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One-step synthesis and gas sensing properties of hierarchical Cd-doped SnO2 nanostructures

16.09.2013 | Author(s): Peng Sun , Xin Zhou , Chen Wang , Biao Wang , Xiumei Xu , Geyu Lu, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2013

Publication date: January 2014 Source:Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, Volume 190 Author(s): Peng Sun , Xin Zhou , Chen Wang , Biao Wang , Xiumei Xu , Geyu Lu The hierarchical undoped and Cd-doped SnO2 nanostructures had been synthesized via a low-cost and environmentally friendly ...


A Facile Route to Flowerlike Bi2S3 Constructed by Polycrystalline Nanoplates with Enhanced Electrochemical Properties

13.09.2013 | Rencheng Jin, Guihua Li, Junshen Liu, Lixia Yang, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2013

Abstract In this work, hierarchical flowerlike Bi2S3 structures constructed by polycrystalline nanoplates combined with urchinlike and wirelike Bi2S3 were synthesized by using a thioglycolic acid assisted solvothermal method. On the basis of the time‐dependent experimental results, an anion ...


Investigation of membrane preparation condition effect on the PSD and porosity of the membranes using a novel image processing technique

13.09.2013 | Ashkan Zolfaghari Sharak, Armin Samimi, Seyyed Abbas Mousavi, Ramin Bozorgmehri Bozarjamhari, Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2013

ABSTRACT A totally computerized image processing program package is developed to analyze the SEM images of membrane surface and cross‐section. Pore size distribution and porosity of the fabricated membranes are determined using the proposed image processing procedure. Furthermore, effect of ...


Self‐Replenishing Dual Structured Superhydrophobic Coatings Prepared by Drop‐Casting of an All‐In‐One Dispersion

12.09.2013 | A. C. C. Esteves, Y. Luo, M. W. P. van de Put, C. C. M. Carcouët, G. de With, Advanced Functional Materials, 2013

Robust dual structured superhydrophobic coatings which replenish spontaneously their surface chemical composition on new multi‐scale structured surfaces, recreated upon damage, are described. The surface repair occurs at room temperature, via intrinsic elements of the coatings, all covalently ...


Novel Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of t-LaVO4:Eu3+ Micro Cube

11.09.2013 | Baiqi Shao; Qi Zhao; Ning Guo; Yongchao Jia; Wenzhen Lv; Mengmeng Jiao; Wei Lv; Hongpeng You, CrystEngComm, 2013

Well-defined t-LaVO4:Eu3+ microcrystals have been synthesized through a facile hydrothermal route using La0.95Eu0.05(1,3,5-BTC)(H2O)6 as precursor for the first time. It was found that pH value and temperature have remarkable influence on morphology determination. By tuning the initial pH value, ...


Potential of water hyacinth for phytoremediation in low temperature environment

10.09.2013 | Xue Wang, Lisa Shi, Christopher Q. Lan, Robert Delatolla, Zisheng Zhang, Environmental Progress, 2013

Water hyacinth, i.e., Eichhornia crassipes Solms can remove a large variety of different pollutants from water and are considered an excellent candidate for phytoremediation of contaminated waters. Nevertheless, exploitation of water hyacinth for phytoremediation has so far been limited to ...


Facile synthesis and catalytic activity of well‐defined amphiphilic block copolymers based on N‐vinylimidazolium

10.09.2013 | Chang Peng, Kai Huang, Mingsong Han, Wei Meng, Yuanqin Xiong, Weijian Xu, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2013

Well‐defined amphiphilic block copolymers, poly(styrene)‐b‐poly(N‐vinylimidazole) (PS‐b‐PVim), were successfully synthesized by macromolecular design via interchange of the xanthates/reversible addition–fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) polymerization. The structure of the copolymer based on ...


Shape and Size Tunable Synthesis of Coordination Polymer Mn2W(CN)8·xH2O Microcrystals through a Simple Solution Chemical Route

09.09.2013 | Guoxing Zhu, Yunyun Xiao, Xiaoping Shen, Qingjing Zhang, Aihua Yuan, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2013

Abstract By using a simple solution chemistry approach with polyvinyprrolidone (PVP) as a capping agent, Mn2W(CN)8·xH2O microcrystals with unique morphologies including rice‐like, rod, octahedron, square platelet, and hollow‐core square platelet have been successfully synthesized. The ...


Materials, Vol. 6, Pages 3805-3825: Microgel Modified UV-Cured Methacrylic-Silica Hybrid: Synthesis and Characterization

06.09.2013 | Corcione, Carola Esposito; Striani, Raffaella ; Frigione, Mariaenrica, Materials, 2013

An innovative photopolymerizable microgel modified UV-cured acrylic-silica hybrid formulation was developed and characterized for possible use as protective coating for different substrates. A deep investigation, aiming at providing a strong scientific basis for the production of ...


Fabrication of GaN nanodots via GaN thermal decomposition in H2 atmosphere

03.09.2013 | Xiong Hui, Jin Zhang, Senlin Li, Hu Wang, Yanyan Fang et al., Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 2013

GaN nanodots were fabricated by thermal decomposition of GaN in H2 atmosphere at high temperatures. By varying annealing time and temperature, it was found that dot size and density were highly dependent on annealing conditions. Surface morphology of the sample indicates that the dot formation ...


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