by 0.1M NaOH extraction. Maximum ...


Kinetic Parameters of the Initiator Decomposition in Microwave and in Conventional Batch Reactors – KPS and V50‐Case Studies

14.05.2015 | Cristiane Costa, André L. Alberton, Alexandre F. Santos, Montserrat Fortuny, Pedro H. H. Araújo, Claudia Sayer, José ..., Macromolecular Reaction Engineering, 2015

Different values of the kinetic rate constants have been reported for initiator decompositions carried out in microwave and conventional batch reactors. The present work analyzes the confidence regions of kinetic parameters estimated for the thermal decomposition of two initiators, potassium ...


Hot‐wire vapor deposition of amorphous MoS2 thin films

13.05.2015 | Georgios Papadimitropoulos, Nikolaos Vourdas, A. Kontos, Maria Vasilopoulou, Dimitrios N. Kouvatsos, Nicolas Boukos, ..., physica status solidi (c), 2015

Abstract Amorphous, as shown by X‐ray diffraction measurements, MoS2 films (a‐MoS2) were deposited by heating a molybdenum wire at temperatures between 500 and 700 °C in H2S at 1 Torr. As shown by Scanning Electron Microscopy measurements, the morphology of samples depends significantly on the ...


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