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Molecular Dynamics Study of Wetting Behavior of Grafted Thermo-responsive PNIPAAm Brushes

02.02.2016 | Debdip Bhandary; Zuzana Benkova; Maria Natália Dias Soeiro Cordeiro; Jayant K Singh, Soft Matter, 2016

In this work, the effect of temperature on the contact angle of a water droplet on the grafted thermo-responsive polymer poly–(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PNIPAAm) brushes is studied using all-atom molecular dynamics simulations in the temperature range of 270 K-330 K. A shift from 55º to 65º in ...


Molecular diffusion of CF3SF5 in pure water and artificial seawater

31.01.2016 | Author(s): Jonathan Vardner, Brice Loose, Marine Chemistry, 2016

Publication date: Available online 28 January 2016 Source:Marine Chemistry Author(s): Jonathan Vardner, Brice Loose We have experimentally determined the diffusion coefficient for trifluoromethyl sulfur pentafluoride (CF3SF5) in pure water and artificial seawater over a temperature ...


An irrigation experiment to compare soil, water and speleothem tetraether membrane lipid distributions

31.01.2016 | Author(s): Andy Baker, Catherine N. Jex, Helen Rutlidge, Martijn Woltering, Alison Blyth, Martin S. Ande ..., Organic Geochemistry, 2016

Publication date: Available online 25 January 2016 Source:Organic Geochemistry Author(s): Andy Baker, Catherine N. Jex, Helen Rutlidge, Martijn Woltering, Alison Blyth, Martin S. Andersen, Mark O. Cuthbert, Christopher E. Marjo, Monika Markowska, Gabriel C. Rau, Stuart ...


Sustainability, Vol. 8, Pages 133: Water Quality Assessment and Pollution Source Identification of the Eastern Poyang Lake Basin Using Multivariate Statistical Methods

30.01.2016 | Duan, Weili ; He, Bin ; Nover, Daniel ; Yang, Guishan ; Chen, Wen ; Meng, Huifang ; Zou, Shan ; Liu, Chuanming, Sustainability, 2016

Multivariate statistical methods including cluster analysis (CA), discriminant analysis (DA) and component analysis/factor analysis (PCA/FA), were applied to explore the surface water quality datasets including 14 parameters at 28 sites of the Eastern Poyang Lake Basin, Jiangxi Province of China, ...


Growth and Physiological Responses of Quinoa to Drought and Temperature Stress

29.01.2016 | A. Yang, S. S. Akhtar, M. Amjad, S. Iqbal, S.‐E. Jacobsen, Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, 2016

Abstract Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.), traditionally called the mother of grains, has the potential to grow under high temperatures and drought, tolerating levels regarded as stresses in other crop species. A pot experiment was conducted in a climate chamber to investigate the potential ...


Bipyridinium‐bis(carboxylate) Radical Based Materials: X‐ray, EPR and Paramagnetic Solid‐State NMR Investigations

29.01.2016 | Oksana Toma, Maxime Leroux, Nicolas Mercier, Magali Allain, Abdel Hadi Kassiba, Shashi Kumar Kumara Swamy, Jens Dittmer, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2016

Abstract The zwitterionic 1,1′‐bis(4‐carboxyphenyl)‐4,4′‐bipyridinium (bp4pc) has been synthesized and crystals of its hydrated form bp4pc·2H2O and of its protonated reduced form H‐bp4pc have been obtained. Upon heating, bp4pc·2H2O undergoes partial dehydration, leading to bp4pc·H2O at 160 °C, ...


Partial Blockage of the reversible solid‐solid transition of strontium succinate

29.01.2016 | Nicolas Couvrat, Damien Martins, Anaïs Lafontaine, Morgane Sanselme, Valérie Dupray, Pascal Taulelle, Jean‐Michel Le ..., Chemical Engineering & Technology, 2016

Abstract Strontium succinate, an Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient against osteoporosis, exhibits two polymorphs related by a reversible order‐disorder transformation at circa 50°C. However, during the industrial crystallization process, the transition from the high temperature (HT) form ...


[Report] Activation of Cu(111) surface by decomposition into nanoclusters driven by CO adsorption

29.01.2016 | Baran Eren; Danylo Zherebetskyy; Laerte L. Patera; Cheng Hao Wu; Hendrik Bluhm; Cristina Africh; Lin-Wang Wang; Gabo ..., Science , 2016

The (111) surface of copper (Cu), its most compact and lowest energy surface, became unstable when exposed to carbon monoxide (CO) gas. Scanning tunneling microscopy revealed that at room temperature in the pressure range 0.1 to 100 Torr, the surface decomposed into clusters decorated by CO ...


Effects of Temperature and Trophic State on Degradation of Environmental DNA in Lake Water

28.01.2016 | Jessica J. Eichmiller; Sendréa E. Best; Peter W. Sorensen, Environmental Science & Technology, 2016

Degradation of environmental DNA (eDNA) in aquatic habitats can affect the interpretation of eDNA data and the ability to detect aquatic organisms. The effect of temperature and trophic state on the decay of Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) eDNA was evaluated using lake water microcosms and ...


Entropy, Vol. 18, Pages 43: Natural Convection and Entropy Generation in Nanofluid Filled Entrapped Trapezoidal Cavities under the Influence of Magnetic Field

28.01.2016 | Selimefendigil, Fatih ; Öztop, Hakan F.; Abu-Hamdeh, Nidal, Entropy, 2016

In this article, entropy generation due to natural convection in entrapped trapezoidal cavities filled with nanofluid under the influence of magnetic field was numerically investigated. The upper (lower) enclosure is filled with CuO-water (Al2O3-water) nanofluid. The top and bottom horizontal ...


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