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Microfluidic pipette array for mechanophentyping of cancer cells and mechanical gating of mechanosensitive channels

22.10.2014 | Lap Man Lee; Allen Liu, Lab on a Chip, 2014

Micropipette aspiration measures the mechanical properties of single cells. A traditional micropipette aspiration system requires a bulky infrastructure, and has a low throughput and limited potential for automation. We have developed a simple microfluidic device, which is able to trap and apply ...


Metal-free Mizoroki–Heck type reaction: a radical oxidative coupling reaction of 2-chloro-dithiane with substituted olefins

22.10.2014 | Wenbin Du; Junshan Lai; Lixia Tian; Xingang Xie; Xuegong She; Shouchu Tang, Chemical Communication, 2014

An efficient metal-free Mizoroki–Heck type reaction of di- and tri-substituted alkenes with 2-chloro-dithiane has been developed under ambient pressure of air or using a relatively low loading of BF3·Et2O. This study represents a new environmentally friendly method for the syntheses of ...


A Pressure-Driven Capillary Electrophoretic System with Injection Valve Sampling

21.10.2014 | Chao Han; Jiannan Sun; Jinhua Liu; Heyong Cheng; Yuanchao Wang, Analyst, 2014

To improve the repeatability and efficiency, and simplify the operation procedure of capillary electrophoresis (CE), a pressurized CE system (p-CE) with injection valve sampling was developed. It consisted of one high-pressure pump, a six-port injection valve, a PEEK cross, a separation and back ...


Direct elemental analysis of honeys by atmospheric pressure glow discharge generated in contact with a flowing liquid cathode

21.10.2014 | Krzysztof Greda; Piotr Jamroz; Anna Dzimitrowicz; Pawel Pohl, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry, 2014

Miniaturized atmospheric pressure glow discharge sustained in a compact discharge cell in contact with a flowing liquid cathode was used for the elemental analysis of honeys by optical emission spectrometry. A simplified sample preparation procedure was proposed and samples of honeys were only ...


A high-pressure-induced dense CO overlayer on a Pt(111) surface: a chemical analysis using in situ near ambient pressure XPS

21.10.2014 | Ryo Toyoshima; Masaaki Yoshida; Yuji Monya; Kazuma Suzuki; Kenta Amemiya; Kazuhiko Mase; Bongjin Simon Mun; Hiroshi ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2014

We investigated the high-density CO adsorption phase formed on a Pt(111) surface when exposed to CO gas of pressure ranging from UHV to 100 mTorr using near-ambient-pressure (NAP)-XPS. Combined results from the NAP-XPS measurements and DFT calculations reveal the adsorption structure of CO ...


Responsive Ionic Liquid-Polymer 2D Photonic Crystal Gas Sensors

21.10.2014 | Natasha Lynn Smith; Zhenmin Hong; S A Asher, Analyst, 2014

We developed novel air-stable 2D polymerized photonic crystal (2DPC) sensing materials for visual detection of gas phase analytes such as water and ammonia by utilizing a new ionic liquid, ethylguanidine perchlorate (EGP) as the mobile phase. Because of the negligible ionic liquid vapor pressure ...


Silanediol‐Catalyzed Carbon Dioxide Fixation

20.10.2014 | Andrea M. Hardman‐Baldwin, Anita E. Mattson, ChemSusChem, 2014

Abstract Carbon dioxide is an abundant and renewable C1 source. However, mild transformations with carbon dioxide at atmospheric pressure are difficult to accomplish. Silanediols have been discovered to operate as effective hydrogen‐bond donor organocatalysts for the atom‐efficient conversion ...


Interactions of summer pruning techniques and vine performance in the white cultivar Ortrugo (Vitis vinifera L.)

18.10.2014 | M. Gatti, A. Garavani, A. Cantatore, M.G. Parisi, N. Bobeica, M.C. Merli, A. Vercesi, S. Poni, Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, 2014

Abstract Background and Aims The increasing interest by the wine market in sparkling white wines challenges how the desired grape composition can be achieved under the pressure of global warming. The aim of the present study was to assess the viability of summer pruning as a tool to pilot ...


The pool fire case for pressure relief: Radiation exposure limited by fuel supply

18.10.2014 | Debby Sielegar, Freeman Self, Process Safety Progress, 2014

In design of pressure relief systems, a pool fire is one of the most typical relief cases. The first step in the fire relief calculation is determining the heat flux input from the fire and methods include the simple to the very complex, covering a myriad of factors and configurations. This ...


Continuous Deposition of Organo‐Chlorinated Thin Films by Atmospheric Pressure Dielectric Barrier Discharge in a Wire‐Cylinder Configuration

18.10.2014 | Cédric Vandenabeele, Rémy Maurau, Simon Bulou, Frederic Siffer, Mathieu Gérard, Thierry Belmonte, Patrick Choquet, Plasma Processes and Polymers, 2014

On‐line atmospheric pressure plasma treatment of cylindrical substrates is of great interest in tire industry in view of developing a cheaper and cleaner process than electrolytic plating ones that are applied on metallic tire reinforcing materials. Here we assess the feasibility of such a ...


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