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Intramolecular structure and energetics in supercooled water down to 255 K

09.02.2016 | Felix Lehmkühler; Yury Forov; Thomas Buening; Christoph Johannes Sahle; Ingo Steinke; Karin Julius; Thomas Buslaps; ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2016

We studied the structure and energetics of supercooled water by means of X-ray Raman and Compton scattering. At supercooled conditions down to 255 K, the oxygen K-edge measured by X-ray Raman scattering suggests an increase of tetrahedral order similar to the conventional temperature effect ...


Materials, Vol. 9, Pages 101: Tungsten as a Chemically-Stable Electrode Material on Ga-Containing Piezoelectric Substrates Langasite and Catangasite for High-Temperature SAW Devices

06.02.2016 | Rane, Gayatri K.; Seifert, Marietta ; Menzel, Siegfried ; Gemming, Thomas ; Eckert, Jürgen, Materials, 2016

Thin films of tungsten on piezoelectric substrates La3Ga5SiO14 (LGS) and Ca3TaGa3Si2O14 (CTGS) have been investigated as a potential new electrode material for interdigital transducers for surface acoustic wave-based sensor devices operating at high temperatures up to 800 °C under vacuum ...


Room‐Temperature Alkynylation of Phosphine Oxides with Copper Acetylides: Practical Synthesis of Alkynylphosphine Oxides (Eur. J. Org. Chem. 4/2016)

05.02.2016 | Diego A. Alonso, Alejandro Baeza, Rafael Chinchilla, Gabriela Guillena, Isidro M. Pastor, Diego J. Ramón, European Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2016

The cover picture shows the alkynylation of phosphine oxides with copper acetylides. These polymeric, rock‐stable and unreactive reagents can be readily activated by coordination with simple ligands and oxidation with molecular oxygen. This activation enables the in situ generation of highly ...


Emergent Noncentrosymmetry and Piezoelectricity Driven by Oxygen Octahedral Rotations in n = 2 Dion–Jacobson Phase Layer Perovskites

05.02.2016 | Megan E. Strayer, Arnab Sen Gupta, Hirofumi Akamatsu, Shiming Lei, Nicole A. Benedek, Venkatraman Gopalan, Thomas E. ..., Advanced Functional Materials, 2016

The loss of centrosymmetry via oxygen octahedral rotations is demonstrated in the n = 2 Dion–Jacobson family of layered oxide perovskites, A′LaB2O7 (A′ = Rb, Cs; B = Nb, Ta). Ab initio density functional theory calculations predict that all four materials should adopt polar space groups, in ...


Effect of Base-Pairing Partner on the Thermodynamic Stability of the Diastereomeric Spiroiminodihydantoin Lesion

05.02.2016 | Brian Gruessner; Megana Dwarakanath; Elizabeth Stewart; Yoon Bae; Elizabeth R. Jamieson, Chemical Research in Toxicology, 2016

Oxidation of guanine by reactive oxygen species and high valent metals produces damaging DNA base lesions like 8-oxo-7,8-dihydroguanine (8-oxoG). 8-oxoG can be further oxidized to form the spiroiminodihydantoin (Sp) lesion, which is even more mutagenic. DNA polymerases preferentially incorporate ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 97: Performance Evaluation of Palm Oil-Based Biodiesel Combustion in an Oil Burner

04.02.2016 | Ganjehkaviri, Abdolsaeid ; Mohd Jaafar, Mohammad Nazri; Hosseini, Seyed Ehsan; Musthafa, Anas Basri, Energies, 2016

This paper presents an experimental investigation of the combustion characteristics of palm methyl ester (PME), also known as palm oil-based biodiesel, in an oil burner system. The performance of conventional diesel fuel (CDF) and various percentages of diesel blended with palm oil-based ...


Adsorption of nickel ions on oxygen functionalized carbons

03.02.2016 | A.M. Kern, B. Zierath, T. Fey, B.J.M. Etzold, Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract The adsorption of nickel(II) ions on pristine and wet chemically oxidized microporous carbons is studied. The nature and acidity of the resulting oxygen functional groups are characterized by temperature programmed desorption and point of zero charge measurements. The maximal nickel ...


Energies, Vol. 9, Pages 94: Overcoming the Fundamental Limit: Combustion of a Hydrogen-Oxygen Mixture in Micro- and Nano-Bubbles

03.02.2016 | Svetovoy, Vitaly ; Postnikov, Alexander ; Uvarov, Ilia ; Sanders, Remco ; Krijnen, Gijs, Energies, 2016

Combustion reactions quench in small volumes due to fast heat escape via the volume boundary. Nevertheless, the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen was observed in nano- and micro-bubbles. The bubbles containing a mixture of gases were produced in microsystems using electrochemical decomposition ...


Correlation between Deposition Parameters and Hydrogen Production in CuO Nanostructured Thin Films

03.02.2016 | Gianluca A. Artioli; Alessandro Mancini; Victoria Raissa Barbieri; Matteo C. Quattrini; Eliana Quartarone; Maria Cri ..., Langmuir, 2016

In this article, we report a systematic investigation of the role of (i) substrate temperature, (ii) oxygen partial pressure, and (iii) radio frequency (rf) power on the crystal structure and morphology of CuO nanostructured thin films prepared by means of rf-magnetron sputtering starting from a ...


2H‐Tetrakis(3,5‐di‐tert‐butyl)phenylporphyrin on a Cu(110) Surface: Room‐Temperature Self‐Metalation and Surface‐Reconstruction‐Facilitated Self‐Assembly

02.02.2016 | Liang Zhang, Michael Lepper, Michael Stark, Ralf Schuster, Dominik Lungerich, Norbert Jux, Hans‐Peter Steinrück, Hub ..., Chemistry - A European Journal, 2016

Abstract The adsorption behavior of 2H‐tetrakis(3,5‐di‐tert‐butyl)phenylporphyrin (2HTTBPP) on Cu(110) and Cu(110)–(2×1)O surfaces have been investigated by using variable‐temperature scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. On the bare Cu(110) surface, individual ...


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