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Synthesis, crystal structure, and transport properties of Cu2.2Zn0.8SnSe4-xTex (0.1 [less-than-or-equal] x [less-than-or-equal] 0.4)

23.04.2015 | Yongkwan Dong; Brian Eckert; Hsin Wang; Xiaoyu Zeng; Terry M. Tritt; George S. Nolas, Dalton Transactions, 2015

Quaternary chalcogenides, particular compounds with the stannite structure-type, are of interest for thermoelectrics applications however tellurium-containing compositions have not been extensively investigated. We report on the synthesis and high temperature thermoelectric properties of p-type ...


Combinatorial synthesis and high‐throughput characterization of the thin film materials system Co–Mn–Ge: Composition, structure, and magnetic properties

17.04.2015 | Steffen Salomon, Sven Hamann, Peer Decker, Alan Savan, Louisa Meshi, Alfred Ludwig, physica status solidi (a), 2015

Co–Mn–Ge is a system of interest for magnetocaloric applications as a solid state magnetic refrigerant. A thin film materials library covering a large fraction of the Co–Mn–Ge ternary composition space was fabricated by sputter deposition. After deposition, it was annealed at 600 °C for 3 h and ...


Soft‐templating synthesis of N‐doped mesoporous carbon nanospheres for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction

16.04.2015 | Bita Bayatsarmadi, Yao Zheng, Mietek Jaroniec, Shizhang Qiao, Chemistry - An Asian Journal, 2015

The development of ordered mesoporous carbon materials with controllable structures and improved physicochemical properties by doping heteroatoms such as nitrogen into the carbon framework has attracted a lot of attention, especially in relation to energy storage and conversion. Herein, a series ...


Copper‐Catalyzed Synthesis of Pentasubstituted Pyridines from N‐Sulfonyl Ketenimines, 1,1,3,3‐Tetramethylguanidine, and Acetylene Dicarboxylates

16.04.2015 | Issa Yavari, Azam Sheikhi, Manijeh Nematpour, Zohreh Taheri, Helvetica Chimica Acta, 2015

Abstract Regioselective synthesis of pentasubstituted pyridines has been developed in moderate‐to‐good yields by the reaction of sulfonyl azides, alkynes, and a dialkyl acetylenedicarboxylatetetramethylguanidine adduct catalyzed by CuI in MeCN at room temperature.


ChemInform Abstract: Iron Nitrate/TEMPO: A Superior Homogeneous Catalyst for Oxidation of Primary Alcohols to Nitriles in Air.

16.04.2015 | Shashikant U. Dighe, Deepan Chowdhury, Sanjay Batra, ChemInform, 2015

Abstract A highly practical, one‐step, facile synthesis of aromatic, heteroaromatic, allylic and aliphatic nitriles from primary alcohols catalyzed by ferric nitrate in the presence of TEMPO, aqueous ammonia and air at room temperature is described.


ChemInform Abstract: A Catalyst‐Free Green Protocol for the Synthesis of Pyranopyrazoles Using Room Temperature Ionic Liquid Choline Chloride‐Urea.

16.04.2015 | Toreshettahally R. Swaroop, Kothanahally S. Sharath Kumar, Mariyappan Palanivelu, Somu Chaitanya, Kanchugarakoppal S ..., ChemInform, 2015

Abstract 17 Title compounds of type (IV) or (VI) are prepared by a four‐component reaction.


Formation and Transmetalation Mechanisms of Homo- and Heterometallic (Fe/Zn) Trinuclear Triple-Stranded Side-by-Side Helicates

16.04.2015 | Bidyut Akhuli; Luca Cera; Barun Jana; Subrata Saha; Christoph A. Schalley; Pradyut Ghosh, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015

A novel linear hybrid tris-bidentate neutral ligand having 2,2′-bipyridine and two terminal triazolylpyridine coordination sites (L) was efficiently synthesized and explored in the synthesis of trinuclear triple-stranded homometallic side-by-side helicates L3Fe3(OTf)6 (1) and L3Zn3(OTf)6 (2), in ...


Performance polybenzoxazine membrane and mixed matrix membrane for ethanol purification via pervaporation applications

15.04.2015 | Panupong Chuntanalerg, Santi Kulprathipanja, Thanyalak Chaisuwan, P. Aungkavattana, K. Hemra, Sujitra Wongkasemjit, Journal of Chemical Technology & Biotechnology, 2015

Abstract BACKGROUND Polybenzoxazine (PBZ) membranes have caught great attention for serving as a high performance membrane for pervaporation process owing to their high mechanical properties, high chemical resistance, high thermal stability, and low synthesis cost. This study aims to develop ...


Sodium Benzenesulfinates: Novel and Effective Organo Catalyst for Three Component Synthesis 5,6,7,8-Tetrahydro-4H-chromene Derivatives Under Ultrasound Irradiation

15.04.2015 | Abaszadeh, Mehdi; Seifi, Mohammad, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2015

Abstract: Sodium benzenesulfinates, as a new organo catalyst, can be used to synthesize tetrahydro- 4H-chromene derivatives by three component reaction of cyclic β-dicarbonyl compounds, malononitrile, and aromatic aldehydes, in H2O/EtOH, under ultrasound irradiation at room temperature. ...


Regioselective sulfamoylation at low temperature enables concise syntheses of putative small molecule inhibitors of sulfatases

15.04.2015 | Duncan C. Miller; Benoit Carbain; Gary S. Beale; Sari F. Alhasan; Helen L. Reeves; Ulrich Baisch; David R. Newell; B ..., Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, 2015

Regioselective sulfamoylation of primary hydroxyl groups enabled a 5-step synthesis (overall yield 17%) of the first reported small molecule inhibitor of sulfatase-1 and 2, ((2S,3R,4R,5S,6R)-4,5-dihydroxy-2-methoxy-6-((sulfamoyloxy)methyl)tetrahydro-2H-pyran-3-yl)sulfamic acid, which obviated the ...


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