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Laser excited novel near-infrared photoluminescence bands in fast neutron-irradiated MgO·nAl2O3

24.04.2016 | Author(s): Abu Zayed Mohammad Saliqur Rahman, A.S.M.A. Haseeb, Qiu Xu, Jarah Evslin, Marco Cinausero, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: August 2016 Source:Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Volume 125 Author(s): Abu Zayed Mohammad Saliqur Rahman, A.S.M.A. Haseeb, Qiu Xu, Jarah Evslin, Marco Cinausero New near-infrared photoluminescence bands were observed in neutron-irradiated spinel single crystal ...


Dielectric Dispersion and Relaxation in Polymer Blend Based Nanodielectric Film

22.04.2016 | Ram Jeewan Sengwa, Shobhna Choudhary, Macromolecular Symposia, 2016

Summary Polymer nanodielectrics is the exponential growing field of advanced materials sciences. Such flexible materials have recognized their suitability as substrate and insulator in fabrication of microelectronic devices, and also in preparation of ion conducting solid polymer ...


Spray Drying of Tamarind Pulp: Effect of Process Parameters Using Protein as Carrier Agent

22.04.2016 | Khalid Muzaffar, Pradyuman Kumar, Journal of Food Processing and Preservation, 2016

Abstract This study investigated the effect of soya protein isolate (SPI) and inlet air temperature on various properties of spray dried tamarind pulp powder. Increase in SPI concentration and inlet temperature significantly increased powder recovery from 17.90 to 55.07% and 52.54 to 59.60%, ...


Supramolecular Metallogel That Imparts Self-Healing Properties to Other Gel Networks

22.04.2016 | Tobias Feldner; Marleen Häring; Subhadeep Saha; Jordi Esquena; Rahul Banerjee; David Díaz Díaz, Chemistry of Materials, 2016

A unique proton conductive and moldable supramolecular metallogel (CuA-Ox gel) made upon mixing at room temperature well-defined stock solutions of Cu(OAc)2·H2O and oxalic acid dihydrate was found to have self-healing properties. Remarkably, the system also displayed an unprecedented ability to ...


Acoustic emission behavior of 316LN stainless steel during oxide film formation in high temperature aqueous environment

21.04.2016 | M.‐Y. Chai, Q. Duan, D.‐D. Wang, Z.‐X. Zhang, Materials and Corrosion, 2016

Acoustic emission (AE) technique was used to study the oxide film formation of 316LN stainless steel (SS) in high temperature aqueous environment. The morphology and chemical compositions of oxide films of 316LN SS base metal and weld were also investigated by using scanning electron microscopy ...


Solid Polymer Electrolyte with High Ionic Conductivity via Layer-by-Layer Deposition

21.04.2016 | Mengqi Cui; Pooi See Lee, Chemistry of Materials, 2016

A novel multilayer system via layer-by-layer (LbL) self-assembly by alternatively packing polyethylene glycol (PEG)−α-cyclodextrin (αCD) complex and poly(acrylic acid) (PAA) via hydrogen-bonding is designed and investigated in this work. The PEG-αCD inclusion complex is obtained by supramolecular ...


Materials, Vol. 9, Pages 299: Microwave Synthesized ZnO Nanorod Arrays for UV Sensors: A Seed Layer Annealing Temperature Study

20.04.2016 | Pimentel, Ana ; Ferreira, Sofia Henriques; Nunes, Daniela ; Calmeiro, Tomas ; Martins, Rodrigo ; Fortunato, Elvira, Materials, 2016

The present work reports the influence of zinc oxide (ZnO) seed layer annealing temperature on structural, optical and electrical properties of ZnO nanorod arrays, synthesized by hydrothermal method assisted by microwave radiation, to be used as UV sensors. The ZnO seed layer was produced using ...


Influence of substrate temperature on the morphology of silicon oxide nanowires synthesized using a tin catalyst

18.04.2016 | S. Ya. Khmel, E. A. Baranov, A. O. Zamchiy, E. A. Maximovskiy, D. V. Gulyaev, K. S. Zhuravlev, physica status solidi (a), 2016

Silicon oxide nanowires SiOx were synthesized by the gas‐jet electron beam plasma chemical vapor deposition method. The synthesis of nanostructures was carried out on silicon substrates with thin tin film as a catalyst. The evolution in the morphology of the obtained structures was investigated ...


Structural and Optical Properties of PECVD TiO2–SiO2 Mixed Oxide Films for Optical Applications

18.04.2016 | Dayu Li, Stéphane Elisabeth, Agnès Granier, Michèle Carette, Antoine Goullet, Jean‐Pierre Landesman, Plasma Processes and Polymers, 2016

TiO2–SiO2 mixed oxide films with variable compositions are deposited from oxygen/titanium tetraisopropoxide/hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) inductively coupled radiofrequency plasmas at low temperature and pressure. The related structure, morphology, and optical properties are investigated. ...


Comparison of Morphology and Physicochemical Properties of Starch Among 3 Arrowhead Varieties

16.04.2016 | Aimin Li, Yunhong Zhang, Yongji Zhang, Xurun Yu, Fei Xiong, Rumei Zhou, Yongtai Zhang, Journal of Food Science, 2016

Abstract Arrowhead (Sagittaria trifolia var. sinensis) is a source of starch worldwide, but arrowhead starch has been rarely studied. In this work, starch was separated from arrowhead corm. The morphology and physicochemical properties of starch were then investigated and compared among 3 ...


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