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IJMS, Vol. 17, Pages 223: Micellization Behavior of Long-Chain Substituted Alkylguanidinium Surfactants

06.02.2016 | Bouchal, Roza ; Hamel, Abdellah ; Hesemann, Peter ; In, Martin ; Prelot, Bénédicte ; Zajac, Jerzy, International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2016

Surface activity and micelle formation of alkylguanidinium chlorides containing 10, 12, 14 and 16 carbon atoms in the hydrophobic tail were studied by combining conductivity and surface tension measurements with isothermal titration calorimetry. The purity of the resulting surfactants, their ...


The effect of utilizing homogeneous conversion to control the formation of chlorinated hydrocarbons during PVC pyrolysis

05.02.2016 | Ren‐Hao Yin, Rui‐Zhi Zhang, Yong‐Hao Luo, Environmental Progress, 2016

Dioxins emission is a serious problem during thermal utilization of municipal solid waste (MSW). The key structure in dioxins is CCl bond, so controlling the formation of chlorinated hydrocarbons, which contain CCl bond, is very important. PVC, a main source of chlorine in MSW, was used as ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 94: Overcoming the Fundamental Limit: Combustion of a Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixture in Micro- and Nano-Bubbles

03.02.2016 | Svetovoy, Vitaly ; Postnikov, Alexander ; Uvarov, Ilia ; Sanders, Remco ; Krijnen, Gijs, Energies, 2016

Combustion reactions quench in small volumes due to fast heat escape via the volume boundary. Nevertheless, the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen was observed in nano- and micro-bubbles. The bubbles containing a mixture of gases were produced in microsystems using electrochemical decomposition ...


Hydrolysis Reaction Tendency of Low-Boiling Organic Chlorides To Generate Hydrogen Chloride in Crude Oil Distillation

03.02.2016 | Bencheng Wu; Xiaohui Li; Yongfeng Li; Jianhua Zhu; Jiayue Wang, Energy & Fuels, 2016

The possibilities of hydrolysis of low-boiling organic chlorides in crude oil to generate a corrosive component, namely, hydrogen chloride was evaluated by using thermodynamic analysis under the operating conditions of crude oil distillation in refinery. Thermodynamic analysis was performed based ...


Aluminum Nanocrystals as a Plasmonic Photocatalyst for Hydrogen Dissociation

29.01.2016 | Linan Zhou; Chao Zhang; Michael J. McClain; Alejandro Manjavacas; Caroline M. Krauter; Shu Tian; Felix Berg; Henry O ..., Nano Letters, 2016

Hydrogen dissociation is a critical step in many hydrogenation reactions central to industrial chemical production and pollutant removal. This step typically utilizes the favorable band structure of precious metal catalysts like platinum and palladium to achieve high efficiency under mild ...


Mussel‐Directed Synthesis of Nitrogen‐Doped Anatase TiO2

28.01.2016 | Jingjing Xie, Hao Xie, Bao‐Lian Su, Yi‐bing Cheng, Xiaodong Du, Hui Zeng, Menghu Wang, Weimin Wang, Hao Wang, Zhengyi Fu, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2016

Abstract Structure‐forming processes leading to biominerals are well worth learning in pursuit of new synthetic techniques. Strategies that attempt to mimic nature in vitro cannot replace an entire complex natural organism, requiring ingenuity beyond chemists′ hands. A “bioprocess‐inspired ...


Vapor Pressures of Four Methyl Esters of Substituted Benzoic Acids. The Intermolecular Hydrogen Bond OH···O

28.01.2016 | Ana R. R. P. Almeida; Manuel J. S. Monte, Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 2016

This paper reports experimental vapor pressures of condensed phases of methyl p-cyano, p-formyl, p-nitro, and p-(methylamino) benzoates measured over the temperature ranges (303.9 to 393.0) K, (303.1 to 388.2) K, (319.0 to 415.8) K, and (332.9 to 392.4) K, respectively, using a static method ...


Durable PROX catalyst based on gold nanoparticles and hydrophobic silica

26.01.2016 | Paco Laveille; Kevin Guillois; Alain Tuel; Corinne Petit; Jean-Marie Basset; Valérie Caps, Chemical Communication, 2016

3 nm gold nanoparticles obtained by direct chemical reduction of AuPPh3Cl in the presence of hydrophobic silica are highly active and selective over a prolonged period of time in the low temperature oxidation of CO in the presence of hydrogen.


Complex Stoichiometry-Dependent Reordering of 3,4,9,10-Perylenetetracarboxylic Dianhydride on Ag(111) upon K Intercalation

26.01.2016 | Christian Zwick; Anu Baby; Marco Gruenewald; Elisabeth Verwüster; Oliver T. Hofmann; Roman Forker; Guido Fratesi; Gi ..., ACS Nano, 2016

Alkali metal atoms are frequently used for simple yet efficient n-type doping of organic semiconductors and as an ingredient of the recently discovered polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon superconductors. However, the incorporation of dopants from the gas phase into molecular crystal structures needs ...


Vanadium Modification Effects on the (SiO2/MgO/MgCl2)•TiClx Ziegler–Natta Polyethylene Catalyst

22.01.2016 | Jingwen Wang, Ruihua Cheng, Xuelian He, Zhen Liu, Ning Zhao, Boping Liu, Macromolecular Reaction Engineering, 2016

A novel vanadium‐modified (SiO2/MgO/MgCl2)·TiClx Ziegler–Natta ethylene polymerization catalyst with much better catalytic performance is successfully developed. The catalyst is prepared by co‐impregnation of aqueous solution of water‐soluble magnesium and vanadium compounds on SiO2, and a ...


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