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Influence of selenization temperature on synthesis, morphology, and properties of nanostructured CoSe2 films

03.01.2015 | Jen‐Bin Shi, Po‐Feng Wu, Chia‐Tze Kao, Ming‐Way Lee, Chih‐Chieh Chan, Ping‐Chang Yang, Cheng‐Li Lin, Rui‐Yo Huang, Y ..., Crystal Research and Technology, 2015

Nanostructured cobalt selenide (CoSe2) thin films were deposited on a glass substrate using the selenization of Co films at different selenization temperatures (300 °C, 400 °C, and 500 °C) in a pure Se vapor for two hours. The morphology and structure of the as‐deposited films shows that the ...


Materials, Vol. 8, Pages 149-161: Synthesis of Co3O4 Cotton-Like Nanostructures for Cholesterol Biosensor

31.12.2014 | Elhag, Sami ; Ibupoto, Zafar Hussain; Nour, Omer ; Willander, Magnus, Materials, 2014

The use of templates to assist and possess a control over the synthesis of nanomaterials has been an attractive option to achieve this goal. Here we have used sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) to act as a template for the low temperature synthesis of cobalt oxide (Co3O4) nanostructures. The use of SDS ...


Two-dimensional four-fold symmetric SrMoO4 dendrite

30.12.2014 | Hye-Yun Jung; Young-Duk Huh, CrystEngComm, 2014

A variety of SrMoO4 morphologies were prepared by performing a solvothermal reaction in water–hexane bilayer solutions. The morphology of SrMoO4 crystals evolved from tetragonal bipyramidal to two-dimensional (2-D) four-fold symmetric dendrites as the reaction temperature and the MoO42– ion to ...


Combination of temperature and saturated vapor annealing for phase separation of block copolymer

29.12.2014 | Jan Švanda, Oleksiy Lyutakov, Vladimíra Vosmanská, Václav Švorčík, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT Phase separation of block copolymer films is a perspective technique for the creation of nanostructured templates. The phase separation can be induced by thermal or vapor solvent annealing. However, a standardized and reproducible technique of the phase separation is still missing, ...


Towards Roll‐to‐Roll Deposition of High Quality Moisture Barrier Films on Polymers by Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Assisted Process

28.12.2014 | Sergey A. Starostin, Mariadriana Creatore, Jan B. Bouwstra, Mauritius C. M. van de Sanden, Hindrik W. de Vries, Plasma Processes and Polymers, 2014

An atmospheric pressure dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) was applied for the deposition of silica‐like moisture barrier films on polyethylene 2,6 naphthalate foil. The diffuse plasma was sustained between two cylindrical drum electrodes in N2/O2/Ar gas flow with the addition of tetraethyl ...


High‐Temperature Na2SO4 Deposit‐Assisted Corrosion of Silicon Carbide – I: Temperature and Time Dependence

26.12.2014 | Joseph M. Hagan, Elizabeth J. Opila, Journal of the American Ceramic Society, 2014

Time and temperature dependence of Na2SO4‐induced hot corrosion were studied for sintered‐α (Hexoloy) as well as CVD‐SiC at temperatures between 900°C and 1100°C and at times from 0.75 to 96h. The extent of corrosion was quantified using mass change measurements, removal of corrosion products ...


How Composition Determines the Properties of Isodimorphic Poly(butylene succinate-ran-butylene azelate) Random Biobased Copolymers: From Single to Double Crystalline Random Copolymers

26.12.2014 | Idoia Arandia; Agurtzane Mugica; Manuela Zubitur; Arantxa Arbe; Guoming Liu; Dujin Wang; Rosica Mincheva; Philippe D ..., Macromolecules, 2014

The structure, morphology, and thermal properties of biobased and biodegradable poly(butylene succinate-ran-butylene azelate) random copolyesters with a wide composition range were studied. These PBS-ran-PBAz copolymers can crystallize in the entire composition range despite being random, ...


The effect of processing parameters on cell structure and mechanical properties of extrusion‐foamed poly(vinyl chloride) sheets

23.12.2014 | Mingyi Wang, Jianxiu Liu, Jun Hu, Nanqiao Zhou, Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology, 2014

The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of processing parameters on cell structure and mechanical properties of extrusion‐foamed poly(vinyl chloride) sheets. For this purpose, the effects of screw speed and die temperature on cell morphology, density, and mechanical properties, ...


Local Liquid Phase Deposition of Silicon Dioxide on Hexagonally Close-Packed Silica Beads

23.12.2014 | Seo Young Yoon; Yi-Seul Park; Jin Seok Lee, Langmuir, 2014

Liquid phase deposition (LPD) is a useful method for the production of oxide film with low reaction temperature and production cost. With the report that the LPD of oxide films is conformally processed with uniform thickness and composition, there has been significant attention given to ...


Unique Rheological Response of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylenes in the Presence of Reduced Graphene Oxide

22.12.2014 | Kangsheng Liu; Sara Ronca; Efren Andablo-Reyes; Giuseppe Forte; Sanjay Rastogi, Macromolecules, 2014

The paper addresses the difference in electrical conductivities and rheological properties between two nanocomposites of reduced graphene oxide nanosheets (rGON) with commercial ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (C_PE) and a low-entanglement-density UHMWPE synthesized under controlled ...


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