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Rate of reaction of the hydrogen atom with nitrous oxide in ambient water

24.04.2016 | Author(s): Lukasz Kazmierczak, Dorota Swiatla-Wojcik, Joanna Szala-Bilnik, Marian Wolszczak, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: August 2016 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 125 Author(s): Lukasz Kazmierczak, Dorota Swiatla-Wojcik, Joanna Szala-Bilnik, Marian Wolszczak The reaction of the hydrogen atom with nitrous oxide has been investigated by pulse radiolysis of ...


Ion-radical intermediates of the radiation-chemical transformations of organic carbonates

24.04.2016 | Author(s): Ekaterina S. Shiryaeva, Ilya S. Sosulin, Elizaveta V. Saenko, Vladimir I. Feldman, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: July 2016 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 124 Author(s): Ekaterina S. Shiryaeva, Ilya S. Sosulin, Elizaveta V. Saenko, Vladimir I. Feldman The spectral features and reactions of ion-radical intermediates produced from organic carbonates in ...


Molecular approach to phase transitions in a calamitic ester substituted aroylhydrazone liquid crystal

21.04.2016 | Rajib Nandi, Sachin Kumar Singh, Hemant Kumar Singh, D. S. Shankar Rao, S. Krishna Prasad, Bachcha Singh, Ranjan K. ..., Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 2016

Temperature dependent Raman and X‐ray diffraction studies of a calamitic ester substituted aryolhydrazone liquid crystal (LC) system; N‐[4‐(4ʹ‐decyloxy)benzoyloxy benzylidene]‐Nʹ‐[4ʹ‐decyloxybenzoyl]hydrazine (DB2H) have been performed to investigate the molecular arrangement and intermolecular ...


Solid Polymer Electrolyte with High Ionic Conductivity via Layer-by-Layer Deposition

21.04.2016 | Mengqi Cui; Pooi See Lee, Chemistry of Materials, 2016

A novel multilayer system via layer-by-layer (LbL) self-assembly by alternatively packing polyethylene glycol (PEG)−α-cyclodextrin (αCD) complex and poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) via hydrogen-bonding is designed and investigated in this work. The PEG-αCD inclusion complex is obtained by supramolecular ...


Anisotropic self‐assembly and gelation in aqueous methylcellulose—theory and modeling

19.04.2016 | Valeriy V. Ginzburg, Robert L. Sammler, Wenjun Huang, Ronald G. Larson, Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics, 2016

ABSTRACT Recent experimental studies demonstrated that the aqueous methylcellulose (MC) polymer chains in water can form nanoscale fibrils (diameter ∼14 nm, persistence length ∼60 nm), and those fibrils can organize into networks at higher temperatures and/or concentrations, forming the ...


Mechanism of Ullmann Coupling Reaction of Chloroarene on Au/Pd Alloy Nanocluster: A DFT Study

19.04.2016 | Jittima Meeprasert; Supawadee Namuangruk; Bundet Boekfa; Raghu Nath Dhital; Hidehiro Sakurai; Masahiro Ehara, Organometallics, 2016

Recently, a unique catalytic system of bimetallic Au/Pd alloy nanoclusters (NCs) for Ullmann coupling of chloroarenes (ArCl), which works at low temperature in high yield, has been developed (J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2012, 134, 20250). In this work, the full catalytic cycle of this reaction has been ...


Improved Solar Cell Performance of High Quality Plasma Reduced Graphene Oxide

18.04.2016 | L. Chandana, Partha Ghosal, Subrahmanyam Challapalli, Plasma Processes and Polymers, 2016

A facile green approach for the preparation of reduced graphene oxide (RGO), based on a non‐thermal plasma jet reactor, operating in an aqueous medium under ambient conditions was developed. Argon plasma treated GO samples were systematically characterized by X‐ray diffraction (XRD), ...


Anion‐Directed Copper(II) Metallocages, Coordination Chain, and Complex Double Salt: Structures, Magnetic Properties, EPR Spectra, and Density Functional Study

15.04.2016 | Jing‐Yun Wu, Ming‐Shiou Zhong, Ming‐Hsi Chiang, Dibyendu Bhattacharya, Yen‐Wei Lee, Long‐Li Lai, Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016

Abstract A series of CuII metallo‐assemblies showing anion‐directed structural variations, including five metallocages [(Gn−)⊂{Cu2(Hdpma)4}](8−n)+(A−)8−n (Gn−=NO3−, ClO4−, SiF62−, BF4−, SO42−; A−=NO3−, ClO4−, BF4−, CH3SO4−; Hdpma=bis(3‐pyridylmethyl)ammonium cation), a complex double salt, ...


[In Depth] Obsolescence looms for balloon data

15.04.2016 | Eric Hand, Science , 2016

The United States has fallen behind Europe in adopting a modern weather balloon system. Twice a day, hundreds of hydrogen- or helium-filled balloons lift off from stations around the world, carrying temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors that provide crucial information for weather forecast ...


Directed ortho-C–H Silylation Coupled with trans-Selective Hydrogenation of Arylalkynes Catalyzed by Ruthenium Complexes of a Xanthene-Based Si,O,Si-Chelate Ligand, “Xantsil”

15.04.2016 | Takashi Komuro; Takeo Kitano; Nobukazu Yamahira; Keisuke Ohta; Satoshi Okawara; Nathalie Mager; Masaaki Okazaki; Hir ..., Organometallics, 2016

Ruthenium complexes bearing a xanthene-based bis(silyl) chelate ligand, “xantsil” ((9,9-dimethylxanthene-4,5-diyl)bis(dimethylsilyl)), Ru{κ3(Si,O,Si)-xantsil}(CO)(PR3) (1-Cy: R = Cy (cyclohexyl), 1-Cyp: R = Cyp (cyclopentyl)), were found to catalyze the reactions of internal arylalkynes with ...


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