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Nonisothermal curing kinetics of epoxy resin composite utilizing Ga (III) xanthate as a latent catalyst

21.03.2015 | Tarun Chand Vagvala, Gaurav Kapil, Shyam S. Pandey, Yuhei Ogomi, Shuzi Hayase, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2015

ABSTRACT Cure kinetics and curing mechanism of epoxy resin composite utilizing gallium (III) xanthate as a latent catalyst was investigated and compared with the commercial latent catalyst UCAT3512T formulation. Nonisothermal differential scanning calorimetric technique at different heating ...


Widening Synthesis Bottlenecks: Realization of Ultrafast and Continuous‐Flow Synthesis of High‐Silica Zeolite SSZ‐13 for NOx Removal

20.03.2015 | Zhendong Liu, Toru Wakihara, Kazunori Oshima, Daisuke Nishioka, Yuusuke Hotta, Shanmugam P. Elangovan, Yutaka Yanaba ..., Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2015

Abstract Characteristics of zeolite formation, such as being kinetically slow and thermodynamically metastable, are the main bottlenecks that obstruct a fast zeolite synthesis. We present an ultrafast route, the first of its kind, to synthesize high‐silica zeolite SSZ‐13 in 10 min, instead of ...


The ablative behavior of high linear chains and its role in thermal stability of polyethylene: A combined P‐TREF‐TGA study

19.03.2015 | Abbas Kebritchi, Mehdi Nekoomansh, Fereidoon Mohammadi, Hossein Ali Khonakdar, Polymer International, 2015

Abstract Ethylene copolymers contain short chain branches which have great influence on their properties. Distinguished ethylene/1‐hexene copolymer in terms of number of butyl short chain branches was precisely separated based on differences in crystallizability using P‐TREF method and then ...


Photon-Impenetrable, Electron-Permeable: The Carbon Nanotube Forest as a Medium for Multiphoton Thermal-Photoemission

19.03.2015 | Mehran Vahdani Moghaddam; Parham Yaghoobi; George A. Sawatzky; Alireza Nojeh, ACS Nano, 2015

Combining the photoelectric and thermionic mechanisms to generate free electrons has been of great interest since the early days of quantum physics as exemplified by the Fowler–DuBridge theory, and recently proposed for highly efficient solar conversion. We present experimental evidence of this ...


Long term annealing of C‐type kudzu starch: Effect on crystalline type and other physicochemical properties

18.03.2015 | Bao Zhang, Chunsen Wu, Hongyan Li, Xiuting Hu, Zhengyu Jin, Yaoqi Tian, Xueming Xu, Starch - Stärke, 2015

Kudzu starch samples were prepared by annealing (ANN) treatment in 1:1.5 starch to water ratio at 50°C for 1, 3, and 9 days. The effects of ANN on the morphology, structure, swelling power, solubility, and pasting properties of the resultant samples were evaluated. Scanning electron microscopy ...


Influence of emissivity tailoring on radiative membranes thermal behavior for gas sensing applications

15.03.2015 | Author(s): Anthony Lefebvre , Daniele Costantini , Giovanni Brucoli , Salim Boutami , Jean-Jacques Greffet , He ..., Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2015

Publication date: 5 July 2015 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 213 Author(s): Anthony Lefebvre , Daniele Costantini , Giovanni Brucoli , Salim Boutami , Jean-Jacques Greffet , Henri Benisty Suspended micro-hotplates acting as infrared emitting sources are privileged ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 1074-1088: Cellular Response to Doping of High Porosity Foamed Alumina with Ca, P, Mg, and Si

13.03.2015 | Soh, Edwin ; Kolos, Elizabeth ; Ruys, Andrew J., Materials, 2015

Foamed alumina was previously synthesised by direct foaming of sulphate salt blends varying ammonium mole fraction (AMF), foaming heating rate and sintering temperature. The optimal product was produced with 0.33AMF, foaming at 100 °C/h and sintering at 1600 °C. This product attained high ...


Reaction Kinetics Study on the Heating Stage of the Shenhua Direct Coal Liquefaction Process

13.03.2015 | Xiangen Shan; Kejian Li; Xuwen Zhang; Hongbo Jiang; Huixin Weng, Energy & Fuels, 2015

Direct coal liquefaction in the heating stage of Shenhua Shendong bituminous coal was carried out in a 0.01 t/d continuous tubular facility with iron catalyst and hydrogenated anthracene and wash oil as solvent at a residence time (t) of 3.5–6.5 min and a reaction temperature (T) of 340–450 °C. ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 1108-1123: Corrosion Behavior of Detonation Gun Sprayed Fe-Al Type Intermetallic Coating

13.03.2015 | Senderowski, Cezary ; Chodala, Michal ; Bojar, Zbigniew, Materials, 2015

The detonation gun sprayed Fe-Al type coatings as an alternative for austenitic valve steel, were investigated using two different methods of testing corrosion resistance. High temperature, 10-hour isothermal oxidation experiments at 550, 750, 950 and 1100 °C show differences in the oxidation ...


Homocoupling of Arylboronic Acids Catalyzed by a Simple Hydrophilic Palladium(II) Complex in Aqueous Media

11.03.2015 | Guo, Mengping; Qi, Liang; Lv, Meiyun; Zhou, Xiuling; Liang, Hui; Chen, Sanbao, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2015

Abstract: Homocoupling of arylboronic acids has been successfully carried out by using the inexpensive hydrophilic palladium( II) complex PdCl2(NH2CH2COOH)2 as catalyst in i-PrOH/H2O (v/v=1:2) under aerobic atmosphere without elevated heating to give rise to symmetrical biaryls in moderate ...


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