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Cu/ZnO Nanocatalysts in Response to Environmental Conditions: Surface Morphology, Electronic Structure, Redox State and CO2 Activation

29.10.2014 | Luis Martínez-Suárez; Johannes Frenzel; Dominik Marx, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

Methanol synthesis is one of the landmarks of heterogeneous catalysis due to the great industrial significance of methanol as a clean liquid fuel and as a raw material for industry. Understanding in atomistic detail the properties of the underlying metal/oxide catalyst materials as a function of ...


Impact of oxygen transport properties on the kinetic modeling of polypropylene thermal oxidation. II. Effect of oxygen diffusivity

23.10.2014 | Alexandre François‐Heude, Emmanuel Richaud, Alain Guinault, Eric Desnoux, Xavier Colin, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT The kinetic model, established in a previous article (François‐Heude et al., J. Appl. Polym. Sci., in press) to predict the homogeneous oxidation in iPP films typically thinner than 100 µm, is now extended to simulate the oxidation profiles in thicker plates by coupling the oxygen ...


Controlled synthesis of barium chromate microcrystals

21.10.2014 | H. Xiao, S.S. Ding, X. Xu, N. Pan, D.Y. Fan, H.J. Yang, M. Lei, Y.X. Du, R. Zhang, Y.G. Wang, W.H. Tang, Crystal Research and Technology, 2014

Barium chromate (BaCrO4) microcrystals with various morphologies such as shuttle‐like, x‐shaped, ellipsoid, leaf‐like crystals were synthesized from aqueous solutions using poly (sodium 4‐styrenesulfonate) (PSS) as template agent at room temperature. The characterization results show that pH ...


Synthesis, phase evolution and optical properties of Tb3+‐doped KF–YbF3 system materials

21.10.2014 | Chunyan Cao, Renping Cao, Siling Guo, An. Xie, Hyeon Mi. Noh, Jung Hyun Jeong, Luminescence, 2014

ABSTRACT KF–YbF3 system materials have been synthesized by a hydrothermal method without any surfactant or template. By controlling the reactant ratios of KF:Yb3+, the hydrothermal temperature and the pH of the prepared solutions, the final products can evolve among the orthorhombic phase of ...


In‐Situ Confined Growth of Monodisperse Pt Nanoparticle@Graphene Nanobox Composites as Electrocatalytic Nanoreactors

20.10.2014 | Yingying Lv, Yin Fang, Zhangxiong Wu, Xufang Qian, Yanfang Song, Renchao Che, Abdullah M. Asiri, Yongyao Xia, Bo Tu, ..., Small, 2014

Monodisperse Pt nanoparticles (NPs) studded in a three‐dimensional (3D) graphene nanobox are successfully synthesized through a simple in‐situ confined growth route for the first time. The nano‐zeolite A was used as a 3D substrate for in‐situ growth of tri‐layered graphenes on the ...


Molecular Origin of the Self-Assembled Morphological Difference Caused by Varying the Order of Charged Residues in Short Peptides

20.10.2014 | Li Deng; Peng Zhou; Yurong Zhao; Yanting Wang; Hai Xu, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2014

In order to understand how microscopic molecular interactions between short peptides determine their mesoscopic self-assembled morphology, we studied the microscopic assembled structures of the short peptides I4K2 and KI4K, which have the same amino acid composition but different sequences, by ...


Fabrication and characterization of novel hyperbranched polyimides with excellent organosolubility, thermal and mechanical properties

18.10.2014 | Wenqiu Chen, Quantao Li, Quanyuan Zhang, Zushun Xu, Xianbao Wang, Changfeng Yi, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT A series of amine‐terminated and anhydride‐terminated hyperbranched polyimides (HBPIs) were successfully prepared with various commercial dianhydrides and a novel BB′2‐type aromatic triamine, 2,4,6‐tris[4‐(4‐aminophenoxy)phenyl]pyridine, with a symmetrical triaryl‐substituted ...


Preparation and evaluation of nonphosphate terpolymer as scale inhibitor and dispersant for Ca3(PO4)2, BaSO4, and Iron (III) hydroxide scales

18.10.2014 | Yunyun Bu, Yuming Zhou, Qingzhao Yao, Yiyi Chen, Wei Sun, Wendao Wu, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2014

ABSTRACT The polymeric scale inhibition and dispersion agents (PAYS) were prepared by graft copolymerization of acrylic acid, allylpolyethoxy carboxylate (APEY) and 2‐acrylamido‐2‐methyl‐propanesulfonic acid by using ammonium persulfate as a radical initiator in aqueous solution, among which ...


Enzymatically Interestrified Fats Based On Mutton Tallow And Walnut Oil Suitable For Cosmetic Emulsions

16.10.2014 | M Kowalska, M Mendrycka, A Zbikowska, S Stawarz, International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2014

Summary Objective Formation of emulsion systems based on interesterified fats was the objective of the study. Enzymatic interesterification was carried out between enzymatic mutton tallow and walnut oil in the proportions 2:3 (wt/wt) to produce fats not available in nature. At the beginning ...


From Chiral Islands to Smectic Layers: A Computational Journey Across Sexithiophene Morphologies on C60

14.10.2014 | Gabriele D'Avino, Luca Muccioli, Claudio Zannoni, Advanced Functional Materials, 2014

A theoretical investigation of the molecular organization at a sexithiophene (T6)‐C60 fullerene planar heterojunction, based on atomistic molecular dynamics, is presented, in which the effect of two different sample preparation processes on the resulting interface morphology is explored. First, ...


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