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Etching of glass microchips with supercritical water

28.10.2014 | P. Karásek; Jakub Grym; M. Roth; Josef Planeta; Frantisek Foret, Lab on a Chip, 2014

A novel method of etching channels in glass microchips with the most tunable solvent, water, was tested as an alternative to common hydrogen fluoride-containing etchants. The etching properties of water strongly depend on temperature and pressure, especially in the vicinity of the water critical ...


Zinc Chloride Catalyzed Collective Synthesis of Arylmethylene Bis(3- hydroxy-2-cyclohexene-1-ones) and 1,8-Dioxo-octahydroxanthene/acridine Derivatives

28.10.2014 | Selva Ganesan, Subramaniapillai; Kothandapani, Jagatheeswaran; Ganesan, Asaithampi, Letters in Organic Chemistry, 2014

Abstract: Catalytic amount of ZnCl2 efficiently promoted rapid synthesis of arylmethylene bis(3-hydroxy-2-cyclohexene- 1-one) in water at room temperature in excellent yield. At elevated temperature, ZnCl2 also catalyzed one-pot synthesis of 1,8-dioxo-octahydroxanthene and ...


Hydrogen-bond relaxation dynamics: Resolving mysteries of water ice

26.10.2014 | Author(s): Yongli Huang , Xi Zhang , Zengsheng Ma , Yichun Zhou , Weitao Zheng , Ji Zhou , Chang Q. Sun, Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2014

Publication date: Available online 23 October 2014 Source:Coordination Chemistry Reviews Author(s): Yongli Huang , Xi Zhang , Zengsheng Ma , Yichun Zhou , Weitao Zheng , Ji Zhou , Chang Q. Sun We present recent progress in understanding the anomalous behavior of water ice under ...


Effects of surface states on the oxidation behavior of 316LN stainless steel in high temperature pressurized water

24.10.2014 | Y.‐L. Guo, E.‐H. Han, J.‐Q. Wang, Materials and Corrosion, 2014

Nuclear grade 316LN stainless steel with different surface states are prepared: electropolished and ground to 240 grit. Surface topography, surface Volta potential distribution, and nanohardness distribution on cross‐sectional surface are investigated, respectively. Oxide films on the ground ...


Guided Ion Beam Studies of the Collision-Induced Dissociation of CuOH+(H2O)n (n = 1–4): Comprehensive Thermodynamic Data for Copper Ion Hydration

24.10.2014 | Andrew F. Sweeney; P. B. Armentrout, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2014

Threshold collision-induced dissociation (TCID) using a guided ion beam tandem mass spectrometer is performed on CuOH+(H2O)n where n = 1–4. The primary dissociation pathway for the n = 2–4 reactants consists of loss of a single water molecule followed by the sequential loss of additional water ...


A novel two‐dimensional CdII coordination polymer: poly[aqua[μ4‐2‐(4‐carboxylatobenzoyl)benzoato]cadmium(II)]

23.10.2014 | Hui‐Ru Chen, Wen‐Wen Zhang, Acta Crystallographica Section C, 2014

The title CdII coordination framework, [Cd(C15H8O5)(H2O)]n or [Cd(bpdc)(H2O)]n [H2bpdc is 2‐(4‐carboxybenzoyl)benzoic acid], has been prepared and characterized using IR spectroscopy, elemental analysis, thermal analysis and single‐crystal X‐ray diffraction. Each CdII centre is six‐coordinated ...


ChemInform Abstract: Aqueous Media Carboxylative Cyclization of Propargylic Amines with CO2 Catalyzed by Amphiphilic Dendritic N‐Heterocyclic Carbene—Gold(I) Complexes.

23.10.2014 | Ken‐ichi Fujita, Junichi Sato, Kensuke Inoue, Teruhisa Tsuchimoto, Hiroyuki Yasuda, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract Optimized reaction conditions including a water soluble dentritic NHC‐gold complex allow the synthesis of 2‐oxazolidinones in moderate to good yields at room temperature.


ChemInform Abstract: O‐Aryloxime Ether Analogues as Novel and Efficient Ligands for Palladium‐Catalyzed Suzuki—Miyaura Coupling in Water.

23.10.2014 | Manoj Mondal, Utpal Bora, ChemInform, 2014

Abstract A simple combination consisting of PdCl2 and O‐aryl oxime ethers is found to catalyze the Suzuki—Miyaura coupling of aryl bromides with arylboronic acids in water at room temperature (27°C).


Design of Finned Pipe Network to Improve Efficiency of Butter Melter

23.10.2014 | A.S. Warrier, I.K. Sawhney, P.S. Minz, Journal of Food Process Engineering, 2014

Abstract This study was undertaken to improve the efficiency of industrial butter melter. Butter is generally kept in cold storage at −18 to −20C in 20–25 kg blocks. Butter blocks are melted in a vat/kettle before being further processed or mixed with other food ingredients. The equipment ...


Spectroscopic Investigation of the Wettability of Multilayer Graphene Using Highly Ordered Pyrolytic Graphite as a Model Material

23.10.2014 | Ali Ashraf; Yanbin Wu; Michael C. Wang; Narayana R. Aluru; Seyed A. Dastgheib; SungWoo Nam, Langmuir, 2014

We report the intrinsic water contact angle (WCA) of multilayer graphene, explore different methods of cleaning multilayer graphene, and evaluate the efficiency of those methods on the basis of spectroscopic analysis. Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) was used as a model material system to ...


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