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Structural phase transformation and microwave dielectric studies on SmNb1-x(Si1/2Mo1/2)xO4 compounds with fergusonite structure

23.04.2015 | Dasaradha Ramarao Seethiraju; Vemuri Rama Krishna Murthy, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Temperature and composition induced phase transition in SmNbO4 composition was studied with help of Differential Scanning Calorimetry, Raman spectroscopy and high temperature powder X-ray diffraction measurements. In-situ X-ray diffraction studies reveal that, SmNbO4 possesses monoclinic ...


Synthesis, crystal structure, and transport properties of Cu2.2Zn0.8SnSe4-xTex (0.1 [less-than-or-equal] x [less-than-or-equal] 0.4)

23.04.2015 | Yongkwan Dong; Brian Eckert; Hsin Wang; Xiaoyu Zeng; Terry M. Tritt; George S. Nolas, Dalton Transactions, 2015

Quaternary chalcogenides, particular compounds with the stannite structure-type, are of interest for thermoelectrics applications however tellurium-containing compositions have not been extensively investigated. We report on the synthesis and high temperature thermoelectric properties of p-type ...


The influence of the textural properties of activated carbons on acetaminophen adsorption at different temperatures

23.04.2015 | Margarida Galhetas; Marta A. Andrade; Ana S. Mestre; Ekoé Kangni-foli; Maria J. Villa de Brito; Moisés L. Pinto; Hel ..., Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

The influence of temperature (20–40 °C) on the acetaminophen adsorption onto activated carbons with different textures was studied. Different temperature dependences, not explained by kinetic effects, were observed for carbons with different micropore size distribution patterns: adsorption ...


Detecting temperature fluctuations at equilibrium

23.04.2015 | Purushottam Dixit, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2015

Gibbs and Boltzmann definitions of temperature agree only in the macroscopic limit. The ambiguity in identifying the equilibrium temperature of a finite sized ‘small’ system exchanging energy with a bath is usually understood as a limitation of conventional statistical mechanics. We interpret ...


Dual stimuli-responsive self-assembly transition in zwitterionic/anionic surfactant systems

23.04.2015 | Wei Li; yanjuan yang; lifei liu; xiuniang Tan; Tian Luo; junya shen, Soft Matter, 2015

Abstract: Temperature and pH responsiveness is important to biological applications in protein reconstitution, gene delivery and controlled drug release. The temperature and pH dual responsive self-assembly transition, vesicle-to-micelle transitions(VMTs) and micelle-to-vesicle transitions(MVTs), ...


A phase-transfer assisted solvo-thermal strategy for low-temperature synthesis of Na3(VO1−xPO4)2F1+2x cathodes for sodium-ion batteries

22.04.2015 | Junmei Zhao; Linqin Mu; Yuruo Qi; Yong-Sheng Hu; Huizhou Liu; Sheng Dai, Chemical Communication, 2015

We demonstrate that a series of high-performance cathode materials, sodium vanadium polyanionic compounds, Na3(VO1−xPO4)2F1+2x (x = 0, 0.5 and 1), can be synthesized by a phase-transfer assisted solvo-thermal strategy at a rather low temperature (80–140 °C) in one simple step, exhibiting a high ...


Solvent-driven temperature memory and multiple shape memory effects

22.04.2015 | Rui Xiao; Jingkai Guo; David L. Safranski; Thao D. Nguyen, Soft Matter, 2015

Thermally-activated temperature memory and multiple shape memory effects have been observed in amorphous polymers with a broad glass transition. In this work, we demonstrate that the same shape recovery behaviors can also be achieved through solvent absorption. We investigate the recovery ...


FD Electrolysis: Calcium Manganite as oxygen electrode materials for reversible solid oxide fuel cell

22.04.2015 | Chengsheng Ni; John T.S. Irvine, Faraday Discussions, 2015

For an efficient high-temperature reversible solid oxide fuel cell (RSOFC), the oxygen electrode should be highly active for the conversion between oxygen anions and oxygen gas. CaMnO3-δ(CM) is a perovskite that can be readily reduced with the formation of Mn3+ giving rise to oxygen defective ...


Structure, Photoluminescence and Influence of Temperature in Energy Transfer in co-doped Ca9La(GeO4)0.75(PO4)6 Red-emission Phosphor

21.04.2015 | Wenjin Xu; Ge Zhu; Xufeng Zhou; Yuhua Wang, Dalton Transactions, 2015

A novel phosphate Ca9La(GeO4)0.75(PO4)6¬ was investigated to rich the family of phosphate phosphor and application of LED. In this work, the single phase red-emission Ce3+, Mn2+ co-doped phosphate Ca9La(GeO4)0.75(PO4)6¬ phosphor was synthesized by the solid-state reaction from both theoretical ...


A core-shell nanohollow-[gamma]-Fe2O3@graphene hybrid prepared through the Kirkendall process as a high performance anode material for lithium ion batteries

21.04.2015 | Jiangtao Hu; Jiaxin Zheng; Leilei Tian; Yandong Duan; Lingpiao Lin; Suihan Cui; Hao Peng; Tongchao Liu; Hua Guo; Xin ..., Chemical Communication, 2015

We synthesized a core–shell structure with graphene as the shell and nano-hollow γ-Fe2O3 as the core through a Kirkendall process at room temperature. When this hybrid is used as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries, it exhibits a remarkable electrochemical performance: a high reversible ...


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